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Pro-Benedict Priest silenced by his superior in Mexico

by FromRome.Info’s Special  Correspondent in Latin America

Another renowned priest in the Hispanic Catholic world, from the Diocese of Chetumal-Cancún, Mexico, Fr. Juan Rivas LC, has been prohibited from using social media any longer and some suspect he will soon be kicked out similar to Fr. James Altman. This priest has been censored by his superior for being outspoken in regard to the situation in the Church,m nevertheless, he has dropped a bomb with the last message that he posted on his facebook page and which he directed to the faithful that follow him:

Father posted: “Form small communities of Christian life, invoke the Holy Spirit, read the Scriptures and study the catechism. No priest is going to help you, they [priests] do not want to accept that it is no longer one Church but two Churches, with two different heads, thinking differently, walking in opposite directions. And they are just waiting for the one who is holding them back to die.” [my translation]

Note: My understanding of “he who is holding them back” refers to Pope Benedict XVI since this priest has been speaking about Pope Benedict XVI as the only legitimate Pope for years.