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ITALY: Italian Bishops’ Conference silently repudiates ‘Fiducia Supplicans’ in Spring Assembly

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a stunning turn around, the Italian Bishops’ Conference has issued no statement approving of Pope Francis’ “Gay Blessing” Document, ‘Fiducia supplicans’ during its 79th Annual Spring Meeting with Pope Francis in private at the Vatican.

As can be seen from the final official statement of the Bishops’ Conference, there is no mention at all of the document or the pro-gay agenda.

This is a 180 degree turn from the February Statement of the Conference leadership approving the document tentatively, wherein it would be promised that the entire Conference would take up the issue at its May 20-23rd meeting at the Vatican.

I think it is reasonable to conclude, therefore, that the majority of Bishops refused to approve it, and that the agenda item was removed to protect the ideological takeover of the Catholic Church being waged by Pope Francis and his sodomite cronies who are now in control of the Vatican.

It also seems to signify that the Letters of many Catholics calling for a provincial council to denounce Pope Francis, as is suggested in the Sutri Initiative in English, Italian and French versions has had a profound impact on all the Bishops of Italy, since they are clearly playing a political game, waiting for Pope Francis to die, rather than sign on his heretical profession and risk the anathema of the next and future Pope.

FromRome.Info is the only Catholic News source which has reported on this development, which says more about all the others, than anything else. FromRome.Info has led the call for Pope Francis’ deposition since October of last year, and is unique in insisting that Catholics take the unassailable juridical position of declaring and recognizing that by his heretical profession, Pope Francis himself has morally and canonically impeded the Apostolic See.

This news, today, is the Second stunning fruit of the Sutri Initiative, the First was reported here.

Mexican Senator: There are bishops who represent God and the devil, we no longer know who they represent

Editor’s Note: Here is a Catholic Bishop who was ideologically victimized and abused by Fiducia supplicans and Amoris Laetitia, and evidently on his own consent. He was found drugged and unconscious in a hotel room, which he rented with another man and then was surreptitiously moved to a hospital by unknown persons or person. The Diocese claimed he disappeared. There is speculation he was kidnapped. But the facts make it appear he gave into a very evil temptation.

Read sarcastically, Fiducia supplicans, in Latin, means “With trust bending over”, and Amoris Laetitia means, “The joy of sex”.

Orthodox Copts suspend Dialogue with Catholic Church over ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: The Coptic Orthodox Church has shown that it is more Catholic than the Catholic Bishops world wide, who still have not refused communion with the public heretic, Pope Francis, over the blasphemous document ‘Fiducia supplicans’.

Indeed, it is a shame that barely two dozen readers of FromRome.Info have signed on to the Sutri Initiative.

If God destroyed the world today, I believe He would be fully justified. In fact, most of us probably deserve it, because we have done NOTHING or TOO LITTLE to defend the HOLY NAME OF GOD.

Fr. Gerald Murray: ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is heretical, must be withdrawn & ignored by all

Editor’s Note: While I am continually amazed at the intellectual incapacity of theologians to see the fundamental error in ‘Fiducia supplicans’, Fr. Murray is not off the mark in the critique he gives in this interview with Diana Montagna, where he says things that are obvious to all who have read the document nearly 3 months ago. He however fails to say that those who signed the document must be suspected of heresy and apostasy, and put on trial.

The Sutri Initiative calls for such a trial. Join it and write the Bishops named therein to call for such a Council. For if these men are not put on trial by Catholics, every Catholic will eventually be put on trial by heretics.

Fiducia supplicans is a Diabolic attack on the 2nd Commandment of the Decalogue


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction française

From our earliest days in Catechism class we learn that God gave to Moses on Mount Sinai 10 laws or commandments which obliged every man, woman and child everywhere and for all times. The keeping of the 10 Commandments — also known as the Decalogue, from the Greek for “the 10 Words or Sayings” — is the most fundamental condition for being a friend of God, as Christ Jesus teaches, “If you love Me, keep My Commandments” (John 14:15).

