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Cardinal Mueller: ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is contrary to the perennial teaching of the Church

Editor’s Note: The Cardinal after 60 days is still trying to save Pope Francis from a charge of heresy. He wants us to believe that ‘Fiducia supplicans’ by approving blessings for those who are in an objective state of mortal sin through a practice which is condemned absolutely by God is only teaching contrary to the deposit of the faith, but is not heretical in the sense of being heresy, but only in the sense of leading to heresy.

That is like saying, a drug is not lethal but is only poisonous.

This is why Cardinal Mueller’s article is published by First Things, a Skull and Bones publication which has always sought to protect Pope Francis from the charge he was an antipope, when he was an anitpope and from being a heretic after ‘Fiducia supplicans’.

Since the Benz interview was published, I believe that thinking Catholics will now have to consider carefully everything this Cardinal says and does, because he seems to have been given instructions to stay within a CIA narrative. And while that does not mean he is a CIA agent, it definitely means he is working for their agenda — and yes, I just employed Mueller’s logic against him.

It was clear from the first hour after ‘Fiducia supplicans’ was published that it was formally heretical, promoted blasphemy and sacrilege (because it said and authorized the abuse of the Divine Name to approve of sin, it instructed the priests of God to commit this horrible sacrilege against the Second Commandment of the Decalogue) and most dishonestly encouraged the entire Catholic world to accept this as an authentic growth in the understanding of the Gospel. BUT the Cardinal has taken 60 times 24 times longer to say, “it is contrary to the teaching of the Church, but not heretical”. It should be obvious that he has some strong motive for misrepresenting the truth.

For a complete list of my critiques of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ and of the news about ‘Fiducia suplicans’ as covered by FromRome.Info, see the Top menu of FromRome.Info and click on “Contra Fiducia supplicans”.

First Things gaslights the Catholic World on ‘Fiducia supplicans’ heretical blasphemous sacrilege

Editor’s Note: No one but those who are ignorant of the fact that ‘First Things’ Magazine was founded by Skull and Bones members, will be surprised that they published Msgr. Feichtinger’s essay which by simply characterizing the document ‘Fiducia supplicans’ as simply  unclear, misguided, confused, imprudent and not workable, seeks to gaslight the Catholic world into thinking that it is certainly not heretical or doctrinally erroneous. — This is certainly not a misfire. It  is clearly an attempt to get Catholics to calm down and not even think of real Catholic responses such as the Sutri Initiative, which would remove the Globalist-Masonic assent, known as Pope Francis, from office.

But the heresy of saying the Divine Name can be invoked over “irregular couples” at any time is so profoundly opposed to True Religion expressed in the Second Commandment of the Decalogue (“Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord in vain”) and the second invocation of the ‘Our Father’ (“Hallowed be Thy Name”) — the only invocation which directly refers to the Decalogue — that even toleration of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ or of anyone who has signed or approved it constitutes apostasy of the first degree, because it equates the intentional, public and priestly invocation of the Divine Name to approve of sin and to bless those who do the will of God. — This is why the CIA is now working overtime to get Catholics to calm down.

Morrison: Pope Francis signed ‘Fiducia supplicans’ to weaponize his hatred for the Catholic Faith

Editor’s Note: Here is another great psychological-ideological analysis of ‘Fiducia supplicans’, which leaves you without any guidance on how to personally react to the existential crisis in the Church caused by it.

This is standard “Recognize and Resist”, i. e. lament and do nothing, fake opposition.

When will the Remnant talk about the Sutri Initiative, which was published on October 19, 2023, two months before ‘Fiducia supplicans’ was published, and which enables Catholics in a valid canonical and juridical manner to do their part in curing the problem, by getting Pope Francis removed from office?

The Remnant needs to publicly take some side, for Bergoglio remaining in power, or against. Honesty in journalism does not remain silent about this, just like no man who knows his mother is being raped next door can satisfy himself with lamenting about the problem or describing it, without intervening at the risk of his own person, or at least calling the Police and asking for immediate intervention.

The Remnant began publishing in 1967, and to my knowledge has NEVER promoted a canonically valid petition to have Vatican II overturned or any errant pope removed from office. If I am wrong, I publicly ask to be corrected.

Here at FromRome.Info, I constantly offer practical ways for readers to respond to crises in the Church by action which addresses the problem. I do this so as not to rob them of the occasion of the grace of inspiration, hope, and good works, which the Holy Ghost always wills to inspired in souls. I hold that such a way of acting is true Catholic journalism in the cause of God, and I pray that Catholic journalists and influencers, one and all, come to see that this is essential to the ethical and moral responsibilities of their profession.

Why, after ‘Fiducia supplicans’ all the Faithful can now legitimately refuse obedience to Pope Francis

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction français

Obedience as a virtue inclines us to reverently, respectfully and dutifully comply with the will of one who holds legitimate authority when he expresses that will with a command, whether prohibiting or ordaining, instructing or governing action.

In truth, only a legitimate superior commanding what is legitimate is owed obedience. Someone pretending to be your superior ought never be obeyed. And any true superior commanding what is unjust or dishonest should never be obeyed.

In the Catholic Religion, which is the only true religion revealed by God, the legitimate and true superior of all things, as Creator and Lord, obedience is owed always and unconditionally to God alone.

Next, a conditioned limited obedience is owed to God’s authentic representatives communicating the decisions of the Divine Majesty. Thus, in accord with the ability of that communication to be authoritative and clearly manifest, we owe obedience to Jesus Christ, Who is God Incarnate, with supreme authority, first of all. Then, to those whom Christ has placed over us, that is, the Apostles He chose while on Earth or commissioned after His Resurrection, which is Saint Paul, alone. And because the Apostles had the grace of infallibility and impeccability their teachings and governing decisions — but not their personal behavior — is a perennial and unchanging rule for all generations. This is called Apostolic Tradition.

Next we owe a limited and conditional obedience to those who hold the offices which the Apostles established, during the tenure of their offices. Thus, we obey the Bishop of our diocese, the pastor of our church, etc.. These offices are part of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.

But there is an office which shares in both the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy and Apostolic authority, and that is the office of the Roman Pontiff. And because it shares in both, the obedience we owe the Roman Pontiff is in certain things more obligatory than all others, but in other things equally conditioned and limited.

Now when a Roman Pontiff governs in harmony with the will of God as expressed in revelation (Divine Tradition) and in accord with the will of the Apostles (Apostolic Tradition) all Catholics have the duty to obey him, when he commands a thing which pertains to our salvation. Thus, if he commands that a sacrament is to be received in such a manner, but not if he command that a certain basilica should alone celebrate the Rosary at 5 P. M..

However, when a Roman Pontiff does not govern in harmony with either the will of God as expressed in revelation or contrary to the teaching of the Apostles, he must not be obeyed, for to do so would be a mortal sin.  He must not be obeyed, I say, in the things which he commands which are contrary to these two parts of the Deposit of the Faith.

There is even still a greater obligation of Catholics to NOT obey a Roman Pontiff if he would act to destroy souls, by forbidding, obstructing, depriving, denying, or forbidding any thing or act which is conducive to salvation. Thus the Roman Pontiff must not be obeyed if he were to forbid the recitation of the prayer of the “Our Father”, or alter its text in a manner which alters its signification.

Thus, most Catholics in Italy sinned gravely when they accepted the formulae for the Our Father, issued by Pope Francis, where the words, “lead us not into temptation” where replaced with “do not abandon us in temptation”, even if they thought he was the Pope when he so commanded — which he was not because Pope Benedict XVI never renounced his office.

But a Pope must not be obeyed in anything when he clearly and manifestly is habitually opposed to the will of God in anything which is necessary or conducive to salvation.

