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Bergoglian Overseer at Palermo forces Devout Pastor out

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Recently FromRome.Info republished a video containing a truly heroic homily by a zealous Catholic Priest of the Diocese of Palermo, Sicily, by the name of Don Leonardo Ricotta (see here), who urged the faithful not to accept the Virus mass.

The Virus Mass is the popular term for the sacrilegious and heretical liturgy created to comply with the Corona Stunt and the Corona Hype, whereby Catholics accept that Jesus in the Most Blessed Sacrament is the occasion of infection and make themselves disposed to committing sacrileges to show servile devotion to their politically correct pastors instead of worshiping Jesus Christ as He desires and taught us, with the simple faith of children.

In response to Don Ricotta’s saintly discourse, the Bergoglian Bishop of Palermo has forced him out of his parish. Here is the Letter of Lorefice, the bishop who rides a bicycle in the cathedral — protege of the Rampolla faction in the Church. Lorefice is also the one who attempted to excommunicate Don Alessandro Minutella, also a pastor from Palermo, for simply stating the truth about Bergoglio, that is he a raving heretic.

The public announcement by the Chancery, as can be seen below, is a specious work of double-speak and shell games. By this it reveals that Don Ricotta is being persecuted by a gang of liars and heretics. Furthermore, one can surmise that the Archdiocese gave Don Ricotta an ultimatum, to be accepted or to resign, and that he chose to resign under duress.

+ + +


As of May 21, 2020 the Rev. Don Leonardo Ricotta, Presbyter of the Church of Palermo, is no longer the Parish Priest of the Parish S. Agata V.M. in Villabate having himself renounced this office. It is therefore inaccurate or specious the news spread by some social channels that Don Leonardo Ricotta has been removed from the parish priest’s office by the Archbishop of Palermo.

Pending the appointment of the new parish priest, the Archdiocese of Palermo will identify a parish administrator in the coming days. In view of the controversy aroused by the socialites themselves, the opportunity is taken to clarify the following. The practice of distributing communion in the hands is in conformity with the norms issued by the Magisterium of the Church, to which every Catholic Christian must religiously pay heed to the will and intellect. The Congregation for Divine Worship, in the Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum of 2004, no. 92, states that “If a communicant, in the regions where the conference of bishops, with the confirmation of the Apostolic See, has permitted it, wishes to receive the sacrament on his hand, the sacred host should be distributed to him”.

The Italian Episcopal Conference in the Instruction on Eucharistic Communion. Do this in memory of me, n. 1415, already since 1989 admits communion in the hands. Moreover, to celebrate the Eucharist exclusively with the Roman Rite according to John XXIII’s Missale Romanum of 1962, as an extraordinary form introduced by the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, issued by Pope Benedict XVI in 2007, would exclude from participation in Mass the portion of the People of God who wish to take an active part in it according to the ordinary form of Paul VI’s Missal, currently in use. The right and freedom of a good part of the faithful would thus be seriously compromised. Personal convictions, therefore, presented by individuals as authentic doctrine, cannot be imposed on the faithful. It is up to the bishop in the diocese “to give norms in liturgical matters, to which all are bound”, “to defend the unity of the universal Church” and “to promote the discipline common to the whole Church” (Congregation for Divine Worship, Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, nn.176-177).

+ + +

For more on this controversy, see Attorney Roberto De Petro’s Open Letter to Lorefice, which FromRome.Info published in the original Italian and an English translation, yesterday.

Se qualcuno ha maggiori notizie su Don Ricotta, per favore lascia un commento.

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The implicit blasphemies of Bergoglians

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There has been much written about the blasphemies which come forth from the mouth of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as a torrent out of a mouth of a dragon intent upon destroying Holy Mother Church (cf. Apocalpyse, chapter 12).

But little has been written about the blasphemies implicit in the position of those who insist that he is the pope or a member of the Catholic Church, and not separated from Her in virtue of Canon 1364, ipso facto a thousand times over.

Blasphemy consists chiefly in attributing evil to God. It is the most outrageous attack on the Divine Majesty because God is infinite Goodness and there is no darkness in Him.

For this reason, if any rational creature, Angelic or human, were to hold as true something which implies God is evil, he would be guilty of implicit blasphemy or blasphemy in causa, as the moralists say, because the assent of his mind to the evil reason would be the cause of him inevitably verbally blaspheming God, a thing which is happening more and more with those who refuse to examine the abundant, clear and incontrovertible evidence of history and law, that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope because he never resigned in accord with Canon 332.

But since these horrible sins of blasphemy are overlooked by the controlled Catholic Media, it is a necessity that they be exposed for what they are by the Catholic media which is not controlled.

