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The World Health Organization to declare a new “Pandemic” within days

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The signs are now all clear, consistent and have the same theme. The Globalist Narrative going forward will be, “There is a new pandemic of a Covid variant, ‘Eris’, which is much worse and will kill many more people unless you take a Covid ‘Vaccine’.”.

The international media is already pushing the narrative.

BigPharma has announced their old DeathVaxxes as effective against it.

Numerous sources insist that this time the lockdowns have to be imposed more quickly and be more severe.

I therefore prognosticate that within days, the W. H. O. will declare a new pandemic and demand governments put us all in a horrible orwellian lockdown, to make the past one seem mild in comparison.

But mere propaganda will not work a second time.

Human psychology does not work that way.  They merely cannot claim there are deaths. They will have to convince the masses this time with real deaths.

Dr. Rashid Buttar hypothesized that they can do this via hydrogel technology in the Covid DeathVaxxes, which on signal from 5G can begin to manufacture “the Marburg virus”.

I think that is possible, but “marburg virus” needs to be changed out in his warning for “lethal toxins”.

While this propaganda strategy seems absurd, namely, to declare another covid-like Pandemic, I believe there is a astuteness in it, in this, that by doing so, the un-awaken masses will not seek to find a different cause, and thus be lulled to sleep, whereas if there was a new “Virus” and new kind of death, people might start thinking.

All those strange structures which La Quinta observed forming in the DeathVaxx liquid when exposed to 5G and 4G radiation might therefore have a purpose.

It’s not just bluetooth signals. Its receivers for some sort of signal to trigger some sort of reaction.

Therefore, I think it prudent to TURN OFF ALL BLUE TOOTH DEVICES in those homes where anyone has been vaxxed. And perhaps best to power them down or turn them off and disconnect them from the power grid.

But to achieve their goal of fooling the masses a second time, they will have to undertake a very complex and distributed signaling campaign to cause deaths world-wide and in large groups.

The cover for this might be cellphone updates. For they can update your phone, use it to launch the signal on 5G or Bluetooth, and then after deaths are caused, update it again to remove the software which perpetrated the murders.

It’s the perfect crime.

I have already explained many times what you should have done to prepare for this next Plandemic and what you should be doing, that I will not repeat it here. I will let my faithful readers show how expert they are by citing the articles in the comments below.

A FINAL NOTE: Since the toxins of the Marburg disease cause lethal internal hemorrhaging 5-9 days after they are released into the blood stream, we can expect the declaration of a Pandemic 5-9 days after the signal is given to the hydrogel to produce these toxins. Individuals with unique BlueTooth codes, by reason of their receiving the DeathVaxxes must be the presumed targets. And this means that the Die-on-Signal command might already be in the process of being transmitted from 5G, 4G and Bluetooth devices and cellphone towers.

FEATURED IMAGE: The featured image, often used for Sars-Cov2 is itself a fake, taken from a laboratory years before the 2020 “Pandemic”, showing exosomes of unidentified source.

USA: Time to boycott USA Pharmacy chains involved in Monstrous “Vaccine” Deception

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is just one candidate for such a boycot, which has no ethical principles whatsoever and acts with abandon against all known medical fact and science.  This image is being sent via email and thus there is no URL to link to.

CVS is a U. S. based national Pharmacy chain of stores, which offer in addition to medicines, other health and common products for sale.

COVID-19, Requiescat in pace!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Everything the Covid-19 deniers claims about the non-lethality of Coronavirus and the non existence of a pandemic has turned out to be true.

The U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that its recent seriological tests of U.S. residents found that 10 times more individuals have had COVID-19 and recovered than previously thought (20 million compared to 2.3 million: source).

Currently, the CDC is counting 121,000 individual deaths as COVID-19 related. This means the Covid-19 related deaths are running at about 0.6% of all those ever infected in the USA.

However, when one examines the numbers of  COVID-19 related deaths in the U.S.A., one discovers that most of these were not caused by the virus. Reports from the USA suggest that from 80 to 95% of cases had coronavirus but died from something else. That moves the real death rate to about 0.05%.

But that is not all.

Pennsylvania State University published a study recently suggesting 80 times more persons have been infected that previously thought.

That would mean that the actual lethality of COVID-19 is even smaller.

The lethality of the common winter flue is estimated to be 0.1%, as Dr. Anthony Fauci, head of the NIHD, is always telling us.

The conclusion is, then, that there never was a pandemic, and COVID-19 was never a threat greater than the common winter flu.

So take off your masks and gloves, and go back to the way you used to live. And as for the advice from the modern sanitary Pharasees, who see uncleanliness and infection everywhere, report them to the local authorities for mental instability.

And if anyone suggests getting a COVID-19 vaccine, tell them where they can shove it.

+ + +

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Senator Martelli denounces the Italian Government for using Covid-19 as an excuse for Tyranny


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Senator Carlo Martelli, a member of the independent, Mixed Group, in the Italian Parliament, set out the true history of the Covid-19 response in Italy.  The speach was given on May 26, 2020, I believe, but it is hard to determine since Google.com has censored the existence of his intervention from the web. First the original transcript, then an English translation. The transcript is a YouTube.com transcript, in which I have found one error, and there could be others.


