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As Narrative control slips, Italian government threatens misinformation on Corona

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Now that Italian citizens have begun to pivot towards civil disobedience, the Italian government is on the warpath to sanction any news outlet which spreads “misinformation” about the Corona Virus.

The notice came from Agcom, the Italian Agency For the Guarantee of Communications — what in the USA would be called the Federal Communications Commission — on the Feast of Saint Joseph, in the form of a communication sanctioning satellite TV channels which featured a program called “ll Cerca Saluta” with Mr. Panzironi.  This program, whose title might be rendered popularly into English as, The search for health, presents health solutions that Mr. Panzironi believes would help one cure or resist Corona Virus. Among his suggestions is taking Vitamin C in a compound produced by his company.

But the sanctions are imposed upon newspapers and magazines which advertise his TV program and satellite channels which broadcast it.

More ominous is the conclusion of the official communique, in which Agcom threatens to penalize all outlets of information which do not present correct information, whatever that means. They give no definition. Here is my English translation of the communique’s conclusion:

Finally, the Agency has approved a request to all the distributors of media services, whether audiovisual or radiophonic, to ensure an adequate and complete cover of information on the theme of COVID-19, by guaranteeing the presence of authoritative world experts from science and from medicine for the purpose of providing the citizen users information which is verified and well founded.

To counter the spread of false or non-correct information, the Agency has invited those who supply platforms for sharing video to adopt every measure aimed at countering the spread on the internet, and in particular on social media, of information relative to Coronavirus which is not correct or, moreover, spread from sources which are not scientifically accredited.  These measures should take effective measures to identify and flag illicit and irresponsible accounts.

1984, we have arrived in Italy!

Aldo Maria Valli, a noted Italian journalist, markedly criticizes the measure taken by Agcom, in his blog post, yesterday. Here is my English translation of the heart of his piece:

The principles upon which it is based are understandable. But the questions posited at the beginning return: who is able to establish a priori the authoritativeness of a source of information? Should it not be the users themselves, by means of a free comparison, to attribute more or less credibility to the sources they read? And should, in fact, this free comparison be the one to make sources appear to be more or less authoritative?

Valli is writing in Italy. His blog is subject to Agcom.

You can see where this is headed and where it comes from. Agcom wants TV stations to use world-accredited experts. They implicitly do not trust Italian experts who have not been embraced by or have not embraced globalist controlled institutions, like John Hopkins University, for example.

Another crazy pre-occupation of Agcom is to require all TV shows which show an audience, to bear an onscreen notification in over lay text, that the episode was recorded before the decree, as if the mere seeing of an audience might make someone somewhere think at some time that violating the decree is allowable for any reason whatsoever!

Talk about a Stalinist State!

The Agcom communique, therefore, is one piece of data everyone should take note of, to discern where the Corona Virus Hype is coming from, and who is involved in making it the infallible dogma of the Brave New World into which humanity has been taken captive.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the page cited in the article and is used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary. — As a disclosure, FromRome.Info is not subject to Agcom because it is hosted outside of Italy.

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