The 2nd Commandment Revealed to Moses

You can find the text of the 10 Commandments in two places in the Old Testament: in the Book of Exodus 20:2-17, which Moses wrote to record the Passover of the Hebrews from the slavery of Egypt to the religious liberty of the promised Land; and in the Book of Deuteronomy 5:6-21, where Moses writes them down a second time, as he recounts in his final years, the wondrous deeds the Lord had done.

In the Catholic Church, we number the Commandments in a synthetic manner, following neither the numerical order found in the Book of Exodus nor in the Book of Deuteronomy, since as a didactic method, the Doctors and Fathers of the Church had reordered them in proper theological order, for memnotic sake.

So, the Second Commandment reads in our Catechisms, “Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord in vain.” — This corresponds to Exodus 20:7, which reads in the Douay Rheims English translation:

Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take the Name of the Lord his God in vain.

And to the Deuteronomy 5:11, which reads in the same translation:

Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain: for he shall not be unpunished that taketh His Name upon a vain thing.

Why does God command the proper use of His Own Name?

From the two scriptural verses we see that the universal prohibition of the misuse of the Divine Name is founded upon the same moral principal: Yahweh, the one true God, is Our God and Lord, and therefore we must show the obedience of faith in the respect of that Word which names Him as such.

As Saint Bonaventure explains in his commentary on the First Book of Master Peter Lombard, God is called “God” because that word names Him, the Eternal Infinite Being. In English, our word, “God” names Him not as the eternal infinite being, but as the One who is invoked in prayer — this is the origin of the Old Germanic word, “God”.

Again, as St. Bonaventure teaches in the same place, but God is named “Lord” not on account of being God, but on account of creating creatures, because there is no one in God who is subjected to another, as a servant is to a Lord, or who has superiority as a Lord does to a servant. And so, before God created, He was never called Lord. But with the creation of Angels and men, God is now called, “the Lord” because He is the One who made all things.

And this is why God says to Moses, “I am the Lord, thy God. … Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord thy God in vain.”

Misusing the Divine Name is the worst of Sins

According to the two passages of Scripture, we can see that the misuse of God’s Name can never be without guilt and will never go unpunished. From this teaching the Saints and Doctors of the Church explain that blasphemy against God is punished the worst and most by God than all other sins. That means it is far worse a sin that adultery or murder or theft. And this is because it is a sin against God Himself, Who is of infinite dignity, majesty and holiness.

Now to take the name of the Lord “in vain” means to do so unnecessarily, that is when there is no need to name Him. Because one should not use a name of anything, except to name it; so one should not use the name of a person, except to name him. — For example, no one shouts out, “Thomas Aquinas!’ when he smashes his finger, accidentally, while misusing a hammer. For there is no purpose in naming the Dominican Saint at such a moment.

All the more reason, we should NEVER utter the Name of God without the purpose of referring to Him or invoking Him. So important is this, that in the Book of Job, God praises Job and not his learned friends who spoke so eloquently about God and His justice. As Peter Kreft says: this is because Job’s friends named God to talk about Him; but Job named God to talk to Him.

Invoking God’s Name to approve of evil is an even worse Sin than misusing It

So we can imagine how great the sin is, if we were to use the Name of God in something that is not only useless, but evil, sinful, or even worse to approve of evil or sin!

That is the spiritual equivalent of rubbing the Divine Face into the mud of moral depravity.

And this sin becomes all the greater, if one not only names God with the word, “God’ or its equivalent, but when one uses the revealed names of God, such as “Yahweh” or “Jesus” or some other revealed name such as “Sabaoth”, “El Shaddai”.

And this sin would be even greater if the person misusing the Name of God to approve of sin or evil, had the dignity of one of God’s Ambassadors, as does every Bishop and priest of the Catholic Church.