Prima volta in sette anni e mezzo che mi presento con un discorso scritto e preoccupa anche me stesso la cosa allora vorrei partire da qua perché: perchétutto quello che è successo da quando è stata fatta la dichiarazione dello stato di emergenza merita di essere raccontato, messo bene in fila, cioè tutti i fatti vanno messi bene in file osservati attentamente.

E prima di procedere con questa narrazione vorrei però far notare una cosa cioè mica penserete che per aver scritto fatti salvi DCPM precedenti questi vengano improvvisamente elevati al rango di norma primaria, cioè diventino leggi comportata normativa il potere modificativo di altre leggi, no, perché se pensate questo pensate sbagliato.

Detto questo, vediamo un po questa narrazione questa storia, questo ‘cosa è successo?’ Io partirei dalla prima fase che potrei chiamare fase preliminare: un periodo pre-crisi quando ancora si commentavano i video di quello che succedeva da altre parti veri o falsi, che fossero in quel periodo come giustamente è, ciascuno aveva la sua opinione su come si sarebbe dovuto procedere se la cosa si fosse verificato in Italia.

E anche nell’ambiente medico nell’ambiente degli specialisti che non hanno neanche loro la verità in tasca come insegna il nostro immunologo da salotto che ogni domanda risponde sempre, “Io questa cosa non la so, ma nessun’altra”. Cioè, immaginate in un esame universitario se lo studente che avete davanti a ogni domanda vi dicesse, “Noi questa cosa non la so, ma nessun’altra”, io direi, “Guarda. Allora fai una cosa: torni la prossima volta quando sai quello che ti chiedo non quando vuoi parlare di quello che dici tu!”

Ebbene queste persone avevano una pluralità di opinioni. Questa pluralità di opinioni nella fase 1 fase proprio nella quale siamo entrati in media stress è venuta meno cioè a questo punto le categorie che erano più esposte mediaticamente cioè ambiente medico l’ambiente dei ricercatori, l’ambiente politico, l’ambiente dell’informazione hanno cominciato a cantare tutti la stessa la stessa musica, la stessa messa, cioè è diventata una specie di pensiero unico nazionale e questo che cosa è diventato, è diventato, una gara al catastrofismo, cioè chi la sparava più grossa questo ho avuto come effetto collaterale la paura, cioè gli italiani si sono impauriti anche perché li avete piazzati in casa con la televisione che li limes meritava.

Voglio proprio usare l’espressione memorizzare non incrociare perché il signor messmer in questo caso potrebbe dire qualcosa e quindi un atteggiamento molto umano ha fatto, sì, che la paura di chi parlava è diventata la paura di tutti, cioè la paura del politico di bruciarsi se avesse fatto la decisone presa la decisione sbagliata, quella del dell’immunologo da salotto che avesse detto la cosa sbagliata in quel momento che poi si fosse verificata come sbagliata dopo.

O quel giornalista che si faceva bucare portando avanti una notizia che non era con la buona se sarebbero bruciati. Quindi tutti quanti hanno mirato la propria preservazione e questo, secondo me, è stato il primo errore — non è più grosso ma il primo — perché chi esercita il potere che è quello dell’informazione o è quello della salute o è quello politico non può permettersi questa mancanza di professionalità non può permettersi che la propria paura diventi la paura di qualcun altro e quindi sulla base della paura avete praticamente messo guinzaglio e museruola questa qua ai cittadini il guinzaglio apparentemente virtuale, non più di 200 metri da casa ma, è diventato un intaglio reale.

Per che cosa è successo che la gente ha paura di uscire di casa. La gente ha cominciato avere paura paura di tutto compreso.

E qua il secondo è il più grave errore comprese le persone che avevano una divisa le forze dell’ordine. Cosa è successo praticamente, avete fatto uscire dalla quarta parete rompere alla quarta parete al vigile di alberto sordi quello che è molto poco professionalmente esercitava ruolo di vigile, con addosso la divisa di vigile, e quindi noi abbiamo visto cose assurde. Ci abbiamo visto che la municipale secondo folli ordinanze doveva aprire la busta della spesa delle persone per controllare se la spesa era coerente con l’ordinanza! che diceva di spendere più di 50 euro! Ma il governo avrebbe dovuto dire a questa gente che questa è una perquisizione personale e richiede un’autorizzazione oppure le esibizioni di uno scontrino, ma neanche la gdf ti può chiedere lo scontrino più. Puoi, può chiedere la prova dell’acquisto ma non può controllare quanto hai speso e quindi ‘qual è l’importo?’ e ‘cosa hai comprato?” e questa cosa qua non è stata detta!

Avreste dovuto prendere questa gente i sindaci dire, “Caro sindaco siccome il governo ha avocato a sé la gestione tutte le ordinanze più restrittive sono automaticamente!” E uscita la sentenza del Consiglio di Stato che ha detto quello che ha fatto il Sindaco di Messina è una follia, “e quindi andava censurate la sua ordinanza di cadere questo fa giurisprudenza costituzionale.”

