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COVID-19, Requiescat in pace!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Everything the Covid-19 deniers claims about the non-lethality of Coronavirus and the non existence of a pandemic has turned out to be true.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that its recent seriological tests of U.S. residents found that 10 times more individuals have had COVID-19 and recovered than previously thought (20 million compared to 2.3 million: source).

Currently, the CDC is counting 121,000 individual deaths as COVID-19 related. This means the Covid-19 related deaths are running at about 0.6% of all those ever infected in the USA.

However, when one examines the numbers of  COVID-19 related deaths in the U.S.A., one discovers that most of these were not caused by the virus. Reports from the USA suggest that from 80 to 95% of cases had coronavirus but died from something else. That moves the real death rate to about 0.05%.

But that is not all.

Pennsylvania State University published a study recently suggesting 80 times more persons have been infected that previously thought.

That would mean that the actual lethality of COVID-19 is even smaller.

The lethality of the common winter flue is estimated to be 0.1%, as Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the NIHD, is always telling us.

The conclusion is, then, that there never was a pandemic, and COVID-19 was never a threat greater than the common winter flu.

So take off your masks and gloves, and go back to the way you used to live. And as for the advice from the modern sanitary Pharasees, who see uncleanliness and infection everywhere, report them to the local authorities for mental instability.

And if anyone suggests getting a COVID-19 vaccine, tell them where they can shove it.

+ + +

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Italian Government to raise 12 Legions of Civic Assistants for Contact Tracing

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Italy is suffering a near complete economic collapse and incapacity to pay its bills, but the government of Giuseppe Conte is calling for the raising of 60,000 civic assistants — the equivalent of 12 legions of soldiers — to assist the Mayors of cities to hunt down those who have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive.

As Raffaele Palermo says in the above video, this call for 60,000 volunteers — which I recognize as certain sort of imitation of Barrack Obama’s attempt to create a private police force loyal to himself — makes no sense, since the State of Emergency ends on July 31, 2020 and as it appears, the President of the Repubblic, Mattarella has no intention to sign off on any extension of it.

As was noted widely in the press yesterday, here in Italy, Google.com has already downloaded into all phones which run Android in Italy — without the permission of the owners or users — the fundamental programming to conduct contact tracing for Covid-19. This programming is hidden in the Google App and no notification of this change was given to users.

Though Google is claiming this alteration does not initiate contact tracing, because the Contact Tracing App needs to be downloaded, anyone who knows enough about programming knows that they can say anything on your cellphone screen, but the actual reality on the level of programming can be quite different.

Several experts on cellphones are recommending that Android users shut down Bluetooth and Geo-localization to prevent the gathering of such information by the Contact Tracing App.

Here in Italy the Government of Conte has already approved the Contact Tracing App for mandatory insertion in all cellphones.

So experts are advising to leave cellphones at home or office and never take them outside of home or office. Better to have one at home and an entirely different one at work.

The danger of Contact tracing is that it cannot be objectively confirmed. The Government can just as well put data on your phone claiming you have been in contact with someone infected, and on that basis, the Cellphone companies are required to give the police your location, and they will be obliged to arrest you and take you to a center where no one, not even your lawyer will be able to meet you in person.

After that what happens to you, only God and the Government knows.

It’s the perfect system to get rid of dissidents.


CREDITS: The Italian Civil Protection Service is considered one of the most ethical institutions in the Italian Republic. The Featured Image above is that of the Commune of Monterotondo. It is used in accord with fair use police for editorial commentary. Their politicization by the government is therefore an ominous sign of Giuseppe Conte’s desire to expand his power.

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Attorney De Petro: The Government has no authority to require the Virus Mass

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As of May 18, 2020, the Catholic Church in Italy has been operating its churches under a Protocol of agreement with Giuseppe Conte, the Sanitary Dictator of Italy. The new protocol requires the Church in her own churches to alter the rubrics of the mass in a way which is fundamentally disruptive of worship and faith. She is required to adopt methods even more strict that those in businesses which serve the public. The entire presupposition of the Protocol is that the Catholic Religion is unsanitary and that the Catholic Faith is not essential to society. But even worse, the Italian Constitution forbids that any law be made which inflicts anything upon the Church. The motto of the Italian Republic is a “a free Church in a free state”: a principle which has been completely trashed by Giuseppe Conte.

In response not a few constitutional lawyers and clergy have spoke out. Most recently, this has been done by a zealous Catholic attorney of Palermo, Sicily, by the name of Roberto De Petro. Here is his letter to the Bergoglian ordinary of Palermo, first in Italian, then in English translation. FromRome.into is honored to have the personal permission of Attorney De Petro to republish it.

Attorney De Petro addresses his letter to Mons. Lorefice, who garnered fame a few years ago, by being the first Bishop in history to ride a bicycle inside a Cathedral (See Featured Image above, read the story here). Lorefice was a priest of the Diocese of Noto, where I was a hermit. I have personally met him, and seen a copy of his universally praised Doctoral Thesis: a piece of longwinded modernist blovation which is worthy only of lining a birdcage. So I do not expect that this excellent letter be even understood by the Bishop. Lorefice is also the man who attempted to excommunicate Don Alessandro Minutella for rightfully declaring Bergoglio a public heretic.

+ + +

Ecc.za Rev.ma Arcivescovo di Palermo
Mons. Corrado Lorefice
Via Matteo Bonello, 2
90134 Palermo PA

Ecc.za Rev.ma,

sono un avvocato del foro di Palermo, cattolico praticante, residente nella sua diocesi e frequentatore – insieme a molti altri fedeli – della S. Messa in rito antico (la più sicura in tempi di coronavirus, poichè celebrata coram Deo).

Mi rivolgo a lei, e per suo tramite a tutti i vescovi italiani, per denunciare la invalidità e la illogicità del “Protocollo circa la la ripresa delle celebrazioni con il popolo” del 7.5.2020, stipulato tra Governo e CEI, per i seguenti motivi:

1) Incostituzionalità del d.l. 33/2020 e quindi del protocollo Governo – CEI.

Visto l’attuale andamento del dichiarato allarme sanitario da covid 19 – con contagi e decessi prossimi allo zero in tutta Italia (dati del Ministero della Salute aggiornati al 16.5.2020, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-jswKGJU2hJIRWVVNbm-tqF9_XM4ylwW/view?usp=sharing) (https://lab.gedidigital.it/gedi-visual/2020/coronavirus-i-contagi-in-italia/?refresh_ce) – il decreto legge 33/2020 è incostituzionale perchè privo dei presupposti di “straordinaria necessità ed urgenza” richiesti dall’art. 77 Cost..

In particolare la Sicilia presenta il livello di rischio il più basso d’Italia (preambolo Ordinanza n. 21/2020 del Pres. Reg. Sicilia) ed in provincia di Palermo i decessi totali nel primo trimestre 2020 sono inferiori del 9,2% rispetto a quelli registrati nello stesso periodo del 2019.