But Fiducia supplicans is the worst sin ever in world history against the Divine Name

But though we can imagine such a horrific and monstrous perpetration of such a horrible sin; Fiducia supplicans goes way beyond this in moral depravity.

Because in Fiducia supplicans, we not only have advocated that Catholic Bishops and priests approve of sinful unions or sinful despair with the imposition of a blessing which invoked the Divine Name by His sacred ambassadors, but we have also the attempt by the arguments it contains to convince the world that such is not only morally licit, but the more perfect fulfilment of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ!

Fiducia supplicans, therefore, is a document straight out of the inferno. It is the consummate violation of the Second Commandment of the Decalogue and is certainly worthy of the Antichrist in the universal attempt it is making to overthrow the House of God and the Pillar of Truth, which is the Church.

And for this reason, Fiducia supplicans not only must be entire rejected and condemned, but all those who adhere to it in any way, should be sternly warned of their eternal damnation and the pending Divine Vengeance which they have merited by accepting, agreeing, praising or tolerating it.

Credits: Hell depicted in mosaic in the Baptistry of the Catholic Cathedral of Florence, Italy. The image shows Satan devouring souls and bodies in the Inferno.

‘The Pillar’ endorses Sodomy by its silence on Episcopal Appointments in Poland

A Call to Action by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The History of Pope Francis’ Heretical Profession on ‘Gay Blessings’

Back in October, on the 14th, to be precise, I warned that the silence of Pope Francis in response to reproaches to his position on “gay blessings” could not go on forever without the imputation of the crime of heresy. I pointed out the day before, that the CIA was going to urge through all its controlled agencies that the declaration of Pope Francis as a heretic over this controversy was wrong. That is because even run-of-the-mill opposition sites as Mundabor on October 6th were insisint that a council be called to depose Pope Francis as a heretic.

The responses of Pope Francis to the July Dubia of the Cardinals were written by Cardinal Fernandez, then an Archbishop, a man who is a known serial cover-upper of sexual abuse, as I reported here on October 4th, 2023. So his motivation was obvious. Indeed, in the days before this same Cardinal made clear that Pope Francis’s intention in ‘Amoris Laetitia’, was to contradict the Gospel and the Council of Trent.

That response of Pope Francis to the July Dubia made it clear by October 3, 2023, that it was his intention to sacriligeously and blasphemously permit the blessing of sodomitic unions.

You can read the entire coverage of FromRome.info about ‘Fiducia supplicans’ and the reaction of Catholics around to the world to it, here. You can read my editorials and initiatives against it, here.

A Catholic Response

Cognizant of all these things, though I had called for a provincial council to rebuke Pope Francis and/or depose him many times before, by which I was prepared to urge the matter with greater clarity, I launched the Sutri Initiative for this purpose on October 20, 2023, after spending several days at Sutri Italy, considering carefully what could be done to save Holy Mother Church from these perverse heretics.

The unCatholic Response

Since that time, following the declared intention of Steve O’Reilly, the CIA agent, most online Catholic outlets in the English speaking have remained scandalously silent at the gross heresy expressed in the replies of Pope Francis to the questions of the Cardinals expressed in the Dubia of July: scandalously, because it is intolerable to hold that a public manifest heretic can be the Roman Pontiff, or that Pope Francis does not need to recant his pro-sodomy position.

And not only have many outlets remained silent, but some have openly embraced this homo-heresy, as FromRome.info has documented: Church Militant did so on October 20, LifeSite News did so on the Feast of the Chair of Saint Peter, 2024 , etc..

And as I detailed on October 15, 2023, this silence is all part of the 9 ways to make the Catholic Church implode, which is the goal of the U.S. Government plan for the destruction of our holy faith.

The Agenda of ‘The Pillar’

Now, “The Pillar”,  an electronic journal of recent foundation, which I have often criticized for the errors it pushes, has continued its trajectory of gaslighting the Catholic world by pretending that it is tolerable for a manifest pertinacious heretic to nominate Bishops, as they do in their article above, about recent and future episcopal nominations in Poland.

