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Hallow Prayer App, founded by Alex Jones, backed by Diocese of Detroit

Editor’s Note: As I remarked last summer, the greatest threat of social media to humanity lies in its effect to cause social isolation. God did not make man to relate to others through a device or app. Such a notion is as silly as writing a letter to someone sitting in the same room as yourself. If anyone did such a thing, it would surely be a sign of major problems as regards sanity and charity and honesty.

But as I mentioned in my article the other day, man is a plastic creature. The way we use any tool to communicate molds our minds even as we use our minds to control and use that tool. For devices which insist that we use them, when we do not need too, there is not just a danger of idolatry and enslavement, there is the absolute certainly of such dependency if we do not recognize the absurdity and insanity of such an insistence.

As regards prayer, to even conceive that an app can help people pray, when there are numerous websites containing prayers, meditations and even books by learned writers, popular writers and even Saints to encourage this, is to incline clearly towards the problem, not the solution. BECAUSE MAN DOES NOT NEED AN APP TO SPEAK WITH GOD.

It should surprise no one, therefore, that a fallen away Catholic is behind Hallow App (Alex Jones), the latest gimmick to help Catholics to return to a life of prayer. Nor does it come to me as a shock that Hallow inc. in 2022 worked with the Diocese of Detroit, which shut down its parishes at the request of the Scamdemic Narrative, the insistence of an antipope and the bribery of the U.S. Government.

By their fruits you will know them.

I think it would not be dishonest, but prudent, to recognize that this, like so many other proposals to get mankind and Catholics more hooked on electronic communication serves a purpose which has nothing to do with why God made man or for what God made man.

It is also curious that “Hallow” is a German-Jewish surname. But that must just be a coincidence (sarcasm).

You will hear more about the Hallow App shortly, as that corporation has purchased an advertisement spot on television in the USA, during the Super Bowl. It appears they also purchased an advertisement spot at Catholic News Agency:

The “Catholic Spirit” gaslights the Catholic world about the immorality of Artificial Intelligence

Commentary and Critique by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the last year a great number of publications have pushed the narrative of A. I. as man’s greatest invention which will transform our lives forever. The journal, “Catholic Spirit”, the Catholic newspaper published by the Archdiocese of Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Minnesota, USA, recent published this article extolling the morality of the new software technology.

I have not weighed much into this debate, but as a graduate of the University of Florida Gainesville, from one of the top 10 faculties of Cultural Anthropology in the United States, and as one of the leading translators of medieval texts in Scholastic Theology, who has run numerous websites and written code for decades, I believe I have the moral duty to speak out on the grave threat to human civilization from the so-called “artificial intelligence” technologies and narratives.

First, there is no such thing as artificial intelligence. Intelligence is impossible without God willing to grant an entity the ability to understand. This grant is twofold, in the structure of the being of the thing He has created, and in the Light he bestows upon that being to see and grasp the truth of things.

Man can neither create a structure capable of knowing nor can he give it light to see the truth.

“Artificial intelligence” therefore, as a name, is a lie.

It is also an ongoing fraud. Because it is proposed by many as the solution to man’s problems which is entirely beneficial.

To understand this we must first consider what intelligence is and how it is beneficial to man.

Intelligence is the ability to know with understanding. Knowing is the material part. Sense can know things, that is be familiar with them. Even a camera in this sense can know things by taking a photograph. This kind of knowing is signified in the Latin verb, cognoscere. Even dogs and cats know things. But it would be more accurate to say know of things.

But nothing but a being with an intellect can understand things. To understand is to recognize the principles which are the cause of things, according to its essence, nature, existence and habits. But to do this one must have an ability which can step out of space and time and look back down upon them to see the truth of a thing. But this requires a simplicity which is entirely apart from space and time and matter. Thus only God, Angels and men are intelligent.

But God did not bestow intelligence upon Angels and Man out of a whim. No, being perfect Truth and infinite Goodness, everything He has done He has done with a purpose. And that purpose is to share the participation in His Goodness with certain specific creatures: those which are intelligent. The Angels to serve Him, since they are the most like unto Him, being pure spirits themselves. And Man to serve Him, since to express His infinite Goodness in the most supreme manner, He chose to become Incarnate as a Man, and intelligent man.

But God has no other purpose in creating. Therefore, there is neither any other intelligent life in all the universe, nor any possibility of any other species or entities attaining intelligence.

Because intelligence is not a good like being warm or hot, living or reproducing. It is for one supreme purpose: knowing and loving God, the Creator.

Intelligence thus is something purely spiritual. And since man can not create anything material, much more can he not create anything spiritual.