Pertanto l’allarme sanitario – in particolare nella sua diocesi – è del tutto inesistente, stando ai dati ufficiali forniti da ISTAT e ISS.

L’illegittimità costituzionale del decreto legge de quo, quale atto presupposto, travolge – per l’effetto – anche i successivi decreti attuativi (dpcm 17.5.2020) nonchè il mentovato “protocollo”, il quale è nullo anche per i seguenti infrascritti motivi.

2) Nullità del “protocollo” per carenza di potere e perché sacrilego.

Le disposizioni governative sulla ripresa delle celebrazioni con il popolo sono assolutamente nulle poichè:

– le autorità civili non sono competenti in materia di culto religioso;

– i rappresentanti della conferenza episcopale non hanno giurisdizione né sui vescovi, né sui sacerdoti, né sui fedeli.

Ogni singolo vescovo è sovrano nella sua diocesi, ma non può modificare quanto stabilito dalle rubriche del Messale, che hanno forza di legge per tutta la Chiesa. Le rubriche del Messale non prevedono l’uso di guanti nella celebrazione della Messa.

Nel rito tradizionale il vescovo toglie le chiroteche prima di accedere all’altare per la parte sacrificale: si deduce che l’Ostia consacrata può essere toccata solo da mani nude, poichè i frammenti possono rimanere attaccati alle dita.

Infatti, dopo la consacrazione del Pane, il sacerdote tiene uniti i polpastrelli del pollice e dell’indice fino a quando, terminata la comunione, non li purifica nel calice.

L’uso di guanti di lattice, alla luce di quanto appena esposto, è aberrante: il Corpo sacramentale del Signore, essendo quanto di più prezioso la Chiesa possieda in assoluto, non può certo essere toccato da  materiale spregevole che sarà gettato nella spazzatura (guanti monouso), ma soltanto dalle mani consacrate del sacerdote, il quale, proprio per questo, se le lava immediatamente prima della Messa. Inoltre tutti i vasi sacri, per rispetto di ciò che devono contenere, devono essere obbligatoriamente dorati; anche da ciò si deduce che il mettere volontariamente le Sacre Specie a contatto con materiali vili è un attentato alla loro sacralità, cioè un atto sacrilego in senso lato.

3) Manifesta illogicità nella proibizione della Comunione in bocca.

Ammessa e non concessa la attuale sussistenza di un allarme sanitario nella diocesi di Palermo, è apodittico ed ascientifico affermare che la comunione in mano sia innocua, mentre quella in bocca esponga al contagio virale: è vero il contrario, poichè il palmo della mano ed i polpastrelli sono i principali vettori di sporcizia, virus e batteri; invece la saliva contiene il lisozima, avente proprietà “antibatteriche, antivirali, antiprotozoarie, immunomodulanti” (Prof. Di Bella http://www.metododibella.org/it/notizie/2020-03-12/La-straordinaria-efficacia-del-Lisozima-come-antivirale-Roma.it.html).

E’ di lapalissiana evidenza che molti agenti patogeni vengono trasmessi attraverso le mani, che toccano quelle di altre persone, le maniglie delle porte, i corrimano, i maniglioni nei trasporti pubblici, etc..

Le stesse mani e dita vanno poi a toccare il naso e la bocca (cfr. rivista “BMC Infectious Diseases”, studio del 2006 citato in https://www.corrispondenzaromana.it/notizie-dalla-rete/i-vescovi-non-possono-imporre-la-comunione-alla-mano-ne-proibire-la-comunione-alla-lingua/).

Anche i medici interpellati dalla diocesi di Portland hanno confermato che “le mani hanno una maggiore esposizione ai germi” (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/portland-archdiocese-coronavirus-or-no-communion-can-be-received-on-the-tongue-17282).

Si noti, infine, che mentre il macellaio può toccare la carne animale a mani nude, il sacerdote viene costretto a porgere il Corpo di Cristo con i guanti monouso!

Si ripetono così le assurdità della fase 1, in cui si poteva andare al supermarket, edicola e tabaccaio, ma non in parrocchia a pregare. Perseverare diabolicum.

4) Violazione dei paragrafi 14 e segg. e 90 e segg. della Redemptionis Sacramentum.

La competenza a regolamentare ed ordinare la Sacra Liturgia spetta alla Sede Apostolica, e non al vescovo, ai sensi dei paragrafi 14 e segg. della tuttora vigente “Redemptionis Sacramentum”, la quale attribuisce ai fedeli il diritto di fare la comunione in ginocchio (nn. 90 e 92) ed espressamente stabilisce che “i ministri sacri non possono negare i sacramenti a coloro che li chiedano opportunamente, siano disposti nel debito modo e non abbiano dal diritto la proibizione di riceverli”; pertanto “non è lecito, quindi, negare a un fedele la santa Comunione, per la semplice ragione, ad esempio, che egli vuole ricevere l’Eucaristia in ginocchio” (n.91, la cui violazione in molte parrocchie palermitane è stata più volte invano denunciata a vostra Ecc.za).

Infine, Ecc.za Rev.ma, rifletta sul fatto che l’irresponsabile ed arbitraria interdizione ai fedeli della S. Messa (stigmatizzata anche da Papa Francesco il 17.4.2020 http://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/articoli/Papa-Francesco-Cosi-non-e-Chiesa-celebrare-a-distanza-per-uscire-dal-tunnel-81fb2600-7e83-488a-8cb7-98ab5cd320f6.html), ha portato ad una disastrosa “virtualizzazione” dei Sacramenti, taluni aboliti de facto, altri sostituiti da “cerimonie in streaming”.

Ciò ha instillato l’erroneo convincimento che sia possibile soddisfare il proprio “sentimento religioso usufruendo delle numerose alternative offerte mediante gli strumenti informatici”, come ha testualmente statuito il Tar Lazio il 29.4.2020 (https://tinyurl.com/ycyzd2oq), il quale ha occupato il vuoto lasciato dagli ipocondriaci vescovi e presbiteri italiani, plaudenti alla “conversione” di Silvia “Aisha” Romano e barricati dentro le loro canoniche per un misero frammento di RNA, mentre i cattolici cinesi, africani e mediorientali rischiano ogni giorno di essere decapitati, torturati, bombardati e bruciati vivi mentre assistono alla S. Messa, preferendola alla loro stessa vita.

Auspico che vostra Ecc.za Rev.ma – avendo a cuore la salute dei fedeli tanto quanto il decoro della Liturgia – voglia disapplicare l’umiliante “protocollo” per tutti i motivi sopra esposti, nonché favorire la celebrazione del Vetus Ordo, che assicura maggiore distanza e minori contatti tra fedeli e presbiteri.

Con osservanza.

Palermo lì 20.5.2020

Avv. Roberto De Petro

+ + +

Ecc.za Rev.ma Archbishop of Palermo
Mons. Corrado Lorefice
Via Matteo Bonello, 2
90134 Palermo PA

Your Excellency,

I am a lawyer of the Bar of Palermo, a practising Catholic, resident in his diocese and frequenter – together with many other faithful – of the Holy Mass in ancient rite (the safest in times of coronavirus, since it is celebrated coram Deo).