They say nothing in the open, but the silence is designed to make you think nothing has changed, all is well, with the apostasy of ‘Fiducia supplicans’, as their 3 editorials have attempted to proclaim since it was published on Dec. 18, 2023.

I am not a betting man, but if I were, I would counsel a bet that “The Pillar” is a CIA front, would win.

The Grave Danger to the Catholic Church in Poland

But this sin is not only imputable to ‘The Pillar’. The Bishops of Poland are united in this same sin, because despite the strong objection of many of them to ‘Fiducia supplicans’ and their united public declaration that they would not permit the blessing of sodomitic unions in Poland, they are allowing Pope Francis, the public manifest and now pertinacious heretic appoint their bishops, a thing which is a diabolically reckless thing to do, for it puts the entire Church of Poland into the most grave danger of perversion, heresy and schism  from Christ.

If you are a Catholic from Poland, as I know many of my readers are, make it your Lenten sacrifice this year to make known to your bishop the grave sin of such a way of acting. Rather, instead, they should regard the Apostolic see impeded by Pope Francis on account of his refusal to speak to the Church as a Catholic and on account of the impossibility that a rightly formed Catholic conscience permit one to continue to regard him as to be obeyed and capable of executing the office of Pope in a manner conducive to the salvation of souls, as I have detailed in two articles, on the right Catholics have to refuse him obedience, now, and the state of impedition into which he has put the See of Rome.

The Kind of Spiritual Warfare being used against the Church

As we can see, then, a very clever and devious tactic is being used against the Faithful. It is based on sloth, ignorance and calculates on the cowardice and/or inexperience in conflict of the average Catholic. It urges non-action to error, so that by being compromised by silence, individuals and local churches, one by one, can be suborned to the same evil and erroneous agenda.

This was the tactic used to get the Catholic world to accept that Pope Benedict XVI abdicated on Feb. 28, 2013. And it is the same tactic today.

Because everyone who refuses to see that the position of Pope Francis on ‘Gay Blessings’ is heretical, blasphemous, sacrilegious and directly opposed to the 2nd Commandment and the Our Father, will by his ignoring of the problem, be seduced into going along to get alone. And silent toleration of any kind, which consists in not requesting he be solemnly rebuked and/or removed from office, will lead to this.

Thus Don Minutella, Andrea Cionci, Marco Tosatti, Edward Pentin, Diana Montagna, Ann Barnhardt, Mark Dockerty, Michael Matt, Eric Sammons, and any other Catholic influencer who fails to call for the removal of Pope Francis from office is in fact committing this same sin. — I mention these names only as an example, since to my knowledge, none of them has urged Pope Francis be removed from office by the only means which is juridically and canonically valid, in provincial council. Nor can those who hold that he is not or never was the Pope fail to call for this, for ideological reasons, because any sane and faithful Catholic wants and will always prefer the solution which will be accepted by the whole Church, and will always put his personal opinions, views and reputation in the service of that end.

If you are a craven coward, a disgraceful servant, or the like, you will risk nothing to defend Holy Mother Church and our immaculate Catholic Faith, from this heresy. And thus by silence be led to offer your children and grandchildren on the altar of Sodom, because as this error is more and more accepted — as we can see in the daily news — the LGBTQ ideology will take hold of parishes and dioceses and religious orders to the utter moral and doctrinal corruption of the whole Mystical Body, the damnation of more than 1 billions souls.

We all must act against this, or we each shall individually be responsible.

My Personal Invitation to all Catholics & to Translators

Participate in the Sutri Initiative. Learn about the history of the provincial council of Sutri in 1046, here. Study the Canonical and Juridical way a heretical pope can be deposed, here.

And if you can translate these 3 documents into Polish or any language, please do so for the sake of the salvation of the Church in your native lands.

