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Italian Government to raise 12 Legions of Civic Assistants for Contact Tracing

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Italy is suffering a near complete economic collapse and incapacity to pay its bills, but the government of Giuseppe Conte is calling for the raising of 60,000 civic assistants — the equivalent of 12 legions of soldiers — to assist the Mayors of cities to hunt down those who have been in contact with someone who is COVID-19 positive.

As Raffaele Palermo says in the above video, this call for 60,000 volunteers — which I recognize as certain sort of imitation of Barrack Obama’s attempt to create a private police force loyal to himself — makes no sense, since the State of Emergency ends on July 31, 2020 and as it appears, the President of the Repubblic, Mattarella has no intention to sign off on any extension of it.

As was noted widely in the press yesterday, here in Italy, Google.com has already downloaded into all phones which run Android in Italy — without the permission of the owners or users — the fundamental programming to conduct contact tracing for Covid-19. This programming is hidden in the Google App and no notification of this change was given to users.

Though Google is claiming this alteration does not initiate contact tracing, because the Contact Tracing App needs to be downloaded, anyone who knows enough about programming knows that they can say anything on your cellphone screen, but the actual reality on the level of programming can be quite different.

Several experts on cellphones are recommending that Android users shut down Bluetooth and Geo-localization to prevent the gathering of such information by the Contact Tracing App.

Here in Italy the Government of Conte has already approved the Contact Tracing App for mandatory insertion in all cellphones.

So experts are advising to leave cellphones at home or office and never take them outside of home or office. Better to have one at home and an entirely different one at work.

The danger of Contact tracing is that it cannot be objectively confirmed. The Government can just as well put data on your phone claiming you have been in contact with someone infected, and on that basis, the Cellphone companies are required to give the police your location, and they will be obliged to arrest you and take you to a center where no one, not even your lawyer will be able to meet you in person.

After that what happens to you, only God and the Government knows.

It’s the perfect system to get rid of dissidents.


CREDITS: The Italian Civil Protection Service is considered one of the most ethical institutions in the Italian Republic. The Featured Image above is that of the Commune of Monterotondo. It is used in accord with fair use police for editorial commentary. Their politicization by the government is therefore an ominous sign of Giuseppe Conte’s desire to expand his power.

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FaceBook censors Italian Lawyer’s lecture on how to defend oneself against illegal fines during Corona Shutdown

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is the video Attorney Edoardo Polacco attempted to publish on Facebook.

Facebook’s motive for action against the Attorney is not clear, but it appears to have been done at the request of the Government of Giuseppe Conte who is attempting to shut down all political opposition.

The other day in Parliament, when Sarah Cunial bitterly reproached Conte to his face for his lies, injustices, frauds and deceit, his eyes were filled with such a profound and vivid hatred, that I personally fear for the personal safety of the Parliamentarian.

From sight of that, I saw that this man, Conte, has, if not the talent, the will to become a dictator and suppress all liberty in the country. This blocking of Attorney Polacco’s simply explanatory discourse to his legal clients on how to file a legal complaint against the fines they received, is a gross violation of the principles of democracy and legal ethics, which Giuseppe Conte as an attorney is sworn in Italian Law to uphold, when he was admitted to the bar.

For that reason, I believe that Conte may very well be planning to establish a dictatorship, if he can just find enough support inside or outside of Italy to support him.

Alas, I suspect that China and the USA will support them: because they are both homelands of powerful men who want a complete tyranny.

In an related development, The Post & Email, an independent electronic journal published out of Connecticut, USA, was dumped from PayPal without notice after 10 years as a customer. They have exposed for more than 10 years the ineligibility of Barack Obama for office, but the recent move by PayPal might have to do with their recent report on the Deep State in the USA, which is pushing the police to issue illegal fines against citizens, the same topic upon which Attorney Polacco was censored on Facebook.

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Attorney De Petro: The Government has no authority to require the Virus Mass

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As of May 18, 2020, the Catholic Church in Italy has been operating its churches under a Protocol of agreement with Giuseppe Conte, the Sanitary Dictator of Italy. The new protocol requires the Church in her own churches to alter the rubrics of the mass in a way which is fundamentally disruptive of worship and faith. She is required to adopt methods even more strict that those in businesses which serve the public. The entire presupposition of the Protocol is that the Catholic Religion is unsanitary and that the Catholic Faith is not essential to society. But even worse, the Italian Constitution forbids that any law be made which inflicts anything upon the Church. The motto of the Italian Republic is a “a free Church in a free state”: a principle which has been completely trashed by Giuseppe Conte.

In response not a few constitutional lawyers and clergy have spoke out. Most recently, this has been done by a zealous Catholic attorney of Palermo, Sicily, by the name of Roberto De Petro. Here is his letter to the Bergoglian ordinary of Palermo, first in Italian, then in English translation. FromRome.into is honored to have the personal permission of Attorney De Petro to republish it.

Attorney De Petro addresses his letter to Mons. Lorefice, who garnered fame a few years ago, by being the first Bishop in history to ride a bicycle inside a Cathedral (See Featured Image above, read the story here). Lorefice was a priest of the Diocese of Noto, where I was a hermit. I have personally met him, and seen a copy of his universally praised Doctoral Thesis: a piece of longwinded modernist blovation which is worthy only of lining a birdcage. So I do not expect that this excellent letter be even understood by the Bishop. Lorefice is also the man who attempted to excommunicate Don Alessandro Minutella for rightfully declaring Bergoglio a public heretic.

+ + +

Ecc.za Rev.ma Arcivescovo di Palermo
Mons. Corrado Lorefice
Via Matteo Bonello, 2
90134 Palermo PA

Ecc.za Rev.ma,

sono un avvocato del foro di Palermo, cattolico praticante, residente nella sua diocesi e frequentatore – insieme a molti altri fedeli – della S. Messa in rito antico (la più sicura in tempi di coronavirus, poichè celebrata coram Deo).

Mi rivolgo a lei, e per suo tramite a tutti i vescovi italiani, per denunciare la invalidità e la illogicità del “Protocollo circa la la ripresa delle celebrazioni con il popolo” del 7.5.2020, stipulato tra Governo e CEI, per i seguenti motivi:

1) Incostituzionalità del d.l. 33/2020 e quindi del protocollo Governo – CEI.

Visto l’attuale andamento del dichiarato allarme sanitario da covid 19 – con contagi e decessi prossimi allo zero in tutta Italia (dati del Ministero della Salute aggiornati al 16.5.2020, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-jswKGJU2hJIRWVVNbm-tqF9_XM4ylwW/view?usp=sharing) (https://lab.gedidigital.it/gedi-visual/2020/coronavirus-i-contagi-in-italia/?refresh_ce) – il decreto legge 33/2020 è incostituzionale perchè privo dei presupposti di “straordinaria necessità ed urgenza” richiesti dall’art. 77 Cost..

In particolare la Sicilia presenta il livello di rischio il più basso d’Italia (preambolo Ordinanza n. 21/2020 del Pres. Reg. Sicilia) ed in provincia di Palermo i decessi totali nel primo trimestre 2020 sono inferiori del 9,2% rispetto a quelli registrati nello stesso periodo del 2019.

Pertanto l’allarme sanitario – in particolare nella sua diocesi – è del tutto inesistente, stando ai dati ufficiali forniti da ISTAT e ISS.

