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FRANCE: Police relent in arresting Insurrectionists, fire now on Frenchmen

Video of the mayhem is now being heavily censored, but a few clips get through, to alter the narrative …

It is racist to imply that all fair skinned people are French, however. Did not the Left teach us that? But not when it does not serve their purpose.

Again, the same tactic. Why can one only find videos like this? Obviously to incite more “protests”.


And here a “protester” gets into an unmarked Police Car just as if he was an employee of Macron!


And so, just to be safe the French Ministry of the Interior has informed citizens that as of July 3, the Internet in France will be turned off at certain times, “to maintain public order”. This is like gagggin a woman as she is being raped, so that neighbors won’t notice anything.