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Papa Benedicto XVI sigue siendo Papa

Este es el video oficial del movimiento PPBXVI en los EE.UU. hecho para nuestros hermanos y hermanas en España y su antiguo imperio colonial. En el texto se explica el argumento en inglés, que muestra que el Papa Benedicto XVI sigue siendo el verdadero Papa porque lo que hizo el 11 de febrero de 2013 no le hizo perder el cargo del Papado.

Por favor, comparta este video con todos sus amigos que hablan español!

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Bento XVI ainda é Papa

Este é o vídeo oficial do movimento PPBXVI nos EUA feito para os nossos irmãos e irmãs no Brasil e em Portugal e para o antigo império colonial português. Ele explica no texto o argumento em inglês, que mostra que o Papa Bento XVI ainda é o verdadeiro papa porque o que ele fez em 11 de fevereiro de 2013 não o fez perder o ofício do Papado.

Por favor, partilhe este vídeo com todos os seus amigos que falam português!

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News that Benedict XVI is the true pope Spreads to the whole world!

Rome, January 22, 2020 A.D.: In the last month, FromRome.Info has seen a dramatic spread of its readers to nearly every nation on Earth. Catholics from every land are at last coming to know that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope and never resigned the office of the Papacy in accord with the norm of law.

Evidence for this is visible in the statistics gathered on our website:

Screenshot_2020-01-22 Stats and Insights ‹ FromRome Info — WordPress com

This marks the most significant demographic shift in the PPBXVI Movement since FromRome.Info joined the cause in November 2018.

While the predominate number of readers remains in the U.S.A., on account of the fact that FromRome.Info is nearly entirely an English language publication, and because Catholics in the United States generally enjoy better connectivity to the internet and a greater cultural and political experience of individual liberty, it is the spread of interest in information regarding Pope Benedict and his ineffective resignation to other nations which is the most remarkable. The nations in which English is rarely or never spoken are no less registering visitors as those of the former British Empire.

This is another sign, that the Holy Spirit, the Lord of Truth, is stirring up the entire Church to return in allegiance to His Vicar on Earth Pope Benedict XVI! — Praise be to Him, now and forever more!

For more information, on the PPBXVI Movement, see ppbxvi.org, where you can find the Canonical Arguments, Videos, and detailed analysis in at least 8 languages.

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Has Diane Montagna joined the PPBXVI Movement?

January 19, 2020: Nearly a year ago, From Rome had to take the occasion to publicly rebut the many errors spread in a report by Diane Montagna, published at Life Site News, entitled, Did Benedict really resign?

In that article she recited the positions on both sides of the debate, regarding the Renunciation of Pope Benedict, whether it be valid or not. Her article inclined on the side which holds it is valid, or is to be presumed as valid. She interviewed Cardinals Burke and Brandmueller and Dr. de Mattei, along with Archbishop Gänswein.

But it seems her views have changed, or at least, she considers that it is professionally no longer a risk to manifest them:

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Home Twitter

For just 3 days ago, Diane Montagna tweeted this Meme from her personal twitter account.

And its import seems to signal that  she has jumped ship and joined the PPBXVI Movement, which is the name From Rome gives to those Catholics who remain in communion with Pope Benedict, because the recognize that he is still the Pope according to the laws of the Church. (The Official site of the movement is ppbxvi.org)

Note, that Miss Montagna does not call Benedict, “Pope Emeritus”. Note how many like it but yet do not retweet it. The Non-Think is breaking and soon the growth rate of Catholics who accept Benedict as the only and true Pope will be growing at near infinite rates of acceleration! (Sarmaticus take note!)

She follows up that tweet with another, showing that she is thinking it through:

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Reuters admits existence of Catholics who want Benedict as the Pope

The Official Trademark of the News Agency. Used here merely to illustrate their own report.

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

*This is NOT a Reuters Report, this is a Blog Post about a Report by Reuters Trust.org*

You know the truth is winning the informational war, when one of the biggest enemies of the truth, Reuters News International, admits the truth. Even they cannot ignore the fact. It is even more devastating for the enemies of the truth, when Reuters suggests to its news distribution network that they admit the existence of the truth!

You can read all about it at http://news.trust.org//item/20200113151451-8lfvo/

This is the pertinent quote, which Reuters suggests as a leader on their article by Pullela on the new book by Cardinal Sarah and Pope Benedict on Priestly Celibacy:

Some anti-Francis conservatives still see Benedict as their pope

The leading sites of the “Benedict is still the Pope Movement”, also known as the PPBXVI movement, because Benedict still signs as, Benedictus XVI P.P., are as follows:

ppbxvi.org – banner site for the Movement
barnhardt.biz – Joan of Arc of the Movement
ChiesaRomana.info — Official Site of the Movement at Rome
vericatholici.wordpress.org — International Association opposing Kasperite Heretics
Godsplanforlife.org — Producers of the multilingual Benedict is still the Pope Video
fromrome.wordpress.com — Investigations and news from Rome
nonvenipacem.com — Cogent analsysis and polemics


Dear Hermits in Christ

Saint Jerome, patron of hermits, in his hermitage at Bethlehem

An Open Letter to the Scottish Hermits
“excommunicated” on Christmas Day

I have eaten lunch with one of the signers of your letter, if you remember, in the Piazza Navona, back in 2016. So I consider myself obligated in Christ to say something to you, as a fellow hermit.