So far these documents have been translated into French and Italian, from their English originals.

There is still a need for Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and all the other languages spoken daily by Catholics such as Arabic, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovak, Czech, Hindu etc..

In addition to the Sutri Initiative you can do ….

In addition, I encourage all to form a Committee against Apostasy in their own diocese and promote knowledge of how important it is to hold fast to the Catholic Faith against the homo heresy. It is indeed disappointing to me, that in the last 2 months, only 1 Catholic responded to that holy and zealous initiative.

Moreover, urge your Bishops to convene a Provincial Council in their own ecclesiastical Province, to solemnly condemn ‘Fiducia supplicans’ as a scandalous document contrary to the Catholic Faith, promoting the homo-heresy, inducing priests to use the Name of God in vain and transgressing the duty of all Christians to keep that Name hallowed. Anything your Bishops declare outside of a provincial council has little or no CANONICAL authority. Furthermore, if in a provincial council anywhere in the world, Catholic Bishops call upon the Bishops of the Roman Province to do the same thing and rebuke Pope Francis to the face, it will be greatly conducive to convincing these Roman Bishops to act.

Cardinal Edwin O’Brien calls on Pope Francis to rescind ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: It is a very good testimony that this American Cardinal, who is nearly never in the news, has given by rejecting ‘Fiducia supplicans’. — However, the petition he has signed contains serious errors of law and fact. — His testimony is much reduced, also, because he has signed a petition promoted by LifeSiteNews, which just publicly embraced the LGBTQ agenda as part of the Church.

Cardinal Mueller: ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is contrary to the perennial teaching of the Church

Editor’s Note: The Cardinal after 60 days is still trying to save Pope Francis from a charge of heresy. He wants us to believe that ‘Fiducia supplicans’ by approving blessings for those who are in an objective state of mortal sin through a practice which is condemned absolutely by God is only teaching contrary to the deposit of the faith, but is not heretical in the sense of being heresy, but only in the sense of leading to heresy.

That is like saying, a drug is not lethal but is only poisonous.

This is why Cardinal Mueller’s article is published by First Things, a Skull and Bones publication which has always sought to protect Pope Francis from the charge he was an antipope, when he was an anitpope and from being a heretic after ‘Fiducia supplicans’.

Since the Benz interview was published, I believe that thinking Catholics will now have to consider carefully everything this Cardinal says and does, because he seems to have been given instructions to stay within a CIA narrative. And while that does not mean he is a CIA agent, it definitely means he is working for their agenda — and yes, I just employed Mueller’s logic against him.

It was clear from the first hour after ‘Fiducia supplicans’ was published that it was formally heretical, promoted blasphemy and sacrilege (because it said and authorized the abuse of the Divine Name to approve of sin, it instructed the priests of God to commit this horrible sacrilege against the Second Commandment of the Decalogue) and most dishonestly encouraged the entire Catholic world to accept this as an authentic growth in the understanding of the Gospel. BUT the Cardinal has taken 60 times 24 times longer to say, “it is contrary to the teaching of the Church, but not heretical”. It should be obvious that he has some strong motive for misrepresenting the truth.

For a complete list of my critiques of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ and of the news about ‘Fiducia suplicans’ as covered by FromRome.Info, see the Top menu of FromRome.Info and click on “Contra Fiducia supplicans”.

First Things gaslights the Catholic World on ‘Fiducia supplicans’ heretical blasphemous sacrilege

Editor’s Note: No one but those who are ignorant of the fact that ‘First Things’ Magazine was founded by Skull and Bones members, will be surprised that they published Msgr. Feichtinger’s essay which by simply characterizing the document ‘Fiducia supplicans’ as simply  unclear, misguided, confused, imprudent and not workable, seeks to gaslight the Catholic world into thinking that it is certainly not heretical or doctrinally erroneous. — This is certainly not a misfire. It  is clearly an attempt to get Catholics to calm down and not even think of real Catholic responses such as the Sutri Initiative, which would remove the Globalist-Masonic assent, known as Pope Francis, from office.

