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Watch Video of Br. Bugnolo surrounded by Police in Piazza S. Maria Maggiore

Click to watch on Facebook, at minute 31:00 and thereafter. Also to hear short interview on national television, here in Italy. (In Italian). — This video is made available by Armando Manocchia, host of a weekly show on Canale Italia, on civil rights.

In which excerpt, you hear Brother saying in Italian:  Everything you say is upside down. I have no intention of collaborating actively with you. —  Then a scene showing brother being dragged away by 2 men without sufficient physical strength to thrown him in the back seat of a police care. — Then a scene with him on the ground after having his shoulder twisted, screaming in agony, and being dropped on his face on the ground. — What is not show is that after about an hour the police injured brother again by attempting again to throw him in the back of a cruiser, during which time they grabbed his capuche and nearly strangled him. Only on the third time did they employ 5 men and do it “correctly”.

A concerned citizen recorded the Webcam of the Piazza during the entire event, from its archive on line, and has published it on line. This gives you an idea of how the whole thing went down:

The total fines for the 8 Catholics, including Brother, will mount to perhaps $8000. Brother is being charged with not wearing a mask and insulting a police officer. Brother’s attorneys are preparing a criminal complaint against the officers in charge which will detail the entire tragedy. There are several videos by Brothers’ friends which detail the substance of the matter.

FromRome.Info has been informed that the social media visualizations of news about what these Catholics suffered has now surpassed 45 million views world wide.

If Brother has legal expenses, FromRome.Info will publish a notice on how you can help him and the other Catholics defend themselves.