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Cardinal Müller: ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is a failed project, but Pope Francis insists

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

To hear the Cardinal’s criticisms, click the video above. But the Pope clearly is ignoring him.

As regards the video above, the Cardinal strongly criticizes Pope Francis for running the Church according to his personal views, prejudices and politics, and the Cardinal also denounces the Bishops who are persecuting Catholics who attend the Ancient Latin Mass as childish persons who are seeking approval. He also deeply critiques Pope Francis for using the ecclesiastical punishments which God and the Apostles ordained to defend the Faith and right morals, to punish those who disagree with Pope Francis’ personal views, sentiments and approach.

Arroyo for his part, breaks the dome of silence, about the Advent Miracle, by remarking that opposition to ‘Fiducia supplicans’ represents an unheard of international Catholic reaction against a papal innovation, the likes of which have never been seen. He is the first to speak of this, after FromRome.info pointed it out.

Pope Francis has been clearly ignoring the criticisms of the Cardinal since Dec. 21st when he exposed many of the errors in ‘Fiducia supplicans’ with a masterful critique. In fact Pope Francis has doubled down on his heretical profession, during his address yesterday to the staff of the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith, by attempting to square a circle, that is, by appealing to the materialistic error (which holds there is nothing but individuals), that things in relation are not in relation if we simply deny that we are considering them in relation. According to this philosophical error, which is Kantian (who taught that things are what I think they are), we can dispense of the circumstances of any moral act to absolve it from gravely offending God on account of those circumstances. And yes, this moral theory is the moral theory of pedophiles and of everyone with a bad conscience, at its core.

If the Pope were correct, then blessings are, by their nature, of persons not relationships, and thus the Sacrament of Matrimony has no effect and blessings of those in a Catholic Matrimony has nothing to do with blessing the Marriage or Union; Or, the Pope has just invented a non-relational blessing, which unlike the blessings talked about by God in Scripture or handed down in Tradition, blesses only the individual without any recognition of his public status or relationship to other. Thus, this second kind of blessing cannot be given to Kings as kings, Bishops as ordinaries of their dioceses, priests as pastors, politicians as holders of offices. It’s a really cheap dumbed-down concept akin to the nature of eternal punishment in Hell, which is only of the individual.

Thus, Pope Francis’ rationale in defending his heretical profession, is an even worse attack on the Christian religion than Fiducia supplicans. But this should surprise no Catholic, because you cannot defend a lie except with another lie. And thus, Pope Francis’ absurd explanation is an open confession that he recognizes at the deepest psychological level that ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is heretical.

The MSM universally consistent reaction to this statement by Pope Francis, and the controlled opposition’s non reaction, shows that what Pope Francis has just said is 100% W.E.F. approved and will become a core dogma of the One World Religion that they are plotting to impose upon the Catholic Church and the entire world.

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