Però naturalmente nessuno ha detto nulla! Forse facevano comodo provvedimenti ancora più e sentivi che impari vano le persone! Io credo che non faccia comodo a nessuno che la gente abbia paura nelle forze dell’ordine che nella maggior parte dei casi si sono comportati e professionalmente e in pochi casi — ma purtroppo in questo, una questa situazione di compressione dei diritti costituzionali, non è anche a chi esercita il potere: non è permesso non solo di oltrepassare la linea ma neanche di provare a spostarla in questa situazione!

Andava chiarito che la mancanza di professionalità non era ammissibile che bisognava avere la perfetta conoscenza delle norme, per esempio, che non si può imporre un autocertificazione. La legge da la facoltà di autocertificare non l’obbligo!

Io non posso essere costretto a meno che non ci sia un provvedimento di portata normativa che cambia la 44 3 445 del 2000, io non possa essere costretto a dovuto certificare, e men che meno, certi ad autocertificare il mio stato di salute! Cosa che è espressamente vietata da quella norma articolo 49!

Bene cosa è successo successivamente, successivamente a questo che naturalmente in un sistema imperfetto. Dove esiste anche la rete. Sono cominciate a circolare altre notizie confermate, cose del tipo, “Ma nelle altre nazioni non fanno questo!”, oppure articoli di giornale palesemente fuorvianti, come un ragazzo di 30 anni, il più giovane è morto per coronavirus! e poi in piccolo era in coma da tre anni e irreversibili e gli avevano sparato in testa. Questo è giornalismo! Questa informazione no! Però siccome poi qualcuno ha iniziato a farmi notare, è scattato il Ministero Unico della Verità, che potrei definire il custode della verità unica nazionale. Quello che decide cosa è giusto, cosa non è giusto, cosa va rimosso, cosa va censurato — e quindi

E quindi cosa è successo? è successo che sono state rimosse interviste a premi nobel che sono stati delegittimati! Ha ! Ormai è vecchio, oppure al più grande virologo mondiale — di dire che detiene il 5 per cento di tutte le citazioni mondiali in questa, in questo, in questo campo — Vedete per me che sono veramente un uomo di scienza perché la matematica modestamente l’unica scienza esatta da 4000 anni dire che siccome la comunità scientifica scaricato una persona allora quello che dice non è valido! è un po come dire, “Io non sono d’accordo con la teoria della gravitazione newton, quindi adesso mirato torni sull’albero!” “Perché siccome io ti ho scaricato le tue affermazioni non sono più valide!”

Un medico scaricato dall’ordine non è più un medico. Non ha, più, non sa più niente e possiamo andare avanti all’infinito!

Allora questo è quello che voi avete creato! Equa vado alla parte finale.

La parte finale è che voi avete fatto l’errore più grave di tutti. Avete sfoga nato quello che in altri tempi avremmo chiamato il deep state, lo stato profondo, cioè lo stato dietro lo stato che prende decisioni senza legittimazione popolare. E questo state sono quelle che chiamate trust force, le unità operative che decidono autonomamente, chiedono uno scudo penale.

E la domanda vera che tutti ci dobbiamo porre, “Ma a queste persone che fanno queste unità operative che imputa?” Arrivano c’è chi ha un canale preferenziale con quella persona che sta a Londra. Può proporre di inserire qualche cosa nei decreti e il cittadino non lo saprà mai. Allora nel momento in cui il potere esecutivo delega ad uno stato culto a un deep state l’esecuzione di procedimenti e provvedimenti che a detta del governo cambieranno la vita degli italiani.

Io credo che la parola complottista non la potete più usare perché siete voi il complotto! Siete voi che avete sdoganato questa pratica che è il peggio della democrazia, ma ..

[Here the president of the Senate rings the bell indicating the speaker is about to use up his time]

  .. che purtroppo .. Chiudere con l’ultima frase che purtroppo è nel pieno progetto di uno dei fondatori del partito del maggiore, partito che c’è qua dentro per il quale la democrazia doveva essere sostituita da un’altra cosa, perché il parlamento era superato e le decisioni le prendeva la rete nella sua collettività!

Bene questa non è democrazia!


This is the first time in seven and a half years that I show up with a written speech and it worries me too, so I would like to start from here because: because everything that has happened since the declaration of the state of emergency deserves to be told, put well in line, i.e. all the facts should be put well in line carefully observed.

And before proceeding with this narration, however, I would like to point out one thing, however, that is, you might not think that for having written without prejudice in previous DCPMs, these are suddenly elevated to the rank of the primary norm, that is, to have the power to modify other laws, it becomes a law, no, because if you think this, you are thinking wrongly.

Having said that, let’s see this narrative, this story, this ‘what happened? I would start from the first phase that I could call the preliminary phase: a pre-crisis period when we were still commenting on the videos of what was happening in other real or false parts of the world, whether they were in that period. As it rightly is, everyone had his or her opinion on how it should have proceeded if the thing had happened in Italy.

