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The ongoing Demise of those in the Church who refused to recognize the Truth

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

We are witnessing the downfall of Rome, as we speak. It has been in freefall since Feb. 11, 2013. And those who read FromRome.Info regularly know why.

More than 99% of the clergy have refused, and still refuse, to seriously consider and thus recognize that Pope Benedict XVI never abdicated on that day. They refused because they wanted not to rock the boat. They did not recognize, because it would cost them their pay check.

But at the same time, they lacked the intellectual formation to see what was in front of their face, just as those who use social media or watch TV, etc., habitually, were not able to see and recognize the Pandemic as a total Scam. Many still cannot. Many will never be able to do so.

It may sound anti-populist or anti-democratic to say it, but a great number of individuals are fools because they chose and want not to see the truth. They firmly want to live in a world of lies, deceit and fraud.

The light of truth hurts their feelings, interests and goals just too much.

This week we have 2 articles in the news which illustrate this with elegance. The first is an article by an anonymous author, who signs his name, F. P., about the nonsensical rules and interpretations of rules under the “pontificate” of Pope Francis.

Published by Silere Non Possum in Italian, here, and in English translation by Catholic Conclave, here.

The first irony of which is that Silere Non Possum, whose name means, “I cannot be silent”, refused to speak about the truth that Pope Benedict XVI never abdicated, and instead chose to ridicule those who did.

The second irony of which is that Catholic Conclave, regards the very uncatholic and juridically invalid “Conclave” of 2013 as Catholic and valid.

But it is F. P. who is very slowly recognizing that the institutionalized incompetence under the “pontificate” of Pope Francis is truly unique in Catholic History. He just cannot figure out why before Feb. 11, 2013, juridical texts made sense, but now they don’t. He even cannot bring himself to name that date!

The second article is by Cardinal Brandmueller, the Lutheran who converted to the Catholic Faith as a youth, and then became a priest, bishop and Cardinal. He lives in the Vatican.

He writes here in German, and his article can be read in English here. He denounces how the push under the “pontificate” of Bergoglio and the pontificate of Pope Francis toward including lay men and women in roles of “responsibility” has led to utter chaos in the Church, and that therefore the Synodal Process has turned out to be totally fake, a waste of time, and merely a cover for an ideological takeover of the Church.

Yet, like F. P. he cannot figure out the cause of the problem. He simply hopes that somehow, in some way, the local parish priest can get free of the entanglements of laypeople who want to run the Church and return to preaching the Gospel and saving souls, rather than promoting inclusion and diversity.

A Diagnosis

In the olden days before cellphones, if you became lost on foot in any place, you knew to open a paper road map or ask directions from the next human being you met, who appeared to be trustworthy.

But now that everyone uses cellphones too much, the fools do not know how to find their way back, because for them the only lie, the only dishonestly, is saying that Pope Benedict XVI never abdicated, or worse, that words have objective meaning, and even if 99% of the clergy say otherwise, “munus:” does not mean “ministerium” and vice-versa.

As for the Cardinal, I wrote his secretary in November of 2019, to obtain an audience to explain these things, and received an email months later saying he was too sick and weak to respond. He has evidently been too weak and sick for all these years, and he still cannot figure out the cause of his illness, which is above all spiritual.