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How to be a Christian in your soul — The Keys to Spiritual Rebirth, Repentance & Holiness

In this 28 minute talk, Br. Bugnolo explains how and why every decision we make leads us further into or away from
the Light of God and Jesus Christ, our Eternal Salvation

You can find this video on 4 different platforms, sources:

FromRome.Info — Original (downloadable):

Odysee — at @FromRomeInfoVideo

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YouTube — at @FromRomeInfo

Editor’s Note: I hope you who have viewed this video in its entirety, now reflect upon what I have said therein, to begin a new epoch in your life. And I hope that by it you may also understand how important it is to support authentic religious life of convents and monasteries, so that those souls who are called to be consecrated and devoted to God in a special way, and pray for us in our battle hereon earth, might have a place where they can easily acquire an interior life and approach God for us, in prayer and true holiness.