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Extraordinary graces Received — League of Prayer for Pope Benedict XVI

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The League of Prayer for Pope Benedict was founded on Dec. 19, 2019, at Rome, and already a good number of blogs have joined and hundreds of Catholics are praying daily for Pope Benedict XVI, from Italy, the English speaking world, the French speaking world, and the Spanish speaking world.

As I have remarked before, the true Pope is the quasi mystical neck of the Mystical Body of Christ, because it is through him to those who are in communion with him, that Christ bestows the graces of indefectibility, sanctification and inspiration to His Church on Earth.

It follows then, that those who in these dark times are actively participating in this League by making the offerings listed in the opening Invitation (see link above) are and should be receiving great graces for perseverance in the Lord.

For this reason, it does not surprise, that I have received a report of such graces, and from time to time will publish news about others, to encourage us all to pray more ardently and abundantly for Pope Benedict and for one another, because we could all use more grace in the challenges ahead!

Grace Received

Saint Thomas Aquinas lists the conversion of a soul as a miracle of grace. So I classify this report as an extraordinary grace:

Dear Br. Bugnolo, I want you to know that I received the grace of tears and the grace to make the first honest confession in my life, in the last 25 years. I had been fooling myself into thinking there was nothing wrong with lust, and all my confessions and communions for all these years had been sacrilegious. Now I have resolved to sin no more. I am a member of the League of Prayer for Pope Benedict and I believe that becoming a member was the grace I needed to repent. Please pray for me.




We are praying for you, Gregory! Keep the Faith!


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