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EU Parliamentary Elections show that DeathVaxxed have not learned much of anything

Editor’s Note: The results of the EU Parliamentary Elections are in and the results are merely cosmetic, showing that the common EU voter has not learned a thing during the last 5 years of Pandemic Tyranny.

Ursula von der Leyen’s EPP party, which was responsible chiefly for the attempt to exterminate all residents in the EU actually got more votes in parliament — even while it is not clear if her term as EU President will be renewed, after numerous revelations that she cut lucrative deals for her own family on “Covid Vaccine” contracts for the European Union.

What is consistent in the reporting of the election results is that all major search engines are conspiring to limit reports to a select dozen or so sources, all of which are shouting about the far right taking over the EU Parliament, when in fact merely cosmetic changes have taken place, not to mention that the so called “far right” among these parties are firmly in the control of NATO’s Gladio operation which uses fake opposition to keep the denigration and destruction of Christendom in Europe on course.

The purpose of this spin in the news of the elections is to make the average voter think that his vote has achieved some sort of fundamental change: this in turn is to prevent the formation of truly Christian and opposition parties, so that the Masonic Theatre which is Post-French Revolutionary Politics goes forward another generation.

Thus to serve his Rothschild masters, President Macron of France has reacted quickly in response to the failure of his Renew Party to maintain its representation, by calling snap elections in France for the French Parliament. — Snap elections are used as a political trick in most parliamentary countries to prevent new true opposition parties from gaining any representation. In this way, the political power remains in the hands of “approved” parties.