Your recent letter denouncing Bergoglio was correct in everything but the most important point. You have presumed that Pope Benedict’s renunciation of Feb. 11, 2013 was in accord with canon 332 §2, when I informed you in my last email, before I lost your email when my old computer fried up, that you should read the information about ppbxvi.org.

I cannot find it easy to understand your position, which basically holds that what a single tweet by the ANSA reporter, Giovanna Chirri, said on that fateful day, is more certain than what Christ promised Saint Peter and what the Church taught infallibly at Vatican I on the infallibility of the Roman Pontiff, or even than the certitude of God’s will in adhering to the LETTER of Canon Law, which no one has the right to interpret in any other sense than the letter.

You have instead preferred to break from the See of Rome on account of a man who was never the Roman Pontiff, is a usurper and is rightfully called an Antipope.

Ann Barnhardt does a line by line critique of your letter, and this mind boggling stubbornness of yours, to hold political correctness or human opinion above divine faith.  I personally would never have written so strongly as she has, but having read what she has said, I must say I agree 100% because it is entirely rational, entirely based on the Divine Faith, and entirely in harmony with both Vatican I and the Code of Canon Law.

I humbly suggest, therefore, that you read it.


Because outside of the communion and submission to the Apostolic See there is no salvation.

I understand that you may hold fast to the rumor put out by Chirri and all the evil lies of the Revolutionaries who want that tweet to be true, but if you consider men friends who insist Bergoglio is the pope or that a heretic can be the pope, then you need to separate yourselves from their counsel, because it is evil counsel.

In fact, when you take as your truth, not the Gospel nor the laws of the Church, but the statements and assertions of journalists and political correctness, then what you are is not a Catholic, but a modernist, who believes truth changes with the times, and who refuses to apply unchanging principles to judge all things, even alleged papal renunciations.

Sincerely in Saint Francis, a fellow hermit:


Br. Alexis Bugnolo
Rome, Italy
Feast of Saint John the Apostle


P.S. If any reader can send this letter to the HERMITS please do so.  They know I have good will for them, from my past attempts to help them in other affairs.

POSTSCRIPT: Subsequently, the Hermits published statements on radio which so discord with the Catholic Faith, that I have to say that I honestly think they are professing heresy, because they seem to exalt the rights of conscience so much as they deny without shame the indefectibility of the Church and the papacy from which that grace comes, simply because they willfully and without cause refuse to accept the terms of Canon 332 §2 according to the norm of canon 17.  They actually want Bergoglio to be a legitimate pope so they can justify separation. I get the impression that they want to be Greek Orthodox Schismatics, which is very fashionable in the United Kingdom, but at the same time pretend they are Catholics. Let us pray for their souls, because in their present state I cannot see how they can save their souls. The greatest danger of the eremitical life has always been pride, thinking that you are the source of grace apart from the institutional Church. This is a prime example, sadly.

Don’t give up on those who think Bergoglio is pope

Confessions of a hard-headed and lazy-minded friar

Don’t give up on your brothers and sisters who uncritically accepted that Bergoglio is the pope. Keep trying to get through to them, and give them some time. Most people are either too busy with their own lives or not yet intellectually or emotionally prepared to hear that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope because he never resigned validly.

To help you understand this, I will confess myself till last fall to have been one of these Catholics.

On Feb. 11, 2013, I was in Rome. I was studying theology and canon law at the Faculty of Saint Bonaventure. When I returned from classes that afternoon, my landlady knocked on my door, and asked me: “Have you heard, the Pope resigned!” — “What, I said!?” — “Come see it on television.

I should have immediately sought to find out what the Pope actually did say.


I should have immediately been suspicious that the journalists were playing with the facts.


Feb. 12-16: The next days, I should have gone to the Vatican to get a copy of the Latin.


In my Canon Law class, I should have asked a question about the Renunciation, or at least sought out my professor about it.


I was, as the days passed, somewhat suspicious that the Latin text was not being published. I should have kept my suspicion and acted on it.


Feb. 20: A friend on the internet sent me a copy of Prof. Radaelli’s appeal to the Pope to take back his Renunciation. I read it, and should have strove to understand it better.


