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Italian Ministry of the Interior relents: Catholics can pray again in Church

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It’s not total victory against the arbitrary, prejudiced, irrational, unjust, bigoted persecution of the Catholics of Italy, but its a step back to normality: the Italian Ministry of the Interior in an official explanation of the Health Decrees against Coronavirus spread, has affirmed the following:

  • Catholics can visit the local church or Parish to pray if they are on their way to work or to buy groceries or a newspaper or are engaged in necessary exercise or are walking their dog or must visit someone who cannot care for himself.
  • Ceremonies such as Weddings which do not require the violation of the prescribed social-distancing of 1 meter are permitted.
  • Holy Week Services can be transmitted from Churches where the minimum number of clergy and assistants are present.

Of course, this is merely throwing crumbs to the peasants, but Catholics now have permission to show their faith without fear and if they do so in numbers, it will soon be impossible for the Ministry of the Interior to sustain the crackdown on Christianity that they have perpetrated with malice and total incompetence of the power of the Risen Lord to care for his own.

The official newspaper of the Italian Bishop’s Conference is claiming that the new provisions are the fruit of the dialogue of their Secretary with Prime Minister’s Office and the Minister of the Interior.

If so, then, the Secretary should be sacked, in my opinion, because he has conceded the principles and all the chief points.

However, this decision of the Italian Ministry of the Interior is a precedent to cite in the rest of the world to those governmental authorities and Church leaders who have totally closed the Churches.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screenshot of the webpage of Avvenire, cited in the article.

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Government of Giuseppe Conte seeks to make ignorance of Health Decree a thought crime

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Today, the government of Giuseppe Conte, who was never elected to any office, and who is only trained in Italian civil law and business law, took its first move to making it a crime to not think aright about his new Health Decrees.

The move comes in the form of a new version of the Auto-certification which everyone in Italy must be ready at any moment to present if they are found outside their house. The form is published by the Ministry of the Interior, which is now tasked with treating all Italian citizens in a way which the present government never treated even illegal aliens!

The additions to the form, which previously only required a self-testimony as to the motive for leaving one’s home, now requires that one declares oneself not to be ignorant of the decree, the requirements of it and of the penalties associated with it.

In Italian law, making a false statement on a document presented to a public official is a crime. So to increase the number of statements you have to make on a form is simply a way of cracking down on dissidents under the color of law.

This is way beyond a thought crime, in a sense, because it makes ignorance a crime.  For those incapable of understanding the complex legal language of the Health Decree, it also ipso facto makes it a crime to be stupid or of slow mental abilities. This is the epitome of racism to those parts of society who are not as well gifted or trained intellectually as others parts of society!

Left wing government, as always, presupposes guilt, inferiority and moral decadence in the unwashed masses.

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