I turn to you, and through you to all the Italian bishops, to denounce the invalidity and illogicality of the “Protocol on the resumption of celebrations with the people” of 7.5.2020, stipulated between the Government and CEI, for the following reasons:

1) Unconstitutionality of Legislative Decree 33/2020 and therefore of the Government – CEI protocol.

Given the current trend of the declared health alert by covid 19 – with contagions and deaths close to zero throughout Italy (data from the Ministry of Health updated to 16.5.2020, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-jswKGJU2hJIRWVVNbm-tqF9_XM4ylwW/view?usp=sharing) (https://lab.gedidigital.it/gedi-visual/2020/coronavirus-i-contagi-in-italia/?refresh_ce) – Decree Law 33/2020 is unconstitutional because it lacks the prerequisites of “extraordinary necessity and urgency” required by art. 77 of the Italian Constitution.

In particular, Sicily has the lowest level of risk in Italy (preamble of Ordinance no. 21/2020 of the Sicilian Reg. Reg.) and in the province of Palermo total deaths in the first quarter of 2020 are 9.2% lower than those recorded in the same period of 2019.

Therefore the health alert – particularly in his diocese – is completely non-existent, according to official data provided by ISTAT and ISS.

The constitutional illegitimacy of the above mentioned decree law, as a prerequisite act, overwhelms – for the effect – also the subsequent implementing decrees (dpcm 17.5.2020) as well as the mentioned “protocol”, which is null and void for the following reasons.

2) Nullity of the “protocol” for lack of power and because it is sacrilegious.

The government provisions on the resumption of celebrations with the people are absolutely null and void because:
– the civil authorities are not competent in matters of religious worship;
– the representatives of the Episcopal Conference have no jurisdiction over bishops, priests or the faithful.

Every single bishop is sovereign in his diocese, but he cannot change what is established by the headings of the Missal, which have the force of law for the whole Church. The rubrics of the Missal do not provide for the use of gloves in the celebration of Mass.

In the traditional rite, the bishop removes the chirotecs before entering the altar for the sacrificial part: it is deduced that the consecrated Host can only be touched by bare hands, since the fragments can remain attached to the fingers.

In fact, after the consecration of the Bread, the priest holds the fingertips of the thumb and index finger together until, after communion, he purifies them in the chalice.

The use of latex gloves, in the light of what has just been said, is aberrant: the sacramental Body of the Lord, being the most precious Thing the Church possesses, can certainly not be touched by despicable material that will be thrown in the trash (disposable gloves), but only by the consecrated hands of the priest, who, precisely for this reason, washes them immediately before Mass. Moreover, all sacred vessels, out of respect for what they must contain, must be compulsorily gilded; also from this it can be deduced that voluntarily putting the Sacred Species in contact with vile materials is an attack on their sacredness, that is, an act sacrilegious in the broadest sense.

3) It manifests illogicality in the prohibition of Communion in the mouth.

Admitted and not granted the current existence of a health alarm in the diocese of Palermo, it is apodictic and ascientific to say that the communion in the hand is harmless, while the communion in the mouth exposes to viral contagion: the opposite is true, because the palm of the hand and the fingertips are the main vectors of dirt, viruses and bacteria; instead the saliva contains lysozyme, having “antibacterial, antiviral, antiprotozoal, immunomodulating” properties (Prof. Di Bella http://www.metododibella.org/it/notizie/2020-03-12/La-straordinaria-efficacia-del-Lisozima-come-antivirale-Roma.it.html).

It is most evident that many pathogens are transmitted through the hands, which touch those of other people, door handles, handrails, handles in public transport, etc..

The same hands and fingers then touch the nose and mouth (see “BMC Infectious Diseases” magazine, 2006 study cited in https://www.corrispondenzaromana.it/notizie-dalla-rete/i-vescovi-non-possono-imporre-la-comunione-alla-mano-ne-proibire-la-comunione-alla-lingua/).

The doctors questioned by the Diocese of Portland also confirmed that “hands have a higher exposure to germs” (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/portland-archdiocese-coronavirus-or-no-communion-can-be-received-on-the-tongue-17282).

Note, finally, that while the butcher can touch animal flesh with his bare hands, the priest is forced to hand over the Body of Christ with disposable gloves!

Thus the absurdities of phase 1 are repeated, in which one could go to the supermarket, newsagent’s and tobacconist’s, but not to the parish to pray. Persevere diabolicum.

4) Violation of paragraphs 14 et seq. and 90 et seq. of Redemptionis Sacramentum.

The competence to regulate and ordain the Sacred Liturgy belongs to the Apostolic See, and not to the bishop, according to paragraphs 14 et seq. of the still in force “Redemptionis Sacramentum”, which attributes to the faithful the right to make communion on their knees (nn. 90 and 92) and expressly states that “sacred ministers cannot deny the sacraments to those who ask for them properly, are properly disposed and are not forbidden by law to receive them”; therefore “it is not lawful to deny a faithful person Holy Communion, for the simple reason, for example, that he wants to receive the Eucharist on his knees” (n. 91, whose violation in many parishes in Palermo has been repeatedly denounced in vain to your Etc.za).

Finally, Ecc.za Rev.ma, reflect on the fact that the irresponsible and arbitrary interdiction to the faithful of the Holy Mass (also stigmatized by Pope Francis on 17.4.2020 http://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/articoli/Papa-Francesco-Cosi-non-e-Chiesa-celebrare-a-distanza-per-uscire-dal-tunnel-81fb2600-7e83-488a-8cb7-98ab5cd320f6.html), has led to a disastrous “virtualization” of the Sacraments, some abolished de facto, others replaced by “streaming ceremonies”.

This has instilled the erroneous belief that it is possible to satisfy one’s own “religious sentiment by taking advantage of the numerous alternatives offered by means of computerized tools”, as the Lazio Regional Administrative Court ruled on 29.4.2020 (https://tinyurl. com/ycyzd2oq), which has occupied the void left by the hypochondriac Italian bishops and priests, applauding the “conversion” of Silvia “Aisha” Romano and barricaded inside their rectories for a miserable fragment of RNA, while Chinese, African and Middle Eastern Catholics risk being beheaded, tortured, bombed and burned alive every day while attending Mass, preferring it to their own life.

I hope that Your Excellency, having the health of the faithful at heart as much as the decorum of the Liturgy, will disapply the humiliating “protocol” for all the above reasons, as well as encourage the celebration of the Vetus Ordo, which ensures greater distance and less contact between the faithful and priests.

With due respect,

Palermo May 20, 2020

Attorney Roberto De Petro


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of the ANSA report cited in the introduction to this report and is used here for editorial commentary, according to fair use standard.

