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Bergoglio has Alzheimer’s

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

May 24, 2021 A. D.: Rome, Italy — The City of Rome is rife with talk that Bergoglio has Alzheimer’s and has not long to live.

I have heard Catholics speak about this for the last few weeks, but have held off reporting it until I could assess that it is coming from persons who should know and is now common knowledge in the Eternal City.

Vatican sources confirm that Bergoglio is in the first stages of cortical dementia. I am no doctor, but since my own mom died of the same disease, that mean he has about 2-4 years to live.

Sources in the city among those who rent properties from the Vatican also confirm this.

Such information is newsworthy, but not yet of the kind that is as certain as an official admission — a think unlikely until there is a push among the political powers to remove Bergoglio.

Having 2 demented world leaders, in the White House and in the Vatican, is obviously not useful or helpful to the Pilgrim Society Freemasons who presently control both centers of power. Some voices speculate his resignation before death is nearly certain. I consider this likely because his strongest supporters, like Msgr. Sciacca of the Apostolic Signatura hold the erroneous opinion that dementia causes a Pontiff to lose his office.

Time alone will tell the outcomes, but today’s rumors will certainly bring consolation to the Catholic Faithful throughout the world.