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PayPal blocks fundraising by Dr. Montanari for medical research on COVID-19

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you want to know to what depths of depravity PayPal is willing to go to push the Corona Hype, here you go:

The famous Italian doctor, Dr. Montanari has publicly commented on the reality of Coronavirus, expressing that it originated in the laboratory, that it is not very lethal but is very contagious, that the response to this virus was exaggerated for political reasons, and that simple things such as Vitamin D can help to strengthen you immune system.

The World Boxing Federation was so impressed by his public advocacy that they awarded him a prize for his work.

In response the Vaccine Lobby filed a criminal charge against the Doctor (story here), based totally upon claims that things which he has sustained with medical and scientific sources are false.

Then, PayPal blocked his PayPal account, which he was using to raise funds to purchase an electron microscope to investigate the causes of Covid-19 and promote the research. The block by PayPal occurred after raising sufficient funds for the microscope, but not for research.

He was given no reason for the blocking. And he is laughing it off. But it reveals how sick PayPal is.

Now his website has been spoofed by anonymous persons to raise funds, and PayPal is allowing it.