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UN High Commissioner: Italy is violating human rights using the Virus as an excuse


In this video, Engineer Carlo Negri speaks of the tweet of the U.N. Ambassador of Human Rights:

As can be seen from the tweet, the comment was directed to President Trump, by the High Commissioner, Alicia Erazo on May 15, 2020.

But as of today, May 18, 2020, no major newspaper in Italy or the USA has covered the news.

THERE IS COMPLETE CENSORSHIP to defend the tyranny of Giuseppe Conte!

FOX News reports STI-1499 Antibody cures 100% of COVID-19 patients in 4 days

May 15, 2020 —  Fox News is reporting that Sorrento Theraputics, a California based Bio-pharmeceutical company has discovered that the STI-1499 antibody causes 100% inhibation of infection by COVID-19 in 4 days.

“We want to emphasize there is a cure. There is a solution that works 100 percent,” Dr. Henry Ji, founder and CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics, told Fox News. “If we have the neutralizing antibody in your body, you don’t need the social distancing. You can open up a society without fear.”

Sorrento Theraputics’ own website offers more information:

As recently announced, Sorrento aims to generate an antibody cocktail product that would act as a “protective shield” against SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection and remain effective even if virus mutations render a single antibody therapy less effective over time.

Sorrento has been diligently screening billions of antibodies in its proprietary G-MAB™ fully human antibody library and has so far identified hundreds of antibody candidates that bind the S1 subunit of the SARS-CoV-2 Spike protein. Approximately one dozen of these antibodies have demonstrated the ability to block the S1 protein’s interaction with human angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2), the receptor used for viral entrance into human cells. These blocking antibodies were further tested for their ability to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 virus infection in an in vitro SARS-CoV-2 virus infection model pursuant to a preclinical testing agreement for COVID-19 therapeutic candidates that was previously announced on March 31, 2020 (Sorrento Therapeutics).

Among the antibodies showing neutralizing activity, one antibody stood out for its ability to completely block SARS-CoV-2 infection of healthy cells in the experiments. STI-1499 completely neutralized the virus infectivity at a very low antibody dose, making it a prime candidate for further testing and development. Initial biochemical and biophysical analyses also indicate STI-1499 is a potentially strong antibody drug candidate.

Sorrento has determined STI-1499 will likely be the first antibody in the antibody cocktail (COVI-SHIELD™) it is developing, as recently announced. STI-1499 is also expected to be developed as a stand-alone therapy, (COVI-GUARD™) because of the high potency it has exhibited in experiments to date. Sorrento plans to request priority evaluation and accelerated review from regulators to determine the best pathway to make any potential treatment available as soon as possible. Sorrento’s existing state-of-the-art cGMP antibody manufacturing facility in San Diego is expected to be able to produce up to two hundred thousand doses per month and the Company intends to produce a million doses at risk while seeking FDA approval for any STI-1499 product candidate. The Company is seeking potential government support and pharmaceutical partners to further scale up STI-1499 manufacturing capacity with a goal of potentially providing tens of millions of doses in a short period of time to meet the vast projected demand.

“Our STI-1499 antibody shows exceptional therapeutic potential and could potentially save lives following receipt of necessary regulatory approvals. We at Sorrento are working day and night to complete the steps necessary to get this product candidate approved and available to the waiting public,” stated Dr. Henry Ji, Chairman and CEO of Sorrento.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of the page of the original report.

35% of Italians had recovered from COVID-19 as of October 2019!


The comments in this video are made on the basis of the news reported in many newspapers, as regards the medical study conducted by a team of 13 specialists, under the direction of Dr. Pasquale Mario Bacco, such as,




Well dear friends I give you very good news, very very interesting of the kind I synthesize and, as usual, like all the news I provide through my channel, it is still trustworthy news and news which that you yourselves can immediately verify aftterwards, to see that it’s not fake news, but it is real news supported by  concrete evidence.

So, still on the coronavirus we have a nice surprise that’s what it is a very serious study has been done that is much credited status abroad, for example also by the Telegraph. It is a study that has been done by Dr. Paschale Mario Bacco together to a team of 13 doctors, of which he was the scientific director and this study began in February at Rome.

What they found out through this study

Now, it’s a seriologic study: that technique that by now you’ve already heard and that you already know.  Let’s say the dynamic of this test is a kit used to determine the presence of antibodies in the human body for coronavirus,  that is if the person has already been infected and if there are any antibodies and whether his body it’s no longer like saying infectious.

Having conducted this study and from which it emerged precisely that — you hold on tight — 35% of Italians in October of 2019 had already been infected and were already cured of the coronavirus, not with medical intervention and all that entails.

For Dr. Bacco, this was serious research. He is not one to get up in the morning and say things with no basis.

This study established — this is the study was done from north to south in all the cities of Italy — and it has emerged that for instance Brescia the positives already healed with presences antibodies were 45 percent then the 41 percent going down to a 29 per cent in Sicily for a total total national level of 35 percent of the population in October 2019.

Again exactly the opposite of what is always stopped the chief, Dr. Burioni, and all the doctors around him — let’s call them in the government line up to Pharmaceutical Companies as you want —  so you’ve already figured out of what I am speaking.

So I’m talking about this study. Now he has revealed another part that many of us alredy heard about but here you always have to have of the revelations and rightly to scientific level with studies but not with studies like study has done.

There also emerge that the number of deaths that they’ve always shown us is bogus and bogus because as explained by Dr. Bacco, this virus is basically potentially lethal — as we’ve already figured out — for very old debilitated people or for people maybe not old but very debilitated by serious illness. So the virus is not lethal for people, say in healthy conditions, with healthy organisms.  As were in fact always the subjects of this study that the major subjects studied were people in an age group ranging from 18 to 35 years old, i.e. people who already had viruses in October have not presented symptoms or have presented symptoms by very slight in turn these people on the way home they infected the weaker, more sensitive people. And from this have been those disasters that we know of.

Another thing that has emerged from the study what a virus then we were wondering why in Lombardy there happened this disaster, and not in the South.

It didn’t come out of one study: because they have tried increase the temperatures in the let’s say greenhouses where they grew the virus and have realized that the virus is susceptible to temperature, humidity and of the so-called dusts thin which increase the contagion of virus because they carry it.

In, Lombardy, Northern Italy, let’s say in general, where there are many industries and much smog, the virus itself is, as Dr. Bacco said, indicative of a virus that has a very high capacity contagion. This very high capacity of contagion has been further enhanced by the presence of these fine powders, carrying a sack of contagions. Now this combined with the fact that even here he said exactly the opposite of the one who’s always supported the curious claims that the smog had nothing to do with it was all bullshit and all that.

Another thing is precisely the heat because the heat modifies the virus and makes it less
aggressive and less contagious too, but the cold makes it more contagious.

It is a most aggressive virus, but he said it was aggressive it is a virus that’s not bad anyway is not potentially fatal, does not have this compared to, say, the virus of aids, which is completely different has a much stronger structure. It has been 35 years that they have been looking for AIDS vaccines and there are no AIDS vaccines because even if that is the virus you’re vaccinating for today,  in two months it’s of no use because it’s already modified its features exactly like coronavirus.