I should have payed attention to everything that was happening on Feb. 28.


I should have gone to the Vatican to speak with some Cardinal or Bishop to understand what had happened.


Then there was the Conclave and Bergoglio was elected. Rorate Caeli blog published immediately a denunciation, saying this man was a heretic an raving nutcase. I should have taken them more serious.


I came to know more and more that Bergoglio was a left wing looney. That should have left me some motive to investigate how and why the Renunciation took place.


The English translation of the Act was published near the end of March, 2013. I knew the delay meant that something was rotten in Denmark. I therefore should have looked at the Latin (I am nearly fluent in Latin).


I let the months pass.

I let the years pass.

2016: Someone told me that Ann Barnhart was saying the Renunciation was invalid. “Who is Barnhardt, I asked?” “She is the woman who burned the Koran on video”. “Oh, I said, Hmm”. I should have searched to know what she had said, for anyone who can burn a Koran is worth listening to.


Then someone told me a few months later that Ganswein had said in his talk at the Gregorian that Benedict was till the pope. I should have investigated.


In 2017, someone told me again about Barnhardt. I should have taken the time to find her blog.


Someone then told me that Father Gruner said the Renunciation was invalid in some video. I should have looked into this, because I know that Fr. Gruner was no loony.


In 2018, in the Spring someone told me about Barnhardt again. This time I found her blog and read a little of it. I should have read all of it and listened to her videos.


In August of 2018, someone told me about Barnhardt again, and I read her core argument. She seemed to have a good argument. I should have opened up my Latin version of the Code of Canon Law and looked at what Benedict had said in Latin.


In September 2018, the topic became more talked about, since Veri Catholici at the beginning of the Month was proposing a Second Synod of Sutri. So I looked more at the issue, but not enough. I was still reading the English translation of the Code, even though I had the Latin on my bookshelf. I could have opened it.


In October 2018, I heard someone say that Pentin quoted Bux about there possibly being substantial error in the act of the Renunciation. I know of Bux and know he is a theologian of repute. So I read the Text of the Renunciation in Latin and the Code of Canon Law in Latin and saw immediately that the Renunciation WAS INVALID. I should have done something.


In November, 2018, after burying my mom, I had more time, now that I was not carrying for all her needs during the night, to examine this problem of substantial error. I saw the issue was grave and needed to be studied. I finally resolved to do what Mons. Bux said and investigate the issue. So I wrote my Scholastic Question, gathering all the arguments on both sides of the debate.


I often wonder why it is so hard to convince others of the truth of the failed renunciation. And you may also. Maybe you are tempted to give up on others who simply do not want to listen or care.

I hope that this sincere confession of my own encourages YOU to realize that some of the greatest and most zealous souls to fight for Pope Benedict may be among those priests and religious who have on many occasions ignored you or this issue, have yet to seriously consider it. Just like I did for 6 years.

The Shameful Confession of Cardinal Burke: Those who doubt Bergoglio is the Pope hold an “extreme” position

U.S. Cardinal Raymond L. Burke, patron of the Knights and Dames of Malta, center left, and a group of priests pose with Pope Francis during his general audience in St. Peter’s Square at the Vatican Sept. 2. (CNS photo/Paul Haring) See POPE-AUDIENCE-SMILE Sept. 2, 2015.

It has been six and a half years of blasphemies, insults against God and His Teaching, against His Son and His immaculate Mother, open attacks on the truth of Scripture, the Divinity of the Son, the Resurrection, the discipline of the Sacraments etc. etc., topped off by acts of open idolatry and apostasy in the Vatican and Saint Peters.

And now, Cardinal Burke chooses to speak on what he thinks of “Pope Francis”, In a November 9, 2019, Interview by Ross Douthat. Here is an excerpt (see the entire article here):

Douthat: I agree that the Catholic subculture you describes exists. But I also see, as this pontificate has advanced, a growing paranoia and alienation among conservative Catholics, a temptation toward conspiracy theories that shade into sedevacantism, the belief that the pope is not the pope. I’m curious whether you worry that criticism of the pope contributes to this.

Burke: It’s true that for all the good social media does, they also give a voice to these extreme positions. And in my criticism I’ve been deeply concerned not to call into question respect for the papal office.

You believe Francis is a legitimate pope?

Burke: Yes, yes. I’ve had people present to me all kinds of arguments calling into question the election of Pope Francis. But I name him every time I offer the Holy Mass, I call him Pope Francis, it’s not an empty speech on my part. I believe that he is the pope. And I try to say that consistently to people, because you’re correct — according to my perception also, people are getting more and more extreme in their response to what’s going on in the church.

Draw your own conclusions. But to help you do that I will merely cite the Code of Canon Law of 1983 promulgated by John Paul II, Vicar of Christ, which code is binding on earth and heaven. From my article, “Bergoglio definitively leaves the Catholic Church“:

According to Canon 1364… which reads….



