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Ordo Iuris: Help us prevent EU from becoming an Ideological Gulag

The following is a google translation of the Circular letter of Ordo Iuris, a legal defense group from Poland composed of devout and active legal scholars and lawyers defending Christian civilization in Poland.

To whom it may concern,

although this may the Lord give unimaginable, soon it may not be possible to say aloud that marriage is a union between a woman and a man, or that same-sex couples should not adopt children.

Radical activists for years trying to use the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to exert pressure on individual states and their citizens. In January, the judges found that any criticism of LGBT political demands, which will adversely affect the “psychological well-being” of people running homosexual lifestyle, should be punished with the office as a “homophobic hate speech”. Moreover, the Court considers that the understanding of the family as a community based on the relationship of man and woman is a “stereotype” that could lead to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

At the same time flow of Strasbourg judgments forcing the state to register the recognition of homosexual cohabitation, and those that were registered abroad. All this is possible because the Court has developed the concept according to which the European Convention on Human Rights is “a living instrument”. Therefore, the provisions created 70 years ago can interpret other content than those who saw them as authors.

It is only a matter of time when the decision to undermine the basis of family law will be taken in relation to the Polish. Therefore, we must firmly oppose the blatant limiting freedom of speech and attempts to impose legal solutions contrary to the Polish Constitution.

All this is possible because of years of Strasbourg judges are subject to pressure only from the extreme left organizations. Only few organizations defending life and the family present their argument on its board. That’s why we decided to increase our involvement in the work of the Court – in the last year allowed us to participate in the proceedings and we submitted 30 applications to join 12 consecutive.

Thanks to our common commitment Strasbourg Court can recover its true function. And that is the most important defense of human rights, rather than forcing the ideological postulates of the radical left. Only in this way our motherland before uchronimy international pressure and the realization of the objectives of radical LGBT activists.

Coming punishment for “homophobic hate speech”

A large concern is the recent judgment in the case of two activists of the Lithuanian LGBT organization Lietuvos Lyga gay, who posted on Facebook a provocative image. At the entry discussion started, which fell many harsh words. Although activists filed a notice of suspicion of committing a crime, the Lithuanian prosecutor’s office refused to initiate an investigation without noticing the entries incitement to violence and hatred. This decision upheld another Lithuanian courts. The case went to the European Court of Human Rights.

Strasbourg Court did not share the Lithuanian justice. Instead, it will be limited to the assessment of the most aggressive entries, international judges used the case as an excuse to very dangerous move – consolidating and extending the concept of “homophobic hate speech”.

The judges in Strasbourg decided that punishable “hate speech” is not only a clear incitement to physical aggression, but also every statement, which is “an attack on the mental integrity” homosexual persons. Nobody questions the fact that the incitement to violence or murder and should be banned regardless of the sexual practices of the victims of this act. However, I do not have to convince the Lord, how dangerous the idea to punish mere spoil someone’s well-being!

We immediately reacted

Our response and firm criticism of the judgment were necessary. If the extreme thesis Court entrenched, it’s not only in Lithuania, where matters went to the Court, but also in Poland and throughout Europe the right to criticize LGBT activists will be crushed criminal sanctions.

Therefore immediately published an analysis of the judgment, in which we have shown that homosexual activists entitled to the same protection as all citizens, and not because that – as is clear from the judgment – suffered their “psychological well-being” associated with running the homosexual lifestyle.

We have emphasized that banning debates on important social issues that inherently involve distortion of well-being part of the adversaries, is a violation of freedom of expression protected under Article. 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Meanwhile, the January ruling of the Court is also contrary to the golden rule expressed in the judgment of the ECtHR in the famous Handyside case, according to which freedom of expression includes the right to speak that offend, shock or disturb the social.

The attack on the Ordo Juris

The latest judgment of the Court no doubt will be quickly used by LGBT activists across Europe to kneblowania mouth all those who do not agree with forsowanymi their political demands.

This tactic also apply remembering the Polish LGBT activists. Evidence of this attack on the director of our Center for International Law Karolina Pawlowska, the author analyzes the controversial judgment of the Court in Strasbourg.

Shortly after he published a critical opinion on the ruling, Center for Monitoring racist and xenophobic behavior full of manipulation and falsification commentary suggested that our lawyer is the author of obscene words, which actually appeared in the photo Lithuanian activists. Moreover, contrary to the actual content analysis, commentary Ordo Juris pomawiał the defense of provocation to aggression and violence. These defamatory entries were duplicated hundreds of times in social media and traditional.