And also in the medical environment, in the environment of specialists who don’t even have the truth in their pockets, as our TV immunologist teaches, that to every question always answers, “I don’t know this thing, but no one else does”. I mean, imagine in a university exam if the student in front of each question said, “I don’t know this thing, but no one else does”, I would say, “Look. So do one thing: come back next time when you know what I’m asking, not when you want to talk about it!”

Well, these people had a plurality of opinions. This plurality of opinions in phase 1, the very phase in which we entered into the medium stress phase, has now disappeared, i.e. at this point the categories that were most exposed mediatically, i.e. medical environment, researcher environment, political environment, information environment all started singing the same music, the same mass, that is, it has become a kind of single national thought and this what has become, has become, a race to catastrophe, that is who made it bigger, it had as a side effect: fear, that is, the Italians were scared also because you placed them at home with the television that at times served them badly.

I really want to use the expression memorize, not crucify, because Mr. Messmer in this case could say something and then a very human attitude has made, yes, that the fear of those who spoke has become the fear of everyone, that is the fear of the politician to burn if he made the wrong decision, that of the living-room immunologist who said the wrong thing at that time that then occurred as wrong afterwards.

Or that reporter who was getting hits by carrying on a news story that wasn’t with the good news, if they would be burned. So everyone aimed at their own preservation and this, in my opinion, was the first mistake — it’s not bigger but the first — because whoever exercises the power that is the power of information or is the power of health or is the power of politics can’t afford this lack of professionalism, can’t afford that their fear becomes the fear of someone else, and so on the basis of fear you practically put a leash and muzzle on this one, on the citizens. an apparently virtual leash, not more than 200 meters from home, but which became a real chain.

For what has happened is that people are afraid to leave the house. People started to be afraid of everything.

And here the second is the biggest mistake including people who had a law enforcement uniform. What practically happened, you made out of the fourth wall, a breach in the fourth wall of democracy, you made policeman deaf,  what is very unprofessionally exercised in the role of policeman, wearing the uniform of policeman, and then we saw absurd things. We saw that the town hall according to crazy ordinances ordered the opening of people’s grocery bags to check if the expenditure was consistent with the ordinance! which said that you had to spend more than 50 euros! But the government should have told these people that this is a personal search also requires a permit or a receipt, but not even the Guardia di Finanza can ask you for the receipt anymore. You can, you can ask for proof of purchase but you can’t check how much you spent and so ‘what is the amount?’ and ‘what did you buy?’ and this has not been said!

You should have taken these people to take, the mayors and say, “Dear mayor since the government has taken over the management, all the more restrictive ordinances are automatically void!” And it came out the ruling of the Council of State that said what the Mayor of Messina did is madness, “and therefore there has to be censored this order, to drop this makes constitutional sense.”

But of course no one said anything. Perhaps there were more convenient measures and you people feel that you learn in vain! I don’t think it suits anyone that people are afraid of the police forces that in most cases have behaved professionally and in a few cases — but unfortunately in this, such a situation of the repression of constitutional rights, it is also not allowed to those who exercise power: it is not allowed, not only to cross the line, but not even to try to move it in this situation!

It had to be made clear that lack of professionalism was not admissible, that one had to have perfect knowledge of the rules, for example, that one could not impose self-certification. The law gives the right to self-certify, not the obligation!

I cannot be forced unless there is a regulatory measure that changes the Law 44 3 445 of 2000. I cannot be forced to certify, let alone certify my state of health! This is expressly prohibited by Article 49 of that law!

Well what happened after that? after that of course in an imperfect system. Where the internet also exists. Other confirmed news began to circulate, things like, “But in other countries they don’t do this!”, or blatantly misleading newspaper articles, like a 30-year-old boy, the youngest died of coronavirus! and then in small letters, “He was in a coma for three years and irreversibly so, and had been shot in the head.” That’s journalism! This information is not! But then someone started to point it out to me, and then the Single Ministry of Truth, which I could call the National Unique Truth Keeper, was triggered. The one who decides what is right, what is not right, what should be removed, what should be censored — and thus..

So what happened? What happened was that Nobel prize-winning interviews were removed and delegitimized! Ha! Now he is old! or to the world’s greatest virologist — to say that he holds 5% of all world citations in this, in this, in this field — “You see for me, who am really a man of science, because mathematics modestly speaking is the only exact science for 4000 years, I say that since the scientific community dumped a person then what he says is not valid!” It’s a bit like saying, “I don’t agree with Newton’s gravitation theory, so you apple, aim now to go back up into the tree!” “Because since I dumped you, your statements are no longer valid!”

A doctor dumped from the Order of Docors, is no longer a doctor. He no longer has, no longer knows anything, and we can go on forever on our own path!

Then ,this is what you have created! I’m going to the final part.

The final part is that you’ve made the biggest mistake of all. You have given vent to what in other times we would have called the deep state, the state behind the state, that makes decisions without popular legitimacy. And this state is what you call a trust force, the operational units that decide autonomously, asking for a criminal immunity for themselves.