The reason for this is that by his grave habitual public deviation from the will of God, nothing which emanates from him as teaching or governance can be free from a perverse defect, arising from his habitual deviation.

And such is the present public and manifest state of soul of Pope Francis, having signed ‘Fiducia supplicans” and having steadfastly refused to withdraw his approval, after being rebuked by thousands of Catholic Bishops, and tens of thousands of Catholic priests world wide, not to mention millions of the faithful.

The manifest deviation from the faith was clear on September 29, 2023, when he instructed Cardinal Fernandez to respond to the devious reply he gave to the 5 Cardinals in their recent Dubia. This pertinacity and perversity was made even more certain and malign by his publication of the heretical and blasphemous ‘Fiducia supplicans’ on Dec. 18, 2023.

And since that time he has not only refused public and private correction, he has even doubled-down upon it by insulting the entire Catholic world with petulant impish outbursts during public talks.

For this reason, whether a Catholic believes that pope Francis has lost his office by reason of heresy or schism, in the sight of God, or not, all Catholics are now obliged to NOT obey Pope Francis in anything until he repent, for otherwise they would become morally complicit in tolerating what can never be tolerated: the grave public abuse of the office of the Roman Pontiff by a man who is habitually opposed to the will of God in a grave matter, the observance of the 2nd Commandment of the Decalogue, which requires that Christians keep holy the Name of the Lord, never using it to approve of evil or vanity.

Likewise, with this obligation to not obey comes the grave obligation upon all Catholics to call for his public and solemn rebuke or reprehension, and/or removal from office, if he refuse rebuke or correction.

Catholics have already begun to request this action against Pope Francis in the Sutri Initiative. Let us all call upon everyone to do the same for the sake of Christ and the salvation of the world. Catholics are already refusing obedience world wide on account of the impeded state of the Apostolic See, as I explain here. — Keep talking about both to everyone, especially clergy; and in particular those dioceses or parishes where any statement approving of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ has been published or issued.

I urge you to not let anyone lull you into silent toleration of this man’s sin or convince you that the only response of the Catholic is to lament and tolerate it. If we do not begin and continue to publicly rebuke this man and express our rights to refuse obedience to him on account of the magnitude of his sin, not only will his soul have no remedy of correction, but the bad example he is giving will spread to the entire Church, depriving us of the Mercy of God and the grace of final perseverance. This is no small thing. And no Catholic who knows of this scandal can be saved if he remains silent and does not act.

Indeed, every Catholic “influencer” who leaves aside this controversy or who does not urge action shows by this very thing that he poorly understands the Faith and cares but little for the dignity of the Divine Majesty, the salvation of souls, or the ethical duty he has toward you, his reader or listener. Don’t dally with such fools, for they are leading you astray.

FromRome.info is an electronic journal chronicling the events of the Church without keeping silent about the duty of Catholics to respond with faith-filled action, rather than as mere spectators. This article is one of more than 10,000 published since September 2013 A. D.. For more information about our journal, see our About Page.

NIGERIA: Bishops of Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos reject ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: Each spring, normally during Lent, the Bishops of each ecclesiastical province hold an informal meeting to discuss issues. While their decisions have no canonical force, the often take this occasion to issue joint pastoral statements. Thus, in the next 90 days we are likely to see many Ecclesiastical Provinces issue statements about Pope Francis ‘Gay Blessings’ document, which while authored by Cardinal Fernandez, is clearly part of Pope Francis’ core agenda for destroying the Catholic Church at the request of the CIA.

VATICAN: Pope Francis calls Catholics hypocrites for opposing “Gay Blessings”

Editor’s Note: When Vladimir Putin knows his theology, anatomy and biology better than the Pope, you know there are problems in the Vatican. — This statement by Pope Francis is another piece of evidence that he is a homo-heretic.

 Pope Francis also has a bad conscience, because no one ever said that one must bless every capitalist or business man. In fact no one has the right to a blessing. Each priest has the discretion to bless or not, but he cannot bless someone in public sin. — What Pope Francis seems to be saying is that Sodomites have the right to be blessed on any occasion, and that it is a sin to refuse them. Whatever may be the psychological projection he is under, that is simply not true and heretical.

If you find Pope Francis’ position totally revolting and heretical, do what many true Catholics have done and join the Sutri Initiative asking the Bishops of the Roman Province that he be deposed from the papacy for heresy. All you have to do is write the  1, several or all of the 15 Bishops of the Roman Province and ask them to do it.

Meanwhile, no Pope in history will be able to be condemned in Judgement Day with his own words for his every fault as this Pope, for denouncing others for his own sins and vices.

It is obvious that Pope Francis suffers from a reprobate sense, which according to St. Alphonsus is the disposition of spirit found in deeply impenitent sinners who are destined to damnation. I am glad that he is upset that his “Gay blessings” have been rejected by large portions of the Faithful and Church. Maybe this sorrow will bring him faster to judgement.

Argentine Bishop Aguer: The pro ‘Fiducia supplicans’ Cardinals think Catholics are fools

Editor’s Note: Since the publication of the horrendous blasphemous and heretical nonsense contained the document on ‘Gay blessings’, known as “Fiducia supplicans” (With trust bending over), we have seen a large number of Bishops world wide issue statements, some in favor and some against. The Catholic Bishops who have spoken out against it have limited their remarks to the document, the occasions of its publication, the Catholic teaching on blessings and the teaching of Scripture, and how the Church nor the pope cannot change these things.

But Bishop Aguer is the first to name Cardinals who support it and in the same breath call them out for their inane argumentation in its support. This may seem, therefore, just another Bishop saying, “No”, because of the multitude who have spoken before him; but it will have a powerful influence in the next Conclave and will condition the rest of the College of Bishops to keep their mouth shut, since the argument of Msgr. Aguer is a solid one: where Bishops know how to increase the flock, there is 100% unanimity that ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is on the wrong side of history, morality and true pastoral care.

Gladio, Pope Francis & the making of the One Religion of the New World Order

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

The recent trend in opposition to ‘Fiducia supplicans’, which is tending to grow ever more muted and conciliatory, demonstrates how strongly the CIA controls the Catholic Church, both interiorly through the members of the Sacred Hierarchy, from Pope Francis down to your local Bishop, and exteriorly through the way the MSM reports on events in the Catholic Church. There is a third pole of control, also, the fake-opposition, which consists in apparently independent Catholic media and infuencers who tow the CIA narrative, while pretending to oppose the interior system of control.

Let’s unpeal the multilayered onion of these three Globalist control systems to show how much 99.00% of Catholics are totally deceived into walking lock-step into the Satanic New World Order One World Church. It’s happening, and the speed of the march will increase in 2024, so it’s important to recognize the steps, who is in the marching band, and the marching tune they are playing.

First, one has to understand that the problem in the Catholic Church did not begin with Pope Francis, nor with Vatican II, but with the Lateran Pact of 1929, whereby the masonic Kingdom of Italy paid the Apostolic See 1 Billion Lira to settle their dispute with the Papal States for the forced annexation of its territories in 1871. Another nearly equal value was given in state bonds of the Kingdom.

These monies which were enormous at the time (roughly equal to $400 million U. S. Dollars), had to be invested. And so Pius XI entrusted them to a Freemason, Bernadino Nogara, who was a Rotchschild agent. To obtain his financial expertise, he required Pius IX to agree to allow him to invest these monies without regard to Catholic Doctrine. So he began to invest heavily in Rothschild concerns and during World War II even got involved in war profiting on the Nazi side by purchasing investments in companies which would profit from their confiscation of rivals’ concerns.