Falsehoods which imply and cause blasphemy

Here I will list just a few, I am sure you can think of more. Just add your suggestions in the comments:

  1. That a true pope can hand over 30 Million Catholics to be persecuted unto death, simply because he wants good relations or financial support from a Marxist Dictatorship, and still be the pope.
  2. That a true pope can blaspheme God and the Saints and still be the pope.
  3. That a true pope can alter the Our Father.
  4. That a true pope can abandon Apostolic Teaching on the Sacraments.
  5. That a true pope can work to overthrow the teaching of the Church against sodomy, abortion, contraception.
  6. That a true pope can institutionalize idolatry in the Church.
  7. That a true pope can replace the Gospel with the Agenda of Globalism.
  8. That a true pope can authorize any of the above.
  9. That Jesus Christ, Who promised Saint Peter and His successors, that He would pray for them, that their faith NEVER fail, is praying for Bergoglio.
  10. That the Most Holy Trinity would give us such a monster to be His Vicar.
  11. That Jesus Christ would want us to obey such a monster as His Vicar.
  12. That the Most Holy Trinity and the Saints of Heaven are in communion with such a monster.
  13. That God thinks it is a sin to NOT name Bergoglio in the Canon of the Mass.
  14. That God reckons as sinners, heretics or schismatics those who separate themselves from such a monster, denounce him or fault him for his abominations and sacrileges.
  15. That God could tolerate as His Vicar a man who refuses to kneel before Himself in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
  16. That God could tolerate as His Vicar a man who blasphemies His Holy Immaculate Mother.
  17. That God could regard as His Vicar a man elected in the lifetime of His Vicar in contravention to canon 359.

So when next anyone tells you that the apologists for Bergoglio or those members of the the College of Cardinals, College of Bishops, Catholic clergy or the Catholic media, who insist Bergoglio is the pope, ARE NOT INVOLVED IN GREAT FRAUD and evil, recite to them this list of blasphemies.

Note well: anyone who does not think blasphemy is a sin, either is an atheist or a devil worshipper.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is Albrecht Dürer’s, the Beast of the Apocalypse, which is in the public domain. It shows the 7 headed Beast spewing out blasphemies against Holy Mother Church and Our God.

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The Doom of Saducees

Take heed therefore how you hear.
For whosoever hath, to him shall be given: and whosoever hath not, that also which he thinketh he hath, shall be taken away from him.
(Our Lord Jesus Christ, Luke 8:18)

by  Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you have paid attention to the reading of the Gospel at Mass, throughout your life, then you have probably heard the name, Saducess, and know who they were: the party of Jewish scholars and priests and Levites, who held that the Jewish Scriptures were to be understood in the minimalistic degree: they denied the immortality of the soul and the resurrection of the body, for example. Words did not have meaning for them, what was more important was what they, as a group, decided to be true.

Our Lord rebuked them on several occasions, and never walked with them. He did this to show that such an approach to Scripture is anathema to Himself and such an error of interpretation was fundamentally flawed. Being the Word of God, Incarnate, He could not, He cannot fail to despise those who ignore the meaning of words, and yet insist that their opinions rule the day. Being God He could not and cannot suffer idolaters of any color or creed.

The Saducees were doomed by their errors and disbelief. There is no record in Scripture that anyone of them ever converted to the Faith, which is a terrible warning to all those who down through the ages imitate their error.

However, today in the Church, since Feb. 11, 2013, the party of the Saducees has returned. They do not care what words Pope Benedict XVI used in Latin in his Declaratio read out-loud on that day. But they will tell you what it meant. Ask them for an explanation or reasons which establish that their interpretation is authentic, legitimate or true, and you will get either silence or insults or threats.

Yet, the very same party has the unmitigated gall to tell the rest of the Church to obey them in their conceited opinions, as if they were truth revealed by God which must be accepted without question on the authority of the ones revealing it. Do these men think they are God?

And yet they argue and govern the Church like godless demons, whose only interest is in insulting, scandalizing and finding more ways to corrupt the youth, to corrupt marriages, to foster sin, and to allow the Church to be whored with by every wicked and evil power on earth, as Saint John the Apostle foretold, in the Apocalypse, of the City of Rome in the end times.

So don’t tell me that ministerium means the same thing as munus. I am not a Saducee like you. I adhere to the party of Jesus Christ, which worships the Truth and Word Incarnate.

The doom of the Saducees is that by their error they preferred to blind themselves intellectually rather than risk to see the truth. The chose this, because the truth was the enemy of their religious faction, which was founded upon disbelief.  The Saducess in the Church today are also the same, everything they do begins with and ends with disbelief.

They disbelieve Canon Law so they can have a High Priest who sanctions disbelief in marriage, disbelief in chastity, disbelief in the Gospels, in Christ, in God, in our Lady, in celibacy, in monastic life, in normalcy, etc etc..

There is no sin more worth of the name of the sin against the Holy Ghost, that the sin of the Saducees. That is why, perhaps, none of the Saducees of old are recorded to have been saved.

Take heed therefore how you hear.
For whosoever hath, to him shall be given: and whosoever hath not, that also which he thinketh he hath, shall be taken away from him.
(Jesus Christ, Luke 8:18)


CREDITS: Jesus, the Word of God, condemned by Caiaphas, the Saducee, a photograph © José Luiz Bernardes Ribeiro / CC BY-SA 4.0 of a fresco in the Capella dei Scrovegni, Padua, Italy.

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