L’illegittimità costituzionale del decreto legge de quo, quale atto presupposto, travolge – per l’effetto – anche i successivi decreti attuativi (dpcm 17.5.2020) nonchè il mentovato “protocollo”, il quale è nullo anche per i seguenti infrascritti motivi.

2) Nullità del “protocollo” per carenza di potere e perché sacrilego.

Le disposizioni governative sulla ripresa delle celebrazioni con il popolo sono assolutamente nulle poichè:

– le autorità civili non sono competenti in materia di culto religioso;

– i rappresentanti della conferenza episcopale non hanno giurisdizione né sui vescovi, né sui sacerdoti, né sui fedeli.

Ogni singolo vescovo è sovrano nella sua diocesi, ma non può modificare quanto stabilito dalle rubriche del Messale, che hanno forza di legge per tutta la Chiesa. Le rubriche del Messale non prevedono l’uso di guanti nella celebrazione della Messa.

Nel rito tradizionale il vescovo toglie le chiroteche prima di accedere all’altare per la parte sacrificale: si deduce che l’Ostia consacrata può essere toccata solo da mani nude, poichè i frammenti possono rimanere attaccati alle dita.

Infatti, dopo la consacrazione del Pane, il sacerdote tiene uniti i polpastrelli del pollice e dell’indice fino a quando, terminata la comunione, non li purifica nel calice.

L’uso di guanti di lattice, alla luce di quanto appena esposto, è aberrante: il Corpo sacramentale del Signore, essendo quanto di più prezioso la Chiesa possieda in assoluto, non può certo essere toccato da  materiale spregevole che sarà gettato nella spazzatura (guanti monouso), ma soltanto dalle mani consacrate del sacerdote, il quale, proprio per questo, se le lava immediatamente prima della Messa. Inoltre tutti i vasi sacri, per rispetto di ciò che devono contenere, devono essere obbligatoriamente dorati; anche da ciò si deduce che il mettere volontariamente le Sacre Specie a contatto con materiali vili è un attentato alla loro sacralità, cioè un atto sacrilego in senso lato.

3) Manifesta illogicità nella proibizione della Comunione in bocca.

Ammessa e non concessa la attuale sussistenza di un allarme sanitario nella diocesi di Palermo, è apodittico ed ascientifico affermare che la comunione in mano sia innocua, mentre quella in bocca esponga al contagio virale: è vero il contrario, poichè il palmo della mano ed i polpastrelli sono i principali vettori di sporcizia, virus e batteri; invece la saliva contiene il lisozima, avente proprietà “antibatteriche, antivirali, antiprotozoarie, immunomodulanti” (Prof. Di Bella http://www.metododibella.org/it/notizie/2020-03-12/La-straordinaria-efficacia-del-Lisozima-come-antivirale-Roma.it.html).

E’ di lapalissiana evidenza che molti agenti patogeni vengono trasmessi attraverso le mani, che toccano quelle di altre persone, le maniglie delle porte, i corrimano, i maniglioni nei trasporti pubblici, etc..

Le stesse mani e dita vanno poi a toccare il naso e la bocca (cfr. rivista “BMC Infectious Diseases”, studio del 2006 citato in https://www.corrispondenzaromana.it/notizie-dalla-rete/i-vescovi-non-possono-imporre-la-comunione-alla-mano-ne-proibire-la-comunione-alla-lingua/).

Anche i medici interpellati dalla diocesi di Portland hanno confermato che “le mani hanno una maggiore esposizione ai germi” (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/portland-archdiocese-coronavirus-or-no-communion-can-be-received-on-the-tongue-17282).

Si noti, infine, che mentre il macellaio può toccare la carne animale a mani nude, il sacerdote viene costretto a porgere il Corpo di Cristo con i guanti monouso!

Si ripetono così le assurdità della fase 1, in cui si poteva andare al supermarket, edicola e tabaccaio, ma non in parrocchia a pregare. Perseverare diabolicum.

4) Violazione dei paragrafi 14 e segg. e 90 e segg. della Redemptionis Sacramentum.

La competenza a regolamentare ed ordinare la Sacra Liturgia spetta alla Sede Apostolica, e non al vescovo, ai sensi dei paragrafi 14 e segg. della tuttora vigente “Redemptionis Sacramentum”, la quale attribuisce ai fedeli il diritto di fare la comunione in ginocchio (nn. 90 e 92) ed espressamente stabilisce che “i ministri sacri non possono negare i sacramenti a coloro che li chiedano opportunamente, siano disposti nel debito modo e non abbiano dal diritto la proibizione di riceverli”; pertanto “non è lecito, quindi, negare a un fedele la santa Comunione, per la semplice ragione, ad esempio, che egli vuole ricevere l’Eucaristia in ginocchio” (n.91, la cui violazione in molte parrocchie palermitane è stata più volte invano denunciata a vostra Ecc.za).

Infine, Ecc.za Rev.ma, rifletta sul fatto che l’irresponsabile ed arbitraria interdizione ai fedeli della S. Messa (stigmatizzata anche da Papa Francesco il 17.4.2020 http://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/articoli/Papa-Francesco-Cosi-non-e-Chiesa-celebrare-a-distanza-per-uscire-dal-tunnel-81fb2600-7e83-488a-8cb7-98ab5cd320f6.html), ha portato ad una disastrosa “virtualizzazione” dei Sacramenti, taluni aboliti de facto, altri sostituiti da “cerimonie in streaming”.

Ciò ha instillato l’erroneo convincimento che sia possibile soddisfare il proprio “sentimento religioso usufruendo delle numerose alternative offerte mediante gli strumenti informatici”, come ha testualmente statuito il Tar Lazio il 29.4.2020 (https://tinyurl.com/ycyzd2oq), il quale ha occupato il vuoto lasciato dagli ipocondriaci vescovi e presbiteri italiani, plaudenti alla “conversione” di Silvia “Aisha” Romano e barricati dentro le loro canoniche per un misero frammento di RNA, mentre i cattolici cinesi, africani e mediorientali rischiano ogni giorno di essere decapitati, torturati, bombardati e bruciati vivi mentre assistono alla S. Messa, preferendola alla loro stessa vita.

Auspico che vostra Ecc.za Rev.ma – avendo a cuore la salute dei fedeli tanto quanto il decoro della Liturgia – voglia disapplicare l’umiliante “protocollo” per tutti i motivi sopra esposti, nonché favorire la celebrazione del Vetus Ordo, che assicura maggiore distanza e minori contatti tra fedeli e presbiteri.

Con osservanza.

Palermo lì 20.5.2020

Avv. Roberto De Petro

+ + +

Ecc.za Rev.ma Archbishop of Palermo
Mons. Corrado Lorefice
Via Matteo Bonello, 2
90134 Palermo PA

Your Excellency,

I am a lawyer of the Bar of Palermo, a practising Catholic, resident in his diocese and frequenter – together with many other faithful – of the Holy Mass in ancient rite (the safest in times of coronavirus, since it is celebrated coram Deo).

I turn to you, and through you to all the Italian bishops, to denounce the invalidity and illogicality of the “Protocol on the resumption of celebrations with the people” of 7.5.2020, stipulated between the Government and CEI, for the following reasons:

1) Unconstitutionality of Legislative Decree 33/2020 and therefore of the Government – CEI protocol.

Given the current trend of the declared health alert by covid 19 – with contagions and deaths close to zero throughout Italy (data from the Ministry of Health updated to 16.5.2020, https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-jswKGJU2hJIRWVVNbm-tqF9_XM4ylwW/view?usp=sharing) (https://lab.gedidigital.it/gedi-visual/2020/coronavirus-i-contagi-in-italia/?refresh_ce) – Decree Law 33/2020 is unconstitutional because it lacks the prerequisites of “extraordinary necessity and urgency” required by art. 77 of the Italian Constitution.