Thus the claims of “artificial intelligence” are a fraud. And such a horrible and profound fraud as to border on a heresy.

Consequently the proponents of “artificial intelligence” are necessarily involved in an idolatry. And an especially harmful idolatry, because not only an idolatry which enslaves man, but one which aims to denigrate him in his highest natural capacity: thought itself.

For these reasons it is not surprising that all men who have already enslaved themselves to subhuman vices of lust and greed and pride, are flocking to the new cult of “artificial intelligence” as the promised god to give them what they insatiably desire.

But this idolatry is especially harmful to human civilization, because as human beings we are plastic creatures. It is necessary for our spirit that we grow in learning and to do this that we in practice use our minds, memories, intellects to think and understand and become cognizant of the world in which we live so that through that we come to contemplate, worship and adore the God who created it, seek Him out and do His will.

But the false gospel of “artificial intelligence” which promises facility in doing and thinking and problem solving, will necessarily cause an ossification or lack of growth in the mental faculties of all who use it. Because they will use it out of sloth instead of using their own faculties. And by such a habitual avoidance of the work of the mind, they will become incapable of wanting to think on their own.

And such a bad habit will necessarily reduce them to the level of dogs and cats, where there is no understanding, only the response to stimuli, interior and exterior to the body.

And that will be the end of human civilization.

Also, by such habituation, human individuals will become more and more desirous to have technology implanted into their minds to give them even more facile access to A. I.. And once they do, they will no longer be doing any thinking, A. I. will do it for them. And then they will no longer live as humans, but robots.

For those who appreciate what is really means to be human, it is already manifestly evident how ugly, cruel and death-filled the products of A.I. are: from images to written texts, the things A. I. creates are without any comprehension of the variety of details found in real life and real art; without any comprehension of human individuality or spiritual values.

But there is an even greater threat by A. I. that its products or its use by individuals, because humanity requires and includes community and social interaction. And by the habitual use of A. I. this will come to disappear, as human individuals spend more and more time interacting with something dead, rather that with one another and in prayer with God.

Thus, the “Catholic Spirit” does a great disservice to the Church in publishing the nonsense contained in the article above, with its shallow reflections on utility and its even shallower appreciation of the existential threat to humanity posed by these technologies.

A. I. is the Globalist replacement for God. For those who reject the true God to rule over them, the Globalist are creating a god to rule under them and inside of them.

And it is precisely those who wish to understand who alone will see how utterly evil and demonic and inhuman A. I. .is, and why as a civilization we must reject and destroy it or it will destroy us.


What spirit is really behind Trad Inc.?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Bergoglio’s recent heretical document, Querida Amazonia — beloved Amazonia — is an outstanding example of jesuitical deceit: while not saying openly what many expected it to say, it approved of it. But worse of all it insisted that use of idols is not idolatry! And advocates their use in the Liturgy!

For anyone who knows the least thing about Catholic Tradition, that should be the last straw, because the opposition to idolatry is at the core and foundation of the Catholic Religion in all the examples of the ancient Martyrs of the Church and in all the works of art and architecture!

But now, you have Trad Inc., except for a singular case here or there, praising Querida Amazona. They are going so far to say it is a victory, a catholic document!

Over at Chiesa E Post Concilio they are even saying that its publication has shown that Bergoglio is at last acting like a pope! — I have to barf!

Why is it that as soon as Bergoglio began with the public idolatry that Cardinals Burke and Sarah and now seemingly Trad Inc. have all of a sudden found that there is absolutely no doubt that Bergoglio is the pope, that he is catholic and that he is acting like a pope!

Have they all lost their minds? Or do they now recognize in him something primal in their own religiosity?


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the Traditionalist Blog mentioned in this article, and used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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Pope Benedict XVI condemns Idolatry

The complete transcript of this Homily can be found in 7 languages (here).

Let us not imagine, that the St Gallen Mafia and their agenda were not already known to Pope Benedict in 2008. It has been shown in other cases that his entire Pontificate was one long preaching against their errors, heresies and apostasy, for he knew what was to come.

