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Intrepid Laywoman rebels against closure of Churches

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The masonic governments of the Italian Regions of Lombardia and Veneto, in northern Italy, have ordered all Catholic Churches closed to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. At the same time they have left nearly everything else open, even trains and subways where the confined warm spaces make it much more likely to transmit the virus than the unheated Churches of Italy.

The Clergy of both dioceses have shown no opposition, and have left the faithful without any public masses in two entire Dioceses!

They could have celebrated the Mass in the open air. But, No, they chose to abandon the faithful. They could have organized mass rallies to protest the orders which target on the Catholic Churches. But no.

IMG-20200301-WA0000But one intrepid laywoman is not having it. She has decided to go on her own small crusade, by posting the following leaflet on bulletin boards in her city. The message reads:  Saint Pius X …  The Shepherds, who would deprive the faithful of the Sacrifice of the Mass and of the Sacraments, would no longer constitute the Church instituted by Christ.

She is placing her testimony next to vocational posters of the Archdiocese of Venice.

I say: God BLESS THIS WOMAN! She has more faith than all the clergy of her diocese!

FromRome.Info is told that she is a reader of FromRome.info! This is a great honor for FromRome.Info!

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