In particular, Sicily has the lowest level of risk in Italy (preamble of Ordinance no. 21/2020 of the Sicilian Reg. Reg.) and in the province of Palermo total deaths in the first quarter of 2020 are 9.2% lower than those recorded in the same period of 2019.

Therefore the health alert – particularly in his diocese – is completely non-existent, according to official data provided by ISTAT and ISS.

The constitutional illegitimacy of the above mentioned decree law, as a prerequisite act, overwhelms – for the effect – also the subsequent implementing decrees (dpcm 17.5.2020) as well as the mentioned “protocol”, which is null and void for the following reasons.

2) Nullity of the “protocol” for lack of power and because it is sacrilegious.

The government provisions on the resumption of celebrations with the people are absolutely null and void because:
– the civil authorities are not competent in matters of religious worship;
– the representatives of the Episcopal Conference have no jurisdiction over bishops, priests or the faithful.

Every single bishop is sovereign in his diocese, but he cannot change what is established by the headings of the Missal, which have the force of law for the whole Church. The rubrics of the Missal do not provide for the use of gloves in the celebration of Mass.

In the traditional rite, the bishop removes the chirotecs before entering the altar for the sacrificial part: it is deduced that the consecrated Host can only be touched by bare hands, since the fragments can remain attached to the fingers.

In fact, after the consecration of the Bread, the priest holds the fingertips of the thumb and index finger together until, after communion, he purifies them in the chalice.

The use of latex gloves, in the light of what has just been said, is aberrant: the sacramental Body of the Lord, being the most precious Thing the Church possesses, can certainly not be touched by despicable material that will be thrown in the trash (disposable gloves), but only by the consecrated hands of the priest, who, precisely for this reason, washes them immediately before Mass. Moreover, all sacred vessels, out of respect for what they must contain, must be compulsorily gilded; also from this it can be deduced that voluntarily putting the Sacred Species in contact with vile materials is an attack on their sacredness, that is, an act sacrilegious in the broadest sense.

3) It manifests illogicality in the prohibition of Communion in the mouth.

Admitted and not granted the current existence of a health alarm in the diocese of Palermo, it is apodictic and ascientific to say that the communion in the hand is harmless, while the communion in the mouth exposes to viral contagion: the opposite is true, because the palm of the hand and the fingertips are the main vectors of dirt, viruses and bacteria; instead the saliva contains lysozyme, having “antibacterial, antiviral, antiprotozoal, immunomodulating” properties (Prof. Di Bella http://www.metododibella.org/it/notizie/2020-03-12/La-straordinaria-efficacia-del-Lisozima-come-antivirale-Roma.it.html).

It is most evident that many pathogens are transmitted through the hands, which touch those of other people, door handles, handrails, handles in public transport, etc..

The same hands and fingers then touch the nose and mouth (see “BMC Infectious Diseases” magazine, 2006 study cited in https://www.corrispondenzaromana.it/notizie-dalla-rete/i-vescovi-non-possono-imporre-la-comunione-alla-mano-ne-proibire-la-comunione-alla-lingua/).

The doctors questioned by the Diocese of Portland also confirmed that “hands have a higher exposure to germs” (https://www.catholicnewsagency.com/news/portland-archdiocese-coronavirus-or-no-communion-can-be-received-on-the-tongue-17282).

Note, finally, that while the butcher can touch animal flesh with his bare hands, the priest is forced to hand over the Body of Christ with disposable gloves!

Thus the absurdities of phase 1 are repeated, in which one could go to the supermarket, newsagent’s and tobacconist’s, but not to the parish to pray. Persevere diabolicum.

4) Violation of paragraphs 14 et seq. and 90 et seq. of Redemptionis Sacramentum.

The competence to regulate and ordain the Sacred Liturgy belongs to the Apostolic See, and not to the bishop, according to paragraphs 14 et seq. of the still in force “Redemptionis Sacramentum”, which attributes to the faithful the right to make communion on their knees (nn. 90 and 92) and expressly states that “sacred ministers cannot deny the sacraments to those who ask for them properly, are properly disposed and are not forbidden by law to receive them”; therefore “it is not lawful to deny a faithful person Holy Communion, for the simple reason, for example, that he wants to receive the Eucharist on his knees” (n. 91, whose violation in many parishes in Palermo has been repeatedly denounced in vain to your Etc.za).

Finally, Ecc.za Rev.ma, reflect on the fact that the irresponsible and arbitrary interdiction to the faithful of the Holy Mass (also stigmatized by Pope Francis on 17.4.2020 http://www.rainews.it/dl/rainews/articoli/Papa-Francesco-Cosi-non-e-Chiesa-celebrare-a-distanza-per-uscire-dal-tunnel-81fb2600-7e83-488a-8cb7-98ab5cd320f6.html), has led to a disastrous “virtualization” of the Sacraments, some abolished de facto, others replaced by “streaming ceremonies”.

This has instilled the erroneous belief that it is possible to satisfy one’s own “religious sentiment by taking advantage of the numerous alternatives offered by means of computerized tools”, as the Lazio Regional Administrative Court ruled on 29.4.2020 (https://tinyurl. com/ycyzd2oq), which has occupied the void left by the hypochondriac Italian bishops and priests, applauding the “conversion” of Silvia “Aisha” Romano and barricaded inside their rectories for a miserable fragment of RNA, while Chinese, African and Middle Eastern Catholics risk being beheaded, tortured, bombed and burned alive every day while attending Mass, preferring it to their own life.

I hope that Your Excellency, having the health of the faithful at heart as much as the decorum of the Liturgy, will disapply the humiliating “protocol” for all the above reasons, as well as encourage the celebration of the Vetus Ordo, which ensures greater distance and less contact between the faithful and priests.

With due respect,

Palermo May 20, 2020

Attorney Roberto De Petro


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of the ANSA report cited in the introduction to this report and is used here for editorial commentary, according to fair use standard.

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The Sanitary Dictator has blinked!

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here in Italy, the Italians have a new name for their Prime Minister, Giuseepe Conte: Il Dittatore Sanitario. It is a play on words, since sanitario refers to health and things which regard health, as well as to being clean and disinfected. They call him this because in the name of keeping everyone from getting the flu, he has acted as a sort of obsessive father who prefers to lock all his children in their rooms for 2 months rather than risk that they get sick. And who cares about sending them to school!  Just for good measure, he ordered all the schools in Italy closed too!

But the Sanitary Dictator has just blinked. Because in his new Decreto-Legge (Dicatorial Decree rubber stamped by his ruling coalition in Parliament on May 14), the proposed Article 16, which would have extended the state of emergency response to COVID-19 all the way to Dec. 31, 2020 with the option of adding another 12 months after that, HAS BEEN CANCELLED from the final official version.

The version which had been presented beforehand as the official one was claimed to have been signed by the President of Italy, Mattarella.  But Attorney Polacco opined last night in his FaceBook address, that the President had Article 16 struck out.

But the good thing is, that the Government of Conte has backed down. They wanted another 18 months of emergency to maintain their claim to dictatorial powers.

Conte has blinked, in my assessment, because courageous Attorneys like Edoardo Polacco are leading legal crusades against him and Mattarella, in which more than 2400 criminal complaints have been filed against them both, in all the Procuratorships of Italy. Complaints, which if heard, will lead to the imprisonment of each of these men and their associates for as much as 15 years. That might have caused Mattarella to think twice about Article 16.