Here ends the excerpt from the transcript.

Italian Military Athlete at the Wuhan Games in Oct 2019: We all had a bad flu, like COVID-19

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This story, which FromRome.Info wrote about last week, has now exploded, with athletes speaking out all over the world. The Corriere della Sera ran a major article today on the topic, by Marco Bonarrigo, entitled, I Giochi Militari di Wuhan a ottobre e il coronavirus: ora il sospetto per tutti quegli atleti malati. Among those who give testimony is the Italian Fencing Athlete, Matteo Tagliariol.

In the video above, he says 50% of all the athletes came down sick. And when news broke in Italy in February, 2020 of the Coronavirus, they spoke together and agreed they might have caught it there.

Here is an English translation of the key part of the Corriere’s report. Bonarrigo, writes:

On the Italian front, the Gazzetta dello Sport Thursday reported the testimony of Matteo Tagliariol, gold in the individual sword in Beijing 2008, one of the 170 Azzurri present at the Military Games. The airman said: “When we arrived in Wuhan we almost all got sick. But the worst was the return home. After a week I had a very high fever, I felt that I wasn’t breathing. The sickness didn’t even go away with antibiotics, I recovered after three weeks and remained debilitated for a long time. Then my son and my partner got sick. When they started talking about the virus, I said to myself: I got it too”. No comments at the moment from military sports groups but no tests have been carried out on the athletes who took part in the expedition. In the meantime, a small controversy has also broken out. “When we arrived in Wuhan, almost everyone got sick. I had a cough, a lot of coughing. Valerio Aspromonte was in bed almost all the time. Many of them had a fever, even if not very high.” So Matteo Tagliariol had told of his arrival in the Chinese town.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the article by Bonarrigo, used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary. The video is from Youtube Channel of the Repubblica, a major newspaper at Rome.

+ + +

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Did COVID-19 originate in the USA?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There have been a lot of accusations about the origin of COVID-19, on top of all the misinformation and misrepresentation by the Main Stream Media and National Leaders about the lethality and spread of the virus. While the entire history and details of these controversies is beyond the scope of a single article, I believe it is necessary, now, to consider the facts which are lining up with the possibility that COVID-19 spread from the USA to China and thence to the rest of the world.

As has been reported, the first known cases of COVID-19 were reported at the end of November, 2019, at Wuhan China. This is where the story begins and ends, as it were, because here I will discuss what happened in the years and months previous.

Where was COVID-19 developed?

First, it is now admitted by the U.S. Government that the research on chimeric Coronavirus strains was done at Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Indeed, in an article, entitled, “Lab-Made Coronavirus Triggers Debate“, and dated Nov, 16, 2015, Jef Akst of The Scientist, reported that chimeric research into gain of function studies done at Chapel Hill caused an international controversy. It is not certain, however, if the article contains the original information, since it now bears an update notice of March 11, 2020, which is attempting to deflect interest in the story — a most unusually and journalistically unethical editorial decision. Significantly, however, the Coronavirus being modified at Chapel Hill, was a species found in Chinese Bats.

The controversy was such that it led to a Congressional moratorium on chimeric research in the USA. At which point, Dr. Antonio Fauci diverted 3.7 Million U.S. Dollars of U.S. Taxpayer monies to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to continue the research. Rudy Giuliani, legal counsel to U. S. President Donald Trump, and former Mayor of New York city, recently demanded an explanation from Dr. Fauci for this transfer, which violated U.S. Laws against funding the research.

In addition to the research done at Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the specific kind of research into Coronaviruses as possible biological warfare agents, was being done at Fort Detrick, Maryland, USA, by the U. S. Army, which has a Level 3 and 4 Biowarfare Lab at the military base. This lab was cited by the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in July, 2019 for failure to maintain proper containment standards, and was partially shut down in November, according to Military.com’s April 1, 2020 report. The citation by the CDC referred to its steam sterilization plant. It was reopened on April 1, 2020, following the certification of the CDC on March 27. However, Military.com, in its November 24, 2019 report, said something different: the Fort Detrick Labs were partially shut down for 2 incidents: 1) the failure to close the door on the autoclave sterilization unit, and 2) the failure to obtain sufficient sterilization by means of chemical waste treatment process. Problems, which obviously refer to the possibility of organisms or toxins escaping from the facility.

ABC News reported on April 9, 2020, The U.S. Military Medical Intelligence knew in November, before China, it appears, that the new infection at Wuhan could possible become a major contagion.

The fact that the Fort Detrick labs were partially shut down simultaneously with the US Military Medical Intelligence Report of November, 2019, of the danger of the possible new contagion at Wuhan, does argue strongly that the U.S. Military knows what the source of the contagion was, though it does not prove that it was intentionally released.

US Participation in the 2019 World Military Games in Wuhan, China

The 2019 World Military Games was held in Wuhan, China, from October, 18, to October 27, 2019. These games are officially known as the 7th CISM Military World Games, on account of the French name of the International Coordination Committee. Athletic competitions included participation of more than 9,300 athletes in 28 sports.

The U.S. Armed forces sent a team of 266 athletes — it seems no one is reporting their names however — which placed 35th in total number of medals won, according to Wikipedia. A very poor showing by Olympic Standards considering the size of the team sent. According to the U.S. Armed Forces Sports Facebook page, the Games were held from Oct. 14 to 27, however.

Strangely, the official site for U.S. Armed Forces Sport omits entirely any mention that the U.S. participated at the Wuhan Games, except for articles which speak about the games before October of 2019. It is as if the achievement of the U.S. Team have gone down a memory hole. As for the names of the Athletes, there seems not to be available a complete list, which would clarify from which U.S. Military Units they originate, or where in the U.S. they trained before they came to China.

The Department of Defense, official site, however, does have special coverage and several articles about the U.S. Team participation in the Wuhan Games. Of the U.S. Soccer Team’s performance Joe Lacdan of Army News service writes:

Throughout most of the first half of play, the U.S. team was in lockstep with everything Qatar could kick at them. The U.S. team maintained a 0-0 score until a free kick in the 27th minute allowed Qatar to take a 1-0 lead. And that is when the U.S. team lost its way for the next 10 minutes. Ten minutes is all it took for Qatar to score two more goals and go up 3-0 before the half.

The U.S. Defense Virtual Information Diffusion Service, however, covered the games, so that U.S. participants and tourists in China could access the information. This source claimed that more than 280 U.S. Military Personnel attended, participating with 17 teams. But strangely they do not report the names of the team members.

Seeing that China is accusing the U.S. Military of brining COVID-19, you would think that a rebust response to the accusation — if false — would include complete disclosure regarding who attended and whether they got sick while there. According to the Russian Orthodox Monk, Br. Nathanael, five of U.S. personnel did come down sick, when there. He claims they were admitted to Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital for fever, and then for malaria. According to the Medical Journal, The Lancet, this hospital was an early site for Coronavirus patient treatment.

