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VATICAN: Pope in gravely deteriorating condition

News Analysis by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As we have seen in the past 11 years, the truth of history is not always reported in the daily news. Often we get misinformation or disinformation, and at key moments in history total outright lies, skewed just enough from the truth, as to hide it completely for years and years.

ANSA was the agency which told us Pope Benedict XVI had abdicated in February 2013, but hid their crime by using the English word, “resigned” (si è dimesso) rather than “renounced” (ha rinunciato), so that through the former word which was understood commonly as “abdicated” they could pass on the Big-Lie to justify a Conclave in 2013, when canonically speaking, no Conclave could have been legitimately called.

So today, when ANSA tell us that Pope Francis has no major “diseases”, while admitting for the first time that he has had 2 surgeries to his abdomen, who could deny that it is probably not only reasonable but also just to read behind the lines? Especially since they did not wait 24 hours to publish a report to squelch speculation about why the Holy Father would have omitted giving a homily on such an august day.

When Pope Benedict XVI died, 15 months ago, nearly, the narrative about his health condition deteriorated at an alarming speed of a few days, when in fact he had been suffering from kidney failure for years: a thing totally concealed by all Vatican press releases and investigated by none of the Vatican journalists of note or avocation.

Previous reports have shown that the Vatican is extremely cautious about Pope Francis’s condition, going so far as to rush him to Gemelli Hospital for what was later claimed to be minor infections. So it is clear that some thing or things chronic and serious is the true condition.

But the fact that Pope Francis omitted entirely the Homily from Palm Sunday Mass — not even permitting or asking any of the Cardinals, Bishops or Priests present to read it out loud even though canonically and liturgically it is a required part of that solemn liturgy — shows that Pope Francis’ health problems are more serious than are being admitted.

On top of that, Pope Francis’ disastrous spiritual state is completely ignored by the Vatican entirely, though it is clear to most Catholics that he is the grave habitual state of public sin for heresy, apostasy, schism, and just down right uncharitable meanness.

In normal times we should not publicly criticize the pope. But with Pope Francis public criticism is necessary to save souls from total loss of faith, seeing that his pontificate, except for the brief 5 month after his juridically valid election on January 30th of last year, has been a daily scandal to the Catholic world.

In sum, therefore, it is clear that Pope Francis is in a gravely deteriorating condition of body and soul, and that he has closed himself off from both the God of Mercy and any mortal remedy of a good counsel.  In the meantime, the Vatican apparatus has gone into self-maintenance mode, and really does not give a bleep about God, souls or the Holy Father, just keeping up appearances.

Meanwhile, Catholics round the world, who understand all this well enough, are waiting for the news of Pope Francis’ demise: a thing they will great with relief, rejoicing and even celebration.