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Papadopoulos explains the war between the Pilgrim Society and Skull & Bones for US Presidency

The Pilgrim Society is an alliance of Rothcschilds-Rhodes Freemasons from London & Oxford, whereas the Skull and Bones Lodge has its power in New York City and Berlin. So when Papadopoulus says keep your eyes on London not on New York City, he is revealing what is really going on. The Trump family has served the Skull and Bones Bank (Brown Brothers Harriman) for more than 100 years. Biden is backed by the Pilgrim Society.

FromRome.info at War: The Globalists have unleashed the CyberBeast

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the last 24 hours, FromRome.Info has sustained more than 100,000 attacks from a sophisticated cyberwarfare system, believed to be headquartered in the United States, Cyberwarfare unit.  The system is powered by highspeed supercomputers and highly advanced artificial intelligence. The purpose of the attack is to prevent FromRome.Info to publish counter narrative information, i. e., the truth. The attack began shortly after FromRome.Info published a link to Global Research, outing MI5 and the CIA for a plot to assassinate the anti-Scamdemic leader of Belarus.

FromRome.Info is not the only site being attacked. Attacks of this kind are spreading round the world. The leading prolife group in Italy, “Pro Vita e Familiga” has had their web-server attacked similarly in the last month, after they announced their opposition to the proposed law which would make the LGBT inhuman ideology the de facto state religion and state psychosis of the Italian Republic.

The attack against FromRome.Info is attempting to gain entrance to our website by calculating how long and under what conditions the web server of FromRome.Info takes to repell an instruder. For this reason, since the attacks are exceeding 5 per second, FromRome.Info had to turn off the capacity of this site to receive new subscribers and post or allow comments.

I personally suspect that this is the new normal. and that it will never end. It is a very effective way of intimidating independent publishers and to intimidate their hosting companies to drop them as clients. Also it prevents the sites normal functions to grow readership and engage readers in conversation.

Joe Biden just appointed as head of the US Cyber Defense Commission a former CIA agent involved in overthrowing the Catholic government of Vietnam and in destabilizing that country.  My colleague, Andrew Baalman opined to me the other day, that his appointment means a planned and sustained cyber attack on all counter-Globalist websites in the future. It seems he was correct.

However, as I am head of a Catholic Military Order, when guns start firing, I do not freeze with fear, but boil with zeal, and so, I will continue to publish articles through this battle.

I thank all the supporters of FromRome.Info, who recently assisted in the upgrade and move of its server. This is the only reason this site has not yet been taken down and can fight on.

Finally, I ask your prayers, therefore, to Saint Michael the Archangel and to the Lord of Hosts that by his help and His grace I might have victory in this battle.

PLEASE NOTE: That comments have been disabled for security reasons, for the time being.

The Zenger Dossier

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

This is the dossier of documentation published by Attorney Sidney Powel, by which she asserts that there was intervention of foreign powers in the 2020 US Presidential Election to produce falsified vote tallies in favor of Joe Biden.

FromRome.Info has dubbed this dossier the Zenger Dossier, because it was first published by Zenger News. Attorney Powel has released this Dossier to the public domain, so that it can be examined by all. Click the image to open the PDF, which is 75.5 MB in size. This is the version found on the Zenger news site at 8:45 AM, Rome time, Dec. 27, 2020.

If you are an attorney in any jurisdiction, who may have to argue damage from a usurped or illegitimate U.S. Presidency, this is a document to download and archive for future use.