Institute defamatory content will not remain without our strong legal response. I will not go unpunished slander the reputation and the good name of our experts convinced of the inviolability of his left-wing activists. Fortunately recent failure of Facebook revealed that, contrary to the court testimony of the head of the Konrad OMZRiK Dulkowskiego he personally he published numerous entries on the pages of this organization. This will be helpful in our legal response to the slander. I write about them, but the Lord above all to visualize, what strategy chosen ideologues of the extreme left, to intimidate all those who rightly criticize the controversial judgment of the Court.

Revolution may enter Poland

Attempts to use the Court of Human Rights to impose a particular Poland, the privileged protection of LGBT activists could not remain without our decisive response. I have no doubt that on the basis of those judgments, the Council of Europe may put pressure on the authorities of our country to tighten the law on hate speech and punish criticism of the homosexual lifestyle.

Although Polish law protects people with homosexual preferences as any other citizen, punishing threats against them and allowing them to defend the good name of civil law. LGBT ideologists, however, are demanding the creation of separate criminal provisions in the Criminal Code that will protect not only the person, what lifestyle.

Therefore, LGBT activists “document” alleged acts of “homophobic hate speech” in Poland, which are to justify the creation of separate regulations. Many of these examples is a so curious, it’s hard to believe that the authors of the report are serious readers. For example, in the report of the Campaign Against Homophobia on this as a sign of “homophobic hate speech” it was … a survey saying that the overwhelming majority of Poles oppose the adoption of children by same-sex cohabiting. According to the Ombudsman Adam Bodnar “homophobic hate speech” is a statement curator Barbara Nowak, who criticized the adoption by the Warsaw City Hall dangerous Declaration of LGBT +.

Court imposes privileges for same-sex cohabitation

The situation is all the more dangerous because along with restrictions on freedom of speech under the dictation of LGBT activists are going judicial pressure on the institutionalization of homosexual cohabitation. In this spirit, we have already started to develop an entire line Court and another case waiting to publish. Among them are the applications of four same-sex couples living in Poland, which accuse the Polish state “a violation of their right to privacy and family life” because of inability to conclude single-sex relationship.

We proceeded to all these proceedings and we give them legal opinions. In subsequent cases of this kind we submitted the formal application to join the proceedings. Today, no key issue will no longer be able to take place without a clear and strong voice in defense of the Ordo Juris family, marriage, life and freedom.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to invite strong reaction

In addition to starting the proceedings, we prepared for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs analysis showing proper defense strategy constitutional values against radical concepts of the revolutionary left.

We have no doubt that the only effective way to protect against the imposition of Poland solutions contrary to our constitution is to express an internationally unequivocal opposition to the new case-law of the Court. We urge the ministry to clearly express opposition to these decisions. Strong opposition to the line of rulings by the Court of a guarantee that Poland – as so. “Protesting the state” is not in the near future linked to a new form of customary law.

What is needed is the widest possible involvement

International law is designed so that the judgments of the Strasbourg Court, have a significant impact on the most important and daily affairs in Poland, such as freedom of mine and of the Lord, or freedom of social organizations and the Church to proclaim their beliefs, and even the freedom of scientists to publish research results striking the rules of political correctness.

Therefore, all the time keep an eye on and – often the only – intervene in all matters that threaten civil liberties, hit the Polish constitution or restrict the sovereignty of our country.

Our involvement in the proceedings before the Strasbourg Court goes beyond issues related to LGBT attempts to impose an ideology. We also take an active part in matters concerning Norway, which for years violates international treaties for the protection of family life and allows you to receive child unjustified. At the same time Norwegian model Authority. Children are trying to export to other countries, including Polish, where its implementation was financed from the so-called. Norwegian grants.

We defend the religious freedom of Christians joining the proceedings on the shocking desecration, which took place in Spain. The man introduced himself as an “artist” presented photos on which he lay naked on the background of the word “pederasty” laid the Holy Communion, which was personally of the Catholic churches.

We spare no efforts and resources to finally restore international institutions – such as the Court in Strasbourg – their true function, which is to protect fundamental human rights. However, to be able to intervene in all these matters, it is necessary to help our Donors, so much I count on the support of our Lord’s actions. Total obrońmy legal order in Poland and civilizational foundations of Europe!

Yours faithfully


PS We all need to be aware that even disregarding the judgment of one maturing in Strasbourg could have fatal consequences for the legal system in Poland. LGBT activists make no secret that they want to use every opportunity to push their demands. Well shown printer is a matter of Lodz – then forgotten there used provision of the Code offenses is a relic of communism. I have no doubt that the ideologues favorable for LGBT judgment of the Court of Strasbourg will be used to restrict freedom of expression and formalization impose homosexual cohabitation. Therefore, it is important to our rapid and determined response to the international level.