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Do you want to be part of a Media Counter-Revolution?

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As we all know the MSM has completely lost its marbles and serves the Globalist world agenda, which has as its prime objective the destruction of Christendom and the Catholic Church.

The pro Bergoglian press are part and parcel the agents of this same agenda, with a little catholic veneer they are increasingly apostles of apostasy.

Trad Inc., which before the Renunciation of Benedict, was a faithful defender of the Eternal Faith, by hooking their wagon to the idea that “there is absolutely no doubt that Bergoglio is the pope” are increasingly being converted over to the agenda of the first two groups.

What is needed, then, is a truly Catholic Counter Revolution.

And The From Rome blog wants to do its part, so as from today, the From Rome Blog becomes FromRome.info, an Catholic News Information Media Site for truly Catholic news, not controlled by Soros or Bergoglio etc.. It will shortly get a new look and format, befitting a professional publication. But keep all the popular articles already published here.

This newsite will be run as an apostolate of the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, an international religious association of Catholics for the defense of Christianity.

Obviously, to make this effective, I need to recruit a staff of zealous Catholics who do not want to mince words or play in the pretend worlds of alternate realities; who know their faith well and are fluent in the languages they write. I want the platform to feature English, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Polish, Portuguese for starters.

If you would like to become a journalist and have the skills to write well and are someone who is highly informed about the Church at the present, please leave your contact information below in a comment.

I am looking for volunteers: whether full time or part time. Specifically I am looking for a Managing Editor, Writers, Reporters, Investigators, Commentators, who can produce in either Text or Video formats and have the equipment already and the internet access to produce their original contributions on their own, so that all they need to be is published at FromRome.info.

FromRome.info will be run like an electronic newspaper. It will allow comments, but not be a discussion forum like Gloria.TV or other sites of that kind. It will have a mix of essays and news, with news and news commentary predominating.

I am specifically looking for Catholics who hold the perennial faith, deplore Marxism, Modernism, and are staunch opponents of the Culture of Death and the Lavender Mafia.

If you feel you have what it takes to be a journalist with FromRome.info, contact me. I am NOT looking for professionals. I want individuals whose intellectual formation has not be touched by schools of journalism.  I expect you to be able to show me examples of your writing, reporting, commentary, etc. which you cite in a Resumé, and what websites or blogs you already have written on.  Also I ask for a 1 page essay on what you see are the principle problems in the Church.

I am looking for writers who can discuss or report on current events on all Continents, but always principally in regard to the Catholic Church. You can contribute in your own name or use a nom du plume, but with me, you must correspond with your true name.

Thank you for your interest, and Deus Vult!

Facts vs. conjecture

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here at the From Rome Blog, my posts regard both history and conjectures about why that history came about or what it means.

Having recently viewed a video by someone who follows a man who claims to be Christ in His second coming, because the video referred extensively to posts at the From Rome Blog, I see that not everyone who reads my blog understands how to discern facts from conjecture.

A Blog, it must be said, is a very personal publication. As human beings we naturally seek to know the truth. Some of that we can know  directly through the facts of history, and some of that we cannot know directly, so we must resort to interpretations. The weakest kind of interpretation is the conjecture, for a conjecture is an interpretation in which the facts (to prove it) and which are not know, are conjectured to exist.

Conjectures by their very nature tend to follow the sensibility as much as the rationality of those who write them. My conjectures do the same, and some of them might seem sensationalist. But I know how to distinguish my own conjectures from reality.

I write this post because I see that not everyone of my readers understand this.

So for clarity, I make this declaration.

That Pope Benedict XVI is the pope is statement which is not a conjecture, but rather the presumption of the law, because the law of the Church says that a pope resigns when he renounces his munus. And since Pope Benedict XVI has never done that in the way canon 332 §2 requires him to do it (fact), as the man who is the pope, we all must recognize that he is still the pope.

However, why he resigned the ministry and not the munus, and more so, why he even resigned, is something of which not a few Catholics do not see sufficient explanation in what has been reported, said, stated and repeated. This is because there is an inherent irrationality about saying Pope Benedict XVI resigned for this or that reason, and not finding the facts which make that evident (for example, in Non solum propter, he says he is resigning for health reasons, but he is still in rather good health after 6 years).

Since I seek the truth I understand that conjectures to complete the information lacking in what we know are possibly as much correct as incorrect, but at the same time I recognize that historically those who engage in such conjectures are more often wrong, because to make a conjecture which turns out to be verified by future revelations of facts, takes a great deal of familiarity with all the known causes which could have possibly influenced the event about which one is conjecturing. That is why insiders normally are better at conjecturing. And I am not an insider.

So please do not take my conjectures as dogma or history. They are not.

The fact is, that Pope Benedict XVI has never resigned according to the norm of Canon 332 §2.

But why he has or has not, is not certain to us. We would have to ask him, and he has not, to my knowledge, ever been asked why he renounced the ministerium and not the munus. So conjectures go on and on.

However, when it comes to canonical arguments, those arguments are as sound as the canons, principles and reasoning based upon them. Their certitude is thus much higher.

So when reading my blog, please keep this in mind.