But the heresy of saying the Divine Name can be invoked over “irregular couples” at any time is so profoundly opposed to True Religion expressed in the Second Commandment of the Decalogue (“Thou shalt not take the Name of the Lord in vain”) and the second invocation of the ‘Our Father’ (“Hallowed be Thy Name”) — the only invocation which directly refers to the Decalogue — that even toleration of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ or of anyone who has signed or approved it constitutes apostasy of the first degree, because it equates the intentional, public and priestly invocation of the Divine Name to approve of sin and to bless those who do the will of God. — This is why the CIA is now working overtime to get Catholics to calm down.

Morrison: Pope Francis signed ‘Fiducia supplicans’ to weaponize his hatred for the Catholic Faith

Editor’s Note: Here is another great psychological-ideological analysis of ‘Fiducia supplicans’, which leaves you without any guidance on how to personally react to the existential crisis in the Church caused by it.

This is standard “Recognize and Resist”, i. e. lament and do nothing, fake opposition.

When will the Remnant talk about the Sutri Initiative, which was published on October 19, 2023, two months before ‘Fiducia supplicans’ was published, and which enables Catholics in a valid canonical and juridical manner to do their part in curing the problem, by getting Pope Francis removed from office?

The Remnant needs to publicly take some side, for Bergoglio remaining in power, or against. Honesty in journalism does not remain silent about this, just like no man who knows his mother is being raped next door can satisfy himself with lamenting about the problem or describing it, without intervening at the risk of his own person, or at least calling the Police and asking for immediate intervention.

The Remnant began publishing in 1967, and to my knowledge has NEVER promoted a canonically valid petition to have Vatican II overturned or any errant pope removed from office. If I am wrong, I publicly ask to be corrected.

Here at FromRome.Info, I constantly offer practical ways for readers to respond to crises in the Church by action which addresses the problem. I do this so as not to rob them of the occasion of the grace of inspiration, hope, and good works, which the Holy Ghost always wills to inspired in souls. I hold that such a way of acting is true Catholic journalism in the cause of God, and I pray that Catholic journalists and influencers, one and all, come to see that this is essential to the ethical and moral responsibilities of their profession.

Why, after ‘Fiducia supplicans’ all the Faithful can now legitimately refuse obedience to Pope Francis

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Traduction français

Obedience as a virtue inclines us to reverently, respectfully and dutifully comply with the will of one who holds legitimate authority when he expresses that will with a command, whether prohibiting or ordaining, instructing or governing action.

In truth, only a legitimate superior commanding what is legitimate is owed obedience. Someone pretending to be your superior ought never be obeyed. And any true superior commanding what is unjust or dishonest should never be obeyed.

In the Catholic Religion, which is the only true religion revealed by God, the legitimate and true superior of all things, as Creator and Lord, obedience is owed always and unconditionally to God alone.

Next, a conditioned limited obedience is owed to God’s authentic representatives communicating the decisions of the Divine Majesty. Thus, in accord with the ability of that communication to be authoritative and clearly manifest, we owe obedience to Jesus Christ, Who is God Incarnate, with supreme authority, first of all. Then, to those whom Christ has placed over us, that is, the Apostles He chose while on Earth or commissioned after His Resurrection, which is Saint Paul, alone. And because the Apostles had the grace of infallibility and impeccability their teachings and governing decisions — but not their personal behavior — is a perennial and unchanging rule for all generations. This is called Apostolic Tradition.

Next we owe a limited and conditional obedience to those who hold the offices which the Apostles established, during the tenure of their offices. Thus, we obey the Bishop of our diocese, the pastor of our church, etc.. These offices are part of the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy.