And the real question that we all have to ask ourselves, “What about these people who make these task forces that are charged with ruling?” There are those who have a preferential channel to that person in London. He can propose to put something in the decrees and the public will never know it. So at the moment the executive power os delegating to the deep state the execution of proceedings and measures that according to the government will change the lives of Italians for ever.

I believe that you can no longer use the word conspiracy theorist, because you are the conspiracy! It is you who have declared this practice, which is the worst of democracy, but …

[Here the president of the Senate rings the bell
indicating the speaker is about to use up his time]

  .. which unfortunately .. I close with the last sentence that unfortunately is in the declared project of one of the founders of the party of the majority, the party that is in here, for which democracy had to be replaced by something else, because the parliament was outdated and decisions are to be made by the network of his friends!

Well, that’s not democracy!

+ + +

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Italian Government to raise 12 Legions of Civic Assistants for Contact Tracing

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Italy is suffering a near complete economic collapse and incapacity to pay its bills, but the government of Giuseppe Conte is calling for the raising of 60,000 civic assistants — the equivalent of 12 legions of soldiers — to assist the Mayors of cities to hunt down those who have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive.

As Raffaele Palermo says in the above video, this call for 60,000 volunteers — which I recognize as certain sort of imitation of Barrack Obama’s attempt to create a private police force loyal to himself — makes no sense, since the State of Emergency ends on July 31, 2020 and as it appears, the President of the Repubblic, Mattarella has no intention to sign off on any extension of it.

As was noted widely in the press yesterday, here in Italy, Google.com has already downloaded into all phones which run Android in Italy — without the permission of the owners or users — the fundamental programming to conduct contact tracing for Covid-19. This programming is hidden in the Google App and no notification of this change was given to users.

Though Google is claiming this alteration does not initiate contact tracing, because the Contact Tracing App needs to be downloaded, anyone who knows enough about programming knows that they can say anything on your cellphone screen, but the actual reality on the level of programming can be quite different.

Several experts on cellphones are recommending that Android users shut down Bluetooth and Geo-localization to prevent the gathering of such information by the Contact Tracing App.

Here in Italy the Government of Conte has already approved the Contact Tracing App for mandatory insertion in all cellphones.

So experts are advising to leave cellphones at home or office and never take them outside of home or office. Better to have one at home and an entirely different one at work.

The danger of Contact tracing is that it cannot be objectively confirmed. The Government can just as well put data on your phone claiming you have been in contact with someone infected, and on that basis, the Cellphone companies are required to give the police your location, and they will be obliged to arrest you and take you to a center where no one, not even your lawyer will be able to meet you in person.

After that what happens to you, only God and the Government knows.

It’s the perfect system to get rid of dissidents.


CREDITS: The Italian Civil Protection Service is considered one of the most ethical institutions in the Italian Republic. The Featured Image above is that of the Commune of Monterotondo. It is used in accord with fair use police for editorial commentary. Their politicization by the government is therefore an ominous sign of Giuseppe Conte’s desire to expand his power.

+ + +

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Attorney De Petro: The Government has no authority to require the Virus Mass

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As of May 18, 2020, the Catholic Church in Italy has been operating its churches under a Protocol of agreement with Giuseppe Conte, the Sanitary Dictator of Italy. The new protocol requires the Church in her own churches to alter the rubrics of the mass in a way which is fundamentally disruptive of worship and faith. She is required to adopt methods even more strict that those in businesses which serve the public. The entire presupposition of the Protocol is that the Catholic Religion is unsanitary and that the Catholic Faith is not essential to society. But even worse, the Italian Constitution forbids that any law be made which inflicts anything upon the Church. The motto of the Italian Republic is a “a free Church in a free state”: a principle which has been completely trashed by Giuseppe Conte.

In response not a few constitutional lawyers and clergy have spoke out. Most recently, this has been done by a zealous Catholic attorney of Palermo, Sicily, by the name of Roberto De Petro. Here is his letter to the Bergoglian ordinary of Palermo, first in Italian, then in English translation. FromRome.into is honored to have the personal permission of Attorney De Petro to republish it.

Attorney De Petro addresses his letter to Mons. Lorefice, who garnered fame a few years ago, by being the first Bishop in history to ride a bicycle inside a Cathedral (See Featured Image above, read the story here). Lorefice was a priest of the Diocese of Noto, where I was a hermit. I have personally met him, and seen a copy of his universally praised Doctoral Thesis: a piece of longwinded modernist blovation which is worthy only of lining a birdcage. So I do not expect that this excellent letter be even understood by the Bishop. Lorefice is also the man who attempted to excommunicate Don Alessandro Minutella for rightfully declaring Bergoglio a public heretic.

+ + +

Ecc.za Rev.ma Arcivescovo di Palermo
Mons. Corrado Lorefice
Via Matteo Bonello, 2
90134 Palermo PA

Ecc.za Rev.ma,

sono un avvocato del foro di Palermo, cattolico praticante, residente nella sua diocesi e frequentatore – insieme a molti altri fedeli – della S. Messa in rito antico (la più sicura in tempi di coronavirus, poichè celebrata coram Deo).