General Pappalardo’s call for an Orange Revolution on June 2 to topple the government might also have something to do with it, not to mention ITALEXIT’s call for 2 million to march on Rome on May 30.

But the buffoons in the Italian government just undermined themselves more than they think. For, in Italy, the President can refuse to sign a bill, but he does not have line item veto power. The bill should go back to parliament and be voted on again. So we have the case of a Decreto-Legge published in the official Gazette of the Republic in a form which was never approved by Parliament. That makes it totally invalid in law. And since it is invalid, any enforcement of it is another crime against the constitutional rights of citizens to be punished only by laws. (In Italy, a law of Parliament does not become law, unless it is signed by the President of the Republic).

Thus, cries for the resignation of the government will now increase. The ball in now in the people’s court.

+ + +

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ITALEXIT calls 2 Million Members to Rome, to protest on May 30th

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The comportment of the Government of Giuseppe Conte, an obscure lawyer known for nothing prior to being appointed by the leader of 5Stelle Party as a compromise candidate for Prime Minister (Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri) in 2018, has riled up all of Italy.

During the Lock-down, the Italian Movement dedicated to getting Italy out of the European Union and out of the Euro started to gather enormous support. In their latest report their FaceBook page got 2 Million likes (the FB equivalent of a subscription for a FB page).

In response, and emboldened by the failure of Conte to stem the horrendous economic disaster of shutting down the entire country, ITALEXIT has decided to organize a massive protest at Rome on May 30th, at 9 A.M. at Montecitorio, the Piazza in front of the official residence of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella.

This is bold move, because political manifestations have been made explicitly illegal by the Government on account of “danger of spreading the virus”,

Recently, a U. N. Official confirmed that the response to Coronavirus has been excessively injurious to human rights and and based on the excuse that the virus is more lethal than it is.

More significantly, ITALEXIT has announced that it is gathered the support of leading monetary experts, who are now holding private meetings weekly to hash out how to restore the Italian Lira and dump the Euro.

The much simpler solution to base a national currency has already been proposed by the Catholic Political movement Per Gli Italiani, per l’Italia e per l’Italianità (Per I.I.I.) in their political program.

Andrea Furetto, writting for L’Unico, the sovreignist journal, says there is no longer mere speculation that the days of the Euro are numbered. It is now the political objective of a large political coalition which will make its political power known to the government at the end of the month.

He confirms, what FromRome.info has reported on extensively, that this will be only one of the major demonstration at Rome in those days. The Gilet Arancioni have called for 1 Million to march on Rome on June 2, to topple the government, and on May 30, the assembly of citizens in every city and town of Italy to vote for a provisional government.


CREDITS: The Featured Image above is a screen shot of the image search results for Google.com image search under the rubric, Italexit, and shows how effective of a search engine it is to find images referring to the political cause to remove Italy from the European Union. It is used here according to fair use terms for editorial commentary and as a free advertisement of Google.com’s search engine.

+ + +

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“Non è La Radio” intervenes General Pappalardo, May 16

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Here is a summary of the comments made by General Pappalardo.

He says the government needs to go to jail for all the deaths during the crisis. He decries the closing all the economy instead of the regions hard hit by it. The order to cremate the bodies, he calls the most barbaric practice.

He faults the government for heeding the advice of Burioni, who is not even a virologist.

General Pappalardo decries the economy slaughter of Sicily which had no cases.

He says he personally has nothing against Conte, but he says he should resign and is not capable of being a leader.

He asserts that he is not like a common citizen who is terrified by the authorities, and that is why he came back from working in Tunisia without fear of being arrested.

He holds that the government is instilling fear of the virus returning because they are committed to buying useless vaccines. And he implies that the politicians involved in these decisions are getting kickbacks from the manufacturers.

He calls on Italians to reject all vaccines for COVID-19.  Eat well, get sun and eat things with vitamin C, as we always have done, says the General.

“We are dead, from the economic point of view,” says the General.

Then he says, “How can you go ahead with such a government as this”. To which he responds that is why the Gilet Arancioni has called for a protest. A vote on May 30, to vote for 200 members of a provisional parliament, to decree a new law for elections and to print 700 Billion in the new Lira, which will have the same value as the Euro, to reimburse every citizen.

He cites European Law which allows Italy to print a parallel currency.

He wants Conte and Burioni brought to justice.

He says Italian citizens should not fear and that he will give them his protection.

His party is writing a letter to all the Procurators (District Attorneys) in Italy, urging them to do their duty, protect the people, respect the Constitution.

He says that Conte does not know how to govern. He says one thing, does another, then changes what he says, does not keep his promises.

He says he does not want acts of violence. To use violence is to be wrong. It is the government which is wrong.

He reaffirms that Mattarella is not the President of the Country on account of the fact that he was elected as such by a Parliament which had 250 members who were not yet convalidated in their recent election victories, by the Parliament.

He says that the Italian People cannot endure more of this government, which has used such force against the common citizen for holding a barbecue, or going to the beach, in a way they have never has done to the Mafia of Calabria and Sicily.

At the end he says that the Protest at Rome on May 30 will be held in the Palazzo dello Sport, in the South of Rome, EUR district, which the General calls by its old name, PalaLottamatica, though it is not clear whether he means that it will be held inside or outside the facility.

+ + +



Article 77 of the Italian Constitution is zapping Conte’s Dictatorship into oblivion

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In Italy, according to the Constitution, Article 87, the President of the Council of Ministers — who in other nations is called the Prime Minister — can emanate decrees with have force of law in times of urgency.  It is on this basis that Giuseppe Conte has responded to the co-called COVID-19 Pandemic.

But his efforts to establish a police state of a kind only George Orwell might have dreamed of is slowing being zapped into oblivion by the same Constitution he quotes to justify his tyrannical control of everything in Italy, from handshakes to visiting grandma, from which part of society is deemed essential and which part can be crushed out of existence: the Church and small businesses in the second category.

Article 77 reads in the original:

Il Governo non puo` , senza delegazione delle Camere [76], emanare decreti che abbiano valore di legge ordinaria.

Quando, in casi straordinari di necessita` e di urgenza, il Governo adotta, sotto la sua responsabilita` , provvedimenti provvisori con forza di legge, deve il giorno stesso presentarli per la conversione alle Camere che, anche se sciolte, sono appositamente convocate e si riuniscono entro cinque giorni [612, 622].

I decreti perdono efficacia sin dall’inizio, se non sono convertiti in legge entro sessanta giorni dalla loro pubblicazione. Le Camere possono tuttavia regolare con legge i rapporti giuridici sorti sulla base dei decreti non convertiti.

Which in English would be:

The Government cannot, without delegation of the House [Article 76], emanate decrees which have the force of ordinary law.

When, in extraordinary cases of necessity and urgency, the Government adopts, under its own responsibility, provisional provisions with the force of law, it must the same day present them for conversion into law to the Houses of Parliament which, even if they are in recess, are duly convoked and are summons within 5 days [Articles 612 & 622].

The decrees lose efficacy retroactively, if they have not been converted into law withing 60 days from their publication.  The Houses of Parliament can, however, regulate with laws the juridical relations which arises on the basis of decrees which are not so converted.

