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Satanic Statecraft? — Political Dissidents infected during anti-Draghi protests

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Once may be an anomaly, but twice warns of a pattern.

It is known that ruthless world leaders, such as Putin, go so far as to have their political critics poisoned with radioactive materials, sprinkled or injected unwillingly into them. The cases are so rare, that they can only be tied to Putin via inferences from the fact that the isotope used is produced in only Russian Nuclear Power or Research facilities and that the victims are his critics.

But now, I ask if Mario Draghi has decided in recent weeks to engage in the same satanic statecraft by deliberately infecting his political opponents. It is a question, not an accusation. But here is the evidence which moves it:

First, the published report above, which says that one of the leaders of the Longshorement strike at Trieste, Italy, has come down with Covid-19 after having been deliberated sprayed in the face with a water canon at the request of the Draghi government.  It is a known fact that infection via the eyes is one of the quickest routes to contract a disease. And Draghi’s government certainly has access to infectious samples, especially since Pfizer has recently opened 2 new plants in Italy for their monstrous medical experimentation. Two other political activists are also sick. Both were also canon-sprayed in the face.

Second, I just learned that a good friend of mine, who has interviewed me on YouTube several times: Decimo Toro, aka, Marco Cosimo, has been in intensive care 12 days. He contracted something after his son attended an anti-GreenPass rally at the end of September, after an unknown person joined the protest and spoke with him, all the while admitting that he had a fever. The infection spread rapidly to all his interlocutors, and from Marco’s son to himself. Marco has been intubated, and the Doctors claim he has Covid-19.

Two cases, perhaps coincidental. Both ardent critics of Mario Draghi government’s policies.

It would be devilish to infect your political opponents who oppose your Dictatorship which is advanced on the claims of there being a plague out there somewhere. But if Draghi has resorted to such infamy, it would beckon the question whether all those who died of Covid-19 were intentionally infected by Globalist actors from the start.

Who knows the causes of the recent infections.

But is it Satanic statecraft? I leave that for you to decide.



Italy: Goldman Sachs Dictator moves to require Vaxx to vote and run for elected office

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The ultimate goal of Globalists: to strip every human citizen who opposes them of every human and civil liberty, is in the works in the Italian Parliament: Mario Draghi, former Goldan Sachs VP and former Bank of Italy President, has declared his intention to extend the “Green Passport” or Death Vaxx Passport to include voting and running for office.

This will guarantee that no one who refuses the Vaxx or submission to the New World Order Death Cult will be able to participate in public life or chose the leaders of Italy’s future.

The move, already seen with shocked-yes, inside the Prime Minister’s own office — who leaked it to the press — is being called the Atomic Bomb of Italian Politics.

This move will make necessary armed civil rebellion, because if passed into law, there will no longer be an Italian Republic which embraces every citizen: there will be only a Nazi Sanitary State with Party Members’ privileges and a subclass of slaves with no rights.

Click the image above to read the original article in Italian, at il Tempo.

Critics of FromRome.Info ridiculed this journal in May when we warned that Draghi was making the Vaxx obligatory for all Italian residents.  Our interpretation of his actions and intentions then, has proven 100% correct.

CIVIL WAR IN ITALY! — Marriage, Baptism, Communion forbidden to non Vaxxed

Introduction and Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

May 30, 2021 A. D. — The diabolic tyranny of Mario Draghi is ratcheting up its controls on the Christian peoples of Italy.  As of June 15th, it will be forbidden to celebrate Marriages, Baptisms, First Communions, Confirmations and any other public religious festival to anyone who does not have a “Green Pass”, certifying that they have been Vaxxed, cured of the mythical Covid-19 or been swabbed by a psychopathic medical employee in the last 48 hours — with a swab which is rumored to contain particles dangerous to human life, and in a manner which is possible to cause lesions, infections and brain death.

Mario Draghi is a former VP of Goldman Sachs and a known member of the Masonic Lodge.

This new decree, which went into effect on May 18th, as previously mentioned here at FromRome.Info has been applied by the Conference of Regional Governments in its latest communication. According to ANSA, the globalist news service, the liberty of citizens will be progressively restored so long as they receive the death-dealing, genetic-altering, sterilizing impotency augmenting Vaxx!

To read the original ANSA report, click the image above.

According to the universally hated and despised Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, who is not a doctor:

“Our Country is much better, the road we are on is the right one.  We need to maintain the highest attention, but the numbers are getting better and this is the moment to program the Future!”

If anyone cannot see now that the Scamdemic is all about establishing a Masonic Tyranny upon humanity, by means of stamping out Christianity, he is blind.

In other news, Mario Draghi is reportedly planning to dump his Cabinet of Technocrats and replace them with those openly supporting a total Dictatorship. The Globalists evidently believe that if they dissolve the institution of Democracy they can count on greater loyalty of the armed forces.

If Draghi thinks he will not suffer the same misfortune as Mussolini, I think he is gravely mistaken. The Italian people are fed up. 80% are refusing to take the Vaxx. The wearing of the mask is going quickly out of fashion among the trend setting youth.

ITALY: It’s Civil War! — Dictatorship Declares Vaxx obligatory for all

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In violation of every term of the Italian Constitution, the Charter of Human Rights of the European Nations, of the UN Charter for Human Rights, and every medical, scientific and religious moral norm, the Sanitary Dictatorship has approved the conversion into law of the Administrative Decree of Mario Draghi’s Government DL 44/2021.

The terms of this Dictatorial Decree oblige every resident of Italy to take the Vaxx, regardless of any position of religion or conscience.

Those who refuse, will be DENIED all medical assistance, in all hospitals and clinics, public and private.

