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Intrepid Laywoman rebels against closure of Churches

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The masonic governments of the Italian Regions of Lombardia and Veneto, in northern Italy, have ordered all Catholic Churches closed to prevent the spread of the Corona Virus. At the same time they have left nearly everything else open, even trains and subways where the confined warm spaces make it much more likely to transmit the virus than the unheated Churches of Italy.

The Clergy of both dioceses have shown no opposition, and have left the faithful without any public masses in two entire Dioceses!

They could have celebrated the Mass in the open air. But, No, they chose to abandon the faithful. They could have organized mass rallies to protest the orders which target on the Catholic Churches. But no.

IMG-20200301-WA0000But one intrepid laywoman is not having it. She has decided to go on her own small crusade, by posting the following leaflet on bulletin boards in her city. The message reads:  Saint Pius X …  The Shepherds, who would deprive the faithful of the Sacrifice of the Mass and of the Sacraments, would no longer constitute the Church instituted by Christ.

She is placing her testimony next to vocational posters of the Archdiocese of Venice.

I say: God BLESS THIS WOMAN! She has more faith than all the clergy of her diocese!

FromRome.Info is told that she is a reader of FromRome.info! This is a great honor for FromRome.Info!

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A Church of HIV has no courage against the Corona Virus

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Bergoglians are running in terror. They have closed worship in two entire dioceses in Northern Italy. They are refusing to distribute the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar in mouths. They are positively terrified.

It makes no sense, since the Corona Virus only attacks those who are already in poor health and most of these are the very elderly who cannot make it to church anyhow.

But it makes sense if the leadership of your Church is HIV positive, because you have no or a very weakened immune system.

Those who want to make up their religion have no supernatural motives and no real hope of eternal life. They know that, because they know that howsoever much they might pretend, their god, themselves, is not a god and cannot save them from Death.

Catholics on the other hand continue to go bravely to Mass and to communion, placing all their hope in the God of Life who rose from the death and can protect His own from eternal death and temporal death.

Many Catholics in Italy have never accepted communion in the hand. This current trial is helping many open their eyes to the fact that the Bishops in communion with Bergoglio are atheists, that is, they believe in nothing but their own ideologies. They have, thus, no courage or hope against the Corona Virus.

The closing of Churches and refusal of the Sacraments, however, shows that the Bergoglian Church has the long term goal to close churches and end the Sacraments. They want a religion where you pay them to enjoy themselves in debauchery, and to receive from them the thinking points for the one world order.  All those who insist Bergoglio is the pope are collaborators with that agenda whether they want it or not.

Oh, any let us take note of this: AIDS is 100% lethal, Corona Virus is 1.9% lethal. But they never shut the Churches or insisted on communion in the Hand for the former plague. They had no fear of it, they did not want to “stigmatize” those who had it. They acted as if they already had it, or if those with it were already their own. Telling. Very telling.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a detail of a photo by Br. Bugnolo of the Reliquary of the Holy Cross at the Basilica of the Holy Cross in Jerusalem, at Rome.  The base of the reliquary, made out of gold and silver, shows two angels holding the instruments of Christ’s passion: the sponge of vinegar and the spear which pierced His Side. They are positioned as if to say — after the manner of the Cherubim who guarded the way back to Paradise — Stand back all of you, who have not the faith, the True Tree of Life is not for your tasting!

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World Health Organization: Corona Virus will infect 66% of World’s Population

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Rome — Feb. 16, 2020: In a meeting held at Geneva, Switzerland, on Covid-19, the technical name for the Corona virus, world experts in epidemiology predict that at a mininum, the virus will infect two-thirds of the human population throughout the entire globe, on account of this that humans have no natural antigens against the virus.

Though the mortality rate of the Corona Virus was initially estimated very low, in comparison with other devastating plagues such as the Black Death (50-100%) and the Spanish Influenza of 1917 (2.5%), the World Health Organization has moved the estimate for the Chinese virus to 1.5%, which will result in the horrific and apocalyptic scenario of 45 to 50 million deaths world-wide in the next year or so.

Deaths in Italy are expected to be 400 to 450 thousand persons, alone.

Reports of deaths spread to France and Africa this week. In regions without proper nutrition and medical care mortality rates are expected to be much higher. Four persons, so far, outside of China, have succumbed to Corona Virus: A Chinese tourist in France, yesterday; one citizen of the Philippines; one more in Hong Kong, and one in Japan.

There now 67,178 known cases in all the world, according to the World Health Organization, 1,523 confirmed deaths in China and 8,582 known cases of confirmed recovery.

The virologist, Hilary Capua, of the One Health Center of Excellence, at the University of Florida is urging everyone not to panic, since panic will increase not only the spread of the disease but also the neglect of proper treatment of those infected, and thus cause higher mortality rates.

Antonio Socci, writing today in the Italian Newspaper, Libero, in his editorial on p. 5, points out that this new plague shatters the false ideology of Environmentalism which presents Nature as all good and never harmful. He specifically reminds everyone of the falsehoods on this matter coming out of the Vatican:

It is the Bergoglian Church itself which opened the doors to this idea: one recalls the unbelievable ritual for Pachamama (Mother Earth) held in the Vatican and amazingly even in Saint Peter’s during the recent Synod on the Amazon.

And a little further on, in the same article:

Hence, the Corona virus should lead us to abandon the idyllic vision of Nature which today is leading to an irrational veneration of Mother Earth.

I myself cannot fail to notice that this virus has struck the two greatest enemies of Christ on Earth: the Chinese government which is attempting to exterminate the Catholic Church from its nation by the most vile violations of human and religious liberty; and Jorge Mario Bergoglio, the fully deliberate and wilful collaborator with China in that destruction and the promoter of pagan idolatry in the Church throughout the entire world.

There is no doubt, therefore, that God has sent this plague to rid the world of His Enemies, and to show His burning Anger against them.

FromRome.Info advises everyone to follow the instructions given by the Health Authorities in their own nations and to ask your local pastors for dispensation from all fasts and abstinence in Lent, so that your immune systems will be better prepared to resist the coming epidemic. Thankfully, for many of us, living in countries with good Health Systems the mortality rates will be lower. Those of African heritage should take extra precaution because they lack 60+ genes, which the rest of us have, for immune defense, and thus are expected to suffer higher infection rates. — Also those with compromised immune systems, say from HIV infection, will suffer massively higher rates of mortality.

Let everyone, therefore, make a good confession and be prepared to meet their Maker.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo of the Corona virus by Fred Murphy of the Center for Disease Control, in the USA, and is in the public domain.

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