Mi rivolgo a lei, e per suo tramite a tutti i vescovi italiani, per denunciare la invalidità e la illogicità del “Protocollo circa la la ripresa delle celebrazioni con il popolo” del 7.5.2020, stipulato tra Governo e CEI, per i seguenti motivi:

1) Incostituzionalità del d.l. 33/2020 e quindi del protocollo Governo – CEI.

Visto l’attuale andamento del dichiarato allarme sanitario da covid 19 – con contagi e decessi prossimi allo zero in tutta Italia (dati del Ministero della Salute aggiornati al 16.5.2020, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-jswKGJU2hJIRWVVNbm-tqF9_XM4ylwW/view?usp=sharing) (https://lab.gedidigital.it/gedi-visual/2020/coronavirus-i-contagi-in-italia/?refresh_ce) – il decreto legge 33/2020 è incostituzionale perchè privo dei presupposti di “straordinaria necessità ed urgenza” richiesti dall’art. 77 Cost..

In particolare la Sicilia presenta il livello di rischio il più basso d’Italia (preambolo Ordinanza n. 21/2020 del Pres. Reg. Sicilia) ed in provincia di Palermo i decessi totali nel primo trimestre 2020 sono inferiori del 9,2% rispetto a quelli registrati nello stesso periodo del 2019.

Pertanto l’allarme sanitario – in particolare nella sua diocesi – è del tutto inesistente, stando ai dati ufficiali forniti da ISTAT e ISS.

L’illegittimità costituzionale del decreto legge de quo, quale atto presupposto, travolge – per l’effetto – anche i successivi decreti attuativi (dpcm 17.5.2020) nonchè il mentovato “protocollo”, il quale è nullo anche per i seguenti infrascritti motivi.

2) Nullità del “protocollo” per carenza di potere e perché sacrilego.

Le disposizioni governative sulla ripresa delle celebrazioni con il popolo sono assolutamente nulle poichè:

– le autorità civili non sono competenti in materia di culto religioso;

– i rappresentanti della conferenza episcopale non hanno giurisdizione né sui vescovi, né sui sacerdoti, né sui fedeli.

Ogni singolo vescovo è sovrano nella sua diocesi, ma non può modificare quanto stabilito dalle rubriche del Messale, che hanno forza di legge per tutta la Chiesa. Le rubriche del Messale non prevedono l’uso di guanti nella celebrazione della Messa.

Nel rito tradizionale il vescovo toglie le chiroteche prima di accedere all’altare per la parte sacrificale: si deduce che l’Ostia consacrata può essere toccata solo da mani nude, poichè i frammenti possono rimanere attaccati alle dita.

Infatti, dopo la consacrazione del Pane, il sacerdote tiene uniti i polpastrelli del pollice e dell’indice fino a quando, terminata la comunione, non li purifica nel calice.

L’uso di guanti di lattice, alla luce di quanto appena esposto, è aberrante: il Corpo sacramentale del Signore, essendo quanto di più prezioso la Chiesa possieda in assoluto, non può certo essere toccato da  materiale spregevole che sarà gettato nella spazzatura (guanti monouso), ma soltanto dalle mani consacrate del sacerdote, il quale, proprio per questo, se le lava immediatamente prima della Messa. Inoltre tutti i vasi sacri, per rispetto di ciò che devono contenere, devono essere obbligatoriamente dorati; anche da ciò si deduce che il mettere volontariamente le Sacre Specie a contatto con materiali vili è un attentato alla loro sacralità, cioè un atto sacrilego in senso lato.

3) Manifesta illogicità nella proibizione della Comunione in bocca.

Ammessa e non concessa la attuale sussistenza di un allarme sanitario nella diocesi di Palermo, è apodittico ed ascientifico affermare che la comunione in mano sia innocua, mentre quella in bocca esponga al contagio virale: è vero il contrario, poichè il palmo della mano ed i polpastrelli sono i principali vettori di sporcizia, virus e batteri; invece la saliva contiene il lisozima, avente proprietà “antibatteriche, antivirali, antiprotozoarie, immunomodulanti” (Prof. Di Bella http://www.metododibella.org/it/notizie/2020-03-12/La-straordinaria-efficacia-del-Lisozima-come-antivirale-Roma.it.html).

E’ di lapalissiana evidenza che molti agenti patogeni vengono trasmessi attraverso le mani, che toccano quelle di altre persone, le maniglie delle porte, i corrimano, i maniglioni nei trasporti pubblici, etc..

Le stesse mani e dita vanno poi a toccare il naso e la bocca (cfr. rivista “BMC Infectious Diseases”, studio del 2006 citato in https://www.corrispondenzaromana.it/notizie-dalla-rete/i-vescovi-non-possono-imporre-la-comunione-alla-mano-ne-proibire-la-comunione-alla-lingua/).

Anche i medici interpellati dalla diocesi di Portland hanno confermato che “le mani hanno una maggiore esposizione ai germi” (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/portland-archdiocese-coronavirus-or-no-communion-can-be-received-on-the-tongue-17282).