What does genetics tell us?

A recent genetic study of Coronavirus strains world wide shows that there are in existence, presently, 3 forms of the Virus. They are labeled, A, B, and C.

Form C is found in Singapore and spread to Europe. It appears to have originated from Form B.

Form B is the dominant kind found among COVID-19 patients in Wuhan. For some reason, in China it is listed as evolving slowly, but quickly outside of China — which seems biologically impossible.

Form A was found among Americans who live in Wuhan and Americans who live in the USA. Form A is also the original form of the Virus.

And this final fact casts a lot of doubt and speculation that COVID-19 did exist in the U.S.A., and was brought to Wuhan by American Citizens attending the 7th CISM World Military Games. However, I can find no evidence that Fort Detrick has athletic facilities which were used by the US Teams, even though there are several military units stationed there, who undoubtedly do have such facilities:

Only when the U.S. Military divulge the names of the 280 personnel who went to Wuhan, and to which Military Units they belonged, and where they trained, and who got sick at Wuhan, will these doubts be dispelled — if they are only doubts.

Silence, however, implies otherwise.

Of course, COVID-19 might not be the cause of the pandemic, since it was reported in October of 2019, by the New York Times that Australian had a very severe flu season just prior to that.

+ + +


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Dr. Judy Mikovits: COVID-19 has probably been in all flu vaccines since 2013/2015




Dr. Mikovits, former virologist at the U.S. Biological Warfare Lab, explains some startling truths:

  • Wearing  a mask will make you sicker by forcing you to re-breathe the bacteria and viruses already in your respiratory system.
  • COVID-19 strain used in winter flu vaccines throughout the world since 2013
  • No test for COVID-19 is worthy of credence without at least another confirmatory results by a different kind of test
  • The only criteria for immunity is having the antibodies.
  • Never accept the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • You cannot catch a virus from coughing, it live no more than 1 hour on surfaces.
  • COVID-19 is not lethal enough to cause any more than 0.8% of those infected seriously sick.
  • The Pandemic is a complete hoax being used to enslave humanity.
  • All vaccines will make some of those who receive them sick with the disease against which it was developed to prevent.
  • COVID-19 does not come from animal to human transfer, it was grown in a lab.
  • Winter flu vaccines is the only plausible explanation for world wide spread of COVID-19.
  • Being infected does not mean you are sick or infectious to others.
  • Symptoms are not a scientific way of diagnosing COVID-19.
  • Dr. Anthony Fauci has intervened to cover up study which proved that vaccinations cause cancer and other cancer causing viruses, in addition to Autism.
  • Polio vaccines transmitted cancer causing SIV & Sv40 virus.
  • The immunity granted by the U.S. Government in 1986 at the insistence of Dr. Anthony Fauci, to Vaccine manufacturers has made them dangerous, dirty and unsafe.
  • Every vaccine can cause in some persons a lethal immune response which can kill them.
  • The FDA is a criminal organization.
  • Korea responded by using the correct tests.
  • The USA is suffering from a plague of corruption in the Vaccine industry.
  • Vaccine Industry is systematically ending the production of safer medicines which would cure or prevent infection, because there is no money in preventing and curing disease.

U.S. Bishops conference urges the Mark of the Beast for all

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a shocking development, the “Catholic” Bishops’ Conference of the United States urged the development of the Coronavirus vaccine, which Bill Gates wants made mandatory for the entire population of the world. According to Zenit.org,

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City in Kansas and chairman of the Committee on Pro-Life Activities; Archbishop Paul S. Coakley of Oklahoma City and chairman of the Committee on Domestic Justice and Human Development; Bishop Kevin C. Rhoades of Fort Wayne-South Bend and chairman of the Committee on Doctrine; and Bishop John F. Doerfler of Marquette and chairman of the Subcommittee on Healthcare Issues, signed the letter to the FDA Commissioner. They were joined by the leaders of many healthcare, bioethics, and pro-life organizations.

The letter expressed strong support for efforts to develop an effective, safe, and widely available vaccine as quickly as possible, but also strongly urged that the federal government “ensure that fundamental moral principles are followed in the development of such vaccines, most importantly, the principle that human life is sacred and should never be exploited.”

Seeing that Bill Gates, a big funder of Planned Parenthood and abortion worldwide, who is pushing for and funding the alleged vaccine, has a track record of maiming hundreds of thousands in India and Africa, one cannot help but shaking one’s head at the total delusion these “pro-life” Bishops are under.  Their request to the U.S. Government NOT ONLY presupposes that they do not want to resist mandatory vaccination, but also that THEY WANT to make it acceptable to the Catholics of the United States! And to insist on that, is to implicitly urge it for all.

Bill Gates who made his fortune selling junk software for computers — which enabled him to take control of most of the computers on the planet — has since 2010 dedicated his personal fortune to selling junk vaccines: the goal of which can be to reprogram human beings to achieve the control-outcomes he wants: 10-15% decrease in world population (1 billion deaths or sterilizations?), immunity to COVID-19 (which will naturally occur within the next 2-4 weeks world wide anyhow), etc..

FromRome.Info is NOT surprised by the declaration of the U.S. Bishops’ Conference, as we have assembled the facts which show that Bergoglio has shut down the Catholic Church world wide most likely because he acquiesced to a request from Bill Gates.

Bill Gates, who has been shown to be the God Father of the COVID-19 pandemic, also seems to have planned this crisis in 2010.

Bill Gates wants everyone certified to have been vaccinated using ID2020 technology, as FromRome.Info has reported. We also reported that Bill Gates’ name and that of his only son, has the Ascii decimal value of 666.

According to Biblical teaching, as FromRome.Info explained in its article on ID2020, to put a numerical tag on a human being is a diabolic denial of the authority of God the Creator.

It seems that Bergoglio and the bishops who regard him as their leader, have set up Bill Gates in the place of God the Father. What is next, to propose his only begotten son, John Rory, as the new Messiah?

For our complete coverage of the COVID-19 Stunt, see here.

+ + +

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98% of COVID-19 patients cured with Hydroxychloroquine treatment

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A recent clinical trial in France, which included 1061 COVID-19 patients, rigorously selected in accord with scientific methods, has shown that a treatment of Hydroxychloroquine and Azithromycin had resulted with a 98% cure rate.

These stunning results were reported by Derek Lowe at ScienceMag.org on April 11, 2020, who also cites a previous study that the combination of these two medicines can results in a 15-20% increase in the incidents of heart failure.