After the war, armed with information about war profiteering, the Skull and Bones controlled OSS (US Military Intelligence) leveraged this information to convince or constrain Pius XII to take $20 million a year to fund the new Italian political party, the Christian Democrats, which took the name of the previous Catholic party, but now would be run by conservative Freemasons. The Vatican Bank had become, de facto, a money laundering operation for CIA concerns.

Dependent now upon monies from the U. S. Government, the Vatican was ripe for being plucked. After the successes in overthrowing the governments of Nicaragua and Iran, the CIA decided that at the death of Pius XII it was time to move. Threats, bribes and outright coercion during the Conclave forced Cardinal Siri, the Catholic candidate to withdraw, and there was elected Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli, who as Apostolic Nuncio to Greece and Turkey, a decade before, was convinced by the Freemasonic Patriarch of Constantinople to join a pact to convene an new Ecumenical Council to conform the Church to the spirit of the age, as the international Conference of Freemasons at Istanbul had requested months earlier.

With a promise of $2 million in funding from the U.S. Government, the newly crowned John XXIII faked an inspiration from the Holy Spirit (his own secretary said as much in his memoirs) at Saint Paul’s Basilica and convoked the Second Vatican Council. The ideological program for this council was already decided upon in the U.S. Department of Defense Program for Ideological Warfare written in 1953, and only declassified 66 years, 6 months (666) afterwards, during the first year of the CIA installed, Pope Francis.

Vatican II became thus the new Gospel, replacing Tradition and Scripture which comes from God through the Apostles. Inside the Church the Vatican began appointing Globalist agents and assets as Bishops round the world and promoting only those who would collaborate to Vatican offices and pontifical institutions world-wide: thus, the formation of priests and the training of theologians and canonists all came to be colored in the monotone of Globalist narratives. The culmination of this infiltration reaches its climax in Pope Francis, the Propaganda Due choice to oust Pope Benedict XVI from power in the uncanonical conclave of 2013. For this reason, the Catholic Church in nearly all its institutions and personnel today is incapable of resisting the march toward the Great Reset or is in fact working to advance it ever more rapidly by using the institutions of the Church in the causes of Globalism: from destruction of national identities, denigration of the human person with technologies and experimental injections, genocide of nations with the DeathVaxx, extermination of traditions and faith through the Aggiornamento and Episcopal suppression of any initiative which bucks these narratives. For this reason the Vatican has ever lauded the MSM, NATO, the UN and the WEF. And this is why opposition to the “Gay Blessings” document, Fiducia supplicans, is generally limited to those dioceses in those nations where influence of USA, NATO, CIA & MI6 are weakest.

At the same time the U. S. Government founded a multi layer control external system for the Church, which was based on NATO and a system of stay-behind-groups (known collectively as “operation Gladio“, the name for the organization in Italy), composed of NAZI and Fascist assets (personnel and monies), which ostensibly prepared Europe to defend against Soviet Invasion, but which really consisted in an ideological and political control system for the West, in which criminal organizations, far-right special operation teams and journalists and publications collaborated to control the narrative on all topics. This is why the MSM misinforms, disinforms and outright lies. They do not do this of their own will, but at the request and directive of the CIA and of all the western intelligence agencies under their control. And even unlikely people are waking up to this truth. — The cupola of power, however, was vested in the World Economic Forum, founded by a Gladio asset, a Hapsburg, and the son of a Nazi industrialist, Klaus Schwab. They are the “brain” of the system of control.

The third system of control, that of the fake opposition (which I call the “Grifter Collective“), has been frequently criticized and exposed here in the pages of FromRome.Info. This consists in Gladio controlled network of publications and influencers recruited by intelligence agencies directly and indirectly, if not working in government offices themselves, which lament the march toward apostasy and globalism but use their influence to stifle any effective opposition and character assassinate any Cardinal, Bishop, Priest, Religious, Layman or publication who calls for uprooting any one of the prior two systems of control. Their mantra is “Recognize and Resist”!, which means “Whine but do nothing!”, and their principal founders and faces, most of whom are “converts” and “reverts” or who descend from Jews, either were hired in Washington D. C. (e. g. Peter Skojec of 1 Peter 5), attended institutions which were founded by the CIA (e.g. Michael Matt, Christendom College), MI5, or are themselves members or had parents who were members of Intelligence Agencies (Archbishop Lefebrve’s father was MI6, Steven O’Reilly is CIA), have close ties to individuals who founded or attended WEF meetings, or were recruited by the Gladio Network in Spain (e. g. Citizen Go & John Henry Westen) which funds dozens of Catholic Newspapers, Websites and TV and Radio Stations (more than 70 through Opus Dei alone). This third network runs and or controls 99% of all Catholic media world wide, and is the secret arm of the Gladio system of control.

FromRome.Info is one of the very very few Catholic news and commentary which exposes and opposes these three networks of control. Along with OMC Radio TV and a few bloggers and writers, these should be your sources of information if you desire truly to serve Jesus Christ and break free from the Globalist narratives and control systems. We are few, but with your support we will hasten the triumph of God against these Antichrist agencies.

 We hold that the overthrow of the Great Reset requires the removal of Pope Francis from office, the dismantling of the fake opposition and the rejection of Vatican II on ideological grounds. And we do not just say this, we propose concrete effective and direct means to do this, such as the Sutri Initiative and the Committee against Apostasy.

If you would like to keep FromRome.Info operating and support the growth of our news platform, consider a generous donation to our efforts to defend the Church and humanity.

CREDITS: The featured image by FromRome.info depicts the seal of the Central Intelligence Agency, the unit patch of the Gladio Network, a photo of Pope Francis (licensed), a fresco of the Antichrist receiving counsel from Satan (Abbadon) and the official logo of the World Economic Forum (Wikipedia licensed).


FromRome.info is an electronic journal chronicling the events of the Church without keeping silent about the duty of Catholics to respond with faith-filled action, rather than as mere spectators. This article is one of more than 10,000 published since September 2013 A. D.. For more information about our journal, see our About Page.

50+ Scholars, Lawyers ask Bishops to block & Pope to withdraw ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: An online letter has no canonical force. It must be sent to each Bishop and/or Cardinals who are ordinaries, and to the Pope himself. If it did not do this, then this ‘Filial appeal’ wins the “misfire of the year award”. — However, if you are going to participate in the Sutri Initiative, it would be powerful to add a copy of this appeal, with all the signatures, and URL to the original, to your correspondence.

However, the authors of this Appeal include in their letter a serious historical error and interpretative mistake, when they say:

Never in the history of the Catholic Church has a document of the Roman Magisterium experienced such a strong rejection.

Because Pope Honorius I’s Letter in 635 to Sergius I, the Monothelite heretic who occupied the the Patriarchate of Constantinople, on the matter of whether there be two or one will in Christ, was condemned by ALL the Bishops of the Third Council of Constantinople on September 16, 681 A. D.. — In that they show grave ignorance of Church History.

But they also show a grave ignorance of the proper understanding of a Church document, when they call ‘Fiducia supplicans’ a “document of the Roman Magisterium”, because Pope Francis did not write the document, he merely added his signature during a meeting with Cardinal Fernandez; in addition, that Cardinal within 2 weeks affirmed that the doctrine in the document did not need to be accepted by all everywhere. So it clearly is not a document of the Roman Magisterium, since that belongs to none one but the Roman Pontiff, a dicastery cannot exercise it.

They also show ignorance of the basics of canon law, because a Dicastery erected by an antipope does not exist canonically, and there is implicit in their Filial Appeal a total ignorance of what Pope Benedict XVI did on Feb. 11, 2013, in not abdicating, only resigning.