Here is a direct link to the Italian Gazette, the official publication of the Italian Republic regarding laws. The Decree of April 1, 2021 was converted into a “law” by a vote in Parliament last week. The key wording is in Article 5, where anyone, who is deemed to be “not in present use of their natural faculties” — i .e. asleep — can be vaccinated by medical staff, because their consent is PRESUMED.


This is barbarism.

The Draghi government is going forward with its mass vaccination program with calculated steps. Already in past weeks we have seen political dissidents threatened with or receiving TSO’s (being taken to a mental asylum) for refusing to comply with Sanitary Dictatorship Decrees. Now any resistance can be deemed violent, violence deemed signs of insanity, insanity a sign of “not being in possession of natural faculties” and the door is open to vaccination!

I personally know of several poor people who are being obliged to get vaccinated in order to keep receiving welfare checks. While this goes beyond the letter of the law, in truth, Italy is already in a lawless state. Every injustice will now be perpetrated on account of the Scamdemic.

But with the approval of 44/2021, the previous approval of the “Green Passport” as the condition for travel between any two regions of Italy or use of public accommodations, makes the Vaccine a practical requirement for normal life takes on a new threat. Refusal to comply now gives a “legal” way to force vaccination.

Many opposition groups have declared in previous weeks and months, that if the Draghi government took this step, they would declare armed conflict against the government.

Whether Civil War breaks out now in Italy, God only knows, but truly with such a move the Italian Dictatorship has declared war on its people: a war of extermination, a war of genocide, a war against Christianity, a war to the destruction of all human life in the territory of the former Republic.

The days ahead abode with darkness and conflict. I beg your prayers to Our Lady of Victories for the Italian people!

EDITORIAL: I wrote an editorial in response to this news, the day after.

August 19,2021 UPDATE:  Eleven days before the above report was filed, General Figliuolo, the Vaxx Tsar appointed by the Draghi government, confirmed the conclusion of my report saying:  “By September we will all be vaccinated”.  Click the image below to read the original report in Italian:

Italian Agency on Privacy blocks Draghi’s Vaccine Passport

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a stunning slap to the government of Mario Draghi, Rothschilds agent and unelected Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, the Italian Agency charged with protecting the privacy of each citizen, has blocked the implementation of the Vaccine Passport which he recently decreed by an executive order.

In the unsigned article by the Libero Quotidiano, there is reported:

First of all, the Guarantor noted that the new decree “does not guarantee a suitable regulatory basis for the introduction and use of green certificates on a national scale” and is also “seriously incomplete” with regard to data protection, being “devoid of an assessment of possible large-scale risks to personal rights and freedoms.” In addition, the decree is “contrary to the provisions of the European Regulation” because it “does not precisely define the purposes for the processing of data on the health of Italians”, leaving room for “multiple and unpredictable future uses”.

In addition, the Guarantor contests the fact that the rule provides for an “excessive” use of data on certificates to be produced in case of control, “in violation of the principle of minimization”. Finally, it is pointed out that the serious criticalities detected “could have been resolved in advance and in a very short time if the subjects involved in the definition of the decree-law had started the necessary dialogue with the Authority”. Which, however, is now available to collaborate with the government.


CREDITS: The featured image is a screenshot of the article linked to in this report.

The Globalists are losing their grip on Italy

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The recent decree of Mario Draghi — former Goldman Sachs investment agent — is the straw which has broken the back of compliance in Italy. A decisive slice of Italian society has now opened their eyes to the Pandemic and seen it for what it is: an invented excuse for the enslavement of humanity.

The indications for this are found everywhere. As an anthropologist-journalist I will recount the variety of evidence which is mounting every day.

Four women are stopped by the Carabinieri for walking the streets without masks after midnight. They refuse to comply with orders and are each given 2 misdemeanors. The combined cost would be about 4000 euros. While they officers are writing up the complaints, one of the woman reasons with the police and explains that these controls are entirely unconstitutional, illegal and in humane.  —  In the end, the Carabinieri rip up their own police reports and let the woman go free and unmasked.

A group of youth, who have not been seen in a year, are found on the streets after midnight. One is wearing a mask. I greeted them the first time and told them all to stop wearing the mask since it is nothing but a sign of political submission to fraud. They greeted me with joy again last night, all without masks and at my urging promised to spread among the youth of the city the message of resistance to globalism. I told them that the globalists were trying to rob them of their youth. And they resoundingly agreed.

A woman is stopped at the train station for not wearing a mask. The two policemen threaten her with a massive fine. In the midst of her explanation why its all a big Scam, they decide to not fine her and one of the officers rips off his own mask in a sign of agreement!

I met another patriot a few days ago, and we got to talking about the horrible side effects of the vaccine.  She told me that 10 of her associates HAVE DIED days after taking it. Families are not taking the excuse that it is COVID related, and are suing the Government, the Hospitals, the Doctors and the Vaccine company: Pfizer.

After curfew more and more youth  can be found on the street. The Police see them and do nothing. Even businessmen are now letting patrons into their stores without masks.

Everyone is fed up the the fraud. And the new government decree which will mandate Vaccine passports has everyone talking about revolution. If Mario Draghi thinks he will escape Italy alive, I would urge him to board a plane for Goldman Sachs in New York City as soon as possible.

How I love Italians!

The U.S. State Department is clearly worried about the situation in Italy. So they just published on April 20, 2021 a level 4 warning to all U.S. Citizens telling them NOT to travel to Italy. They claim that it is because Covid-19 is endemic in Italy. But now you know the real reason.


CREDITS: The featured image is a screenshot of the official TV channel, Stv, of the Italian Senate in action. Paragone stands to denounce the borrowing of monies from the EU as a scam to destroy Italy.