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OMC launches uncensored Open Source News/Social Media Site

Ordo Militaris Catholicus has launched today the first open source anti-globalist news and social media platform for the free peoples of the Earth, who are increasingly being gagged on BigTech media.

The new platform, called “Verum.News”, from the Latin word, “verum”, meaning a ‘true word’, will enable human beings make their voice be heard more effectively during the coming Plandemic and Distopian Dictatorship.

OMC is an security initiative begun nearly 7 years ago, after the martyrdom of Fr. Jacques Hamel, on July 26, 2016, at the hands of crazed Algerian Islamic Terrorists. It’s members strive to provide security solutions to persecuted Christians everywhere. OMC was founded by Br. Alexis Bugnolo and Mr. Andrew J. Baalman.

Authors at Verum.News are empowered by this platform to create news articles and posts with images, video, text, hashtags and categories, which are not only stunning when viewed on Verum.News for free, but which incorporate sharing buttons to share them in a highly professional layout on multiple social media platforms.

Members have their own profile pages and blogs, and all posts are displayed on the front page without any filtering whatsoever.

Membership at Verum.News is free. Contact Support to be authenticated as a real human being. During registration you only have to provide a minimal amount of contact information, as you decide.

The added bonus is that, at Verum.News, you are allowed to incorporate on your Profile Page, links to all your social media accounts and to payment platforms, where your readers can remunerate you for your work speaking against Agenda 2030.

Finally, Verum.News is a family friendly site with moderation rules based on Catholic moral principals, operated by Ordo Militaris Inc., of Helena, Montana, USA.

For more information, click the image below: