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Panic, madness and atheism

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

G. K. Chesterton wrote a series of stories, in which the protagonist, a Catholic priest, named Father Brown, solved various and sundry mysteries that were inexplicable to his contemporaries. In his short stories, Chesterton, who was himself a convert to the Catholic Faith, colored the narrative with social commentary and apologetic insights to explain how the Catholic Faith makes one see reality differently and in a better and more rational manner.

The fundamental principle of Chesterton’s Catholic epistemology, you might call it, was expressed in his short story, called, The Oracle of the Dog, which he published in 1923:

It’s the first effect of not believing in God that you lose your common sense.

I think we are seeing this right now in the Corona Panic, because if you survey all the world or Church leaders who are panicking the most they are those with the least Christian faith.

The cause of this lost of common sense, comes from the intervention of the will to prevent a rational examination which leads to the consideration that there must be a God and He must exist, for else, nothing else makes sense.

Chesterton rebuked the mindset which allowed the will to trump right reason in his Father Brown story, entitled, The Miracle of the Moon Crescent, which he published in 1924.

You hard-shelled materialists were all balanced on the very edge of belief — of belief in almost anything.

Emile Cammaerts, in his study of G. K. Chesterton, published in 1937, entitled, The Laughing Prophet, gave birth to the common maxim of Chesterton, which he never wrote, but which succinctly summarized the import of his observations of faux religiosity in the atheistic materialists of his day, thus:

The first effect of not believing in God is to believe in anything.

You can read the curious story of how her summation of Chesterton came to be held as a genuine quote from his writings, at Chesterton.org, in their article, When a man ceases to worship God.

While, I do not ascribe to the mythology of Modernism which holds that man has a need for God, rising from his sentiments, which seeks or demands that he put his trust in something greater than himself, I do agree with the observation of the Scholastics that God has so ordered this world and so made man, that it is innate in our very nature to be able to recognize that all things come from God and lead back to God. For this reason, the minds and brains of men are so structured spiritually and physically, as to seek subordination to what is greater, higher, truer, more principle and more powerful.

The result, then, is that a man at reason’s counsel admits that there must be a God and that He should be obeyed and adored, because He is the First Cause and the Last End of all things, and because man of himself is nothing in comparison to Him, in anything, since He is the source of all order, beauty, goodness, perfection, and truth.

But the atheist, especially the materialistic atheist, insists with a malicious will, that such considerations must be rejected and avoided. He has spiritually accepted the mindset of a demon who thinks liberty consists in rebellion and who deceives himself into thinking that he is something even when compared to the Creator of all.

This is madness. It is madness even if at the beginning it does not manifest itself as insanity. But in decision making it will manifest itself as such, because it has divorced thought from its liberty to assent to truth, and that is intellectually the same thing as self-lobotomization or mental suicide.

When such godless and proud men become the leaders of nations and churches, only disaster can result. Because not having any religion, they are disposed and eager to make anything else but God the object of that innate inclination of every man to subordinate himself.

The leaders of the world, gripped by Corona Panic, have established a new world religion. It is a religion of fear mongering, and not the preaching of the Good News. It is the devotion of panic in the unknown, instead of the devotion of confidence in God the Creator. It expresses itself in mindless loyalty to the unproven dictates of persons without any medical or scientific credentials to speak, in place of humble religious submission to those whom Christ Jesus entrusted with the munus to teach, govern and sanctify.

Having participated in, or tacitly consented to, the removal of Pope Benedict XVI, Christ’s only true vicar on Earth, they have thus fallen into a terrible and dark religion of fear and panic. That is both a consequence of their negligence and a punishment for it.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screensaver by Quote Fancy, which offers a variety of artistic layouts for this saying of G K Chesterton, which is fr.om his book, The Man who knew too much, published in 1935, p. 65.

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7 Reasons not to panic over Corona Virus 19

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There are at least 7 reasons not to panic over corona virus 19.

First reason not to panic

The pathogen is of a family of corona viruses already known to man, as the World Health Organization explains:

Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses which may cause illness in animals or humans. In humans, several coronaviruses are known to cause respiratory infections ranging from the common cold to more severe diseases such as Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

What they do not say, is how large a family of virus they are. But Wikipedia does, in the article on Coronaviridae:

The family Coronaviridae is organized in 2 sub-families, 5 genera, 23 sub-genera and about 40 species:[2]

Note, that each species can have variations, some more potent than others. But of these 40 species, and all their variations, only 3 rare forms were know to be lethal to man. Corona Virus 19 is just the one discovered in 2019.

Second Reason not to Panic

The infection rates are a lot lower than are being reported. There is no definitive test for corona virus being used in emergency room admissions at hospitals. Many patients may be suffering from other kinds of infections.  This is because the symptoms of Corona virus infection are similar to many other pathogens. Thus, identifying someone as infected by symptoms is unscientific.

Third Reason not to Panic

The mortality rates being reported are statistically being misrepresented.  They regard the rates of mortality of patients admitted to hospitals suffering from influenza like symptoms which are presumed to be Corona virus. Thus, the current rates being reported of 3.4% do not regard only the Corona virus. Also, death may not result from the virus but from other symptoms. A highly rigorous analysis of causes of death is needed, and this cannot be done daily, this requires months of statistical analysis and has to be conducted in highly controlled environments. None of that is happening.

Fourth Reason not to Panic

The mortality rates being reported are being used by the Media to cause panic by misinterpreting them.  A mortality rate of 3.4% of those presumed to be infected and who are admitted to Hospitals for grave symptoms, means that 3.4% of only that population dies. It does not refer to the entire population. You cannot multiply 3.4% by the entire population of your city, province, or Nation to extrapolate anything.

Since most never go to hospital for influenza like symptoms, and most have good enough immune systems to resist corona virus, the actual mortality rate for the entire population of your country will be a tiny fraction. The Ministry of Health data published yesterday here in Italy confirms this. While the press has claimed hundreds of thousands are infected, the Ministry confirms only 10 thousand, and 848 deaths, but they say that of these deaths there can be no certitude that they were caused by the corona virus without a rigorous study.

Thus, in Italy, with 60.48 million people, only 1.65% of 1% of the entire population is actually infected. While, La Verità today, is reporting that the first case came to Italy from Munich, Bavaria, when an Italian visited the city in January about the time of the Acies Ordinata event in that city, on January 18, 2020. Thus, in 8 weeks, a minuscule number of infections and deaths. While in Italy in 2017, 25 thousand died of the influenza from November to March, at a rate of 5000 a month, or 1250 a week, which would in the same period of time be a mortality of 10,000 or 12.5 times more lethal than corona virus 19.

Fifth Reason not to Panic

This particular strain of corona virus, cannot survive summer heat. Already in Singapore, the number of infections has fallen dramatically. This means, in northern countries which have well heated homes and public spaces, the possibility of infection will be almost non existent.  Italy is suffering higher rates than the rest of Europe because heating in private and public places is abysmal. Italians turn heat on for about 1 hour a day, or two at most. And most public buildings are not heated or only to about 60 degrees. So the true mortality rates in Italy will not occur in other nations.

Sixth reason not to panic

Nothing happens except God will it. Disease is a punishment for the sin of Adam and the sins of individuals. Confessing your sins and staying in God’s grace will give you real protection from an unprovided for death. And if God has sent this pathogen to punish sinners, then it makes sense to repent and stop being a sinner.

Seventh reason not to panic

Finally, if you want to put the Corona Virus scare into historical context, just read about the Spanish Fever of 1917 or the Black Death, to see that the corona virus is not a plague or a pandemic of any level of real threat. Nations, Churches, businesses and cities should not be shut down on its account. Corona virus is not going to cause any noticeably higher death rate. You won’t see your friends dropping off or more funerals than normal, as the national rates of death from other causes are 10 to 100 times higher, as can be seen from this report about mortality in Italy.

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