Si noti, infine, che mentre il macellaio può toccare la carne animale a mani nude, il sacerdote viene costretto a porgere il Corpo di Cristo con i guanti monouso!

Si ripetono così le assurdità della fase 1, in cui si poteva andare al supermarket, edicola e tabaccaio, ma non in parrocchia a pregare. Perseverare diabolicum.

4) Violazione dei paragrafi 14 e segg. e 90 e segg. della Redemptionis Sacramentum.

La competenza a regolamentare ed ordinare la Sacra Liturgia spetta alla Sede Apostolica, e non al vescovo, ai sensi dei paragrafi 14 e segg. della tuttora vigente “Redemptionis Sacramentum”, la quale attribuisce ai fedeli il diritto di fare la comunione in ginocchio (nn. 90 e 92) ed espressamente stabilisce che “i ministri sacri non possono negare i sacramenti a coloro che li chiedano opportunamente, siano disposti nel debito modo e non abbiano dal diritto la proibizione di riceverli”; pertanto “non è lecito, quindi, negare a un fedele la santa Comunione, per la semplice ragione, ad esempio, che egli vuole ricevere l’Eucaristia in ginocchio” (n.91, la cui violazione in molte parrocchie palermitane è stata più volte invano denunciata a vostra Ecc.za).

Infine, Ecc.za Rev.ma, rifletta sul fatto che l’irresponsabile ed arbitraria interdizione ai fedeli della S. Messa (stigmatizzata anche da Papa Francesco il 17.4.2020 http://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/articoli/Papa-Francesco-Cosi-non-e-Chiesa-celebrare-a-distanza-per-uscire-dal-tunnel-81fb2600-7e83-488a-8cb7-98ab5cd320f6.html), ha portato ad una disastrosa “virtualizzazione” dei Sacramenti, taluni aboliti de facto, altri sostituiti da “cerimonie in streaming”.

Ciò ha instillato l’erroneo convincimento che sia possibile soddisfare il proprio “sentimento religioso usufruendo delle numerose alternative offerte mediante gli strumenti informatici”, come ha testualmente statuito il Tar Lazio il 29.4.2020 (https://tinyurl.com/ycyzd2oq), il quale ha occupato il vuoto lasciato dagli ipocondriaci vescovi e presbiteri italiani, plaudenti alla “conversione” di Silvia “Aisha” Romano e barricati dentro le loro canoniche per un misero frammento di RNA, mentre i cattolici cinesi, africani e mediorientali rischiano ogni giorno di essere decapitati, torturati, bombardati e bruciati vivi mentre assistono alla S. Messa, preferendola alla loro stessa vita.

Auspico che vostra Ecc.za Rev.ma – avendo a cuore la salute dei fedeli tanto quanto il decoro della Liturgia – voglia disapplicare l’umiliante “protocollo” per tutti i motivi sopra esposti, nonché favorire la celebrazione del Vetus Ordo, che assicura maggiore distanza e minori contatti tra fedeli e presbiteri.

Con osservanza.

Palermo lì 20.5.2020

Avv. Roberto De Petro

+ + +

Ecc.za Rev.ma Archbishop of Palermo
Mons. Corrado Lorefice
Via Matteo Bonello, 2
90134 Palermo PA

Your Excellency,

I am a lawyer of the Bar of Palermo, a practising Catholic, resident in his diocese and frequenter – together with many other faithful – of the Holy Mass in ancient rite (the safest in times of coronavirus, since it is celebrated coram Deo).

I turn to you, and through you to all the Italian bishops, to denounce the invalidity and illogicality of the “Protocol on the resumption of celebrations with the people” of 7.5.2020, stipulated between the Government and CEI, for the following reasons:

1) Unconstitutionality of Legislative Decree 33/2020 and therefore of the Government – CEI protocol.

Given the current trend of the declared health alert by covid 19 – with contagions and deaths close to zero throughout Italy (data from the Ministry of Health updated to 16.5.2020, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-jswKGJU2hJIRWVVNbm-tqF9_XM4ylwW/view?usp=sharing) (https://lab.gedidigital.it/gedi-visual/2020/coronavirus-i-contagi-in-italia/?refresh_ce) – Decree Law 33/2020 is unconstitutional because it lacks the prerequisites of “extraordinary necessity and urgency” required by art. 77 of the Italian Constitution.

In particular, Sicily has the lowest level of risk in Italy (preamble of Ordinance no. 21/2020 of the Sicilian Reg. Reg.) and in the province of Palermo total deaths in the first quarter of 2020 are 9.2% lower than those recorded in the same period of 2019.

Therefore the health alert – particularly in his diocese – is completely non-existent, according to official data provided by ISTAT and ISS.

The constitutional illegitimacy of the above mentioned decree law, as a prerequisite act, overwhelms – for the effect – also the subsequent implementing decrees (dpcm 17.5.2020) as well as the mentioned “protocol”, which is null and void for the following reasons.

2) Nullity of the “protocol” for lack of power and because it is sacrilegious.

