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Dr. Reisinger: Pope Benedict XVI is traveling with expert manipulator


FromRome.Info: The implications of this testimony is that Pope Benedict XVI has been manipulated since 2013, intentionally being placed in the hands of the person now denounced by Dr. Reisinger.

by Dr. Doris Reisinger, Ph. D. Phil., M. Theo.

The woman accompanying BXVI here is not a “nurse”. Her name is Christine Felder and she is a member of the Spiritual Family “The Work” (Das Werk).

For years she was my superior, novice master and spiritual adviser in personal union.

She determined which priest I should confess to, which hairstyle I was allowed to have (sometimes she cut my own hair), what I was allowed to read, if and when I was allowed to speak with my parents – and I had to write her weekly reports.

I have never suffered so much under any person in my life as under this woman.

She abandoned me when I told her about the stalking of a brother. She yelled at me when I told her about his abuse.

She did much worse to other young sisters than to me.

As far as I know, she’s never been held responsible.

Yet the Vatican has known about her since 2012 at the latest.

She seems to be in a leading position at the Work to this day.

Here she is (Source cited in link refers to the woman in Grey with a white collar, same as featured image in this post)

Screenshot_2020-06-21 Benedikt XVI wird zu Georg eskortiert

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