Can. 1364 §1 An apostate from the faith, a heretic or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication, without prejudice to the provision of Can. 194 §1, n. 2; a cleric, moreover, may be punished with the penalties mentioned in Can. 1336 §1, nn. 1, 2 and 3.

From my article, “The Monstrosity of Allegations against ‘Team Bergoglio‘”:

Canon 1329, § 2 reads, in the Latin:

Can. 1329§2. In poenam latae sententiae delicto adnexam incurrunt complices,qui in lege vel praecepto non nominantur, si sine eorum opera delictum patratum non esset, et poena sit talis naturae, ut ipsos afficere possit; secus poenis ferendae sententiae puniri possunt.

The official English translation of this, from the Vatican website is:

§2. Accomplices who are not named in a law or precept incur a latae sententiae penalty attached to a delict if without their assistance the delict would not have been committed, and the penalty is of such a nature that it can affect them; otherwise, they can be punished by ferendae sententiae penalties.

These canons apply both to those who perpetrate or participate in idolatrous worship but also those who are heretics or promote heresy, such as attacking the Teaching of the Christ against giving the Sacraments to public sinners.

As for the canons which demonstrate that the Renunciation of Benedict was invalid, see ppbxvi.org.

Just to make sure everyone recognizes the current context of events, according to my encounters with laypeople in Italy who do not work for the Church and speak freely to me in private, more than 60% of Catholics in Italy do not believe Bergoglio is currently the pope, either because he was never validly elected, or loss the office by heresy or apostasy. To Catholics, clergy included, to whom I present the contents of the Conference on the Renunciation of Pope  Benedict, there is 100% unanimity that Benedict is still the pope and that Bergoglio never was. So basically, Cardinal Burke’s comment needs to be seen as something impinging upon a majority of Catholics in Italy, at least. This makes his comments very newsworthy.

In Conclusion

The comment of Cardinal Burke clearly refers to Conservatives, not Sedevacantists, and therefore ostensibly to all Catholics who entertain or sustain the possibility that Bergoglio either never was validly elected or lost his office, on account of WHAT THE CHURCH HERSELF TEACHES about the nature of heresy, schism, apostasy, idolatry.

Therefore, there is no contextual way to explain this away, without recourse to the gratuitous assertion that the Cardinal did not mean what he said, and did not hear what Ross Douthat was saying. I find that incredible. Thus, I conclude:

Cardinal Burke has followed the lead of Cardinal Sarah and impaled his reputation* for the sake of supporting Bergoglio, jettisoning in the process not only the Code of Canon Law and any appeal to right reason in its understanding, but also the law of Charity enshrined in the Eighth Commandment of the Decalogue, and in the Greatest and First Precept of Jesus Christ: Love one another as I have loved you.

He has also jettisoned his reputation as a Canon Lawyer, because after the Academic Conference on the Renunciation of Pope Benedict, to which the Cardinal was invited but did not attend, I was told the argument presented was very sound by a Canonist who works in Rome.

In fidelity to both Christ Jesus and Moses, I ask all to pray for Cardinal Burke, who does not realize in how great an error he has fallen simply to please a man. Let us hope that he apologizes for saying such a nasty thing about faithful Catholics and explain why it is he has adopted such a non-think position, when by profession and duty he should be an advocate for applying Canon Law equally to all.

Finally, I have moderated my own emotions in writing this post, but I will not censor the comments of those who believe it necessary to speak more pointedly. That is because (1) I have written Cardinal Burke offering to speak with him about the Renunciation, and do not consider it proper to say anything more about this matter in public, but (2) recognize the right of all Catholics in virtue of Canon 212 to make their voices heard, even if times what God might consider respectful, those needing correction might not think is respectful.

My Public Question for Cardinal Burke:

Q. Do you really mean to say that an apostate, heretic, schismatic, usurper, theoretically can be a member of the Church or the Pope? Or are you saying that you feel your loyalty to the man whom you think is the Pope is greater than your loyalty to seek and defend the truth of history? — I ask this because I want to know where you stand.


* Anomianism is the error of thinking that Christian Charity frees the person from the obligation of following laws or rules. Saint Paul condemned this in his Letters to the Corinthians. — The Catholic position has always been that inasmuch as written law, promulgated by the State or Church, enshrines principles of the Natural, Moral, Divine or Evangelical Law, it requires our observance and obedience, because it is directly or implicitly invoking the authority of God.  All Church Law does this as regards the authority of Christ, Her Founder. Thus, to adopt an anomian approach to any question or dispute, and call those who honestly seek answers in the laws or teaching of the Church, extremists, is to completely reject the Divine Authority as the rule by which all things must be judged.