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Apologists of Denial

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

One of the most common tricks of the Masonic Lodges is to send out a pack of trolls to squelch the truth of the events of the day.

Their common tactic is to insist that words do not have meaning and that anyone who understandings them correctly, as they are understood by Lodge members, must be attacked and vilified.

Others are in such denial, because they want to serve the powers who be, that to publish news which points out that such powers are corrupt and evil and intent on genociding humanity, leads them to do anything they can to prop up their own fake view of reality and to deny the facts presented in the open light of day.

This behavior showed itself yesterday in response to my publication of the article on Civil War in Italy.  — (Though imperceptibly to my readers, because trolls, here at FromRome.Info, get banned for life, and the only reaction they evince from me is to press the spam button.)

My report explained exactly what the law obliges, but my opponents say the law contains nothing of the kind.  They want you to understand the law as the Government wants you to understand it, rather than as they intend it. Because if you understood it correctly you would start a civil war against the government. And that they do not want.

They want to convince you, rather, to commit wilful intentional deliberate and free suicide of yourself and your children. But they want to convince you ever so slowly, little step by little step, denying the reality of what you are participating in even as you participate in it.

Here in Italy, doctors are giving the Vaxx to patients and watching them drop dead immediately or days later, but they still keep Vaxxing them.

Parents are taking their little ones to be vaccinated, and they are dying. But they keep on taking them.

This is exactly what the Lodges want you to do, and how they want you to react.

Anyone who says otherwise is publishing fake news.

So the particular attacks against me in yesterdays report, marshaled 2 weak arguments: namely, that in Article 4 of the Law, it obliges only sanitary workers to get the jab, and in Article 5 it allows only those who have lost the use of their natural faculties to be presumed to consent to the jab.

But being an honest Catholic, who knows how to read, I simply explained what that means: you will be denied medical care in Italy if you refuse the jab.

Am I to be faulted if, instead of saying 2 +2 =4, I say, (2^3)*e/(e*2)=4 ?

Is the fact that I understand mathematics makes me guilty of publishing fake news if I know how to calculate a sum in a complex equation and you do not or do not want to? And if I am not, in mathematics, I am also not guilty in matters of law.

So for the lovers of truth who are fighting trolls of denial, here is the explanation:

In Article 4, sanitary works are obliged to get the jab. This includes not only hospital workers, but also all those in clinics and doctors offices. If they refuse, they must be assigned where they will not come into contact with possible Covid patients or fired. But they will be fired, because what kind of sanitary worker will never come in contact with such a patient, when the Government says the virus is every where or can be transmitted by everyone, even the vaxxed?

But the import of the law is that those unvaxxed cannot be along side those who are vaxxed. And if that is true of workers, that is true of patients. So the unvaxxed patient will be seen by the vaxxed sanitary worker as a threat. And that means the vaxxed sanitary worker will have very strong motives and a legal urge to vax the unvaxxed.

Here is where Article 5 kicks in.  The sanitary worker can presume you want to be jabbed, if you lack your natural faculties.  And clearly those who refuse the all saving holy Vaxx lack their faculties, and therefore can be forcibly jabbed, if they are in the arm reach of a vaxxed sanitary worker.  Therefore, if you do not want to be jabbed, you will be de facto denied all medical care.

Those who deny this are trying to get you to sustain, that a sanitary worker who is risking death by being Vaxxed or who has dumped all his training into the dustbin because of what is said on TV, is perfectly rational and ethical and NEVER would so take liberties with the law to vax YOU, even though he considered it nothing to vax himself. — What kind of dream world is such a troll living in?  Such an argument is madness argued by the mad to make others mad.

And since the Vaxx will kill all the sanitary workers to take it according to the top French Virologist, in short time there will be no sanitary workers in Italy. And thus no sanitary care. So you will be denied for another reason.  Also those sanitary workers who say what I just said are losing their licenses to practice, doctors and nurses included. And thus won’t be able to provide you care, legally, for in Italy medical care is nationalized, even private hospitals are controlled because they must abide by State laws on medical practice and because they receive funding from the State.

Quod Erat Demonstradum.  That is, I have thus demonstrated the truth of my article.

If you have a brain still, you can see it. If you are an apologist of denial, you will never see it, even after you enter into your final paroxysm of life as you die from the Vaxx.

Finally, since DL 44/2021 completely violates the Constitution, anyone, including those trolls here, who says it does not pose such a threat, are simply claiming that the Government can do as it please, and I cannot call it a dictatorship. They are like the Traitor Traddie who says Bergoglio is a heretic but I must accept him as head of my church.

I hope you can connect the dots, now. This is why FromRome.info exists, and it is why the site is already on blacklists.

ITALY: It’s Civil War! — Dictatorship Declares Vaxx obligatory for all

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In violation of every term of the Italian Constitution, the Charter of Human Rights of the European Nations, of the UN Charter for Human Rights, and every medical, scientific and religious moral norm, the Sanitary Dictatorship has approved the conversion into law of the Administrative Decree of Mario Draghi’s Government DL 44/2021.

The terms of this Dictatorial Decree oblige every resident of Italy to take the Vaxx, regardless of any position of religion or conscience.

Those who refuse, will be DENIED all medical assistance, in all hospitals and clinics, public and private.

Here is a direct link to the Italian Gazette, the official publication of the Italian Republic regarding laws. The Decree of April 1, 2021 was converted into a “law” by a vote in Parliament last week. The key wording is in Article 5, where anyone, who is deemed to be “not in present use of their natural faculties” — i .e. asleep — can be vaccinated by medical staff, because their consent is PRESUMED.


This is barbarism.

The Draghi government is going forward with its mass vaccination program with calculated steps. Already in past weeks we have seen political dissidents threatened with or receiving TSO’s (being taken to a mental asylum) for refusing to comply with Sanitary Dictatorship Decrees. Now any resistance can be deemed violent, violence deemed signs of insanity, insanity a sign of “not being in possession of natural faculties” and the door is open to vaccination!

I personally know of several poor people who are being obliged to get vaccinated in order to keep receiving welfare checks. While this goes beyond the letter of the law, in truth, Italy is already in a lawless state. Every injustice will now be perpetrated on account of the Scamdemic.

But with the approval of 44/2021, the previous approval of the “Green Passport” as the condition for travel between any two regions of Italy or use of public accommodations, makes the Vaccine a practical requirement for normal life takes on a new threat. Refusal to comply now gives a “legal” way to force vaccination.

Many opposition groups have declared in previous weeks and months, that if the Draghi government took this step, they would declare armed conflict against the government.

Whether Civil War breaks out now in Italy, God only knows, but truly with such a move the Italian Dictatorship has declared war on its people: a war of extermination, a war of genocide, a war against Christianity, a war to the destruction of all human life in the territory of the former Republic.

The days ahead abode with darkness and conflict. I beg your prayers to Our Lady of Victories for the Italian people!

EDITORIAL: I wrote an editorial in response to this news, the day after.

August 19,2021 UPDATE:  Eleven days before the above report was filed, General Figliuolo, the Vaxx Tsar appointed by the Draghi government, confirmed the conclusion of my report saying:  “By September we will all be vaccinated”.  Click the image below to read the original report in Italian: