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Attorney Todd Callender: The Marburg Plandemic will be released in October, Zombie Apocalypse to follow

Editor’s Note:  I do not know what source Dr. Ruby has for an October release, though I speculated months ago that the release would be in October, here. [UPDATE: From Dr. Ruby’s Gab account, it appears that her statement about October is an inference based on the CDC’s statement about September being the Preparedness Month.]

Dr. Rashid Buttar foretold the next Plandemic as containing Marburg and other pathogens, back in May, before he died-on-signal. — FromRome.Info is one of the few journals which has been keeping its readers informed on a nearly daily basis of this coming threat. Subscribe (below) to receive our daily reports and updates.

More Background on the 5G release tech, and the preparation in US Law for Marburg Epidemics, passed in March 2020. He also explains the intentional protocol used to kill persons in hospitals under the appearances of treating them for a pandemic. Attorney Callender says US Hospitals intentionally killed 1 million persons in this manner.

More background on the 1P36 Gene Deletion Syndrome, here below. From what appears in this article, this gene deletion syndrome only affects the natal and post natal early development of the human brain; and if that is so, the “Zombie Apocalypse” is a mis-applied term, since this will only affect newborns, not adults.

The World Health Organization to declare a new “Pandemic” within days

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The signs are now all clear, consistent and have the same theme. The Globalist Narrative going forward will be, “There is a new pandemic of a Covid variant, ‘Eris’, which is much worse and will kill many more people unless you take a Covid ‘Vaccine’.”.

The international media is already pushing the narrative.

BigPharma has announced their old DeathVaxxes as effective against it.

Numerous sources insist that this time the lockdowns have to be imposed more quickly and be more severe.

I therefore prognosticate that within days, the W. H. O. will declare a new pandemic and demand governments put us all in a horrible orwellian lockdown, to make the past one seem mild in comparison.

But mere propaganda will not work a second time.

Human psychology does not work that way.  They merely cannot claim there are deaths. They will have to convince the masses this time with real deaths.

Dr. Rashid Buttar hypothesized that they can do this via hydrogel technology in the Covid DeathVaxxes, which on signal from 5G can begin to manufacture “the Marburg virus”.

I think that is possible, but “marburg virus” needs to be changed out in his warning for “lethal toxins”.

While this propaganda strategy seems absurd, namely, to declare another covid-like Pandemic, I believe there is a astuteness in it, in this, that by doing so, the un-awaken masses will not seek to find a different cause, and thus be lulled to sleep, whereas if there was a new “Virus” and new kind of death, people might start thinking.

All those strange structures which La Quinta observed forming in the DeathVaxx liquid when exposed to 5G and 4G radiation might therefore have a purpose.

It’s not just bluetooth signals. Its receivers for some sort of signal to trigger some sort of reaction.

Therefore, I think it prudent to TURN OFF ALL BLUE TOOTH DEVICES in those homes where anyone has been vaxxed. And perhaps best to power them down or turn them off and disconnect them from the power grid.

But to achieve their goal of fooling the masses a second time, they will have to undertake a very complex and distributed signaling campaign to cause deaths world-wide and in large groups.

The cover for this might be cellphone updates. For they can update your phone, use it to launch the signal on 5G or Bluetooth, and then after deaths are caused, update it again to remove the software which perpetrated the murders.

It’s the perfect crime.

I have already explained many times what you should have done to prepare for this next Plandemic and what you should be doing, that I will not repeat it here. I will let my faithful readers show how expert they are by citing the articles in the comments below.

A FINAL NOTE: Since the toxins of the Marburg disease cause lethal internal hemorrhaging 5-9 days after they are released into the blood stream, we can expect the declaration of a Pandemic 5-9 days after the signal is given to the hydrogel to produce these toxins. Individuals with unique BlueTooth codes, by reason of their receiving the DeathVaxxes must be the presumed targets. And this means that the Die-on-Signal command might already be in the process of being transmitted from 5G, 4G and Bluetooth devices and cellphone towers.

FEATURED IMAGE: The featured image, often used for Sars-Cov2 is itself a fake, taken from a laboratory years before the 2020 “Pandemic”, showing exosomes of unidentified source.

The Marburg Plandemic will be launched on Oct. 26, 2023, at 7:06 PM?

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As I have reported before, the next fake Pandemic will be launched via 5G bursts and the end of this year, according to Dr. Rashid (here), and after the Ukrainian war ends or enters an armistice (as I prognosticate here).

Now, admitting I am only formulating an educated guess, I will put on the table of your consideration, that the Marburg Plandemic will be launched or initiated on October 26, 2023, at 7:06 PM..

Ok, how do I come up with this date?

