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Leone parla con Pappalardo sulla riforma necessaria della politica italiana


General Papalardo has accepted the presidency of the political movement, called, Gilet Arancioni (Orange Vests), a movement created in Italy in imitation of the French anti-government movement, which was opposed to taxes and the destruction of the rights of the lower and middle classes.

In this interview, of April 26, 2020, he listed at great length the problems of Italian politics, manipulated on the one side by Marxists who serve globalists the a false Right, which admire tyrants (Mussolini & Hitler).

A summary of his commentary are as follows:

  • We will imitate what was done in 1943, when after the fall of the Fascist government of Italy, at the request of the King of Italy, a national committee was formed to restore constitutional order.
  • We will go to Rome on May 31, 2020, with a copy of the constitution and a criminal complaint against the government, the accusation will be Criminal Conspiracy to kill the Italian people.
  • It is not only imprudent but insane to ask the man who destroyed your home to come back inside the home to put it back in order.
  • The government of Giuseppe Conte has no right to govern.
  • There is no more democracy in Italy. It must be restored.
  • My own father fought with the partisans against the Germans.
  • I have served my nation without stain for 42 years.
  • Those who call me an anarchist are insane and want nothing to do with caring for the people, only with exploiting them.
  • The government has terrorized the people to control them. This is pure cruelty.
  • We will have a public manifestation regardless of whether the government approve it or not.
  • The Carabinieri will escort the people to change the government, not oppose them.
  • The first act will to criminally accuse the government to the Constitutional Court.
  • We will establish a provisional government with a president elected by the presidents of the regions of Italy.
  • We will follow the laws with extreme rigor.
  • The enemies of the people are not the police, but the government of Giuseppe Conte.
  • Several political movements have joined the cause I promote.
  • There is no real pandemic.
  • We can no longer play games with insane criminals like Conte.
  • We cannot negotiate, we must remove them from power.