These 3 errors are not light ones, and they all are grave for another reason too, because together they support the argument that Pope Francis never was an antipope and without the petrine munus could pass laws and exercise the Papal Magisterium: presuppositions which undermine their own basis for opposing ‘Fiducia supplicans’.

However, the statement quoted above from the letter does observe something true, because never since Honorius I, who was elected not according to the canons (there were none back then) nor by the Cardinals (they did not have an exclusive right back then) but by the Faithful of Rome (clergy electing, laity acclaiming) has a Pope encountered such opposition from the entire Church. On January 30th, last year, like Honorius I, Pope Francis was elected by Apostolic Right, the method which the Holy Spirit inspired the Apostle Saint Peter to arrange for the election of his successors. As I wrote more than a year ago, when this happens, the entire Church is united to Christ through the successor of Saint Peter in a manner which maximizes the influence of the Holy Spirit to promote unity with a holy pastor and oppose an errant or evil one.

For these reasons, I would discourage any true scholar from signing this document which would just serve as a canonical fact that the scholars signing it are totally ignorant of canon law, Church history, and argumentation. — These filial appeals have achieved nothing in the past, except to get scholars and bishops round the world to carry water for the Bergoglian narrative and turn true opposition into complicit silence. Which is perhaps the reason they recruit signatories by email, so that they can psychologically pound signers into conformity if they dare say anything else in public which diverges from it.

As for the whole concept of filial appeal, that is not what Pope Francis needs right now. To use a metaphor, he rather needs a Saint Nicholas fraternal slap in the face, or a Padre Pio boot in the rear of the pants.

So the next time you hear that FromRome.Info is “unrealiable” or that I am “unqualified”, ask them if they signed this Petition, as a conversation starter.

Bishops of Ecclesiastical Province of Rome are silent on ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Report by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

While ‘Fiducia supplicans’ has ignited a fierce and lively reaction round the world, the 15 Bishops/Abbots of the ecclesiastical province Rome are saying nothing about it on their official websites.

While this does not mean that they have NOT spoken personally or official about the matter, it does show a strong sign that they regard the document as too controversial to stain their public present on the Internet with it.

And this is a good sign. Because these 15 Bishops have the authority to remove Pope Francis for heresy or, more precisely, on account of an invalid claim to the Papacy, as is explained here.

This should be a great encouragement to all those who have not yet participated in the Sutri Initiative, to join the effort.

But this is also a strong sign, that those Catholics round the world, who have already participated and written their letters, have had a great spiritual effect on the entire episcopate of the province.

From a Canonical point of view, the Bishops are in a difficult position: because since ‘Fiducia supplicas’ is heretical, as many Bishops round the world have explained or insinuated, then any Bishop of the province who publicly affirms assent to its errors would give canonically valid testimony for his removal from office under canon 1364. Likewise, if any of them spoke against it, he might expect swift and violent retribution from the increasingly impenitent Pope Francis. — Their only way out of this Catch 22 is to declare the Apostolic See impeded, as I have explained here and here, for that is the canonical ‘get-out-of-penalty-free-card’, as it were.

Likewise, since only those Bishops of the province who oppose heresy, can rightfully call and vote in a provincial council, those who do speak in favor of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ shoot themselves in the foot, as it were, by guaranteeing that they will not be heard in a provincial council.

In my opinion, their collective silence is very significant, therefore, of opposition to the document.

Hopefully, they will take encouragement from the recent theological condemnation of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ by their colleague in the Episcopacy at Mostar, Croatia, Bishop Emeritus Ratko Peric, who closed his analysis by expressing firm hope in the charism of Saint Peter to convince Pope Francis to withdraw his support. For in a provincial council, the first goal is to obtain repentance from an erring pontiff, as the Petition of the Sutri Initiative affirmed 4 months ago.

CREDITS: The Basilica of Saint Peter, as seen from the Via della Conciliazioni. © 2022 — All rights reserved. FromRome.Info.

La Croix pushes Gladio Narrative about ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: It is shameful to publish propaganda. It is shameful to do so at the request of the intelligence agency of your own country.. But it is most shameful to do so at the request of a foreign intelligence agency. And it is most shameful, when you mix into it the worst kind of masonic, marxist racist ideology, which pretends that sodomy is a cultural advancement and that those who cannot accept it are backwards. — La Croix wins all the “loser of the year” awards with this report.

Bishop Ratko Peric of Mostar: Pope Francis should withdraw ‘Fiducia Suppicans’!

By Bishop Ratko Ratko Perić

Bishop Emeritus of Mostar, Croatia

English translation of original written in Croatian, which can be found here

Traduction française

The statement Fiducia supplicans on the pastoral meaning of blessings was issued by the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith on December 18, 2023. It is the first statement by the same institution after the declaration Dominus Iesus on the unity and saving universality of Jesus Christ and the Church, on August 6, 2000.

Creator’s blessing

How was it from the beginning?

“God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him, male and female created he them. And God blessed them and said to them: Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it!” (Genesis 1:27-28).

This act and intention of God can be discerned from that biblical sentence:

First, in the beginning God created man, i.e. male and female, in his own image, breathing into them a soul with reason and free will.

Second, he blessed them as a complementary married couple with a purpose in life.

Thirdly, this purpose is fruitfulness, the multiplication of people, populating and subjecting the land to their management with the awareness that it is God’s land.

Fourthly, everything that is contrary to that creative plan, is not the image of God, has no purpose and goal of God and therefore does not have God’s blessing either.

What happened over time?


The name comes from Sodom, with which Gomorrah is connected, the neighboring cities where the Dead Sea is today, located between Israel, Palestine and Jordan. These cities are an example of sexual perversion called sodomy. The Bible describes their wickedness and their destruction by fiery sulfur rain with the story of Abraham’s cousin Lot and his family: his wife and two daughters, as he had already “wiped off the face of the earth” with the flood all the people of that time in that part of the world, except the righteous Noah, because every thought in man’s mind was “only wickedness” (Genesis 6:5), and as the Babylonian city cursed the people who wanted to reach the sky with a tower through their arrogance (Genesis 11:8).

In the Old Testament

Sodomy is considered an ungodly shame = nefandum flagitium, as moral theology calls it. Why? Because Sodom allowed every kind of sin against human nature as God created, legislated and blessed it.

According to the oral and written traditions that reached the final redaction of the Pentateuch of Moses, we read in Genesis: “And the inhabitants of Sodom were very wicked, sinners against the Lord” (13:13). It is not described here what exactly the sin of the Sodomites consisted of, but from this wording: “very wicked”, it can obviously be concluded that there are no sins that they did not commit against God’s law and order, that is, against human nature or common sense as works of God. It’s as if it’s enough to say “Sodom” and you immediately know what’s going on.

In the same book of Genesis, God, who appears with two angels in human form, tells Abraham: “There is a great cry against Sodom and Gomorrah that their sin is too great” (18:20). It has not yet been determined precisely what made the sin in Sodom “too heavy”. Abraham dares to intercede with God for the Sodomites starting from the number fifty and downwards. And each time God promises him that he will not destroy Sodom if there are so many inhabitants who are not infected with the Sodom virus. If Abraham had gone lower than 10, it is likely that the Lord would have mercifully responded to Abraham’s request, for the sake of Abraham’s friend. But there weren’t even ten of them, just Lot’s family of four.

The book of Genesis in chapter 19 shows the specific crime and punishment of Sodom. When the two mentioned angels came before Sodom, they found Lot at the entrance to the city. He hosts them in his house.

