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Morrison: Pope Francis signed ‘Fiducia supplicans’ to weaponize his hatred for the Catholic Faith

Editor’s Note: Here is another great psychological-ideological analysis of ‘Fiducia supplicans’, which leaves you without any guidance on how to personally react to the existential crisis in the Church caused by it.

This is standard “Recognize and Resist”, i. e. lament and do nothing, fake opposition.

When will the Remnant talk about the Sutri Initiative, which was published on October 19, 2023, two months before ‘Fiducia supplicans’ was published, and which enables Catholics in a valid canonical and juridical manner to do their part in curing the problem, by getting Pope Francis removed from office?

The Remnant needs to publicly take some side, for Bergoglio remaining in power, or against. Honesty in journalism does not remain silent about this, just like no man who knows his mother is being raped next door can satisfy himself with lamenting about the problem or describing it, without intervening at the risk of his own person, or at least calling the Police and asking for immediate intervention.

The Remnant began publishing in 1967, and to my knowledge has NEVER promoted a canonically valid petition to have Vatican II overturned or any errant pope removed from office. If I am wrong, I publicly ask to be corrected.

Here at FromRome.Info, I constantly offer practical ways for readers to respond to crises in the Church by action which addresses the problem. I do this so as not to rob them of the occasion of the grace of inspiration, hope, and good works, which the Holy Ghost always wills to inspired in souls. I hold that such a way of acting is true Catholic journalism in the cause of God, and I pray that Catholic journalists and influencers, one and all, come to see that this is essential to the ethical and moral responsibilities of their profession.