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CONSTANTINOPLE Terrorist Massacre thwarted by Miraculous intervention of Our Lady

News and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As you can see from the news report above (click image to read it), on Sunday morning this week 2 ISIS terrorists entered the Church of Santa Maria, on the outskirts of downtown Istanbul to commit an atrocity against the Catholics attending the 11 A. M. Mass.

There were two perpetrators. One who entered the Church brandishing a pistol, the other who waited at the door as a look out.

The intent was clearly a massacre.

There was no other ostensible motive but hatred for Christians, since the Church is run by Franciscans from Italy, a nation which is a strong supporter of friendly relations with all Islamic Countries. Franciscans too are the Order with the best relations with Muslims, ever since their founder personally met with the Sultan of Egypt shortly after the conclusion of hostilities, during the Fifth Crusade.

But, though there were no security to stop the atrocity, only 1 man was slain.

And the reason why, was a miracle. Because just as the assailant began to shoot, his pistol jammed.

Where police and soldiers cannot, Our Lady can.

The Church is dedicated to the Holy Mother of God. The Parish has a FaceBook Page, here.

But maybe someone will say, “What miracle? since one man died!” — It appears that the man who did die was  mentally disabled and Turkish, a Muslim. Killed out of hatred of Christ, he merited the crown by a baptism of blood, his presence in the Church being sufficient evidence of his desire to believe in Christ.

Just as no one can snatch a soul from the Hands of God, so He has granted that no one can snatch a child from the hands of the Mother of God. To Him be all praise and glory. Amen!

There is a follow-up report about this miracle here.