Tuesday »citizens of Sodom, young and old, all the people down to the last man, surrounded the house. They called Lot and said to him: ‘Where are the people who came to you last night? Bring them out to us so that we can kiss them?'” (Genesis 19:4-5).

Here, the sinful practice of the Sodomites is explicitly spoken of, that men sin against men in a carnal, unnatural way. The people of Sodom would even abuse two angels of God in their Sodomic perversions.

The Levitical Code, from the 13th century BC, strictly prohibits:

»Don’t lie with a man as you lie with a woman. That would be an abomination” (18:22).

This same Old Testament Jewish Law, a little further on, prescribes:

“If a man were to lie with a man as one lies with a woman, both would commit an abomination. Let them be killed, and let their blood fall on them” (Lev 20:13).

And here is the punishment on the citizens of Sodom. After Lot was saved,

The Lord “rained down sulfurous fire from heaven on Sodom and Gomorrah, and destroyed those cities, and all that plain, all the inhabitants of the city and all the vegetation on the earth” (Genesis 19:24-25).

The sin against human nature shown in these four mentioned places consists in this:

  • – that the inhabitants of Sodom are “very wicked”, “themselves sinners against the Lord”, i.e. against his creation, moral order and law;
  • – that their sin is “too heavy”, i.e. unbearable, kills not only the soul, but also the body;
  • – that such a sin is a real “abomination”, i.e. the abomination of desolation in the realm of life; and
  • – that such a sin is such a “heinous act” that deserves the death penalty, moreover, all the inhabitants of Sodom and Gomorrah were also destroyed. Like when a man dies, infected with an epidemic, and all his clothes and house are burned!

“The Law of God is perfect, it strengthens the soul; the Lord’s law is reliable – the ignorant learn” (Ps 19:8). And human iniquity weakens the soul and the ignorant freaks out!

It is, therefore, about terrible crimes against human nature as God created it, blessed it and ordered it to be respected and served, not to go against it. God created and determined male and female, endowed them with the natural ability to give birth and raise children as complementary beings, to maintain life on earth. And people over time turned God’s order upside down and decided on their own that man with man, woman with woman sin and annul God’s creative project task and associated blessing. God ordained that a woman give birth and as a mother lovingly raise her children, but some people have turned God’s order upside down and teach that as few births as possible or that they themselves will eugenically determine how many will be born and which one will be the right one.

In the New Testament

In his inaugural sermon in Galilee, the Lord Jesus uttered the first words: “Repent and believe the Gospel!” (Mk 1:15). The basic message of Jesus is: conversion from every evil that destroys, and complete faith in the Gospel that saves! That is the good news of Jesus.

The Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Romans writes about unnatural passions that have been activated both among men and among women:

“That is why God gave them over to shameful passions: their wives replaced natural intercourse with unnatural ones, and so also men, abandoning natural intercourse with women, became enflamed with lust for one another, and men committed shameful acts with men and received the deserved reward of their deviation.” (Romans 1:26-27).

The apostle, as one inspired, declares that “male worshipers” will not see the kingdom of God:

“Don’t be fooled! Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor soft travelers, nor adulterers, nor thieves, nor gluttons, nor drunkards, nor swearers, nor robbers will inherit the kingdom of God” (1 Cor 6:9-10).

In the same list, with regard to the violation of God’s order, Paul includes both “adulterers” and “robbers”! These “masculinists” are not only defilements of boys.

In these two places, the apostle uses the most severe terms for these abuses of both male and female persons: to replace natural communion with unnatural deviation. Neither perverts nor sodomites not only do not have God’s blessing, but they will not inherit the kingdom of God. Is there a bigger penalty?

In the time of the Fathers of the Church

Numerous holy fathers in their commentaries on the mentioned biblical texts refer to the wickedness of Sodom and their punishments. Here are just two examples:

Tertullian says: “[All] other raging passions – ungodly towards bodies and genders – beyond natural law, let’s drive them not only from the threshold, but from every shelter of the Church, because these are not crimes, but monsters”.[1]

Augustine similarly: “Wickedness that is against nature should be condemned and punished everywhere and always, such as the wickedness of the Sodomites, for example.” If all nations started them, according to the divine law, they would all be blamed with equal guilt, because that law did not make people such that they could communicate among themselves in this way”.[2]

Some recent teachings and interpretations

Jesuits in the 17th century. In 1612, the supreme superior of the Society of Jesus, Claudio Acquaviva (1543-1615), elected general of the Order in 1581, served as superior for 34 years, until his death, condemned the moral position that held that some light pleasure in deliberately sought sexual desires it does not involve mortal sin. Not only did he oblige the Jesuits to obey that teaching under the threat of excommunication, but he imposed on them the obligation to reveal the names of those Jesuits who violated even the spirit of the decree.[3] There was sealed the decision that no sin against the Sixth and Ninth Commandments had lightness or smallness of matter – parvitas materiae, especially not in the area of sodomy. It is noticeable that this rigorous view did not apply to any other commandment of God.

The Second Vatican Council does not have the explicit words: homosexuality or homosexuality in any document.

Persona humana, statement on some issues of sexual ethics, 1975.

Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith signed by the head, Card. Francis Šeper and Archbishop Jérôme Hammer’s secretary, and was previously “approved and confirmed” by Pope Paul VI, says:

»According to the objective moral order, acts in homosexual relationships are deprived of their essential and irreplaceable goal. Holy Scripture condemns them as severe depravity and even portrays them as a fatal consequence of abandoning God”.[4]

When man does not keep God’s law, then he is condemned to keep man’s illegal law.

Catechism of the Catholic Church, 1992,

With the introductory apostolic constitution Fidei depositum of Pope John Paul II, prepared under the leadership of the head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Card. Joseph Ratzinger, states that the “sin of Sodom” is among the five sins that cry out to heaven.[5] The Catechism talks about homosexuality in several places, usually with these qualifications:

that same-sex relationships cannot be approved under any circumstances[6];

that these are grave sins[7];

that homosexual persons, who have an objectively disordered tendency, through their effort, struggle, prayer, self-denial can bring them closer to Christian perfection,[8] and that in this sense the Church should help them to free them from their sinful state.

Veritatis splendor, 1993,

the encyclical of Pope John Paul II, mentions the concept of homosexuality only once:

“On the basis of the naturalistic understanding of the sexual act, contraception, direct sterilization, autoerotism, premarital relations, homosexual relationships and artificial insemination would be morally unacceptable”.[9]

The “naturalistic” concept is that strange theological understanding according to which some changeable human behaviors are attributed an unchanging character. This is what some “Catholic” theologians say that the Catholic Church teaches, says the encyclical! “They say that man, as a rational being, not only can, but actually should freely determine the meaning of his behavior”. You should be your own moral standard! Regardless of God’s law.

In Pope Francis’s Responsum to the 5 Cardinals

To the Question: “Does the Church have the authority to bestow blessings on same-sex unions?” – Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, 2021, gives the Answer, signed by the head, Card. Luis Ladaria, a Jesuit, and Archbishop Giacomo Morandi’s secretary, informed and authorized to be published by Pope Francis, proclaims this traditional truth:

“The Church does not have, nor can it have, the power to bless same-sex unions”.[10]

The definition is understandable and unquestionable, it does not need new clarifications and responses, unless the terms: “authority”, “blessing” and “same-sex community” mean something completely different.

