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Il Popolo Sovrano chiede la dimissione del Governo di Conte II — 2 giugno

In diretta dalla Piazza del Popolo, Roma, Italia

Primo Servizio in diretta: 2 Giungio, alle 16,00


Un servizio del partito, L’Italia per gli Italiani (ItaliaPerItaliani.it) per seguire gli eventi della Rivoluzione Arancia guidata dal Generale Pappalardo dei Gilet Arancioni.

Il Servizio inizia alle 16,20.

Secondo servizio, in diretta: 3 Giugno, alle 9,30

ITALEXIT calls 2 Million Members to Rome, to protest on May 30th

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The comportment of the Government of Giuseppe Conte, an obscure lawyer known for nothing prior to being appointed by the leader of 5Stelle Party as a compromise candidate for Prime Minister (Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri) in 2018, has riled up all of Italy.

During the Lock-down, the Italian Movement dedicated to getting Italy out of the European Union and out of the Euro started to gather enormous support. In their latest report their FaceBook page got 2 Million likes (the FB equivalent of a subscription for a FB page).

In response, and emboldened by the failure of Conte to stem the horrendous economic disaster of shutting down the entire country, ITALEXIT has decided to organize a massive protest at Rome on May 30th, at 9 A.M. at Montecitorio, the Piazza in front of the official residence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

This is bold move, because political manifestations have been made explicitly illegal by the Government on account of “danger of spreading the virus”,

Recently, a U. N. Official confirmed that the response to Coronavirus has been excessively injurious to human rights and and based on the excuse that the virus is more lethal than it is.

More significantly, ITALEXIT has announced that it is gathered the support of leading monetary experts, who are now holding private meetings weekly to hash out how to restore the Italian Lira and dump the Euro.

The much simpler solution to base a national currency has already been proposed by the Catholic Political movement Per Gli Italiani, per l’Italia e per l’Italianità (Per I.I.I.) in their political program.

Andrea Furetto, writting for L’Unico, the sovreignist journal, says there is no longer mere speculation that the days of the Euro are numbered. It is now the political objective of a large political coalition which will make its political power known to the government at the end of the month.

He confirms, what FromRome.info has reported on extensively, that this will be only one of the major demonstration at Rome in those days. The Gilet Arancioni have called for 1 Million to march on Rome on June 2, to topple the government, and on May 30, the assembly of citizens in every city and town of Italy to vote for a provisional government.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of the image search results for Google.com image search under the rubric, Italexit, and shows how effective of a search engine it is to find images referring to the political cause to remove Italy from the European Union. It is used here according to fair use terms for editorial commentary and as a free advertisement of Google.com’s search engine.

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Generale Pappalardo: Il Governo di Conte è vera e propria dittatura!


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, General Antonio Pappalardo declares the government of Conte a dictatorship, for having extended the State of Emergency in the recent Decree-Law until Dec. 31, 2020.

He invites all the opposition to Conte to join him in the Piazza del Popolo for June 2. But he requires that they resign from the Italian Parliament, as the condition for joining the Orange Revolution sponsored by the Gilet Arancioni.

He announces the intention to establish a commission to investigate all the crimes committed by the government of Conte during the COVID-19 response. And he announces that on May 30, Gilet Arancioni will offer a way so that every Italian with a cell phone can vote via cellphone using his own finger.

He sustains the the people, not the government, are sovereign and can proceed to a popular vote without authorization of anyone, and that their decision preempts all other claims to authority in the State.

The Movimento per gli Italiani, per l’Italia e per l’Italianità proposes similar but more far reaching goals, aiming as it does to restore not only the Constitutional order but the Christian character of the Italian nation.

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Salvini and Meloni to join Pappalardo in Orange Revolution at Rome, on June 2?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Matteo Salivni and Giorgia Meloni have decided to join General Pappalardo in his March on Rome protest, for June 2, 2020, organized by the Gilet Arancioni, the party which the General is now the public leader.

The protest on June 2 is intended to be a sort of Orange Revolution, as it will seek the fall of the entire Government of Giuseppe Conte by bringing to Rome sufficient numbers to intimitate the government into taking flight.

Salvini is the leader of the Lega Party, which has about 60% support in national polls. Melone is the leader of the Fratelli d’Italia party, also among the opposition.

This decision of Salvini and Meloni is a magnitude 7.0 Earthquake in Italian Politics. It means also that Rome will overflow with 100s of thousands of protestors.

This report has  been confirmed by the Corriere della Sera. Though at least one commentator has some doubt that Salvini and Meloni will be organizing events together with the General, though their news release also mentions the same Piazza for their protest: the Piazza del Popolo, a rather small piazza on the norther limit of the ancient walls of Rome, not capable of holding more than 5 thousand.

FromRome.Info will attempt to issue timely reports of the protest, as is possible, on June 2, 2020.

Our medieval ancestors believed that Comets foretold the fall of kings and kingdoms. The Comet SWAN, first identified in April, will be visible over Italy from March 25th onwards:


POSTSCRIPT: On May 16, 2020, in the afternoon, General Pappalardo explained that no agreement has been made with Salvini or Meloni to participate in their protest. See more information here.

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