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Andrea Lombardi: YouTube is demonetizing videos as part of an agreement with Big Tech


 Introduction and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Andrea Lombardi is a popular YouTuber in Italy. His channel feature intelligent and very well informed commentary on the daily news which is counter narrative and critical of the pablum of propaganda at all levels. His productions range from documentaries to daily news commentary.

In the last year, Lombardi discovered that YouTube was demonitizing and hiding his productions. For a long time he accepted uncritically what YouTube was telling him, namely, that advertisers did not want their advertisements to be placed during videos on certain topics.

But yesterday, having found a document in which the big Media Giants and Mozilla have openly entered into a racketeering agreement against counter  narrative information publishers, he exploded with anger and exposed the entire affair. He now knows that the censorship has a purpose and it has nothing to do with what advertisers want, but everything to do with the Great Reset.

The original title of Lombari’s report is, “Ecco perché ti demonetizzano i video: ce lo chiede l’Europa!” (Behold! Why they are demonetizing your videos: Europe has asked them!” You can find his channel on YouTube at here.  — I am no expert on how to swear in Italian, but I gather that his language is not to be recommended to children. A friendly warning.