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Jacob Obrecht: Beata es, Maria

This week we feature Jacob Obrecht, a Catholic composer of polyphony in the latter 15th Century: a contemporary of Josquin des Pres and Jean Mouton, whose music we have already featured during out 5 PM daily Evening selection of Sacred Music from Catholic Composers through the ages.

Today’s piece is entitled, Beata es, Maria — Blessed art thou, Mary. It is a beautiful meditative rendition of the Archangel’s Salutation to the Virgin.

Obrecht was born at in Flanders, at Ghent in 1457 and died at Ferrara, Italy, in 1505, in the month of July. He was the most famous composers of music for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in his generation, being eclipsed solely by Josquin des Pres in his last years.