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The Council of Trent anathemizes & excommunicates Amoris Laetitians

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Its far to late to keep pretending that Amoris Laetitia — officially interpreted by Bergoglio by means of a personal letter he sent to the Bishops of Argentina, and published in the Act Apostolica Sedes, as allowing communion for public sinners — is NOT a heretical document, and that its faithful adherents by now are NOT formal pertinacious heretics.

Those who keep up this pretense, even if they call themselves Traditional Catholics are nothing of the sort.

The Council of Trent is clear, in its 13th Session and 11th Canon:

CANON XI.: If any one saith, that faith alone is a sufficient preparation for receiving the sacrament of the most holy Eucharist; let him be anathema. And for fear lest so great a sacrament may be received unworthily, and so unto death and condemnation, this holy Synod ordains and declares, that sacramental confession, when a confessor may be had, is of necessity to be made beforehand, by those whose conscience is burdened with mortal sin, howsoever contrite they may think themselves. But if any one shall presume to teach, preach, or obstinately to assert, or even in public disputation to defend the contrary, he shall be thereupon excommunicated.

If anyone thinks still that those who accept Amoris Laetitia do not deserve to be declared expelled from the Church, then they clearly are not Catholic, and are clearly opposing a sacrosanct, infallible Ecumenical Council on dogmatic and disciplinary measures which are valid until the end of time.

This Canon requires all of us who are Catholic to call Councils and Synods to condemn Bergoglio as a heretic and declare him and his collaborators outside of the Church. If you won’t act on that — I do not care who you are or what kind of threats you are under — you obviously do not have the faith which will save your soul. You are completely useless to Jesus Christ. This is a grave obligation for all Bishops. They will be damned if they go to their grave and not publicly call for such a Synod or Council. The salvation of all souls demands it.

So the next time someone tells you to “Recognize and Resist”, ask them when they decided to reject the teaching of the Council of Trent?


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a fresco of the Council of Trent in the Palazzo del Buonconsiglio at Trent, Italy, which is used here in accord with a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 unported licencse, as described here.

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