So far, the Italian Parliament has converted none of the decrees of Giuseppe Conte or of his government into law. This means that as 60 days pass for the publication of each of them, they not only lose all force of law, but they lose all legitimacy which they had from the day of their publication, and that ALL the actions which the police took to enforce them become illegal and crimes against the persons so fined or arrested or imprisoned.

To give himself a cover, Giuseppe Conte has been issuing new decrees each month, so as to maintain the claim to power. But each month the Parliament refuses to convert them into law, because if they did, it would be the end of their political careers, so odious these Corona decrees are with the people.

And indeed, if the Parliament has refused to convert the first of the decrees into law, it remains a political de facto state, that they will not convert the others. And thus the entire Corona Tyranny has become not only unconstitutional in what it attempts to force upon citizens, but illegal in its very form of execution.

I had a short conversation with a woman who is a member of the Italian State Police the other night. I mentioned Article 77 to her and though she claimed to be a lawyer, she refused it means what it says. She says I have to read it again and in the right way.

I, myself, think that there will come the day, and that day is fast approaching, when policewomen like her will wish they had listened to me, as they face 5 years in prison for the violation of the constitutional rights of each citizen they so violated. For each one. That means more than life in prison for most of the police of Italy right now.

The chief Corona Decree of March 8, 2020 expired last night. Last night, I did not see police stop anyone.

+ + +

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Conte, sei maledetto! Perchè stai faccendo male!


Figlia, in viaggo il 19 Aprile, 2020, per portare medicina alla suocera in ospedali a Trappani, mutata 533,33 euro per avere il suo marito con sé in macchina, denuncia Giuseppe Conte.

Dichiara: non la pagherò! Dice che Conte è un schiffosisimo marxista.

Un altro segno che il governo è odiato universalmente e con la rabbia del popolo.

Italy is ripe for an Orange Revolution

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Italy is ripe for an Orange Revolution. I make his assessment on a panoply of facts which are showing themselves in every sector of daily life.

The widespread discontent to the Corona Control imposed by Giuseppe Conte’s Left-wing government has burst into open anger and rage since the announcement of his Phase 2 Corona Controls which will destroy the small business class of Italy and prevent Italians from returning to the daily life and activities of normal existence, in some cases, for an indefinite period: wearing of masks, mandatory vaccines, use of apps to track citizens, prohibition of travel to home towns for the holidays, end of public schooling.

Their patience is gone and there seems nothing to stop, now, the tides moving in the direction of open political revolution.

Here are some observations I have made which argue toward this:

First, the Italian police forces, both the Carabinieri and the State Police, no longer long display any eagerness to enforce the decrees against movement or gatherings. Members of the Carabinieri are openly expressing themselves as against the Corona Controls and the Government. When they hear a citizen shares these views they are even more friendly, not antagonistic. To my knowledge, this attitude is widespread also in the Italian Military.

This means that if any political protests breakout, the forces of public order are not likely to intervene to prevent the Citizenry from defending itself.

Second, Italians have begun to defy the controls with indifference. There are daily more and more persons on the street who no longer have fear of the police.

Third, it is now an every day experience that one hears Italians denouncing the Government for acting unconstitutionally. This is a very remarkable development, because Italians by custom never speak about politics in public. To do so is seen as risking social relationships which might be needed in times of want. So when Italians do this, it is a sign that they have lost all hope that the Government wants to help them and are convinced that the Government is not only an enemy, but an intolerable enemy.

Fourth, the Government has alienated about every part of society as much as they possibly can. They still refuse the advances of the Bishop’s conference for religious services for Catholics. They still have refused to give any date for the reopening of barbers, salons and clothing stores.  For Italians who take extreme care of their personal experience, the idea of going without new clothes or a haircut for an unspecified period of time is insufferable.

Finally, Merchants and businessmen are showing a determined opposition to the Corona Controls. There have not only been strong push backs from the Industrial sector but also from the national labor unions. Even individual proprietors have begun to turn their lights on their business signs, even in cases where their businesses are not allowed to open. They want everyone to know that they have not surrendered or given up.

Brigadier General Pappalardo’s call for an Orange Revolution at the end of May, therefore, will in my judgement gain growing support as the month passes. He is calling for mass demonstrations in the capitals of each of the Regions on May 30, and on May 31 a massive demonstration at Rome to drive the government from power. Being a former leading commander in the National Police of the Carabinieri, he is garnering a lot of support from precisely those sectors who alone could be used by the government to stop it.

For this reason, I think we are about to see a momentous political change in Italy in the next 6 weeks. An Orange Revolution which can now only be adverted by the capitulation of the government of Giuseppe Conte, either on principles, or in actual effect, that is, resignation and a call for new popular elections for Parliament. Failing that, violence, political or physical, seems now inevitable for Italy.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is of the Orange Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine, on November 22, 2004. It is used here in accord with a Creative Commons Share-Alike 3.0 license, as deascribed, here.

+ + +


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Polacco files Criminal Complaint against Italian Prime Minister & gives interview to FromRome.Info


Dopo alle 10, 45 il mercoledì, From Rome Info Video era in diretta da Parioli, Roma, Italia, per la presentazione della Querela contro Conte del Avv. Edoardo Polacco, alla Caserma dei Carabinieri, Parioli, Roma (RO), Italia.

Per maggiori informazioni sulla Querela, vai al nostro articolo anteriore su essa, cliccando qui, dove si possa trovare un collegamento ipertestuale a una copia della Querela in formato PDF, per scaricare e presentare anche nel suo nome alla Caserma dei Carabiniere nel suo paese.


At 10:45 A.M. Rome Time, on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, FromRome.Info reported live from Parioli, Rome, the historical event of Attorney Polacco’s formal presentation of the legal complaint against the Italian Prime Minister for his grave violation of the constitutional rights of the entire Italian people.

For more information, see our previous report, here.

The live coverage will be in Italian and English.

+ + +

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Tosatti interviews Viganò: Conte’s shameful delusions of Omnipotence in his COVID-19 response



by Marco Tosatti

An English Translation of the Original, entitled: Intervista a Viganò. Conte, delierio di onnipotenza indecoroso. E illegale.

Dear Stilumcuriali, today we offer you an interview with Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò. Which touches on all the main themes of the moment we are living in Italy and in the Church. We think we should thank the Archbishop for the frankness and courage with which he expressed opinions that many people share, and fears that many live.

The interview comes out on 29 April, in memory of Saint Catherine of Siena. Enjoy reading.

§ § §

Your Excellency, the last Decree of President Giuseppe Conte dashed the hopes of the Italian Bishops’ Conference (CEI) and prolonged the lock-down of Masses throughout Italy. Some canonists and experts in concordat law have expressed many reservations about the behavior of the Government. What are your thoughts on the matter?

The Concordat between the Holy See and the Italian State recognizes, as Her native right, the Church’s full freedom and autonomy in carrying out Her own Ministry, which sees the celebration of Holy Mass and the administration of the Sacraments as Her social and public expression, in which no authority can interfere, not even with the consent of the ecclesiastical authority itself, which is not the mistress but the administrator of the Grace conveyed by the Sacraments.

Jurisdiction over places of worship therefore belongs in its entirety and exclusively to the Ordinary of the place, who decides in full autonomy — for the good of the souls entrusted to his care as Shepherd — the functions that are celebrated there and by whom they are to be celebrated. It is not for the Prime Minister to authorize access to the churches, nor to legislate on what the faithful or the Minister of worship can or cannot do.