Here are some excerpts of his Homily on Sept 13, 2008, in front of Notre Dame, at Paris. What he said that day is perhaps the reason why the French government took the burning of that Church so lightly, because the Holy Father’s homily directly attacks the Satanism behind Globalism:

In the First Letter of Saint Paul to the Corinthians, we discover, in this Pauline year inaugurated on 28 June last, how much the counsels given by the Apostle remain important today. “Shun the worship of idols” (1 Cor 10:14), he writes to a community deeply marked by paganism and divided between adherence to the newness of the Gospel and the observance of former practices inherited from its ancestors. Shunning idols: for Paul’s contemporaries, this therefore meant ceasing to honour the divinities of Olympus, ceasing to offer them blood sacrifices. Shunning idols meant entering the school of the Old Testament Prophets, who denounced the human tendency to make false representations of God. As we read in Psalm 113, with regard to the statues of idols, they are merely “gold and silver, the work of human hands. They have mouths but they do not speak, they have eyes but they do not see, they have ears but they do not hear, they have nostrils but they do not smell” (Ps 113:4-5). Apart from the people of Israel, who had received the revelation of the one God, the ancient world was in thrall to the worship of idols. Strongly present in Corinth, the errors of paganism had to be denounced, for they constituted a powerful source of alienation and they diverted man from his true destiny. They prevented him from recognizing that Christ is the sole, true Saviour, the only one who points out to man the path to God.

This appeal to shun idols, dear brothers and sisters, is also pertinent today. Has not our modern world created its own idols? Has it not imitated, perhaps inadvertently, the pagans of antiquity, by diverting man from his true end, from the joy of living eternally with God? This is a question that all people, if they are honest with themselves, cannot help but ask. What is important in my life? What is my first priority? The word “idol” comes from the Greek and means “image”, “figure”, “representation”, but also “ghost”, “phantom”, “vain appearance”. An idol is a delusion, for it turns its worshipper away from reality and places him in the kingdom of mere appearances. Now, is this not a temptation in our own day – the only one we can act upon effectively? The temptation to idolize a past that no longer exists, forgetting its shortcomings; the temptation to idolize a future which does not yet exist, in the belief that, by his efforts alone, man can bring about the kingdom of eternal joy on earth! Saint Paul explains to the Colossians that insatiable greed is a form of idolatry (cf. 3:5), and he reminds his disciple Timothy that love of money is the root of all evil. By yielding to it, he explains, “some have wandered away from the faith and pierced their hearts with many pangs” (1 Tim 6:10). Have not money, the thirst for possessions, for power and even for knowledge, diverted man from his true Destiny, from the truth about himself?

Dear brothers and sisters, the question that today’s liturgy places before us finds an answer in the liturgy itself, which we have inherited from our fathers in faith, and notably from Saint Paul himself (cf. 1 Cor 11:23). In his commentary on this text, Saint John Chrysostom observes that Saint Paul severely condemns idolatry, which is a “grave fault”, a “scandal”, a real “plague” (Homily 24 on the First Letter to the Corinthians, 1). He immediately adds that this radical condemnation of idolatry is never a personal condemnation of the idolater. In our judgements, must we never confuse the sin, which is unacceptable, with the sinner, the state of whose conscience we cannot judge and who, in any case, is always capable of conversion and forgiveness. Saint Paul makes an appeal to the reason of his readers, to the reason of every human being – that powerful testimony to the presence of the Creator in the creature: “I speak as to sensible men; judge for yourselves what I say” (1 Cor 10:15). Never does God, of whom the Apostle is an authorized witness here, ask man to sacrifice his reason! Reason never enters into real contradiction with faith! The one God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – created our reason and gives us faith, proposing to our freedom that it be received as a precious gift. It is the worship of idols which diverts man from this perspective. Let us therefore ask God, who sees us and hears us, to help us purify ourselves from all idols, in order to arrive at the truth of our being, in order to arrive at the truth of his infinite being!

(Featured image for this post is from the Associated Press Report on this event, see here)

The Angel of Akita requests Prayers of Reparation for Desecration of the Vatican

The miraculous statue of Our Lady of Akita weeps for the sins of mankind.

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On the Feast of Saint Francis, Bergoglio had a pagan ritual honoring Pachamama in the Vatican gardens, during which time idolatrous worship was given idols and a tree was planted to placate the demon goddess of earth. This was the first abomination. Then Bergoglio had the idol brought into Saint Peter’s and receive veneration there, along with a bowl of desecrated earth.

Most Catholics do not know, but to desecrate the Vatican Gardens is an extremely diabolic act, because when Pope Leo XIII in his haste to discover the bones of St Peter had some poorly trained Archeologists dig up the tomb of Saint Peter beneath the High Altar, they dumped all the dirt they found IN THE VATICAN GARDENS. Later is was realized that that DIRT was the ashes of Saint Peter the Apostle and the Roman Martyrs burned on stakes by the Emperor Nero.

Therefore, to desecrate the Vatican Gardens is to desecrate the SPIRITUAL FOUNDATIONS of the Church of Rome. It is a ghastly vile act!