But there is an office which shares in both the Ecclesiastical Hierarchy and Apostolic authority, and that is the office of the Roman Pontiff. And because it shares in both, the obedience we owe the Roman Pontiff is in certain things more obligatory than all others, but in other things equally conditioned and limited.

Now when a Roman Pontiff governs in harmony with the will of God as expressed in revelation (Divine Tradition) and in accord with the will of the Apostles (Apostolic Tradition) all Catholics have the duty to obey him, when he commands a thing which pertains to our salvation. Thus, if he commands that a sacrament is to be received in such a manner, but not if he command that a certain basilica should alone celebrate the Rosary at 5 P. M..

However, when a Roman Pontiff does not govern in harmony with either the will of God as expressed in revelation or contrary to the teaching of the Apostles, he must not be obeyed, for to do so would be a mortal sin.  He must not be obeyed, I say, in the things which he commands which are contrary to these two parts of the Deposit of the Faith.

There is even still a greater obligation of Catholics to NOT obey a Roman Pontiff if he would act to destroy souls, by forbidding, obstructing, depriving, denying, or forbidding any thing or act which is conducive to salvation. Thus the Roman Pontiff must not be obeyed if he were to forbid the recitation of the prayer of the “Our Father”, or alter its text in a manner which alters its signification.

Thus, most Catholics in Italy sinned gravely when they accepted the formulae for the Our Father, issued by Pope Francis, where the words, “lead us not into temptation” where replaced with “do not abandon us in temptation”, even if they thought he was the Pope when he so commanded — which he was not because Pope Benedict XVI never renounced his office.

But a Pope must not be obeyed in anything when he clearly and manifestly is habitually opposed to the will of God in anything which is necessary or conducive to salvation.

The reason for this is that by his grave habitual public deviation from the will of God, nothing which emanates from him as teaching or governance can be free from a perverse defect, arising from his habitual deviation.

And such is the present public and manifest state of soul of Pope Francis, having signed ‘Fiducia supplicans” and having steadfastly refused to withdraw his approval, after being rebuked by thousands of Catholic Bishops, and tens of thousands of Catholic priests world wide, not to mention millions of the faithful.

The manifest deviation from the faith was clear on September 29, 2023, when he instructed Cardinal Fernandez to respond to the devious reply he gave to the 5 Cardinals in their recent Dubia. This pertinacity and perversity was made even more certain and malign by his publication of the heretical and blasphemous ‘Fiducia supplicans’ on Dec. 18, 2023.

And since that time he has not only refused public and private correction, he has even doubled-down upon it by insulting the entire Catholic world with petulant impish outbursts during public talks.

For this reason, whether a Catholic believes that pope Francis has lost his office by reason of heresy or schism, in the sight of God, or not, all Catholics are now obliged to NOT obey Pope Francis in anything until he repent, for otherwise they would become morally complicit in tolerating what can never be tolerated: the grave public abuse of the office of the Roman Pontiff by a man who is habitually opposed to the will of God in a grave matter, the observance of the 2nd Commandment of the Decalogue, which requires that Christians keep holy the Name of the Lord, never using it to approve of evil or vanity.

Likewise, with this obligation to not obey comes the grave obligation upon all Catholics to call for his public and solemn rebuke or reprehension, and/or removal from office, if he refuse rebuke or correction.

Catholics have already begun to request this action against Pope Francis in the Sutri Initiative. Let us all call upon everyone to do the same for the sake of Christ and the salvation of the world. Catholics are already refusing obedience world wide on account of the impeded state of the Apostolic See, as I explain here. — Keep talking about both to everyone, especially clergy; and in particular those dioceses or parishes where any statement approving of ‘Fiducia supplicans’ has been published or issued.

