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That’s Enough! — End the Shutdown Today, or else!

by Karl Denninger

Reprinted from Market-Ticker.org

It’s over folks.

With more than 19.4 million people residents, the preliminary results indicate that at least 2.7 million New Yorkers have been infected with Covid-19.

The official data is that 257,000, roughly, NY State residents have had it.  The real number is 10x higher or more.

This in turn means the fatality rate is 10x lower or more.

And that, in turn, means that:

  • The risk of death is no greater than that of a bad seasonal flu.  This makes all of the lockdown and other suspension/mitigation measures worthless, as they were unjustified in fact and in law.  There is no basis for continuing any of them for even one more day.  That includes masks, “social distancing” restrictions or anything else.
  • The capability to “track and trace” is a literal zero since 90% or more of the cases will never be recorded by anyone.  Therefore all claims of “track and trace” or anything related to it are not only unjustified they’re criminally insane or intended for other purposes.

Folks, the game’s over.  This is not the first such study but it’s the largest and in one of the “hot spots” — in fact, the hot spot.

The scientific facts are now in.  There is no scientific reason for any governor to support or allow any lockdown or suspension of any sort to continue for even one more day.  There is no reason predicated on science for any citizen to follow any such direction for even one more day.

IF the governors do not immediately lift, and our President does not immediately demand the lifting of all such orders right here, right now, within the next hour then the government at both State and Federal levels is entirely illegitimate, it is now committing felony kidnapping and there is just cause for it to be removed and replaced by any means necessary.

The debate, on the science, is over.