The reason for the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine may have everything to do with the findings of Wenzhong Liu and Hualan Li regarding COVID-19. In a recent published study, they report having found, in regard to the proteins on the surface of the Virus and how they react with porphyrin in human blood cells:

The results showed the ORF8 and surface glycoprotein could bind to the porphyrin, respectively. At the same time, orf1ab, ORF10, and ORF3a proteins could coordinate attack the heme on the 1-beta chain of hemoglobin to dissociate the iron to form the porphyrin. The attack will cause less and less hemoglobin that can carry oxygen and carbon dioxide. The lung cells have extremely intense poisoning and inflammatory due to the inability to exchange carbon dioxide and oxygen frequently, which eventually results in ground-glass-like lung images. The mechanism also interfered with the normal heme anabolic pathway of the human body, is expected to result in human disease. According to the validation analysis of these finds, chloroquine could prevent orf1ab, ORF3a, and ORF10 to attack the heme to form the porphyrin, and inhibit the binding of ORF8 and surface glycoproteins to porphyrins to a certain extent, effectively relieve the symptoms of respiratory distress. Since the ability of chloroquine to inhibit structural proteins is not particularly obvious, the therapeutic effect on different people may be different.

In other words, the Wuhan Virus is coated with a protein which can cause human hemoglobin to lose its iron atoms, and thus become incapable of transporting oxygen to the human body. This causes the patients to suffocate even though they can breathe normally.

This effect of suffocation, which is caused not by a pulmonary obstruction, but which occurs at the molecular level, is what may be indirectly causing high levels of mortality for COVID-19 patients on respirators. As the oxygen deprivation increases, standard medical practice protocols are instructing medical professionals to increase air pressure in ventilators, which ultimately results in not only damaging the lungs, but failing to solve the underlying molecular problem of oxygen starvation.

This was reported by Dell Bigtree on his program at Highwire Talk, the other day.

Chloroquine, a drug used for malaria, can provide instrumental help to prevent such oxygen deprivation, since it is a know agent in preventing the disassociation of iron in human hemoglobin, the protein found in human blood cells, which carries the oxygen to the body after acquiring it as it passes through the fine surface capillaries of the human lungs. Hydroxycholorquine is another form of the same medicine, chloroquine.

Though Dr. Vladimir Zelenko has found 100% success rate with a treatment containing hyrdoxychloroquine and zinc — to which latter he attributes its efficacy in slowing RNA synthesis — he may have unwittingly stumbled upon another cure, in that zinc, the element, has similar chemical properties as iron, and may be serving in the bloodstream as a sort of sacrificial anode, allowing itself to intervene to prevent the loss of iron by human hemoglobin when attacked by COVID-19, and be captured by the virus instead. This is suggested by antagonistic properties of iron and zinc.

The high death rates on ventilators in countries which are ignoring Chloroquine treatments, is causing massive frustration and incrimination of government leaders, as is evident by Antonio Socci’s diatribe against the Italian Prime Minister, in his open letter of Easter Sunday,  at AntonioSocci.com.

Thus the true killer may not be so much the Wuhan Virus but ignorance and incompetence of medical professionals and national leaders who are sustained by political parties who just want a crisis to serve their own ends.

+ + +

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The Good News is that you probably already were infected by COVID-19

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The title of this article might seem a bizarre joke, but it is not. The truth is that COVID-19, if it is anything at all, is not a deadly plague, it is just another winter flu, which is only risky for persons who are already in very bad states of health. And because of this, many catch it but show no symptoms, because their natural immune system zaps it on contact or after a few days of slight symptoms.

Statisticians on the basis of the high rate of infectibility by the Wuhan Virus have already speculated that the number of those infected is astronomically already high.

On March 26, 2020, for example, the Guardian was reporting that a study out of Oxford was estimating that 50% of everyone in the United Kingdom had already been infected and has the antibodies.  This natural process of acquiring immunity for the majority of the population is called herd immunity — rather vulgarly — from the analogy to how herds of livestock acquire immunity against disease, namely, by rapidly infecting every other member of herd.

While the report by the Guardian tried to discount such a study, they admitted that levels of immunity in the U.K. population might presently be (on March. 26) 20 times higher than the number of cases reported, simply because for every one person who is sick enough to get tested, there are 20 who never get so sick and thus never get tested.

Herd immunity though, is a fast changing reality. Once 10% of the population acquires an infection, the rest of the heard is soon infected in a matter of days or weeks.

Another study, this time out of Chicago, USA, show that this process is developing rapidly round the world. Chicago is considered a hotspot for infection in the U.S.A. But there at the Roseland Hospital, they are finding that 30% to 50% of all those tested already have the antibodies against COVID-19 and therefore have naturally acquired immunity. That means, perhaps, that nearly everyone in Chicago will be immune from COVID-19 this week.

Let me demonstrate how this can be:

The first case of COVID-19 in the state of Illinois (of which Chicago is the principal city) was on January 24: a person returned from China. By January 30, there was the first evidence of human to human transmission. The first proven death at Chicago by COVID-19 was on March 17.

The infection which began with 1 person on Jan. 24, had reached 1534 by March 24. These are known cases. Multiply by 20, as we see from the U.K. data and you have probably more like 30,000 in two months or a growth rate of infections which is a daily growth rate of 18.7%.

So if we assume that growth rate is the same in all places, then we can expect 332% more cases each week. So as soon as the known herd immunity is 10%, within a week it will be 33.2% and in the second week 100%.

Applying the same rates to the United Kingdom, but assuming that on March 26, 2020, the immunity was only 5%, then by today, the immunity will be more like 55%. And within 5 days, the entire U.K. will be infected and or immune.

At Heinsberg, Germany, on the border with the Netherlands, was reported on April 9, 2020, that 15% of the population already had antibodies. Therefore, in about 12 days the entire population should acquire immunity.

But as you can see the death numbers are not rising as quickly. And this is because, as I said above, COVID-19 is not a plague, it is just another winter flu.

So the good news for those in countries which are already infected, is that you are now or shortly will be immune to COVID-19.

No need for vaccines. No need for Bill Gates’s Vaccination Program for the world. No need for Rockefeller’s New World Order. No need for everyone to have a vaccine id’s, etc..

And certainly no need for a Corona Control requiring you to stay at home until May. As you will probably be immune within the next 2 weeks, without so much as a sniffle.

POSTSCRIPT: On April 15, 2020, two days after the above was reported by FromRome.Info, La Repubblica, the leading daily Marxist newspaper in Italy, reported that seriological tests in Lombardia and Liguria, here in Italy, showed a 15% herd immunity, which means all in the infected zones of Italy will be immune by the end of the month.

+ + +

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Corona Hype goes full throttle as actual deaths disappear

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

By now, if you had any lingering doubt that COVID-19 might actually be a pandemic which is serious to some degree, you have all evidence to see that it not only never was, but that it was entirely hype from the beginning, to serve the interests of those who want Corona Control and mandatory vaccinations.

This can be seen from the uniformly consistent behavior of governmental authorities in establishing procedures to unscientifically and contrary to all medical practice inflate the death numbers attributed to Coronavirus by claiming all who died with the Wuhan virus to be listed as having died from it, even if the deaths were unrelated.

This has been widely reported in Italy, but now numerous reports from the U.S.A. confirm that the CDC, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the U.S.A. Governmental agency charged with responding to infectious diseases, is ordering medical professionals to put speculation on the certificate of death, and to specifically speculate that deaths were caused by COVID-19 contrary to all medical ethics.