Belgian bishops have been practicing some “blessings” of homosexual communities for years, reported Antwerp Bishop Johann Bony, a delegate to the 5th General Assembly of the Synod Way, which was held in Frankfurt from March 9 to 11, 2023. The bishop said that the Belgian bishops had previously were on an official visit to the Vatican from November 21 to 26, 2022, and that the Pope, in the audience of November 25, approved the “blessing of homosexual couples” if all the bishops agreed with it. All 11 Belgian bishops agree with this, reports the Antwerp prelate, except that the French-speaking bishops have the same texts in French, not in Flemish.[11]

Fiducia supplicans, 2023

Here we are at the Statement on the Pastoral Meaning of Blessings, which, without consultation with the cardinals and bishops who are members of the Dicastery, was compiled by the new head of the Office for the Doctrine of the Faith, Card. Victor Manuel Fernandez, co-signed by the secretary Msgr. Armando Matteo, returned Ex audientia from Pope Francis on December 18, and announced.

In a strict liturgical sense, the blessing requires that what is being blessed be in accordance with the will of God as expressed in the teaching of the Church.[12] The Lord Jesus, on leaving this world, raised his hands and blessed the disciples. And while he was blessing them, he parted from them and was taken up to heaven. The disciples returned to Jerusalem and blessed God all the time in the Temple (cf. Lk 24:50-53). Here Jesus gives his divine blessing to the apostles in a descending sense and the apostles in an ascending sense bless God, i.e. praise him, thank him for all the work of redemption.[13]

Under III. point Statement from numbers 31 to 41 talks about “blessing couples in irregular situations and same-sex couples”. The statement tries in every way to notice the difference between the sacramental blessing of a married couple that follows the church formula and ceremony, from the “blessing” of an irregular or same-sex “couple” that does not follow any formula or ceremony. In other words, a “pastoral”, informal, unformulated, non-ritual, spontaneous, random, incidental, momentary “blessing” differs from a “liturgical” sacramental, ritual, formulated, prescribed blessing. The key to the theme is ambiguous in that such irregular “couples” and same-sex “couples” are given a “blessing” in a “church” context and by a “church” ordained minister. The term “couple” is mentioned as if it were a legal “couple”, even if two signs of the cross were made on two people. The same words “blessing”, “ordained minister” are attached to two different realities and with different meanings.

We all know that in no area of life can there be more ambiguity, various allusions, ambiguous jumps, deliberate intrusions, double standards, multi-layered concepts, double messages than in the area of sexuality, that is, the Sixth and Ninth Commandments of God. And that in conversations, in the media, on film, in cartoons. The serious evangelists did not record any ambiguous jokes about Jesus, and it can be assumed that there were some from the corrupt Pharisees and Sadducees. What is the need for us to introduce confusion and at the same time say: there is confusion here, watch out for confusion. We emphasize only the thought from the Statement:

“It should neither ensure nor promote the rite of blessing of couples in an irregular situation. At the same time, the proximity of the Church to people should not be prevented or prohibited in every situation where they could seek God’s help with a simple blessing. In a short prayer that precedes this spontaneous blessing, the ordained minister might pray for individuals to have peace, health, the spirit of patience, dialogue and mutual help – but also God’s light and strength so that I can fully fulfill his will”.[14]

Let’s try to break down the given point:

First, everything is put in a conditional form, in no way obligatory.

Second, it should neither provide nor promote a “couple blessing ceremony” on irregular occasions. Here, an even greater optionality and at the same time contradiction in the phrase “rite of blessing of couples” is highlighted. This contradiction is expanding.

Thirdly, it should not be prevented or forbidden for the Church to approach them with an ordained minister to pray for peace, health, a spirit of patience, dialogue, “mutual help”.

Fourth, to also pray for God’s light and strength so that these “couples” can completely fulfill the will of God and that he accompanies them as individuals with a “spontaneous blessing” of a few seconds, and that they remain unrepentant and unconverted in adulterous or Sodomic “couples” and lawlessness.

A reasonable believer wonders: if everything is in this conditional form, and if the Church should neither promote nor not promote, the “rite” of “blessing” such “couples”, the Church should neither prohibit nor forbid proximity, and that by ” “ordained” minister, how can we hope that these “couples” in irregular situations of persistent adultery or persistent same-sex relationships will completely fulfill the will of God without any conditions and signs of their repentance and exit from unnatural lawlessness and sin?

In no. 41. The statement says that apart from the indications presented, no other answers should be expected from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the Faith in possible ways to standardize details or practical aspects with regard to blessings of this kind.

However, as soon as two weeks passed and the rain of declarations from individual Bishops’ Conferences and other church organizations and persons appeared, the need to issue a special press release became apparent.

Announcement on the acceptance of the statement Fiducia supplicans, 2024. The Dicastery here introduces the practice of interpreting its Statement with a new document, the Announcement, from January 4, 2024, i.e. 16 days after the Statement, it develops a catechesis on the pastoral blessing of irregular and same-sex couples.

Why? Because it is

  • – a certain number of Bishops’ Conferences of the world, each in its own way, refused to accept the pastoral “blessing” of adulterous and homosexual “couples”;
  • – an even greater number of individual cardinals and bishops, each in their own way, rationally and morally criticized individual points of the Declaration;
  • – a considerable number of individual priests, monks, and lay persons, each in their own way, distanced themselves from the Declaration, and
  • – several Catholic associations declared that they are not in favor of such a Declaration.[15] From all the above-mentioned criticisms, an indelible question arises: Who cares that this kind of confusion is allowed in the Church of God with its already existing two-millennium doctrinal clarity? To mix schism with the unity of the Church? With orthodox heresy? With healthy biblical and traditional food she unnecessary?

From the Announcement of the Dicastery, a thought about the content and time of the “blessing” should be highlighted:

“In that case, the priest can pray a simple prayer: “Lord, look at these children of yours, give them health, work, peace and that they can help each other. Free them from everything that is contrary to your Gospel and allow them to live according to your will. Amen”. He then ends with the sign of the cross on each of the two persons. – We are talking about something that lasts about 10 or 15 seconds. Does it make sense to deny this kind of blessing to these people who asked for it?” [16] asked the Cardinal Head together with the Secretary, this time without Ex audientia.

What does that mean:

First, when a stable “Sodom couple” comes to the priest and confidently asks him (fiducia supplicans) for a “blessing”, and the priest prays the above-formulated prayer individually over one and the other homosexual to help each other, for Jesus to free them from everything what contradicts the Gospel and that they live according to God’s will, and they persistently continue to live in a “Sodom couple”?

Second, if a priest makes the sign of the cross or “blessing” over homosexuals individually, who do not recognize an unnatural sin as a sin and thus sin against the Holy Spirit, without repentance and without conversion, is it exposed to the general opinion that he is “blessing” the sinful union of same-sex persons?

Thirdly, if the priest finishes it all quickly, in 10-15 seconds according to the above prayer formula, can such a spontaneous “blessing” which is not a blessing, but is a blessing, be denied to individuals who live in an unnatural state of sin? All the recommendations of the Communication are based on the principle of contradiction, because always, from creation through redemption to the present state, such a simple and spontaneous “blessing” of an irregular adulterous “couple” and a same-sex “couple” was considered a sacrilegious, sinful counterattack to God’s blessing of the created married couple, male and women (Genesis 1:28) for the sake of bearing children and helping each other in life.


Pastor aeternus, the dogmatic constitution on the Church of Christ of the First Vatican Council, in 1870, precisely determines the ministry of Peter’s successors:

“And Peter’s heirs were not promised the Holy Spirit so that in with his revelation they announced a new doctrine, but with his help they guard the sacred and faithfully present the revelation, or deposit of faith [depositum fidei], received from the apostles”.[17]

Therefore, we believe that the Bishop of Rome, the High Priest, is keeping before his eyes the thought that the Lord Jesus said to Peter at the Last Supper – and in Peter to his successors – Peter, I have prayed for you that your faith may not weaken. So when you come to your senses, strengthen your brothers! (Luke 22:32). In faith, truth and love.

