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Conte has used manipulated death stats to justify super-Fascist control of Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Corona virus “pandemic” is beginning to look like a complete fabrication. Just like the claim of Bergoglio to be pope, the more you investigate it the more lies you find.

The latest is a report by Sarah Newey, writing for one of the United Kingdom’s leading newspapers, The Telegraph. She quotes Professor Walter Ricciardi, scientific adviser to Italy’s Ministry of Health, on just how many of those reported dead from coronavirus actually did die of coronavirus?

“On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three,” he says.

This means that of the latest death toll, published 17 hours ago, of 6820 persons, only 12% died of corona virus. That means the real statistic is 818. And that means the real mortality rate for all those reported to be infected, 69,176 is more like 1.18% which is nearly exactly that of what is being seen in the USA which has a much more efficient health care system (because it is not socialized medicine).

But as I mentioned previously, the actual mortality rate for coronavirus in hospitals of proven cases, will be 640% higher than in the general population, due to the fact that most never develop symptoms which warrant a visit to the doctor. So the total mortality rate for the entire population will be more like 18.48 per ten thousand. — To put that in perspective, the mortality rate for all those who get the winter flue is 10.

But the Italian statistic needs to be modified further, because they reported that 99.8% of all who died, had a co-morbidity, that is were already very sick on account of having diabetes, heart, lung or liver disease or some other pathology. The Italian Institute of Health still has not divulged how many had AIDS, which is crucially important to understand why patients are dying, since AIDS patients have a 700% higher likelihood of dying from a respiratory infection.

To be clear, you can die of coronavirus and you can die with coronavirus but by some pre-existing condition. Most of us have 100s of other species of virus in us all the time, but we do not die from any one of them, because we are healthy and our immune system is constantly at war with it.

So if none of those dying are AIDS patients, then the real Italian figure is going to be not 18 per 10,000 but much lower. In fact, in 2012 the annual death rate in Italy was 92.2 per 10,000, of which 35% died of the top 4 most common pathologies. That means 32 per 10,000 is the normal death rate for those dying of pathologies in Italy, approximately (though by using 2012 figures for 2020, this is obviously not a scientifically accurate estimate).

So the 18 death rate for Italy will be more like 6 per 10,000 for Corona virus IF everyone in the Country contracts the disease. But only 19% seem to ever catch it, if you take the statistic of the recent cruise ship which was quarantined with 3700 passengers aboard as any indication of what the infection rate would be in the ideal infectious environment.

It also means that the real death rate in Italy for Corona virus has not even risen to 20% of the normal death rate! But no one shuts down the nation for the normal death rate.

And that means, that if the government wants Corona virus to appear to be a pandemic, they have a lot of dead people they can claim as victims, even if none of them are.

I recall a man from Scotland who berated me the other day for saying just the same thing. Oh well, I suppose sometimes I do just go on being proven right, even though, I wish I were wrong. It just goes to show you, in every argument, stick to the facts, and you will win, win and win. Whereas those whose minds are possessed by propaganda, hype and left wing ideologies, will always end up frustrated that their imaginary world is not the world we all live in.

In the meantime, Italians are up in arms that Giuseppe Conte, the Italian PM, the other day, spoke to the nation directly on Facebook and then the next day put his speech into a decree. They are up in arms because this is was the style of government of Mussolini, the Fascist Dictator.

I think I demonstrated that Conte’s government is more like Mussolini than Italian might realize.

I think I also gave good indication that the death rate for coronavirus in any nation is never going to exceed the normal death rate: it just will be associated in part with those who were in bad states of health and who die in high numbers each year from pre-existing pathologies.

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Italian PM imposes push-to-collapse measures on Italian economy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The level of insanity coming out of the Italian government is truly historic. Not only did Giuseppe Conte, without any legal authority, order all Italians to stay at home until April 3, he closed all the points of sale but the large Supermarket Chains and the small food stores or fruit stands own by Muslims in most cities. He ordered all other retail businesses which were “not essential” to close.

But now, by his decree of yesterday, he has ordered the entire economy to shut down, denying the basic necessities of every item except food and medical supplies.

His decree specifies the closing of “all industrial and commercial production”. He has also forbidden all movement of persons by public transport from one town to another, who are not doing so to get to work or a hospital. He has spared only the medical industry and the military industrial complex, and lawyers and other such professionals, like journalists, along with a long list of support industries for transportation, Petrochemicals, mining, etc.

Italians are assured there will be no closures of supermarkets, but his new decree gives to the governors of the Regions to limit their hours, which will ignite further panic to buy food. The lines already begin 45 minutes before stores open, and supermarkets are hiring security guards to prevent rioting.

But there is certainly to be a rush to buy soap today, because it appears the decree does not spare soap production!

Overall, it seems the decree is designed to destroy the small businessman. It contains provisions only to protect multinational chains and assembly line production.

This is the level of pathological mania which has either gripped the Italian Government — which is very friendly to China which has NOT shut down any part of its economy — of which is being deliberately promoted by the Italian government to case the most massive economic collapse possible in national history.

And this, after 3 days of progressively decreasing numbers of new infections and new deaths.

There is something more to the panic that meets the eye. Having shut down all religious activity, it has itself become the new dogma and new State Religion, and it wants to sacrifice Italy upon its altar of fake-news supported dogmatism.

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Government of Giuseppe Conte seeks to make ignorance of Health Decree a thought crime

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today, the government of Giuseppe Conte, who was never elected to any office, and who is only trained in Italian civil law and business law, took its first move to making it a crime to not think aright about his new Health Decrees.

