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Generale Pappalardo: Il Governo di Conte è vera e propria dittatura!


by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In this video, General Antonio Pappalardo declares the government of Conte a dictatorship, for having extended the State of Emergency in the recent Decree-Law until Dec. 31, 2020.

He invites all the opposition to Conte to join him in the Piazza del Popolo for June 2. But he requires that they resign from the Italian Parliament, as the condition for joining the Orange Revolution sponsored by the Gilet Arancioni.

He announces the intention to establish a commission to investigate all the crimes committed by the government of Conte during the COVID-19 response. And he announces that on May 30, Gilet Arancioni will offer a way so that every Italian with a cell phone can vote via cellphone using his own finger.

He sustains the the people, not the government, are sovereign and can proceed to a popular vote without authorization of anyone, and that their decision preempts all other claims to authority in the State.

The Movimento per gli Italiani, per l’Italia e per l’Italianità proposes similar but more far reaching goals, aiming as it does to restore not only the Constitutional order but the Christian character of the Italian nation.

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