Consequently, even State Boards of Health, in the USA, are promoting the devious practice, as is evidenced in this TV news report from Minnesota.

Ann Barnhardt exposes the CDC’s conspiracy to inflate numbers in a recent post at her blog.

The intention to inflate death numbers has only one purpose: to maintain the panic and to justify the lock down continuing. Too many socialists and globalists and satanists want it to continue. Too many are reeling for joy that we have all been locked up like livestock. They are just licking their chops at the thought that they can with legal impunity start pumping vaccines into us to do to our bodies what Bill Gates did to computers with MS software. It’s totally pathological.

YouTube.com is on board with the program too. Just got to their platform and do a search for “Coronavirus death statistics faked”, and see what videos turn up. That’s right! Only videos which TELL you that deaths are a lot higher than being reported and that anyone who doubts this is fake persona and spreading disinformation!

Screenshot_2020-04-09 (1) Coronavirus death statistics faked - YouTube

In addition, other actors are entering the fray to continue the Hype.  In the U.S.A., the Department of Homeland Security is attempting to psyop Christians from returning ever to Church, by claiming in a recent bulletin, that terrorists are more likely to target Christian Churches after Coronavirus because they will blame Christians for spreading the disease. Talk about trying to incite the outcome! Oh, and it is not surprising that LifeSite News, ever in the tank for Bergoglio as the Pope, is pushing the provocative report.

In Italy, as death numbers clearly fall — evidently they cannot euthanize enough elderly to make them rise any more — because the winter flu season is ending with the onset of many a bright an warm day, as we have enjoyed here at Rome this week — the governors of regions are attempting to increase the panic by demanding that everyone go around with a face mask at all hours. They want to make it a political sign that you accept the Hype and are not — Heaven forbid! — A Corona DENIER!


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is today’s graph, by Wordometers of the daily deaths being claimed by the Italian government for COVID-19, even though they admitted only 12% actually have such death certificates claiming such. Divide every tally by 8 to get perhaps the real numbers, though in Italy, a death certificate saying you died from Coronavirus only means that a test, which gives 50% false positive results, claims you had Corona when you died, not that you died from it. So you can probably divided by another 2, at least.

+ + +

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Dr. Fabio Franchi: There is no scientific basis that COVID-19 is causing the Pandemic

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a scientific paper published on April 1, Dr. Fabio Franchi the famous Italian medical critic, details the alarming truth about the COVID-19 test being used in Italy and around the world.

His paper was published by Dr. Stefano Montanari, renowed expert in nanodiagnostics.

In the paper, entitled, Pandemia, COVID 19 e test, Dr. Franchi makes the following rigorously scientific observation in Italian (my translation).

First as regards how COVID-19 is diagnosed:

In Italy, that of the “confirmed case” is independent from symptomology and is tied only to the results of the text (RT-PCR by nasal swab). The diagnosis of “probable” and “suspected” cases are listed without effecting a test or with inconclusive results of the test. In the case of a co-infection by “other pathogens” [i. e. viruses and bacteria], moreover, COVID-19 is given a sort of  right of precedence. (7) The very definition of the OMS clearly foresees this. (8)

Numbers in parenthesis refer to the footnote in the original.

In other words, the official procedure to diagnose anyone as having COVID-19 ignores any attempt to see if there is a correlation between having COVID-19 and having the symptoms for which the patient is being treated! This goes contrary to all medical practice and all scientific principles. But, such a methodology does serve promoting panic and creating what appears to be a statistical record that there is a COVID-19 pandemic and that COVID-19 is the cause, by lumping all those with symptoms of the winter flue into the same category as all those whose test shows they are positive for COVID-19!

Second, the test itself is totally unscientific, as he says:

The text (the swabbing done several times on the interior of the nasal passages and then subjected to genetic amplification) has not been validated (10)(11), has not been standardized (12), seems to to give numerous false positives and false negatives (13) (14) (15).

Third, the method used to determine whether COVID-19 was the cause of the infectous outbreak in Wuhan, China, did not follow the established procedures of modern medical science, which is first to isolate the presumed infectous micro-organism and then genetically analyze it. Dr. Franchi writes:

What has been said above is to explain that the putative causal virus must be FIRST isolated (a quantity of organisms, all equal, visible and photographed) and THEN analyzed. This is elementary logic.

The surprise is that for COVID-19 the first part of the such a procedure was never done. In the works published on COVID-19 one does not find photographs of the virus isolated, but only some without context. One finds photographs of ultra thin sections of tissue where agglomerates of small circles are individuated which are indicated with arrows and calls viral particles.  Granted that they are, they constitute less than 10% of the cellular material which surrounds them. These do  not show them isolated. But there is more: there are strong doubts that these small circles are Coronaviridae.  In fact, they have smaller dimensions: their diameter (circa 65-75 nm) is inferior to the minimum forseen for the Coronaviruses (120-160 nm) (18).  In truth, other authors (19) are reporting diverse diameters (80 to 120 nm), or even 100-160 nm (20), but these are, however, outside of the range.  And the viruses are characteristically constituted by a few fundamental elements capable of replicating identical copies of themselves.  In sum, in biology … the baby forms of virus are not foreseen!


Dr. Franchi then includes some images from published the above is a photograph of what was is alleged to be COVID-19.  Above you can see the photograph published at Wikipedia. As you can see it is nearly 100 nanometers in diameter.

But here is the photograph of COVID-19 from a research paper published in Nature magazine:


As you can see, the organisms shows in this photograph are considerably larger, being 160 to 200 nanometers in size.


These last photographs are from the New England Journal of Medicine. They show an organism which is of a different size. In the left image, an organism which is about 90 to 110 nanometers, and which has barely visible spikes. In the right image, the arrows poitn to what appears to be dots which are inside of cells. But these dots are 65-75 nanometers in size (1 μm = 1000 nanometers).

Fourth, and last, Dr. Franchi then observers that the method used by the Chinese to determine if COVID-19 was the cause of the infectous outbreak in Wuhan was done totally wrong.  Instead of isolating the viruses found in the patient, they merely took the mucus from the patient’s lungs and put it in a centrifuge and from that extracted the DNA or RNA particles resulting and mapped them on their existing DNA database of known organisms. When they found that COVID-19 was present, they simply declared that was the cause of the infection!

This is totally absurd!

But it also raises serious questions which Dr. Franchi does not consider in his paper:

  • How did the Chinese know to look for COVID-19?
  • How did they have a database of the genetic code of COVID-19?
  • How did thy know that COVID-19 could infect humans?
  • How did they know that COVID-19 could cause the symptoms they were observing?

These four questions, of my own making, lead to the consideration that the Wuhan Institute of Virology had pre-existing samples of what we now call COVID-19 and knew its effects in humans and were doing their tests NOT to discover what the cause of the infectous outbreak was per se, but to DETERMINE whether the patients were infected with their own BIO-WEAPON.

+ + +

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