We believe that the Holy Father loves Jesus more than others, as the Lord asks and expects from Peter (John 21:15-17), and from his successors. And at the same time, the resurrected Jesus commands Peter every time to graze his lambs and sheep, i.e. to be the shepherd of Jesus’ flock.

We believe that the Holy Father can disprove the Statement of December 18, 2023 and the Announcement of January 4, 2024, documents that have been convincingly demonstrated in these last three weeks – both legally and liturgically, and morally and dogmatically – at the world church level that they are imbued with ambiguity, ambiguity and contradiction, which has never been a teaching characteristic of the Catholic Church.

We believe that the Holy Father, through the action of the Holy Spirit, will find a way to “preserve the sacred and faithfully present the revelation, or treasure of faith, received from the apostles”, and resolutely devalue the mentioned documents, because “it was not so from the beginning” (Mt 19:8). nor throughout the entire history of the Catholic Church until the 21st century, ambiguous documents, imbued with the play between natural legal marriage and irregular “couples” and unnatural same-sex unions. The word of the apostle is: “God is not to be trifled with” (Gal 6:7).


[1] Tertullian (d. 155 – d. 220), Christian writer, De Pudicitia – On chastity, 4: Reliquas autem libidinum furias impias et in corpora et in sexus ultra iura naturae non modo limine, verum omni ecclesiae tecto submovemus , quia non sunt delicta, sed monstra.

[2] St. Augustine (354-430), church teacher, Confessiones, III.,8,15: Itaque flagitia quae sunt contra naturam, ubique ac semper detestanda atque punienda sunt, qualia Sodomitarum fuerunt. Quae si omnes gentes facerent, eodem criminis reatu divina lege tenerentur, quae non sic fecit homines ut se illo uterentur modo.

[3] Patrick Boyle (1932-2022), American Jesuit, Parvitas Materiae in Sexto in Contemporary Catholic Thought (Lanham, University Press of America, 1987), p. 14-16. The general’s decree referred to the Jesuit Order, but it had an impact, through the Jesuit professors, on a wider circle of believers.

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Major News Engines are now running cover for Vatican Scandals

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

Everyone, except those who live on Mars, knows that from the moment Pope Francis stepped out on the loggia of Saint Peter’s Basilica on the evening of March 13, 2013, the Main Stream Media has been having a love affair with the globalist pontiff.

What most do not know, though it was uncovered by Ordo Militaris Radio TV and reported here at FromRome.Info, is that Jorge Mario Bergoglio was the Propaganda Due Lodge choice as successor of Pope Benedict XVi, a choice supported and assisted fully by the U.S. State Department and the CIA, which controls most Media outlets round the world.

So, despite the feigned shock, that Pope Francis would thank the Vatican Press Corp, last week, for keeping silent about Vatican Scandals, the censorship of news about the Vatican goes on.

The latest of which FromRome.info is reporting is the tight lipped control of search results on the three largest Search Engines, Google, Bing and DuckDuckgo.

Ever since the Catholic Hierarchy world-wide overwhelmingly rejected or ignored ‘Fiducia supplicans’, these search engines have begun to ignore Catholic publications which are airing the controversy.

I say, “ignore” because as a webmaster at FromRome.Info, I know full well that their bots still index these news stories and that in their databases they have information about them. But if you search for them you will not find them at all or easily at any of these three search engines.

In fact, the essence and nearly all the daily reports of opposition to Pope Francis, ‘Fiducia supplicans’ or scandals at the Vatican — except the most salacious ones — have been eliminated from results under the rubrics “Vatican” or “Catholic Church”. — If you do not go to some of the more conservative fake opposition sites or to the totally uncontrolled opposition sites, you will never know these events even take place.

Thus, de facto, Catholics have returned to the 80’s when we had no way to know what was going on in the Church but what the New York Times or the like chose to make known to us.

Welcome to 1984!

CREDITS: The featured image is a Google Image search for Pope Francis’ meeting with Leo Panetta, former CIA director. A direct search for Pope Francis and the CIA turned up nothing.

How to avoid becoming a cancelled Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest, Deacon etc..

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

French Translation

Not even a dog keeps doing the same thing over and over if it hurts. The Lord God and Creator gave even dogs enough sense which rivals the intelligence of sinful men, in such circumstances. And this is why through the ages it has often been this observation about dogs which gets men to change their ways.

And this is what the clergy need to do in regard to the whole phenomenon of “cancelled clergy”: a recently coined term or neologism by which there is signified a member of the clergy, upright and honest, who is the victim of the abuse of authority by a superior intent on pushing globalism, modernism, heresy, or sodomy.

Though the word is a new one the genus of persecution is an old one. Before the Second Vatican Council it was much more mild, and simply consisted in being side-lined by your Bishop or superior. But there was always hope that if one persevered in following the laws of the Church and right discipline that with the next change of superior, at his death, transferal or the next ecclesiastical election of one kind or another, the new superior would recognize the worth of the sidelined Cardinal, Archbishop, Bishop, Priest, Monk, Sister etc..

After the Council, however, the penal system of the Church was weaponized against faithful clergy and religious. But in many cases the Faithful never recognized what was going on, simply because back then there was no uncontrolled Catholic media and the main stream media simply ignored such news.

But as the decades have past the persecution of honest men and women of God has become more frequent, and the pretexts for doing so less and less credible, such that we are less and less shocked that individuals are persecuted, and being persecuted by such revolutionaries and heretics is becoming more and more a wreath of honor.

How many priests were removed from ministry during the Scamdemic because they refused to observe the controls (by continuing to give communion in the mouth), to shut their churches (by keeping them open), to wear masks, or to replace the Gospel with preaching the Scam?

But through these 60 years of persecution, the hardest and saddest thing is that those persecuted nearly immediately fell out of any network of charity, such that they no longer had anyone to help them, save but their immediate relatives or friends, a charity which often lasted only a short time.

I remember when I realized that my former community was canonically lawless and had no intention of observing the Rule of Saint Francis. I requested my superior permission to do so according to the Papal Decrees on the Rule of Saint Francis, and got a letter back immediately denying my request and suggesting I leave. But when I did leave, my own parents denied me housing and food in an attempt to convince me to give up my vocation. I would say that this was the darkest moment of my vocation.

How many religious women face the same conflict and never found help and thus gave up. Religious brothers too. That is why I am so ardent about insisting that we persecuted religious who do not give up have more the right to keep calling ourselves “religious” than those of us who remain in communities which are corrupt to their core and in many cases openly heretical or apostate.

Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops and Priests usually have a less hard time since their dignity in orders naturally attracts many supporters and benefactors.

Neverthless, no priest wants to be a cancelled priest, and nearly every priest will use as much discretion as possible to avoid the worse forms of being cancelled. Most of the time it is simply reticence and pretending is nothing wrong.

Those of us, like myself, who are not priests, are often wrong in our impatience with such honest men who are avoiding being cancelled and thus too silent about the problems in the Church. They do this for us, knowing that more rapacious men would take their places if they got cancelled. We need to remember this in our public declamations about clergy doing nothing.

But if you are a member of the hierarchy or a priest, deacon, or religious and you want to avoid being cancelled, I would give this advice.

Recognize that the Apostolic See, or the episcopal See of your diocese, or your religious superior is impeded in the execution of his office by the public manifest errors which that office has been used to promote, confirm, authorize, establish, defend or support.

