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Divine Faith vs. Social Acceptability

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Beware: not all men have faith — says Saint Paul. This is a Scripture which in previous generations was not considered so significant, because all had faith and no one publicly contested it. If you did what everyone else was doing you would be deemed faithful. And no one noticed.

But in the Great Apostasy, this principle of going along with the herd, fails. Because the herd is no longer the sheep of the Lord and no longer in the sheepfold of the Lord.

Christ did not call us sheep for nothing. He knows we tend to follow the herd. This is even true in countries like the United States of America which has strong currents of individualism in its national culture and society.

I remember nearly 20 years ago, when I was invited to attend a Trad Inc. conference and afterwards I was invited to a reception. Out came the liquor and a lot of it. I drank water. Everyone seemed somewhat surprised and obsessed to as why I did this. I said I am a son of Saint Francis, and I have renounced the world. After about 30 minutes no one wanted to talk to me, and no one could talk to me. That was the last reception of Trad Inc. I went to. I set my sights on finding a monastery or hermitage in Europe after that, as I never liked herds, especially ones not headed in the direction of Christ Crucified.

With Bergoglio’s usurpation of the papacy, I see the same psychological behaviors which broke out in the USA when Obama first ran for the presidency. Being born of a Kenyan Citizen and a mother who was a minor at the time, he was born a native of the Crown Colony of Kenya. His grandmother said he was born in Kenya, which would mean that he was a natural born citizen of Kenya. For more than a decade, he and his wife claimed he was a Kenyan, born in Kenya, or implied the same during his visits there. All US records of persons returning from Kenya during the week of his birth at the port of Honolulu went missing after his election.

That controversy regarded the U.S. Constitution’s requirement that every U.S. President be born on U.S. soil of 2 parents who both were U.S. citizens at the time of the child’s birth. It is an objectively verifiable requirement. In the election of 2008 the entire political establishment in the United States of America ignored the requirement. Constitutionally, therefore, the entire presidency of Barrack Obama was a fiction. He was a usurper and none of the laws he passed had or have legal force. But the ruling class ignored it, because many of their children are not natural born citizens, as the Constitution requires, and but are rather of mixed citizenship and birth as globalism demands.

That Bergoglio should be thrust into power after an unexpected, apparent and strange abdication by Pope Benedict is not therefore surprising. It was an extension of the globalist agenda to put into power men who were not qualified for office and in a manner which was extralegal. The entire propaganda arm of the MSM worldwide supported both revolutions. Even to this day, the MSM never says anything bad about Obama, he is their messiah.

If I recall correctly, Trad Inc. ignored the questions about Obama just as they ignored the questions about Bergoglio, whether arising from the vote canvassing in the Conclave or the problems in the renunciation of Benedict. Their positions on both are consistent. They accept as true whatever narrative the Left puts out and they accept without question the legal arguments which the party of the anointed-of-the-Left put out.

I think they do this, because the Traditional Movement in the Catholic Church came into being with strong influences from international Conservatism, of the kind sponsored by the Masonic Lodge, which never really want to fight the left, only go leftwards at a slower pace. This is not the common definition you hear of Conservatism in the USA, because its too impolitic to speak of it. But if you read what Conservatives stood for 60, 40, and 20 years ago, and compare it to day, you will see what I mean.

The Divine and Catholic Faith, however, teaches us to hold fast to truths and teaching without any alteration over any length of time. This regards principles of law, principles of philosophy as well as the Deposit of the Faith and perennial Magisterium. This is why inside the Traditional Movement there are actually 2 camps which 2 different principles of inspiration, but only one is of God, and that one is clearly not in power.

If there is to be a uniting of Catholics opposed to the Anti-Church it can only be of those who chose to be motivated and loyal to the divine faith, period. It has to arise from a spirit higher that political motivation and it has to be free from the errors of such political movements. It cannot include those who say being a faithful Catholic requires or allows you to be a socialist, a progressive, a facist, a marxist, etc.. It also has to be motivated by a spirit which does not disdain what our forefathers did for 20 centuries, in solving problems by all legitimate means.

This approach is not going to be accepted by those who want to attend the cocktail hours and hobnob with the influential and famous. It has to be composed of those who care not at all for social acceptability, and everything about being loyal to God the Father in the Catholic Religion.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo of the Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisi, at Assisi, Italy, as seen from the Rocca Maggiore above the town. The photo is copyright by Luca Ales and used here under the Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0 International license described here.

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