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Fatima is about Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Everything good can be willed for another higher good. That is the beauty of goodness. For this reason I believe that Our Lady came to Fatima for the sake of Pope Benedict XVI and the whole Church, to save the Church from the present Crisis of Apostasy, usurpation and heresy.

You see, when Pope Benedict wants a sign from Heaven that he should recognize his resignation was invalid or that he should return to the governance of the Church; and when the Church, the Cardinals and the Bishops want a sign from Heaven that Benedict is still the pope and that Bergoglio never was — Our Lady has already given the means!

Pope Benedict XVI, in communion with all the Bishops who recognize him to be the pope, need only Consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and Russia as a nation will convert TO THE CATHOLIC FAITH and recognize Pope Benedict XVI as Christ’s Vicar on earth. I  believe that this conversion would take place by Our Lady appearing in the Sky above every Russian city and town, telling the Russians in Russian that Benedict XVI is the Vicar of Her Son, the Successor of Saint Peter.

This miracle of conversion will be the extraordinary intervention which Our Lady promised at Quito in the 16th century. It will fulfill the requests She made at Fatima. And it explains why the condition of the consecration was made impossible during the Soviet era when there was NO Russia, and why the condition of it being done by the Pope in union with all the Bishops in communion with him — which seems an impossibly achieved thing — may have been left for a time in which the number of Bishops in communion with the Pope is so small.

This is only my guess. I claim no inspiration for it. But I have unlimited trust in Our Lady’s providence for the Holy Father and for the Church of Her Son.

But I publish it here, so that if anyone who does meet regularly with Pope Benedict XVI reads it, they can share it with him.

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