In addition to this, the pronouncements of eminent jurists and magistrates – including those of the Supreme Court – are very authoritative and they question the legitimacy of legislating through Prime-Ministerial Decrees, which violate the superior and prevailing rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the Italian Republic. Even if we are not talking about the Catholic Religion, particularly protected by its special status, the suspension of the right to freedom of worship implied by the Prime Minister’s Decrees is clearly illegitimate, and I trust that there will be those who wish to declare it officially, putting an end to this indecorous delusion of omnipotence of civil authority not only before God and His Church, but also before the faithful and citizens.

Many faithful and priests have felt abandoned and little protected by the Episcopal Conference and the Bishops.

It must be made clear, for the avoidance of misunderstandings, that the Episcopal Conference has no authority over the Bishops, who have full jurisdiction in their own Diocese, in union with the Apostolic See. And this is even more important at a time when we have understood how much the CEI is all too condescending, indeed succumbing, towards the Italian government.

Bishops do not have to wait for a body without any jurisdiction to tell them what to do: it is up to them to decide how to behave, with prudence and wisdom, to guarantee the Sacraments and the celebration of Mass to the faithful. And they can do so without having to ask either the CEI or the State, whose authority ends in front of the churchyard of our churches, and there it must stop.

It is unheard of that the Italian Episcopal Conference continues to tolerate such an abuse, which violates the divine right of the Church, violates a law of the State and creates a very serious precedent. And I believe that the communiqué issued on Sunday evening is also proof of the consent of the leaders of the Episcopate not only to the means, but also to the ends that this government proposes.

The supine silence of the CEI, and of almost all the Ordinaries, makes clear a situation of subordination to the State that has no precedent, and that was rightly perceived by the faithful and priests as a sort of abandonment of themselves: the scandalous raids of the public force in the church, even during the celebration of Mass, with sacrilegious arrogance that should have provoked an immediate and very firm protest by the Secretariat of State, are emblematic of this. The Ambassador of Italy to the Holy See should have been summoned, been presented a harsh Note of Protest for the very serious violation of the Concordat by the Government, and reserving the right to recall the Apostolic Nuncio to Italy if the illegitimate measure had not been withdrawn.

Cardinal Parolin, as sponsor of the President Conte, is in great embarrassment and in conflict of interest. It is clear that, instead of protecting the sovereignty and freedom of the Church in fidelity to its high institutional function as Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin has shamefully chosen to side with his lawyer friend. Not even the economic interests of so-called Catholic volunteerism could justify such an option.

What interests are you referring to?

I am referring to the scandalous distribution of public funds intended for the hospitality of illegal immigrants, of which Pope Bergoglio and the CEI are largely beneficiaries and, at the same time, strenuous promoters. Another conflict of interest, this one, which places the Church in a position of gratitude towards the State, making it not entirely illegitimate the suspicion that the multiple silences of the CEI, including the one we have witnessed in recent months on the occasion of the alleged pandemic, are motivated by the fear of seeing the lucrative proceeds from the reception fade away. Let us not forget that the funds deriving from the 8×1000 are decreasing more and more, confirming the estrangement of the Italian faithful from a Church that seems to have no other purpose than that of favoring the ethnic substitution strongly desired by the globalist elite. I fear that this trend will be confirmed in the coming months, in response to the silence of the Bishops.

In all this, the position of Pope Francis seems contradictory: at first he ordered the Cardinal Vicar to close the churches of Rome before Conte issued the Decree; then he embarrassed him, publicly denying it and having them reopened. He encouraged the Masses in streaming and then spoke of a Gnostic attitude, encouraging the CEI to take a stand against the Government; but just yesterday he recommended to the faithful obedience to the provisions of the Decrees…

Bergoglio is no stranger to this kind of sudden change. As everyone well remembers, before the scandal broke out within the Order of Malta concerning the distribution of condoms in its hospitals, Francis had written a letter to the Cardinal Protector, Burke, in which he gave him very clear instructions about his duty to watch over the Order so that Catholic morals would be scrupulously followed. But when the news became public he did not hesitate to disavow His Eminence, commissioning the Order, demanding the Grand Master’s resignation and reinstating the Councillor who had been expelled precisely because he was responsible for that deplorable violation of morals.

In the case you mentioned, the Cardinal Vicar tried to defend his correctness, explaining that the order to close the churches had been given to him by His Holiness. In the most recent case of the CEI, the Communiqué issued on Sunday evening clearly had the approval of President Cardinal Bassetti, who in turn must have consulted with Francis. He disconcerted that, in the space of a few hours, St. Martha’s pulpit contradited the CEI and invited the faithful and priests to obey the government’s instructions, which is not only undue, but also a violation of conscience, harmful to the health of souls.

No one intends to expose the faithful to possible contagion, admitted and not granted that it is such a formidable eventuality; but the size of our churches and unfortunately the very small number of the faithful who normally attend them, allow safe distances to be respected both for individual prayer and for the celebration of the Holy Sacrifice or other ceremonies. Evidently the diligent legislators have not been going to church for a long time…

Let us not forget that the faithful have the right, as well as the duty, to attend Mass, to confess, to receive the Sacraments: this is a right that comes to them from being living members of the Mystical Body by virtue of Baptism. Pastors, therefore, have the sacred duty – even at the risk of their health and life itself, when required – to comply with this right of the faithful, and for this they must answer to God, not to the President of the Italian Episcopal Conference nor to the President of the Council.

In recent days, H.E. Mons. Giovanni d’Ercole has launched a stern warning to Count and the “scientific committee” in which he intimated: “You must give us the right to worship, or else we will take it back”. Strong and courageous words that seem to suggest a certain awakening in the consciences of the Pastors.

Monsignor D’Ercole spoke as a true Bishop does, with the authority that comes from Christ. Like him, I am sure, there are many other Pastors and priests who feel the responsibility towards the souls entrusted to them. But many remain silent, more so as not to uplift souls than out of fear. Precisely at this Easter time the Gospel parable of the Good Shepherd resounds in the liturgy; Jesus also mentions the mercenaries who do not care about the salvation of the sheep: let us not render in vain the divine warning and the example of the Savior, who gives his life for the sheep!

I take the liberty of addressing my confreres in the Episcopate: do you believe that, when in Mexico or Spain they closed the churches, banned processions, prohibited the use of the religious habit in public, things began differently? Do not allow the freedom of the Church to be restricted under the pretext of an alleged epidemic! Do not allow it either by the State or by the CEI! The Lord will ask you for an account of the souls who died without the Sacraments, of sinners who could not be reconciled with Him, of having allowed the faithful, for the first time in history since Constantine’s Edict, to celebrate Holy Easter with dignity. Your priests are not fearful, but heroic witnesses, and they suffer for the arbitrary orders you give them. Your faithful implore you: do not remain deaf to their cry!

These words seem to invite disobedience to ecclesiastical authority even before civil authority.

Obedience is ordered to Truth and Good, otherwise it is servility. We have arrived at such a dulling of consciences that we no longer realize what it means to “bear witness to the Truth”: do you believe that Our Lord will judge us for having been obedient to Caesar, when that means disobeying God? Is not the Christian bound to conscientious objection, even at work, when what is required of him violates divine law? If our Faith were based only on obedience, the Martyrs would not even have to face the torments to which civil law condemned them: it would have been enough to obey and burn a grain of incense to the statue of the Emperor.

We are not yet, at least in Italy, faced with the crucial choice between life and death; but we are asked to choose between the duty to honor God and worship Him, and obedience to the diktats of self-styled experts, a thousand times contradicted by the evidence of the facts.

