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Italian Agency on Privacy blocks Draghi’s Vaccine Passport

Summary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a stunning slap to the government of Mario Draghi, Rothschilds agent and unelected Prime Minister of the Italian Republic, the Italian Agency charged with protecting the privacy of each citizen, has blocked the implementation of the Vaccine Passport which he recently decreed by an executive order.

In the unsigned article by the Libero Quotidiano, there is reported:

First of all, the Guarantor noted that the new decree “does not guarantee a suitable regulatory basis for the introduction and use of green certificates on a national scale” and is also “seriously incomplete” with regard to data protection, being “devoid of an assessment of possible large-scale risks to personal rights and freedoms.” In addition, the decree is “contrary to the provisions of the European Regulation” because it “does not precisely define the purposes for the processing of data on the health of Italians”, leaving room for “multiple and unpredictable future uses”.

In addition, the Guarantor contests the fact that the rule provides for an “excessive” use of data on certificates to be produced in case of control, “in violation of the principle of minimization”. Finally, it is pointed out that the serious criticalities detected “could have been resolved in advance and in a very short time if the subjects involved in the definition of the decree-law had started the necessary dialogue with the Authority”. Which, however, is now available to collaborate with the government.


CREDITS: The featured image is a screenshot of the article linked to in this report.