The government provisions on the resumption of celebrations with the people are absolutely null and void because:
– the civil authorities are not competent in matters of religious worship;
– the representatives of the Episcopal Conference have no jurisdiction over bishops, priests or the faithful.

Every single bishop is sovereign in his diocese, but he cannot change what is established by the headings of the Missal, which have the force of law for the whole Church. The rubrics of the Missal do not provide for the use of gloves in the celebration of Mass.

In the traditional rite, the bishop removes the chirotecs before entering the altar for the sacrificial part: it is deduced that the consecrated Host can only be touched by bare hands, since the fragments can remain attached to the fingers.

In fact, after the consecration of the Bread, the priest holds the fingertips of the thumb and index finger together until, after communion, he purifies them in the chalice.

The use of latex gloves, in the light of what has just been said, is aberrant: the sacramental Body of the Lord, being the most precious Thing the Church possesses, can certainly not be touched by despicable material that will be thrown in the trash (disposable gloves), but only by the consecrated hands of the priest, who, precisely for this reason, washes them immediately before Mass. Moreover, all sacred vessels, out of respect for what they must contain, must be compulsorily gilded; also from this it can be deduced that voluntarily putting the Sacred Species in contact with vile materials is an attack on their sacredness, that is, an act sacrilegious in the broadest sense.

3) It manifests illogicality in the prohibition of Communion in the mouth.

Admitted and not granted the current existence of a health alarm in the diocese of Palermo, it is apodictic and ascientific to say that the communion in the hand is harmless, while the communion in the mouth exposes to viral contagion: the opposite is true, because the palm of the hand and the fingertips are the main vectors of dirt, viruses and bacteria; instead the saliva contains lysozyme, having “antibacterial, antiviral, antiprotozoal, immunomodulating” properties (Prof. Di Bella http://www.metododibella.org/it/notizie/2020-03-12/La-straordinaria-efficacia-del-Lisozima-come-antivirale-Roma.it.html).

It is most evident that many pathogens are transmitted through the hands, which touch those of other people, door handles, handrails, handles in public transport, etc..

The same hands and fingers then touch the nose and mouth (see “BMC Infectious Diseases” magazine, 2006 study cited in https://www.corrispondenzaromana.it/notizie-dalla-rete/i-vescovi-non-possono-imporre-la-comunione-alla-mano-ne-proibire-la-comunione-alla-lingua/).

The doctors questioned by the Diocese of Portland also confirmed that “hands have a higher exposure to germs” (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/portland-archdiocese-coronavirus-or-no-communion-can-be-received-on-the-tongue-17282).

Note, finally, that while the butcher can touch animal flesh with his bare hands, the priest is forced to hand over the Body of Christ with disposable gloves!

Thus the absurdities of phase 1 are repeated, in which one could go to the supermarket, newsagent’s and tobacconist’s, but not to the parish to pray. Persevere diabolicum.

4) Violation of paragraphs 14 et seq. and 90 et seq. of Redemptionis Sacramentum.

The competence to regulate and ordain the Sacred Liturgy belongs to the Apostolic See, and not to the bishop, according to paragraphs 14 et seq. of the still in force “Redemptionis Sacramentum”, which attributes to the faithful the right to make communion on their knees (nn. 90 and 92) and expressly states that “sacred ministers cannot deny the sacraments to those who ask for them properly, are properly disposed and are not forbidden by law to receive them”; therefore “it is not lawful to deny a faithful person Holy Communion, for the simple reason, for example, that he wants to receive the Eucharist on his knees” (n. 91, whose violation in many parishes in Palermo has been repeatedly denounced in vain to your Etc.za).

Finally, Ecc.za Rev.ma, reflect on the fact that the irresponsible and arbitrary interdiction to the faithful of the Holy Mass (also stigmatized by Pope Francis on 17.4.2020 http://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/articoli/Papa-Francesco-Cosi-non-e-Chiesa-celebrare-a-distanza-per-uscire-dal-tunnel-81fb2600-7e83-488a-8cb7-98ab5cd320f6.html), has led to a disastrous “virtualization” of the Sacraments, some abolished de facto, others replaced by “streaming ceremonies”.

This has instilled the erroneous belief that it is possible to satisfy one’s own “religious sentiment by taking advantage of the numerous alternatives offered by means of computerized tools”, as the Lazio Regional Administrative Court ruled on 29.4.2020 (https://tinyurl. com/ycyzd2oq), which has occupied the void left by the hypochondriac Italian bishops and priests, applauding the “conversion” of Silvia “Aisha” Romano and barricaded inside their rectories for a miserable fragment of RNA, while Chinese, African and Middle Eastern Catholics risk being beheaded, tortured, bombed and burned alive every day while attending Mass, preferring it to their own life.

I hope that Your Excellency, having the health of the faithful at heart as much as the decorum of the Liturgy, will disapply the humiliating “protocol” for all the above reasons, as well as encourage the celebration of the Vetus Ordo, which ensures greater distance and less contact between the faithful and priests.

With due respect,

Palermo May 20, 2020

Attorney Roberto De Petro


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of the ANSA report cited in the introduction to this report and is used here for editorial commentary, according to fair use standard.

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