I base this speculation on the facts shown during the Scamdemic that the Globalists move on days with Satanic numerological meanings.

The 66th last day of the year of 2023 has such a meaning.

For October 26 is the vigil of October 27, and 27 = 9 + 9 + 9, which is the number of the Beast in the Apocalypse, turned upside down, a sign which is used in the Order of Nine Angels to signify the casting down of the devils from the 9 choirs of Angels at the beginning of time.

Doing anything on October 26, then, can intentionally signify auguring in the  reign of Satan. And that is what the Great Reset is all about.

Also since 26 is one shy of 27, and October is the 10th month, we see that since 10 = 6 + 3 + 1, that the Month of October according to its number can be seen to supply the missing 1 in 26, to make 27. And in this manner doing something on October 26 can intentionally signify doing something when what is needed to satisfy is now available. — And besides 6 +3 which is left over after taking 1 from 10, also equals 9 which is 6 upside down. Another calculation that signifies the unity of the Masonic Lodge with the Fallen ones.

But I take 7:06 PM from the fact that the evening of the 26 is the vigil of the 27. And a vigil signifies well the day of preparation for the following day.

Thus 7:06 PM which in decimal would be equal to 6 hours and 66 minutes or 666, which is also the number of the beast.

Is this pure speculation. No, as I have shown, each interpretation is consistent with a desire to signify the same thing, the name of the Antichrist, which is what the Plandemics are all about, transforming the Human Race into an enslaved genetically altered mass to serve that man of lawlessness who is to come, or is perhaps already conceived.

I say this since Melanie said that when he is 12 years old he will already be known. And if that is in 2030, he was born in 2018.

UPDATE: The Synod on Synodality, which has no more ecclesiastical authority than a party at the papal palace, is scheduled to end on Oct. 28: and if it is the intention of the globalist clergy to declare an end to Catholic teaching on sexual morality and the worship of the one true God, then such a declaration might be made just before a new Plandemic so as to sow the greatest possible terror and dismay into Catholics and force them psychologically to submit to the Globalist agenda as something inevitable and omnipotent.

BEWARE: When the War in Ukraine ends, the Next Plandemic will be launched

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

At the end of the Scamdemic, I was first to point out the change in Narrative (here). Then after I warned the world about how Skull and Bones was pivoting, I rightly predicted the exact date of the next Globalist project (here), the very day Vladimir Putin decided to go to war: February 22, 2022.

So I feel obligated to my readers and loyal supporters to prognosticate the beginning of the next Plandemic, which as I observed already (here), will be the claim of a Marburg Virus sweeping the world, when in fact it will be some sort of internal hemorrhaging caused by technology in the DeathShots already administered, and only lethal to them. — For more about the linkage between the Scamdemic organized by Skull and Bones agencies in the USA and the Rothschilds alliance on 5G Tech see Here and Here.

The above news, in the cited Tweet, wherein Polish MEP Witold Jan Waszczykowski says it has already been decided to “freeze the war” in the Fall is the data point I take as most significant.

We have already seen, in fact, that the Globalist control system requires one dominant narrative under which they frame all their actions and hide all their preparations.

If that modus operandi holds, then they have to end the Ukrainian War Narrative before they launch their next operation, which will be a Plandemic, not a Scamdemic.

A Scamdemic — for those unfamiliar with the anti-Globalist terminology — is a supposed Pandemic in which there is no virus or plague, but only a media hype claiming such, by reclassifying deaths from other sources, intentionally and non-intentionally produced, as death from the proclaimed plague, so as to coerce and induce the masses to take deadly or experimental shots.

A Plandemic — is an intentionally produced mass die off, caused by pre-determined deadly agents already introduced into the population, which are real, but not necessarily natural. In the present case, they are in fact totally artificial.

The difference in the Plandemic to be launched this Fall is that the lockdowns and controls will be more radical and severe. But not knowing their plans, I suppose that it is highly probable that they will insist on another round of DeathShots to sew the seeds of the next Plandemic.

The solution this time is NOT to believe anything they say, but immediately form armed protests and arrest all police and public officials pushing the Plandemic (Here, where I said this back in 2020). For as Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn observed about the Bolshevik Revolution: it could have been stopped in its tracks from the beginning, saving 60 million lives, if only the residents of Saint Petersburg from the start refused to allow the Bolshevik guards to arrest and execute their opposition. Yes, instead of hiding in their basements to wait for it to end, if they made the Guard lose men every time they attempted an arrest, the morale of the Guard would have broken and the Revolution would have collapsed in days.

I know that nearly no one listens to my advice, but perhaps this time around they will heed the words of the great Catholic Hero of Lepanto, Don Juan of Austria: There is no Heaven for cowards!