Unlike simply giving up, like Bishop Strickland, or saying there is no solution like Cardinal Burke, or affirming that a heretic can remain Pope, like Bishop Athanasius Schnieder, or daily criticizing the Pope, like so many Bishops, or declaring the Pope a heretic and thus no longer the pope — some of  which can get a member of the clergy out of a job quickly, whether by excommunication, suspension a divinis, laicization etc.., declaring the Apostolic See impeded balances two truths which need to be kept in mind: that Schism from a legitimate superior is a grave crime, and that obeying a legitimate superior in what is morally unacceptable is a grave sin.

And such a declaration need not be a canonical one. It can simply be a way of critiquing the present situation by applying discernment of the kind which comes from the grace and charism of truth which is bestowed in holy Orders or analogously by one’s religious vocation.

By such a declaration or recognition, a man or woman of God avoids the charge of schism, because such a declaration affirms that the Pope is the pope. At the same time it canonically conditions criticism of a bad Pope, who has gone into the extremes of  heresy and apostasy and idolatry by public acts, within the bounds of remaining in communion, while insisting on the freedom granted in Canon 212 to speak out against injustice.

So the next time you are tempted to say Pope Francis is a heretic, schismatic, apostate, idolater or no longer the Pope. Start by recognizing that he has impeded the Apostolic See by his public insistence of approval for the manifestly heretical, illogical, sacrilege promoting, wrong and just false teaching in ‘Fiducia supplicans’, such that everyone in the Church objectively, and not just yourself subjectively, no longer has the moral obligation to obey his decrees while he remains in the state of impenitence.

Don’t say I will no longer obey him. Full Stop. Since that can be understood as an act of schism or heresy. Say rather, that man by his heretical profession in approving ‘Fiducia supplicans’ has taken a position which the entire Church can never accept and thus has so discredited himself as a superior, that it would be both unreasonable and uncanonical to persecute those who call a spade a spade, rather than seek his removal from office in whatever canonical manners that is possible.

And in the mean time do NOT give up the ministry or your vocation. Keep serving God where you are and do not understand such a recognition or declaration as a pretext for violating Church law. Why, you do not even have to publish the fact of your recognition, if you are not a Bishop. Bishops however are now gravely obliged to make such declarations as they will assist the Bishops of the Roman Province to call a provincial council and take the ultimate action as requested in the Sutri Initiative. As for those who are NOT laymen and lay women, I would urge great caution in participating in the Sutri Initiative if you are a priest, deacon or religious, since your letter could be used against you to persecute you, if any one of the Bishops receiving it return a copy to your superior. But if you are a Bishop you should write them as you have the grave duty to act.

At the same time, Bishops have, on account of the objective state of impedition of the Apostolic See, now awesome powers and liberty of action, as I have explained here.


Cardinal Ambongo: By ‘Fiducia supplicans’ Pope Francis has discredited the Synod on Synodality

Editor’s Note: It has not even been two weeks since Cardinal Ambongo went to Rome and crafted a letter with Cardinal Koch to make it appear that the Bishops of Africa would agree to disagree, while accepting ‘Fiducia supplicans’.

Now, surprisingly, he has openly decried Pope Francis without naming him, for perpetrating a dishonest fraud on the entire Catholic World through his “synodal process”. This is a major shift in the relationship between African Bishops and Pope Francis. And we can expect even more militancy from the Mystical Body of Christ in Africa, which, we pray, has finally realized that Pope Francis needs to repent of his heretical profession or he needs to be removed from power.

If you have contacts in Africa, please share with them the articles on the Sutri Initiative and the Impeded See, which are now available in English, French and Italian, with your contacts there. Let us do our little part to uproot the problems in the Church once and for all.

Pope Francis: Everyone who criticizes ‘Fiducia supplicans’ will eventually accept it

Rebuttal by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Many have accused or alleged that Pope Francis is a false prophet, but no one story or quote has so demonstrated the truth of that accusation as this one. — You have to be way beyond simply confused or ignorant, to allege that in the future your heretical blasphemy which runs counter to logic, reason, the Gospel and all Biblical or Apostolic teaching will become the faith of the Church.

Yet there is some truth in what he says ….

But while his assertion is blasphemous and heretical, there is a truth in it for the fake opposition. What he is really saying is that 99% of those whom you think oppose it, are merely grifters who will move along withe the heretical flow out of fear of being out of sync with “the pope”.

That I would agree with, as has been demonstrated on numerous occasions in the past 4 years, about which I frequently comment. For grifters, opposition only means criticism today, acceptance tomorrow, since they follow the modus operandi of the conservative Masonic Lodges, which operates this way to suppress true opposition to the projects of the Illuminati-Rothschilds. That is why they will always be promoted, because they are your most clever enemies.

Indeed, logically, criticism presupposes acceptance — Only rejection implies condemnation

And condemnation to be true seeks the removal of the causes of the error, which are Pope Francis, Cardinal Fernandez and the staff of the Dicastery.

In this way true Catholics will persevere and triumph over this heretical conspiracy of this homosexual cabal.

And for those, whose Dioceses have fallen to this apostasy, you can do your part to fight, by joining the Committee against Apostasy in taking a stand in your own diocese, a unique way of working against this evil prophecy of the man whom by all means wants to be the False Prophet spoken of by Saint John.

Brainwashing by repetition

The reason why Pope Francis has said this outrage is because he knows that, by now, most Catholics are so plugged into the Matrix, that they simply believe what they are told on social media, and pay no attention any more to Jesus Christ, the Apostles, the Doctors or Fathers of the Church, or anything before Vatican II. He has spent his 10+ reign gaslighting the Catholic world, and while the Prayer of Christ as High Priest is now raising a storm against him, he is doubled down and decided that God is his enemy.

The Apocalyptic Battle has begun

The Catholic Church is thus now truly involved in an apocalyptic battle, because it is true, that most Catholics in practice are pagans, and no longer care to fight against evil, anywhere, least of all in the Church. The feel overwhelmed by the intransigence of Pope Francis, who like a pedophile who the police won’t arrest, is intent on making everyone accept his deprivations. The Catholic World by sinning in accepting what the MSM said about Feb. 11, 2013, and taking what Cardinals and Bishops said, while denying what they could see with their own eyes, committed a moral error which has enslaved them to lies, and only rare souls, by the grace of the Blessed Virgin, are waking up and breaking free.

Yet, the vast majority are still plugged into the Web of Darkness, which has now been woven over all the nations, and much of the “opposition” to ‘Fiducia supplicans’ will melt away for that reason.

This is why for those who understand how dangerous this document is, not doing anything to get Pope Francis removed from office, nor opposing its errors in their own town, is contributing to this mass Apostasy.

We are in an Apocalyptic Battle, and the battle lines are now clearly drawn. And if you can see them, your culpability is all the greater, if you shirk your duty to fight to save the Church. Let us not be persuaded to do nothing, and let us realize that all those voices who say to do nothing, or to not listen to the voices which call for us to do something, are literally of the devil.

Use Discernment

So mark out which Catholic Media outlets are no longer using the words, “blasphemous”, “heretical”, “apostate” in regards to this controversy, but have toned down their reports to “confusing”, “scandalous”, “hard to understand”, “contradictory”.  And how nearly every last one of them, including all the talking heads who “hate” Bergoglio and denounce him daily, have accepted the de facto position of Sedevacantists, who, like the multitude of devils of sloth, advocate nothing to restore the papacy.

In the meantime, in response to this evil prophecy of Pope Francis, respond with, “It’s time to crusade to get this man removed from the Papacy!”: and join the Sutri Initiative. And in response to the voices who are telling you to shut up, stop with the criticisms, and who will play all the political cards of the LGTBSQEZ+ movement, like feigning to be offended, injured or hurt by your “hateful words”, tell them frankly that they are going to Hell and need to repent.