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Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is rare these days to have reason to rejoice at the news, but such is the case in the midst of the horrible and atrocious terrorist attack which was perpetrated in Annecy, France, yesterday, when a Syrian wearing the head dress of the Palestinian Freedom Front lunged with a switchblade in a public park with the intent to murder children and babies, stabbing anyone who got in his way.  Six persons are now in grave medical condition; the perp is under arrest.

Photo Taken June 8, 2023 of Henri, as he mobilized to defend the children from the Syrian Terrorist

During the attack, no authorities were available to intervene. It was then that Divine Providence, who inspired a young Catholic man to go on pilgrimage to the Cathedrals of France, had placed the right man in the right place at the right time to prevent horrors of a greater magnitude.

This 24 year old man, whose Christian name is Henry, did all he could do — not being trained in hand-to-hand combat, and carrying to weapons of his own; he dropped his back packs and harassed the terrorist repeatedly chasing him and hitting him with his smaller back-pack.

He did not give up his pursuit until he participated with the police in tackling this wanton homicide to the ground!

Henry is a true heir of the Crusaders of old, who went on pilgrimage to protect the Christians of the Levant, men, women and children.

He deserves in this hour the highest praise of the Christian world, for this Henry is a true man, a true Christian, and a true adopted brother of the Lord God Sabbaoth, Jesus Christ.

Let us pray for the little children and adults who were stabbed, the youngest victim of which was only 22 months of age.

UPDATE: Henry gives an interview…