I find it paradoxical that in this deception, which is now being revealed even to the most moderate observers of what is happening around us, the thankless task of having to bear witness to one’s own Faith before the wolves is imposed on the People of God, without being able to have their Shepherds at their side. That is why I exhort my Brothers to proudly resume their role as leaders, without camping as a pretext the observance of illegitimate and unreasonable norms. I make mine the words of Monsignor D’Ercole: “We do not need favors from you: we have a right to claim and this right must be recognized”!

Some might think that his words are “divisive” at a time when it is easy to exasperate the already proven souls of the citizens.

Unity in Faith and Charity is based on the salvation of souls, not to their detriment: neither the “interventions” of the CEI nor the smiling papal meetings with the Prime Minister, who has been granted an indulgent collaboration, which reveals connivance and collaboration. Proclaiming the truth is necessarily “divisive”, because truth is opposed to error, just as light is opposed to darkness. So said the Lord: “Do you think that I have come to bring peace to the earth? No, I tell you, but division.” Luke 12:51

Admitted and not allowed that the coronavirus is so virulent and so deadly that it justifies the segregation of an entire people, indeed the whole world, well: at this very moment the sacraments and Mass are denied when they are most needed for eternal salvation?

From what you have said, Your Excellency, I seem to understand some of your perplexities about the nature of the Coronavirus: is it my impression or do you believe – as many doctors say – that someone wanted to take advantage of the pandemic for other purposes?

This is not the place to express my reservations about the so-called “pandemic”: I believe that authoritative scientists have been able to demonstrate what really happens, and what the masses believe, through a air-tight control of information that does not hesitate to resort to censorship to silence voices of dissent. It seems clear to me, however, that Covid-19 has provided an excellent opportunity, whether desired or not — we shall soon know — to impose on the population a restriction of freedom that is neither democratic nor good.

These are technical proofs of dictatorship, in which people are even being programmed to track people under the pretext of health and a hypothetical future resurgence of the virus. They think they can impose a tyrannical regime in which people who are not elected by anyone claim to determine what is lawful and what is not, what treatment to impose and what punishment to inflict on those who want to evade it. What is even more serious, all this happens with the support of part of the Hierarchy: if they had told us about it a few years ago, we would not have believed them.

A word of hope in conclusion?

There’s always a reason for hope, if you have a supernatural look. First of all, this epidemic has brought down many masks: those of the real powers, of the international lobbies that patent a virus and are also preparing to patent the vaccine, and at the same time push for it to be imposed on everyone, in a clamorous conflict of interest. At least now we know who they are and what they look like.

The masks of those who lend themselves to this farce have also fallen, sounding unjustified alarms and spreading panic among the people, creating a crisis not only in terms of health, but also in terms of economics and world politics. Here, too, we know who they are and what their plan is.

Finally, the mask of the anonymity of so many good people has fallen. We realized how much generosity, how much self-sacrifice, how much goodness is still around, despite everything. Doctors, nurses, priests and volunteers, certainly; but also many faceless and nameless people who help their neighbors, who bring comfort to those who suffer, who wake up from the torpor and begin to understand what is happening around them. An awakening of the good, of which the Lord is undoubtedly the author. He governs the destiny of the Church and the world, and He will not allow Evil to prevail.

Let us not forget that – as I recalled recently – Our Lady of Fatima promised Sister Lucy that before the end of time a Pope would consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, and that this gesture of obedience would be followed by a period of peace. Let us therefore entrust ourselves, our families and our dear Italy under the mantle of the Most Blessed Virgin, trusting in Her words.

§ § §


An English Translation of the Original, entitled: Intervista a Viganò. Conte, delierio di onnipotenza indecoroso. E illegale.

Brigadier General Pappalardo: Calls for overthrow of the Italian Government



Generale Pappalardo, retired Brigadier General of all Italian Carabinieri — the national police which are under the authority of the Ministry of Defense — calls upon his comrades in the Carabinieri to not enforce the unconstitutional decrees and upon the citizens to refuse to pay any fine they get for moving around Italy. Finally, he calls upon all Italy to rise in political protest on May 30 in the piazze of all the cities of Italy. He calls upon the Italian people to bring Conte to court as a criminal.

He asks the citizens to protest with 3 things in hand: the Italian Flag, the Constitution of the Republic, and the Italian Lira (the former currency).

He says that the COVID-19 Pandemic is not a pandemic, but simply a weak influenza epidemic.

He calls upon the citizens to seize the Prime Minister and his government and establish a provisional government as of June 2, 2020, the establishment of a Italian Euro, independent from the EU Monetary System. He asks that the faithful not engage the police and military, but aim only at driving Conte and his government from power.

The former Brigadier General, who has pursued a political career for the last 20 years, is currently in Tunisia, prevented by the Corona Controls to return to Italy, but promises to return for May 30. He, thus, appears to be taking a position similar to General Franco of Spain. This is not the first time he has publicly called for altering the form of government in Italy. The last time he was tried for inciting insurrection, but was acquitted on all counts in the year 2000.

Pappalardo comes from an ancient Sicilian family of nobility. A son of a veteran of the Second World II, who spent time in a German concentration camp. He served in the Italian Carabinieri until 1992, when he was elected to parliament as a MP for Rome for one year. Returning to the Carabinieri, he was promoted to a regional commander and served until 2006, obtaining the grade of Supreme Commander of the Special Forces of the Carabinieri (capo di Stato Maggiore della Divisione Unità Specializzate Carabinieri), which is a sort of Chief of Staff internal to the Carabinieri (see here). In 2006 he retired definitively from the Carabinieri.

FromRome.Info reports the appeal of this Brigadier General for purposes of news.

+ + +


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Avv. Polacco presenta la Querela contro Conte — In Diretta! 29 Aprile alle 10,45


Dopo alle 10, 45 il mercoledì, From Rome Info Video va in diretta da Parioli, Roma, Italia, per la presentazione della Querela contro Conte del Avv. Edoardo Polacco, alla Caserma dei Carabinieri, Parioli, Roma (RO), Italia.

Per maggiori informazioni sulla Querela, vai al nostro articolo anteriore su essa, cliccando qui, dove si possa trovare un collegamento ipertestuale a una copia della Querela in formato PDF, per scaricare e presentare anche nel suo nome alla Caserma dei Carabiniere nel suo paese.


At 10:45 A.M. Rome Time, on Wednesday, April 29, 2020, FromRome.Info will report live from Parioli, Rome, the historical event of Attorney Polacco’s formal presentation of the legal complaint against the Italian Prime Minister for his grave violation of the constitutional rights of the entire Italian people.

For more information, see our previous report, here.

The live coverage will be in Italian and English.

+ + +

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Conte’s Government passes law to starve Political Dissidents to death

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The new law, entitled, “Cura Italia” — that is, “Cure Italy!” — is a vicious piece of psychotic psychopathy which violates numerous points of constitutional law in Italy.

It continues to deny the right of Catholics to worship, except at funerals of 15 persons or less.

It continues to prevent most services from operating (Bars & barbershops etc.).

But worse of all, it requires that all accept that there is a Pandemic which is an existential threat to Italy. The mandatory sign of this political position is the wearing of a face mask which cannot stop viral infection!

Those who fail to do so will be fined.

But worse of all, those who fail to wear a mask cannot enter any store to purchase anything. Thus they cannot buy food or medicine.

Only a radical Marxist government can mean by “Cure Italy!”, the de facto starvation to death of all political dissidents.

