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The Cross Azure Alliance


By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you like FromRome.Info, then please take a moment to let me explain to you an idea I have for Catholics to support and defend one another in the coming years ahead.

As you know, there are quite a number of inimical forces which are arrayed against Holy Mother Church, both from without and from within. Alas, the Popes in recent centuries have done little or nothing to organize the faithful against these forces, and so now that they have taken over the Vatican we are leaderless. And now that they have convinced and are convincing our Bishop to shut down the Catholic Church, we are bereft!

Last year, foreseeing the need for Catholic to organize to help one another, as president of Ordo Militaris Inc., a private security and defense corporation in Montana, I formulated a plan for Catholic businessmen and professionals to assist in these goals.

As you are well aware of, there are many business alliances which certify quality, professionality, products and services. There are also alliances of producers, distributors, and points of sale. Furthermore, there are alliances of businesses in different industries and sectors for special promotions.

Alliances among like minded individuals is something natural and innate to human society. It is also good business. As Catholics we should understand that, since the very nature of Our Faith is founded upon an Alliance of God with man, and of the Saints with sinners.

So why cannot Catholics have such an alliance? Such an alliance would help each defend and support one another? Such an alliance would be faith motivated, but economic. It would not be socialist, but capitalist. That is, it does not involve redistribution of goods, but is founded upon the virtues of the work ethic which the Saints teach us and which Christ consecrated by His own profession, as Man, in the carpentry business of Saint Joseph.

I call this Alliance the Cross Azure Alliance.

Any business of any kind, or anyone running a business in his own name could join. From cafes to legal offices, restaurants to gasoline stations, from tailors to carpentry shops, from fishermen to farmers, etc..

Members would display our Cross Azure in their places of business. And the Alliance would publish a directory of all the members round the world, in each nation, in each province or state, and in each city, so that each member business would know who are the friendlies.

Member businesses would support the Catholic Religion and ally together to defend one another’s civil rights. And of course, each member business would give an advantageous discount to other members of the Alliance and special considerations on service.

This Alliance would be a way to baptize capitalism and tame the wild forces of the market, so that together we work to build up the body of Christ from the ground up while helping Catholic families and workers defend and promote the economic activity that they need to support themselves.

The alliance would start with individuals and small businesses and work to establish service companies in credit and finance and insurance and security which would serve the members. The Alliance would not be a holding company but a membership organization. Together members would belong to a mutual assistance association which would be geared to supporting Catholic businesses.

The Alliance would foster as its work of charity the promotion of the Ordo Miltiaris Catholicus, for the humanitarian aid of Catholics who are persecuted for the faith. And as such, in all these ways, would be a force against the enemies of the Church and a powerful base for the restoration of the Catholic Faith in each part of the world were it spreads.

You can read more about this proposal at the Official Page for it, and request a prospectus about it for $10.00 USD, which covers shipping and handling of the prospectus book. When you press the button on that page, you will, after making the payment, receive a non disclosure agreement, which when signed and mailed in, my secretary volunteer will mail you a copy.