Akita, Japan

It was not surprising, therefore, that two days later the Angel of Akita, who had appeared to Sister Agnes Sasagawa 46 years ago, should appear again. If you do not know, at Akita, which is an approved apparition of Our Lady, Our Lady’s Statue wept repeatedly in the presence of Catholics and pagans, and forewarned of a great battle inside the Church between Cardinals and Bishops. (Google “Our Lady of Akita” for more about this apparition).

I report this, because, in my work for Ordo Militaris Inc., I had the unique opportunity to visit Akita in May and pray before the miraculous statue of Our Lady. The Message of Akita is about our days and it is a powerful call to repentance, constancy, perseverance and fortitude in the face of lies and wickedness.

Remember, the Message of Akita:

If men did not repent, Our Lady at Akita warned of world wide destruction by fire from the sky, and said that Catholics would have no consolation in those terrible days but the Holy Rosary and the Sign of Her Son (the Cross). That the living would envy the dead.

I mention, on my own authority, that Tertullian, a Father of the Church, taught that the worst sin of mankind is THE SIN OF IDOLATRY and that this sin alone MERITS THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WORLD. A destruction forestalled only by Christ’s Sacrifice on Calvary and mankind’s acceptance of that Sacrifice. This is the logic of the Apocalypse: when mankind rejects the Gospel at the end of time, that Destruction will rain down upon the whole world.

So you can infer the connections between these events and what Bergoglio did and is doing.

Message of the Angel of Akita

The Message was given on October 6 of this year, and is reported by WQPH of North Worcester, Massachusetts, USA, which is an EWTN affiliate. Their report is here in full (link).

Here is the message:

This is the speech said by Sister Sasagawa that Sister M heard firsthand.

On Sunday, October 6th at 3:30am in Akita, the same angel appeared before me (Sister Sasagawa) as from some 30 years ago (see Note 1).  The angel first told me (Sister Sasagawa) something  private.

The good thing to convey to everyone is, “Cover in ashes” (see Note 2) “and please pray the Penitential Rosary every day.  You (Sister Sasagawa) become like an child and every day please give sacrifice.”

Ms. S was asked by Sister M, may I tell everyone about this?, which when asked, per Sister M, she was told Okay by Sister Sasagawa.  Also, “Please pray that I (Sasagawa) be able to be like an child and give sacrifice,” was said by Ms. S as heard by Sister M.

-end of message-

Note 1: In Akita, the angel that appeared before Sister Sasagawa as a woman, and without thinking, Sister Sasagawa blurted out “Older sister”.  It seems she resembled her older sister who had died.  She was told “No, I am something that protects you.”

And then, “Let’s go to church”, and Sasagawa was guided there.  (It is thought to be the guardian angel of Komatsu).

Note 2: Jonah’s prophecy (Jonah 3:1-10) (October 8th first reading) clad in sackcloth and sit upon ashes.

Since an Angel from Heaven asked us to make reparation like Jonah (see scriptural references here) I strongly urge everyone to do this.

The Penitential Rosary, what is it? Why pray it?

Here is the text of the Penitential Rosary in English, for those who have never heard of this devotion:


Please note, that this devotion is approved by the Church.

Please note the REASONS why the Penitential Rosary is to be recited, which reasons explain why the Angel of Akita asked that we pray it, in response to the sacrileges at the Vatican:


1. To implore mercy and pardon for our sins, and for all the sins of our brethren.
2. To obtain the grace of conversion, a sincere sacramental confession, and amendment of life.

Also, read what is said at the bottom of the link for the Penitential Rosary to understand more about this and why an Angel of Heaven was sent to give this message to the world.  This, I believe, is a lot more important than initiatives by men who should be doing their duty, but instead pray. For us without such a duty to act, we should be the ones praying.

Now, the combining of this Office with the Holy Rosary, said with arms extended in the form of a cross, has also been dictated by God Our Lord to Maria Concepcion Zuniga recently. He told her that “this will be a Penitential Rosary that will please the Heavenly Father a great deal,” because He, Christ, would be the One Who would stand before the faithful who recite it and offer it in remission for all the sins of the world – their own and those of others.

Among the members of a single family (as we human beings are), there must be solidarity. Some must compensate for others. And in the measure that we see God offended, in that measure we must offer penance, counteracting the works of the disordered world with works of virtue, of charity, and of atonement, for the purpose of attaining forgiveness for everyone.

Finally, the whole import of this Message from Heaven is this: IF YOU are in the state of mortal sin, habitual sin, have not confessed, YOU BETTER RUN TO CONFESSION as soon as possible, because God’s patience is running out. He is going to destroy this world sooner than we think, and the spiritual consequence of Bergoglio’s monstrosities will be terrible wars and persecutions, just like the false messiah was awarded a peace price but when on to cause 17 or more wars and the deaths of millions.