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Anita Cicero: “We have created a Pandemic”

Anita Cicero is the Deputy Director of the John Hopkins Center for Health Security. This video is segment 1 from the Event 201, where a Coronavirus epidemic was studied from the point of human psychology to see how effective of a psyop it would be merely to to claim a winter flu like influenza was an epidemic, becomes a pandemic, and see how otherwise rational persons would react without verifying the claims made.

The above video at 2:49, contains the statement quoted in the video. BUT DUE TO THE CONTROVERSIAL NATURE OF THE STATEMENT YouTube is now preventing the embedding of the video to make it begin at that point. This is contrary to the normal practice for videos at Youtube. So if the Video above does not work for you, click here.

The goal was to achieve complete psychological control over the masses. It has worked.

Everyone needs to watch this entire video to understand how lies are being orchestrated and organized, one upon other, to prevent free discussion, free thought and free analysis of what is being repeated 1000x daily on TV and social media.

To use a comparison. In a crowded movie theater, you need only release a little smoke and yell, “Fire!” to get the same reaction that would occur if there was a fire and you yelled, “Fire!”

Understand now?

I featured this video in passing in my report on COVID-19 as a psyop, but it deserves attention in its own right.

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