I urge you to not let anyone lull you into silent toleration of this man’s sin or convince you that the only response of the Catholic is to lament and tolerate it. If we do not begin and continue to publicly rebuke this man and express our rights to refuse obedience to him on account of the magnitude of his sin, not only will his soul have no remedy of correction, but the bad example he is giving will spread to the entire Church, depriving us of the Mercy of God and the grace of final perseverance. This is no small thing. And no Catholic who knows of this scandal can be saved if he remains silent and does not act.

Indeed, every Catholic “influencer” who leaves aside this controversy or who does not urge action shows by this very thing that he poorly understands the Faith and cares but little for the dignity of the Divine Majesty, the salvation of souls, or the ethical duty he has toward you, his reader or listener. Don’t dally with such fools, for they are leading you astray.

FromRome.info is an electronic journal chronicling the events of the Church without keeping silent about the duty of Catholics to respond with faith-filled action, rather than as mere spectators. This article is one of more than 10,000 published since September 2013 A. D.. For more information about our journal, see our About Page.

NIGERIA: Bishops of Ecclesiastical Province of Lagos reject ‘Fiducia supplicans’

Editor’s Note: Each spring, normally during Lent, the Bishops of each ecclesiastical province hold an informal meeting to discuss issues. While their decisions have no canonical force, the often take this occasion to issue joint pastoral statements. Thus, in the next 90 days we are likely to see many Ecclesiastical Provinces issue statements about Pope Francis ‘Gay Blessings’ document, which while authored by Cardinal Fernandez, is clearly part of Pope Francis’ core agenda for destroying the Catholic Church at the request of the CIA.

VATICAN: Pope Francis calls Catholics hypocrites for opposing “Gay Blessings”

Editor’s Note: When Vladimir Putin knows his theology, anatomy and biology better than the Pope, you know there are problems in the Vatican. — This statement by Pope Francis is another piece of evidence that he is a homo-heretic.

 Pope Francis also has a bad conscience, because no one ever said that one must bless every capitalist or business man. In fact no one has the right to a blessing. Each priest has the discretion to bless or not, but he cannot bless someone in public sin. — What Pope Francis seems to be saying is that Sodomites have the right to be blessed on any occasion, and that it is a sin to refuse them. Whatever may be the psychological projection he is under, that is simply not true and heretical.

If you find Pope Francis’ position totally revolting and heretical, do what many true Catholics have done and join the Sutri Initiative asking the Bishops of the Roman Province that he be deposed from the papacy for heresy. All you have to do is write the  1, several or all of the 15 Bishops of the Roman Province and ask them to do it.

Meanwhile, no Pope in history will be able to be condemned in Judgement Day with his own words for his every fault as this Pope, for denouncing others for his own sins and vices.

It is obvious that Pope Francis suffers from a reprobate sense, which according to St. Alphonsus is the disposition of spirit found in deeply impenitent sinners who are destined to damnation. I am glad that he is upset that his “Gay blessings” have been rejected by large portions of the Faithful and Church. Maybe this sorrow will bring him faster to judgement.

Argentine Bishop Aguer: The pro ‘Fiducia supplicans’ Cardinals think Catholics are fools

Editor’s Note: Since the publication of the horrendous blasphemous and heretical nonsense contained the document on ‘Gay blessings’, known as “Fiducia supplicans” (With trust bending over), we have seen a large number of Bishops world wide issue statements, some in favor and some against. The Catholic Bishops who have spoken out against it have limited their remarks to the document, the occasions of its publication, the Catholic teaching on blessings and the teaching of Scripture, and how the Church nor the pope cannot change these things.

But Bishop Aguer is the first to name Cardinals who support it and in the same breath call them out for their inane argumentation in its support. This may seem, therefore, just another Bishop saying, “No”, because of the multitude who have spoken before him; but it will have a powerful influence in the next Conclave and will condition the rest of the College of Bishops to keep their mouth shut, since the argument of Msgr. Aguer is a solid one: where Bishops know how to increase the flock, there is 100% unanimity that ‘Fiducia supplicans’ is on the wrong side of history, morality and true pastoral care.