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In Brazil TV Nossa Senhora de Fátima proclaims that Pope Benedict XVI is the true pope

by Prof. Emilio Carlos

TV Nossa Senhora de Fátima is a work of the Apostolate of Evangelization Nossa Senhora de Fátima.

Our mission is to announce the Good News, to denounce the false church of Bergoglio and to defend the truth about Pope Benedict XVI – the real Pope cloistered in the Vatican.

Thus, TV Nossa Senhora de Fátima brings videos about these themes every day. We allow people to download the videos – and the result is that in addition to the audience on youtube we have a lot of audience on other social networks – where the internet users themselves share the videos.

TV Nossa Senhora de Fátima is headquartered in Brazil and our videos are in Portuguese. It is possible to use youtube subtitles for other languages.

Our Web TV is committed to the truth. That is why exhaustive research is done before each video is recorded.

Our Web TV also has an eschatological vocation, preparing Catholics for the Lord’s return – with extreme care with the sources of revisions and prophecies used.

In Brazil, Catholics are kept in ignorance of the Vatican’s events and scandals. The news just doesn’t get here.

Thus we have brought the news to Catholics – and more and more Catholics understand now that Benedict XVI is the true Pope and that Bergoglio is not.

The Liberation Theology gang – which prevails in Brazil – has defamed us in parishes, masses and even videos on youtube (through infiltrated left youtubers and priests who pose as traditional but declare that Bergolgio is pope …)

Vatican News recently showed an interview with a singing priest here and with a Cardinal – criticizing our work.

We take it as a compliment – a sign that the denunciations are having an effect.

Another victory was in 2019 that we managed to prevent the publication of the new missal – which will come with changes and by the way will include Mother Earth and other liturgical abuses.

Through our denunciation, Catholics mobilized against the new Missal. Then the Confederation of Bishops was forced to postpone the new version – which they said was already ready.

We are the country’s first voice to expose Bergoglio as he is and to defend Pope Benedict XVI. Gradually this work is bearing fruit because other voices are still shy, but in the same direction.

We ask for prayers for our mission and for our security – as we have already received threats because of our work – which is actually a mission inspired by the Lord.

Our videos can be accessed at www.tvnossasenhoradefatima.com.br

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Brazilian Cardinal behind Amazon Synod is a German & a Rampolla House member!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Connect the dots! Connect the dots. The one thing that all Bergoglian apologists, Marixsts, Radicals, Progressives, Sodomites and Trads agree upon. You have no right to connect the dots. You are conspiracy theorists!

Here at FromRome.Info we do not theorize that conspiracies exists. But when members of conspiracies admit they exist then we investigate. That is true journalism.

Fake journalism is when you practice non think and non speak, to keep your job or your credentials.

So here we go.

Perhaps all Catholics have heard of Cardinal Claudio Aury Alfonso Hummes. He is one of the strongest backers of Jorge Mario Bergoglio and one of the strongest promoters of the so called Amazon Synod, whose purpose was and is to introduce marriage to the priesthood and idolatry to the Catholic Church.

What most do not know, is that he is not Brazilian. He was born and raised in the German enclave, of Montenegro in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.  In the Annuario Pontificio it lists his birth place as Montenegro, as if to make you think he was born in another country, perhaps.

But, no, Montenegro in Brazil is a German colony. Founded in 1847 by Germans from Rhine-Palatinate, in Western Germany. The specific part of which is called Hunsrück. So isolationist is this German settlement that even to this very day, there is spoken in town the local dialect of Hunsrück.

Rio Grande do Sul, the Brazilian province, is also known for another fact. That more than 600,000 persons of German descent live there. The second most German province in all of Brazil.

Connect the dots.

And yes, Brazil had Nazis during the Second World War. And Nazi War criminals who escaped on rat-lines came to Brazil and hid there. Even the nefarious and infamous Doctor Mengle!

Connect the dots.

As for Cardinal Humes, his direct episcopal lineage goes back to Cardinal Gasparri, a close collaborator with  Rampolla del Tindaro. And one of his co-consecrators, the Most. Rev. Mauro Morelli, is is a Rampolla man by direct discent.

Jorge Mario Bergolio is a direct episcopal descendant of Rampolla del Tindaro as are many Bishops in Argentina and Brazil. So are key Bishops in German who are pushing for the German Synod. So are Team Bergoglio, who pushed for Bergoglio’s election.

Bergoglio’s “reforms”, it seems, have nothing to do with the peripheries. They seem to have everything to do with Germans and Nazism.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a photo of Cardinal Hummes by Agencia Brasil and is used here in accord with the Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license offered on their website for images before 2017. This image is found at Wikipedia here. FromRome.Info has taken a detail of the image.

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