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How the WEF plans to steal all your money & replace them with CBDC

Editor’s Note: Seeing that the WEF and its agents do not have to prove a massive cyber-attack against all financial systems, they only have to claim it — as we see was done during the Scamdemic — they can run this false flag at any moment. — But what this article does not warn you about is, that when your money is replaced with Central Bank Digital Currency, the WEF does not have to give you 1 for 1, then can give you 1 for every 10 of what you had, thus raising the prices of everything world wide 10 fold in one day. And that would achieve their, “You will be happy and own nothing” goal. So we can safely presume that this is their plan.

What the average citizen does not understand — because he has not be taught how to think — is that when you concede to your government the ability to decide what is right and wrong and what words mean, you have also conceded to them to set prices and exchange rates. And thus you have concede to them the right to rob everything you have, even your life, with impunity.

The Popes of old warned us of such governments in the 19th century. But our ancestors refused to listen and even died by the millions to defend them in wars. And now we are about to suffer the consequences unless we act decisively to insulate ourselves from their systems of control and remove their agents in the institutions which govern us.

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