The move comes in the form of a new version of the Auto-certification which everyone in Italy must be ready at any moment to present if they are found outside their house. The form is published by the Ministry of the Interior, which is now tasked with treating all Italian citizens in a way which the present government never treated even illegal aliens!

The additions to the form, which previously only required a self-testimony as to the motive for leaving one’s home, now requires that one declares oneself not to be ignorant of the decree, the requirements of it and of the penalties associated with it.

In Italian law, making a false statement on a document presented to a public official is a crime. So to increase the number of statements you have to make on a form is simply a way of cracking down on dissidents under the color of law.

This is way beyond a thought crime, in a sense, because it makes ignorance a crime.  For those incapable of understanding the complex legal language of the Health Decree, it also ipso facto makes it a crime to be stupid or of slow mental abilities. This is the epitome of racism to those parts of society who are not as well gifted or trained intellectually as others parts of society!

Left wing government, as always, presupposes guilt, inferiority and moral decadence in the unwashed masses.

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Who is Giuseppe Conte, the Italian Prime minister who has assumed dictatorial powers unheard of in Italian history?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

No one in the entire history of the Italian peninsula has ever issued a decree that everyone in the peninsula stay in their homes for 1 month. No one has even attempted such level of divine dictatorship without heavy criticism and opposition. No one has achieved the like control of a single city in Italy without opposition. But Giuseppe Conte has done all these things in a matter of two weeks. And he a man who was never elected to any office ever.

So I ask, who is Giuseppe Conte?

If you read Wikipedia in Italian, you are told he is devoted to Padre Pio, a devout Catholic.

Seeing that he ordered all the Churches in the country to stop celebrating publicly the Sacraments, I think I have a right to doubt Wikipedia.

Wikipedia also says he is divorced from his wife, Valentina Fico, and father to an only son, Nicola, now 12 years old.

I have some experience with Wikipedia, in attempting to correct revisionist history which abounds there, on any topic which touches upon Jews. I know their editors favor Jews. If they do not identify their own openly, they will indicate it indirectly by naming an individuals mother before their father.

From my research, I find that Giuseppe Conte is a Catholic by religion, even if his surname and that of his girlfriend and her mother are also used by Jews in Italy.

But his association with Freemasonry is perhaps more certain.

He was in 1992 invited as a legal scholar to teach at Yale University, as a visiting professor.  Yale is the University known for its Masonic Lodge which has put numerous members in high positions of power: Bush senior and junior, Bill Clinton, John Kerry.  I speak of Skull & Bones. To get invited to teach to Yale is much more a political honor than an academic one.

I have visited Yale Campus several times. The Building of the Skull & Bones society has windows which are all bricked up. Not everyone who attends Yale is associated with them. They are a very elite invitation only group.

It has been rumored on campus since the 1950’s, when my own father studied for a Masters in Electrical Engineering there, that the members of Skull & Bones are all closeted gays. And that to become a member you have to do something obscene in the presence of the other members, who use that as leverage over you for the rest of your life.

Giuseppe Conte, prior to assuming the role of Prime Minister (technically called, Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri), was also a professor as the La Luiss School at Rome, a university teaching business and politics, founded by the most influential bankers of Italy, rumored to have Rothschilds’ connections through the family of the founder of the School.

But more significantly, as a boy, he studied as the Villa Nazareth Preparatory School at Rome, founded by Cardinal Achille Silvestrini, who is known as a key figure in Freemasonry at the Vatican. Silvestrini accompanied Cardinal Cassaroli on his infamous trip to Moscow, which bought the silence of the Catholic Church on Communism, in exchange for participation at Vatican II by prelates of the Moscow Patriarchate.

This preparatory school was dedicated to raising up key Left wing politicians who could garner the Catholic vote in Italy: Prodi, Matarella, Scalfaro, Andreotti etc.. Giuseppe Conte is just the lastest famous alumni. When Cardinal Silvestrini passed away, Conte left his important duties in Parliament to attend his funeral.

This personal history of Conte, in reverse, seems to indicate who has been promoting his career from the start. It goes without saying that Jorge Mario Bergoglio — whose own intelligence head in Argentina says is a Freemason — and Giuseppe Conte see eye to eye on every important political position that Conte has taken.

A sign, alas, of why things are as they are, and why the Main Stream Media is behind Conte 100%.


CREDITS:  The Featured Image is a detail of a photograph by the office of the President of Italy, and is in the public domain. Source here.

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I have my doubts … about the Corona panic

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Now that the Marxists have us right where they have always dreamed, in their wildest of dreams, to have us, I have my doubts that they will ever let us go.

I am speaking about the shutting down and locking of all Catholic Churches and the house to house detention which is now enforce in Italy.

We are deprived of all meaningful human interaction with every other person or neighbor, friend or relative. We are forced to get all our information through the internet or TV, media which are highly controlled or filtered or capable of being such.

Seeing that lefties have no interior life, no morals, no ethics and no scruples, what motive would they ever have in giving us back the liberties which we were using to oppose them?

I do not want to be alarmist, but I have my doubts.

No one ever gave the Italian Prime Minister any authority to impose martial law on the nation. He is not even the President of Italy, who alone has this power according to the constitution.

And the Prime Minister certainly does not have the right to suspend the Constitutional rights of the citizens regardless of what calamity befalls Italy.

So I have my doubts, and as this sort of raw and vicious grab for power spreads round the world, making us all like denizens of the Maoist Tyranny of China, I think you should cultivate some doubt too.

+ + +

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