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Ronald Bernard: The Banker who revealed the Illuminati – Child Sacrifice Cult behind world Finance

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

COMMENTARY by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Having watched these video interviews of Ronald Bertrand, I must say that I am not entirely convinced by them.  The testimony of a single person to be credible has to be back with details, and when truthful it has to respond rationally to rational based doubts. The one being interviewed responds too frequently with emotional arguments, when presented with a doubt about his testimony. — Now admittedly, he has confessed to being an international banker involved in international crime and terrorist support. But if what he said was at least threatening to someone, you would expect that some journalist somewhere would rebut him.  I have so far found nothing of the kind. I am also amazed that while on the video he claims 10+million who have watched him, his videos on youtube have less than 30K visualizations.

If he had said all of  this in 2021, he might be simply repeating what is out there already and well known. But that he said this in 2017, makes me wonder if he is really telling the truth, or was floating a balloon for globalists who wanted to know what the masses would think if they knew the truth. I have no basis to say anything he has claimed is true or false, and without details in his story he has crafted his testimony especially to avoid such verification.

Thus for forensic purposes his claims have no value at all. But they still could be 100% true. In the last four years perhaps he has said more on this topic, and if any readers can find more information about him and his claims, in any language, please share them in the comments below.