This is the Italy in communion with Bergoglio.

I for one will never live a lie. I will not wear a mask. They can drag me to prison or execute me. But I will live as a Catholic in the real world. I refuse to live in the psychosis of Giuseppe Conte. I refuse to submit to his psychopathic regime!

I am a Roman Catholic! I have a divine right to liberty and truth.

Christ won that right for me on Calvary and gave it to me when He Rose from the Dead.

I repeat what I said two weeks ago:


In Italy, the medical mask has become the Mark of the Beast. If you do not live the lie, you cannot buy or sell, just as Saint John foretold in the Apocalypse. Conte knows what he is doing. He is a Satanist.

Oh, and up until the day the new Law was passed in Parliament, none of the parliamentarians of the government wore masks in the small crowded chambers of the Lower House. When called out on their hypocrisy, they all began wearing them on April. 24. These people know that there is no medical pandemic.

+ + +

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Giuseppe Conte allows Communist March but forbids Catholic Religion

Here are a selection of videos being shared in Italy, expressing the outrages of Italians that the response to the alleged Virus is a No to Christianity, but a Yes to Marxism.

The first was shared by Matteo Salvini. It is a video showing a Marxist parade at Rome, allowed without authorization? He asked. How can this be, when funerals are forbidded and Masses with 13 persons are fined?

The Second is a video of a Don Danilo Di Alessando, pastor of Maierato, in the province of Vibo Valentia, Calabria, who asks the Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, why it is forbidden to go to Mass, but it is now allowed to go at a Restaurant? He begins by asking him if he has ever entered a Church, to know how big they are?

[wpvideo qKjkYjvA]

COVID-19 has unmasked the Italian government as Anti-Italian & Anti-Catholic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It is often said by Catholic intellectuals in Italy that the real truth about what happened in the 19th Century, was not il Risorgimento (the Re-rise) of Italy but the Detenzione (Imprisonment) of Italy: the imposition by foreign interests (France and the Great Britain) of a form of government which guarantees from hence forth the Italian cuture and the Catholic religion will both be attacked and destroyed and obstructed as much as possible, to make of Italy a new test ground for Freemasonry.

And COVID-19 has shown that that analysis is 100% accurate.

In a single day, all the civil and human rights guaranteed by the Italian Constitution were cancelled:  the freedom of assembly, the freedom of expression, the freedom of religion, the right to work, etc.. I could go on.

The health decrees of the government went to far as to explicitly name the Catholic Mass  and all other Sacraments as forbidden.  It was outrageous.

The only thing more outrageous is that Bergoglio ordered the Bishops to comply without so much as a peep of protest.

Now everyone is literally under house arrest!  Everyone except the illegal alien, who can roam around as he pleases or enter the country at will.

And not just the illegal alien. Any foreigner I think.

I get the sense of this when I interact with the police during the quarentine. As soon as they hear my American accent they are more deferential with me. And that is plain wrong. Italy belongs to Italians!

Italy needs a new government. Not only in the Italian sense of the word, “government”, which in a parliamentary system refers to the ruling party or coalition controlling parliament — but in the Latin sense, of a new form of government. The modern liberal democracy has show that it is neither modern, nor liberal, nor democratic. It is totalitarian, autocratic and tyrannical.

And what is worse is that all the apparatus of the State does not even bat an eye-lash. When I encounter State Police or the Carabinieri, I ask them, if their consciences can support what they are doing to the people. And they respond, “We are not allowed to talk about that”!

Oh Joseph Stalin! You are probably turning over in your pit of despair and damnation with envy at Giuseppe Conte!

+ + +

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Did Bill Gates ask Giuseppe Conte to make Italy the ground zero for COVID-19?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

A recent series of revelations by journalists and experts throughout the world has detailed the central, decisive, guiding and controlling role of Bil Gates in the so called COVID-19 pandemic.

He prepared for it and funded

  1. The Center and Event which planned it: John Hopkins Center for Health Security, Event 201
  2. The Institute which first published the warning: University of Minnesota’s Center for Infectious Disease and Policy
  3. The NIAID Director who foretold it: Anthony FauciAnthony Fauci
  4. The WHO Director-General who declared it: Tedros Adhanom

And, so, one can rightly wonder also, if he had something to do with the decisions of the Prime Minister of the one nation which has become the ground zero for fear mongering the world-over, on account of its intentionally exaggerated statistical reporting of deaths caused by COVID-19?

Yes, I speak of Giuseppe Conte, the President of the Council of Ministers, for Italy.

And I am not the first to wonder what going on between Gates and Conte. In an article by Open.Online, published on August 27, 2019, entitled, E Conte incassa anche i ringrazimenti di Bill Gates (ben prima di Trump), there is a disquisition over why on earth Bill Gates publicly praised Conte as soon as he formed his Left-wing government after ousting Matteo Salvini in August of last year.

Here is the tweet, cited in that article:

What caught the attention of the Italian news site was that Italy has NOT donated to the Global Fund since 2011. So why is Bill Gates praising Conte for his support?

This speculation was much too much for Gates and his supporters, so they demanded a change in the title of the article by Open.Online, as you can see from the URL which still bears the original title:


In English, that original title would read:  Even Bill Gates thanks Conte on Twitter, but it is not very clear for what.

Maybe now, that Italy has admitted it is padding its Coronavirus deaths by 800% by including those who died with coronavirus not only those who died from coronavirus, maybe now you can guess why Gates was thanking Conte before the fact.

Giuseppe Conte, as you can see, is as bold face liar. In his interview with Chuck Todd, on Sunday April 5, 2020, on the program, Meet the Press, Conte had the gall to say:

I can say, first of all, since the very beginning of the Italian pandemic, Italy has put public health first and for this reason, we have adopted very strict measures, that you mentioned, and adjusted them to the evolution of the infection. Second, the political choices must be based on scientific evidence. Third, third, it is crucial to implement decisions with full transparency. Our liberal democracy are built on the contract that we have with our own people. And we owe to them truth and transparency in the same way we are to provide them with safety and security. This is the Italian model…

He closes his interview with Chuck Todd by echoing the script written by Rockefeller and Gates:

And we also need a sustained economy recovery at a global level because COVID-19 is a global enemy and we will defeat it only through coordinated bold, united political global response by all world countries.

For Asia Guereschi, writing for Italics Magazine, on March 25, 2020, however, Giuseppe Conte is restoring the credibility of Italy. Perhaps she thinks differently now. But seeing that she is someone who studied in China and the UK and is focused on global-warming, I would be inclined to judge otherwise.

FromRome.Info knows of no meeting or direct financial relationship between Gates and Conte. But it has widely been reported in the Italian Press, that Conte received some 50,000 euros in salary from an investment company in Luxembourg, about the time he became prime minister, which investment company holds investments from the Vatican. The Vatican, in turn, before this, received monies from a organization controlled by Gates for a sacrilegious light show on the Facade of Saint Peter’s which scandalized the Catholic world. Some 180,000 euros, if I remember correctly.


Oh, yes, and Bergamo, the epicenter for the Wuhan Virus in Italy: there was a massive vaccination program in the Fall, after Conte took power, which gave the winter flu vaccine to 120,000 senior citizens in the province: a vaccine known to increase the likelihood of infections from coronaviridae viruses by 33%. Coincidence?

The manufacturer of the vaccine is Sanfi Pasteaur, which has received investment from and collaborates with the Bill and Melina Gates Foundation. Another coincidence?

You decide.

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